4 best Xiaomi fitness bracelets

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Recently, fitness bracelets are becoming more and more popular. If the usefulness of smart watches is still in question, this can’t be said about fitness bracelets. They are without any problems perform the main task of counting calories burned. But you will not argue with the fact that many of us need to exercise regularly?

Surprisingly, the Chinese company Xiaomi managed to become the most well-known manufacturer of fitness bracelets. People are crazy not so much from the functionality of such devices, how much of their cost. Wherein the range of such gadgets is constantly expanding. And if a couple of years ago Xiaomi released fitness bracelets only under its own brand, then Now the most advanced devices are sold under the trade Amazfit brand. Our rating will cover both those and other devices. You can safely buy any of the considered gadgets, you are unlikely to then be disappointed in the purchased fitness bracelet.

Rating of the best Xiaomi fitness bracelets

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best Xiaomi fitness bracelets 1 Xiaomi Amazfit Cor 4 449 rub.
2 Xiaomi Amazfit Arc 2 499 rub.
3 Xiaomi Mi Band 3 1 689 rub.
4 Xiaomi Mi Band 2 1 179 rub.

Xiaomi Amazfit Cor

Rating: 4.9

Xiaomi Amazfit Cor

Budget fitness bracelets may not appeal to some customers due to its monochrome display. What to do we accustomed to smartphones and other devices that include color screen. What can I say, now they have such a display even some bike computers! That’s why many people want to carry a gadget with a color screen on your wrist. And to them Amazfit Cor possesses opening our rating.

This device is slightly larger than any budget fitness tracker. Behind due to the large size on the front panel of the device there was a place for a 1.23-inch display. Its resolution is 160×80 pixels. This parameter is enough to display the time, date and some other important information. Moreover, unlike budget models, Amazfit Cor tries to display at least the first a line of a letter or message received on a smartphone user. There are also additional applications here, thanks to which, for example, a forecast can be displayed on the screen the weather. The only problem is that the display created using IPS technology. This means that you are not waiting enough. deep black color. But it’s even more worrying because this technology is not very energy efficient. However, with the default settings you can achieve approximately 12-13 days of battery life. In this mode, the backlight The screen is activated each time you raise your hand. If the backlight is not it is turned on, nothing is visible on the display – this is typical of IPS. Under the bright sun reads everything without any problems – backlight coping. Although it is noticeable that at this moment the screen does not look so good as its OLED counterpart.

The device is notified of receipt of notifications by tangible vibration. Well, on his hand he holds with a silicone strap. Recharging is carried out using the cradle. No inconvenient There is no USB connector here, therefore, with the charger connected even an elderly man whose hands could handle the device obey not in the best way.

Fitness bracelets are usually not sparing. They can be used under rain, and ideally I would even like to get the opportunity to swim. And this is not to mention that the user’s hand will be regularly sweat if the gadget owner really does workouts. In a word, it is not surprising that Amazfit Cor received waterproof housing. It complies with the WR50 standard. it means that shower and rain will not harm the device. Can in fitness bracelet and swim, but diving should be discarded.

Synchronization with a smartphone via Bluetooth 4.1. And there is also a built-in heart rate monitor – it works when using the LED, which can be seen on the rear panel. It turns out that this tracker can be used to count steps, getting to know your calories burned, and fixing your heartbeat. There are, of course, other functions here – for example, a timer, stopwatch and alarm clock.

For the sake of cost reduction, the manufacturer abandoned the GPS chip. Because of this, you will not be able to save the route of your run. However, no one bothers to use their own smartphone. But even this is not the main trouble of the device. Even the international version of the fitness bracelet Amazfit Cor does not have Russian language. However, the firmware of the device is as simple as possible – instead of inscriptions, icons are most often used, making it unlikely Do you have serious problems with the development of the gadget. By the way, you can download third-party firmware on the Internet – it is different It is the support of the Cyrillic alphabet.


  • There is some water resistance;
  • Convenient use;
  • The price cannot be terribly high;
  • Notifications from smartphones are supported;
  • Used color display;
  • The heart rate monitor works without any problems;
  • Long battery life.


  • Not the best strap fastener (can easily break);
  • Confuses the lack of a Russian language in the menu;
  • Sweat affects the correct reading of the heart rate monitor.

Xiaomi Amazfit Arc

Rating: 4.8

Xiaomi Amazfit Arc

Another fitness tracker in our ranking, distributed under a sub-brand of Amazfit. It sells at about the same price – the buyer needs to spend about 3 thousand rubles. However, this does not mean that this bracelet is identical to the model discussed above. Enough take the device in your hand, as soon as you can feel the difference. The thing is that the weight of this model is only 20 g – approximately one and a half times less than the parameter possessed by Amazfit Cor. At This also uses scratch-resistant glass. Not to mention the silicone strap, which also has no special differences. The display affected the weight most. The fact is that it uses a very small OLED panel – its diagonal is not exceeds 0.42 inches. And it’s not even the size that bothers her, but the lack flowers. However, many fitness bracelets have exactly monochrome screen – it’s enough to get acquainted with the current heart rate or the number of steps taken. But from at least partial reading of incoming messages will have to be abandoned – the device is only able to notify of their receipt, for which vibration is used.

In a modest OLED display, there is a definite plus. At his using even a miniature battery whose capacity is 70 mAh, enough for at least a week of battery life. And if the operation of the fitness bracelet is not too intense, then you can achieve ten days. However, the gadget will remind about long immobility, thereby urging on the next training – you are unlikely to be able to restrain yourself for a long time.

