29 best ski boots

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Snowboarding or skiing implies use of specialized boots. And if this skating isn’t one-time, it is better to get the most convenient and durable shoes. Its plus is that you can sell your ski boots for a lot of money, if suddenly snowy slopes cease to please you. In a word, let’s get acquainted with the best ski boots at a variety of price points segments.

How to choose ski boots?

Looking at the variety of ski shoes, I want to forget forever about your desire to go skiing or snowboarding. Indeed, the assortment is wide, and the choice is complicated. Let’s at least briefly go through the main characteristics of ski boot.

  1. First of all, you need to determine the level of training. If you are reading this article, then you probably need shoes for beginners. Usually these shoes have a low degree stiffness. This makes skiing more comfortable, but at maximum accuracy and control are not worth hoping for – they only provide high rigidity.

  2. When choosing ski boots, special attention is paid to their size. You need to know the length of your foot, it is her point to a tag for similar shoes. It is not necessary to measure it, because special conversion plates will help you. When trying on boot, make sure that your thumbs lightly touch the toe shoes. In no case do not buy shoes in which the leg feels too loose, it can lead to bad control and even injury. But also touch the edge of the boot fingers tightly should not either.

  3. You need to consider not only the length of the foot, but also the weight of the person, who is going to ski in boots. Than he is bigger the higher rigidity required. These words can be pronounced. and in relation to human growth.

  4. The place of skiing also affects the choice of ski boots. If a they are supposed to be used in a regular park, where all tracks are gentle and strictly marked, you will need shoes with low rigidity, light weight and the presence of shock absorbing inserts. For freeride will require ski boots with high rigidity, the presence of the “walking / skating” mode, warm and thick inside boot, as well as a medium-sized block. Well, in sports narrow shoes, wide angle are used in competitions shafting forward, maximum rigidity and thin inner boot.

And we talked only about the basics of choosing ski boot! If you are interested in this topic, write about it in comments, then we will certainly devote separate material to it. Now let’s move on to the features of specific models.

Rating of the best ski boots

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best ski boots for beginners 1 ATOMIC Hawx Magna 80 9 744 rub.
2 HEAD Next Edge XP W 7 990 rub.
3 Fischer Cruzar X 8.5 8 400 rub.
4 HEAD Cube 3 60 W 16 790 rub.
5 Salomon X Access R60 6 900 rub.
The best men’s ski boots 1 HEAD Cube 3 90 16 790 rub.
2 Salomon X Pro 120 18 590 rub.
3 HEAD Advant Edge 105 12 480 rub.
4 ATOMIC Hawx Prime 100 14 995 rub.
5 HEAD FX GT 6 950 rub.
The best women’s ski boots 1 ROXA Trinity 25 890 rub.
2 Rossignol Vita Sensor 2 60 9 500 rub.
3 ATOMIC Hawx Magna 85 W 13 900 rub.
4 HEAD Advant Edge 75 X M 10 134 rub.
5 Salomon Qst Access 80 W 11 994 rub.
6 Salomon Divine 55 12 790 rub.
Best kids ski boots 1 HEAD RAPTOR 90 RS 11 490 rub.
2 Salomon X Max LC 80 9 294 rub.
3 ATOMIC Redster Club Sport 70 LC 11 994 rub.
4 ATOMIC Hawx JR 4 9 590 rub.
5 Fischer Ranger 60 Jr Thermoshare 6 080 rub.
6 Salomon T3 RT 7 990 rub.
7 HEAD Raptor 40 5 040 rub.
The best ski boots for professionals 1 HEAD Raptor B3 RD 22 545 rub.
2 ATOMIC Hawx Ultra 130 S 22 744 rub.
3 Salomon Qst Pro 120 Tr 25 193 rub.
4 Tecnica Cochise 120 DYN 19 800 rub.
5 HEAD Advant Edge 125 S 16 179 rub.
6 Fischer RC Pro 100 PBV 15 330 rub.

The best ski boots for beginners

ATOMIC Hawx Magna 80

Rating: 4.9

ATOMIC Hawx Magna 80.jpg

Quite popular ski boots, which before seasons diverge in the manner of hot cakes. However they seem boring. They are almost completely painted white. color, an exception to the rule are only the logos of the manufacturer and model name.

