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Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Freezers allow you to extend the life of products and optimally complement the refrigerator. With their help, you can save to winter fruits that are bought in the summer. The main thing is to choose the right household appliance so as not to regret the money spent. That’s why we made up a small rating of budget models of freezers, which scored a lot of positive reviews.

How to choose a freezer

First of all, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. Volume. For storing meat and fruit and vegetable preparations a family of 3-5 people will be enough 150-250 liters.
  2. Class of freezing. Any unit is marked with asterisks, each of which is -6 degrees. For home 3-4 stars are enough.
  3. Power consumption level. Note that the device will work constantly. Therefore, it is important to choose a model that has energy class A.
  4. Power. It shows how many kilograms of products the product is able to freeze within one day. For 3-4 people enough unit with a parameter of 6-8 kg.

There are other characteristics that cannot be circumvented. side:

  1. appearance;
  2. body strength;
  3. control system;
  4. the presence of extra-freezing;
  5. autosave cold;
  6. removable door;
  7. dimensions.

Inexpensive models have a standard set of functions, without any bells and whistles. They are popular with most consumers. Get to know them in more detail and learn about all the pros and cons possible from our rating.

Rating of the cheapest and highest quality freezers

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the cheapest and highest quality freezers 1 NORD DF 156 WAP 10 470 rub.
2 Biryusa 170KX 10 420 rub.
3 ATLANT M 7402-100 10 205 rub.
4 Saratov 106 (MKSh-125) 12 950 rub.


Rating: 4.8


The rating is opened by the NORD brand freezer. It different antibacterial coating of the inner walls, which prevents the formation of bad smell and mold. Containers made of plastic. They are completely transparent and allow you to see contents without pulling drawers. Problems with the placement of the freezer there will be no camera, as there are two options for location the door. Significantly saves the budget low energy consumption (A +).

The device is equipped with an understandable mechanical control, manual defrosting. There is a shelf with a hinged lid for optimal access to food. The device works quietly, all parameters in technical passport correspond to real characteristics. Is worth model about 12 thousand rubles.


  • low power consumption;
  • ease of use;
  • compact sizes;
  • quiet work;
  • antibacterial wall covering.


  • not.

Biryusa 170KX

Rating: 4.7

Biryusa 170KH

Further in the ranking is a freezer with a blank cover from a domestic manufacturer. Internal volume is 146 L and allows you to put everything you need into the camera. Thus the device is ideal for cottages, food storage in public places food and manufacturing.

The unit is very compact and attractive in appearance. Buyers choose a product for a low energy class (321 kWh per year) and optimal dimensions. The product is made of metal and plastic white color. The minimum temperature in the chamber is -18 degrees. The average price is 9900 rubles.


  • compactness;
  • profitability;
  • optimal class of freezing;
  • nice appearance;
  • high-quality housing.


  • There are no serious minuses.

ATLANT M 7402-100

Rating: 4.6

ATLANT M 7402-100

The freezer from the famous Atlant company is made in the form of a cabinet. Its freezing capacity is 3 kg per day. Device It has A + energy consumption class and manual defrosting system. For some customers, a 65 liter volume seems insufficient. But the dimensions of the freezer allow you to place it in any convenient location. If you suddenly turn off the power, the device will continue work for 8 hours.

The noise level is only 42 dB, this indicates that the unit is not will disturb owners with the volume of work. Coating Material – plastic and metal. Unlike the previous rating participant, The model is equipped with a super-freeze function. As a refrigerant isobutane is applied. The average cost is 10,200 rubles.


  • high-quality assembly;
  • super freezing;
  • optimal price-quality ratio;
  • maintaining the temperature up to 8 hours;
  • quiet work.


  • not suitable for a large volume of products.

Saratov 106 (MKSh-125)

Rating: 4.5

Saratov 106 (MKSH-125)

The rating is completed by the Saratov 106 model, which is famous for reasonable price, roomy volume and nice appearance. The size of the freezer is 125 liters. This is an optimal feature. with such dimensions. The height of the device is about 1 meter. Narrow model can not be called. It weighs 45 kg and goes well into the kitchen door. Inside the unit there are 4 drawers and there is a tray for berries or, for example, popsicle.

Owners warn of possible defects on plastic drawers due to careless use. After all, they are made of very thin material. Buyers say freezer is convenient Use and easy to wash. It works pretty quietly. Besides the manufacturer gives a 3 year warranty, which indicates reliability domestic brand. The product costs about 12 thousand rubles.


  • silent operation of the compressor;
  • quick freezing;
  • ease of use;
  • there is a tray for berries;
  • change of position of the door;
  • economical.


  • too thin plastic boxes;
  • only for large kitchens.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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