The rest is a typical fitness tracker. Heart rate carried out by him using the LED located on the back panels. This means that active perspiration can affect accuracy of readings. But sweat does not penetrate into the body. Like any other type of moisture – this is evidenced by a certificate IP67 You can’t just dive with such a device. You can regret it about the lack of a GPS chip, because of which about maintaining the jogging route better to forget. Among the wireless modules, there is only Bluetooth – it is with its help that synchronization with a smartphone.

The vulnerability of the device is its strap. It is created from a very thin and unreliable material. For many buyers, he lasted only six months. After such a period, he was torn in one of holes. The trouble is that replacing the strap impossible. After this, you have to buy a new fitness tracker, it’s almost pointless to carry it in your pocket.


  • Long battery life;
  • Convenient use;
  • There is a good heart rate monitor;
  • There is moisture protection according to the IP67 standard;
  • Minimum weight;
  • Charging time does not exceed half an hour;
  • Sleep monitoring is available.


  • The small display is monochrome;
  • The cost may seem overpriced;
  • After some time, the strap breaks (not separately for sale);
  • The firmware does not work perfectly on all copies.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Rating: 4.7

Xiaomi Mi Band 3

At the moment, this is the latest fitness bracelet, which Xiaomi sells under its own brand. It means that there are no pitfalls waiting for the buyer – the device is close to ideal. With an eye on the price segment, of course. It’s stupid to wait in gadget for 2 thousand rubles. GPS chip or something similar. Yeah what’s there say, there’s not even a color display! Used instead monochrome OLED panel, the diagonal of which is only 0.78 inches. The resolution of 128×80 pixels is barely enough to show current heart rate, number of steps taken or level completing a specific task. Well, as a start screen it uses hours that indicate the current date at the same time (the day of the week issued instead of the year is not forgotten).

Most existing fitness bracelets come with silicone strap. Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is no exception. Fortunately, The strap turned out to be quite reliable. Although the Internet can be found reviews that mention the fact of the strap becoming unusable, only they are extremely rare. More often, people write laudations, telling about adequately implemented moisture protection. The manufacturer claims the IP68 standard. But actually it is a little lower – it is not recommended to dive even with a small device depth.

The fitness bracelet turned out to be very light – its weight does not exceed 20 The product uses its own firmware. Confuse the menu impossible. If you install a special client on your smartphone, then regular synchronization will take place. Also device will signal incoming letters, messages and calls. IN including supported calendar notifications, which cannot but to please. And yet such a small gadget is able to show a forecast the weather!

Synchronization with a smartphone by wireless standard Bluetooth 4.2 LE. More in the device The heart rate monitor entered – the LED is on the rear panel. Indications – very accurate. But exactly the moment your wrist sweating or you decide to go to the shower. It’s understandable, because moisture distorts the texture of the skin and veins, and therefore the system begins experiencing problems.

It remains to add that Xiaomi Mi Band 3 received a battery capacity of 110 mAh. With a 20 gram weight, this is quite unexpected! FROM such a battery can be hoped for several tens of days battery life.


  • Low cost;
  • Good water resistance;
  • Hold a charge for a very long time;
  • There are a large number of interchangeable straps;
  • The screen is very bright;
  • Good heart rate monitor performance;
  • There are additional features like an alarm;
  • Sleep monitoring is available.


  • The small size of the display will not suit everyone;
  • The screen is monochrome;
  • Step counting is not always accurate;
  • Sweat and other moisture adversely affect work. heart rate monitor.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Rating: 4.6

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Our rating could not do without the most popular Xiaomi creations. Seriously, Mi Band 2 is capable of boasting more active sales than any smartphone released by the same company. Well, how else, if this fitness bracelet is at the same time one of the cheapest branded devices Xiaomi?

It’s easy to guess that for 1300-1500 rubles you will receive minimum functionality. However, notifications of letters, calls and messages in place. The built-in heart rate monitor also works properly, if your wrist is not wet. What more can you expect from fitness bracelet? Of course, there is no GPS chip, which is why monitoring activity is essentially limited to counting steps. But then the product it turned out very light – the weight barely reaches seven grams! Wherein inside there was a place for a 70 mAh full battery which charge is enough for 15-30 days of battery life, in depending on the intensity of operation.

This fitness bracelet is easy to pull out of your strap. IN As a result, you can change it by purchasing an accessory of a different color. This will also be needed if something happens with the strap. AND This will definitely happen faster than the device itself fails. Although you can drown it even on the first day of use – moisture protection is implemented only according to the WR30 standard. It means, that the gadget is not afraid only of rain – it’s better to remove the device even before taking a shower, not to mention swimming in the pool.

Not everyone will like the display used here. He has diagonal of 0.42 inches. Because of this, only any one information – either the readings of the heart rate monitor, or the time, or the number of steps taken. Well, get acquainted with the results past workouts are offered in a special client application, installed on a smartphone. Synchronization with it is carried out at Using Bluetooth 4.0 LE. It should also be noted that the screen is monochrome. It was created using OLED technology, precisely thanks to this has achieved such a long battery life.

Perhaps, you can find fault at the time of charging. It reaches exactly three hours. However, to consider this a serious drawback is not worth it, since connecting a network adapter is rarely required – no need to compare a fitness bracelet with a smartphone.


  • Long battery life;
  • There is a good heart rate monitor;
  • The picture is clearly visible even under the bright sun;
  • There is protection against splashes and rain;
  • Very light weight;
  • A large number of color options for the strap;
  • Low cost.


  • Water resistance could be more complete;
  • The display is small and monochrome;
  • Glass is not protected from scratches;
  • The heart rate monitor fails if the skin becomes wet.


This is a list of the best fitness bracelets among those released by forces. Xiaomi or its subsidiary. Note that our rating may stay relevant for a couple of years. Complicated imagine that in the future Xiaomi will come up with devices in similar form factor, which will receive wider functionality and incredibly long battery life.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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