These shoes have a wide block that will not give the foot to be injured if sloppy actions are committed. Also ease of use contributes to the extra volume at the bottom parts and lifting areas. Shoeing is easy here too, for which thanks to the wide language and special design.

Hawx boots are made in Romania. They are intended for beginner skiers, so there is no mode switch “walking / skating” or level of stiffness. The external part of this model made of plastic, while the inside is made of ethylene vinyl acetate. IN In general, these boots correspond to a hardness level of 80. If you – low and light person, it’s better to look after yourself any another model.


  • The shoes were very comfortable;
  • Made in Romania;
  • Large width pads;
  • The clips are made of aluminum;
  • Clips adjustment available;
  • Suitable for both women and men;
  • Low cost;
  • Easy to put on.


  • No mode switches;
  • Available in black only.

HEAD Next Edge XP W

Rating: 4.8

HEAD Next Edge XP W.jpg

These relatively inexpensive ski boots have an index hardness 60, which makes them very comfortable. Pad width here varies from 98 to 102, depending on the selected size. Each boot also includes a 35 mm A belt that fastens easily.

A comfortable shoe is not the main advantage of this model. She is also able to boast of a high-quality three-component energy construction of plastic. You can complain about the fact that clips are also plastic here. But they have micro- and macro adjustment. This makes it possible to fine tune almost perfectly a boot under your foot.

Otherwise, the product is unlikely to surprise you. It has entry and exit facilitation system. Double used here canting. But what ski boots worth 10 thousand rubles are not able to brag about it?


  • Rigidity ideal for beginners;
  • Made of excellent quality plastic;
  • Comfortable inner boot;
  • Implemented double canting;
  • The clips are amenable to various adjustments;
  • The cost cannot be called very high;
  • Wide block;
  • Unisex.


  • Plastic clips;
  • No mode switches.

Fischer Cruzar X 8.5

Rating: 4.7

Fischer Crusar X 8.5.jpg

Another ski boots painted black. But here there are many red and white accents, so boring Still, you cannot call such a design. These are some of the cheapest. a shoe in the Fischer line, for which they ask for more than 8 thousand rubles. But not it is worth thinking that the product is much inferior to more expensive competitors. In many ways, this model has similar characteristics, losing only in details. For example, these shoes are definitely not suitable. professional, as it’s unlikely to manage skiing as accurately as possible. At least the 80th index does not contribute to this. stiffness. But the beginner will appreciate it skier, because the above figure indicates a comfortable skiing.

Like most ski boots sold now, Fischer Cruzar X 8.5 is unisex. Therefore, putting them on can Man and woman. The width of the pads here reaches 103 mm. it A good option, also perfect for a beginner. External The boot of this product is made of polypropylene. Interior It was created from ethylene vinyl acetate. Separately, it should be noted Four clips made from aluminum. Hopefully that they will make the shoes more durable. Clips, by the way, can be adjusted in every way. And here are the mode switches on no shoe – not the same price level.

It remains to add that the width of the stripe here is 45 mm. it and all of the above makes it clear that the Fischer Cruzar X 8.5 for sure if you’re expected to ride on a prepared track, if you are an ordinary tourist. It’s only a pity to find this model in stores – not so easy, it’s sold out very quickly.


  • Made in the Czech Republic;
  • Large width pads;
  • Quality inner boot;
  • Low cost;
  • Aluminum clips;
  • Wonderful design.


  • There are no mode switches;
  • Some people will not seem tough enough.

HEAD Cube 3 60 W

Rating: 4.7

HEAD Cube 3 60 W.jpg

It was as if these boots were already covered with snow. Such an impression causes white color, there are practically no inserts of another color. However, on sale you can find a black variation of shoes. It is already not so cheap model, in Russian online stores for it asking for about 15 thousand rubles. This cost is explained the presence of a switch of riding and walking modes. Relevant The button is located above the boot heel. If you don’t know, then her You may not even notice!

These boots have an entry and exit facilitation system that simplifies their use somewhat. It, by the way, promises be comfortable, because the product is not very rigid construction and 104 mm block (at a size of 26.5). If a to be more specific, the HEAD Cube 3 60 W boots got an index stiffness 60, which is reflected in their name.

You must have noticed that this is a female model. Indeed, they will feel most comfortable in them girls who regularly wear high heel shoes. Yes, and appearance they will like products more.


  • Available switching modes;
  • Wide block;
  • Implemented a system to facilitate entry and exit;
  • The clips can be adjusted;
  • Rigidity ideal for the beginner;
  • There are two colors to choose from;
  • The upper clip is made of aluminum.


  • Rarely sold at an affordable price;
  • Fixing the legs may seem inadequate.

Salomon X Access R60

Rating: 4.6

Salomon X Access R60.jpg

Externally, these ski boots look like professional ones. Looking on them, you begin to imagine yourself rushing from the slope to tremendous speed, and then receiving a medal. That’s what does sold design! After that, I’m not at all sorry for those 10 thousand rubles, what they ask for these shoes.

Unlike the female model discussed above, here more clips are used. It makes donning a little longer, but the leg is fixed in the product much better. At In this case, these shoes are also considered women’s. Although they are already as close to unisex as possible, so men are unlikely to give up their use. The French company produces this model in Romania, to its assembly there are absolutely no complaints.

The clips of these boots are micro-adjustable. To create them metal was used, so the product can be safely called reliable.

When designing the Salomon X Access R60, several proprietary technology. Oversized Pivot reduced the amount of backlash between the bottom of the boot and the boot. It boosted transmission efficiency since lateral stiffness has become almost perfect. Well, the second technology is TwinFrame. It consists in creating the upper part of the chassis from a softer plastic, thanks to which the product perfectly fits the leg. well and the lower part, made of thick plastic, perfectly transfers to ski all the effort.


  • Optimum rigidity for the beginner;
  • The outer part of the boot is made of different plastic density;
  • Suitable for both women and men;
  • Wonderful appearance;
  • Reliable and adjustable clips;
  • Not very high cost;
  • Made in Romania;
  • The width of the pad reaches 104 mm.


  • No mode switching.

The best men’s ski boots

HEAD Cube 3 90

Rating: 4.9

HEAD Cube 3 90.jpg

And someone can call these shoes professional, so their design is thought out. In fact, they certainly are not such, as evidenced, for example, by a wide block. However, there is something from more expensive models, intended for professionals. This is a button for automatic switching walking and riding.

These boots correspond to a stiffness index of 90. This product created for lovers of comfort. The manufacturer claims that in his boots can be spent on the slope for days. Actually it is no one checked the statement, since in favor of this model mainly beginners who do not spend on the track make their choice so much time. In their reviews, they note quick shoeing, which provides an appropriate system. Thanks to her, it accelerates and removing shoes.

This representative of our selection received a two-component energy construction of plastic. This means that under the heel is harder material that transmits all efforts in skiing. Wearing shoes, you get a heel lift at 6 degrees and approximately 16-degree tilt of the shaft. Well, numerous clip adjustments are sure to provide the most convenient landing.


  • The width of the pads can reach 106 mm;
  • Attractive design
  • There is a switch mode “walking / skating”;
  • There is a system to facilitate entry and exit;
  • Numerous adjustments are present;
  • The external boot is made of two-component plastic.


  • Still designed for advanced skiers;
  • The price will not suit everyone.

Salomon X Pro 120

Rating: 4.8

Salomon X Pro 120.jpg

Our review could not do without ski boots, intended for people who spend on the slope every season at least a couple of months. These are the people who will like the model for called Salomon X Pro 120. As you can already understand, it has stiffness index 120. This is not the best option for a beginner, he may feel noticeable discomfort. But such shoes allow manage skiing as accurately as possible. And also the product transfers they have absolutely all the energy. In a word, this is the case when ski boots help in the passage of tracks for a while. Or even, what the hell is not joking, in the development of completely new routes on which while there is a large layer of snow.

Despite its status, this model has received a fairly wide block. To be precise, its width varies from 100 to 106 mm, depending on the size chosen. Inside the product is My Customfit 3D Race Liner boot made from ethylene vinyl acetate. Well, for the production of an external boot already used three-component plastic. Here you can find Four aluminum clips. They all have a big enough number of adjustments. As for the stripe, then its width is 45 mm.

Despite the high cost, the product did not receive a button switching modes “walking / skating”. But there is another a switch that cannot be found on cheaper boots. It is about changing the level of stiffness. For a professional, seem much more useful! So you can instantly go from ordinary comfortable riding on a public slope to sports competition. Stiffness adjustment occurs when help change the angle of the leg.


  • Made in Romania;
  • The width of the pad should suit everyone;
  • A thermoformed boot is used;
  • There is a stiffness switch;
  • High reliability of all clips;
  • Many adjustments;
  • Wonderful design.


  • Not the best option for beginners;
  • There is no system to facilitate entry and exit;
  • There is no walking / skating switch.

HEAD Advant Edge 105

Rating: 4.7

HEAD Advant Edge 105.jpg

These ski boots have a relatively low cost. At the same time, several options are offered to the buyer – they painted in different colors. It might seem like a great choice. for a beginner skier. This is actually not the case. Firstly, here the middle block is used, for beginners it will seem not wide enough. Secondly, the shoes correspond to the index stiffness 105. Again, beginners will experience some discomfort.

For the manufacture of the exterior of the HEAD Advant Edge 105 thermoformed plastic FORM FIT was used. Also in the composition products entered the Perfect Fit thermal inside. All this allows hope that both shoes will be perfectly formed by owner’s foot. This should ensure maximum efficiency and comfort.

The canting hinge in this product is offset back by 14 mm. This is supposed to improve ski control and make taxiing. more informative. In general, the manufacturer claims that his shoes provide effort transfer 30-40% better than cheaper analogues.

With a boot size of 26.5, it uses a 102 mm block. And here an elongated language is used, which in theory should simplify entry and exit. Perhaps, it’s not for nothing that the manufacturer ranked its creation to two types at once. It’s like running shoes allowing you to accurately monitor the behavior of skis. But at the same time it comfortable model. By the way, stiffness adjustment is available here – quite easily, the corresponding index drops to 95. However, it still questions the purchase of the HEAD Advant Edge 105 a beginner riding only on public slopes located in tourist areas.


  • Shoes turned out universal;
  • Stiffness change available;
  • Not very high cost;
  • Extremely wide shoe;
  • Dressing and removing a shoe does not cause problems;
  • Aluminum clips are used;
  • A large number of adjustments.


  • The beginner will seem too tough;
  • There is no walking / skating switch.

ATOMIC Hawx Prime 100

Rating: 4.7

ATOMIC Hawx Prime 100.jpg

And this is a full-fledged sports ski boots. There is no no switching stiffness, which would simplify the life of a beginner. Therefore, the product corresponds to a stiffness index of 100, and neither one less. Still a newbie will not appreciate the block whose width here does not exceed 100 mm.

Here you can see that the boots are designed for powerful riding. At In this style, an asymmetric reinforced ridge comes into play, which reinforces grip of edges and gives additional power. Leg inside the product is strictly fixed. With this inner boot Memory Fit 3D Gold is not uncomfortable. Nice to have here high-quality insulation is used. Its fibers turned out very thin, due to which a large amount is stored in the boot air. Well, modern thermoforming technology will make boots perfectly fitting to the foot in just a few minutes.

As expected, the product received a large amount all kinds of adjustments. It also boasts attractive design. In a word, it is not surprising what kind of shoes asking for about 26 thousand rubles. Product for experienced skiers It should be expensive, nothing can be done about it. It remains to add that this is a male model that exists in 14 sizes and two color options.


  • Micro-adjustable aluminum clips;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Two colors to choose from;
  • Used proprietary insulation;
  • Thermoformed zones of the heel, sidewalls and ankles;
  • Good skiing.


  • For beginners, the block will not seem wide enough;
  • High price;
  • No mode switches and hardness.


Rating: 4.6


Great men’s ski boots selling for just 14 thousand rubles, and sometimes cheaper. You can find women’s in stores a model with a slightly changed design – its name is supplemented the letter “W”. And if above we started looking at shoes, designed not so much for beginners as for experienced ones athletes, the HEAD FX GT is a product for people who value comfort. It corresponds to a stiffness index of 60. When for professional skating, if these shoes do not fall apart, then for sure will not allow perfect control of your skis.

The volume of this model is 2200 cu. see. Despite the low cost, the product received a full-fledged power frame. Embarrass only clips that are plastic are capable. They offer super macro adjustment, which allows you to adjust the boot to your leg. As for the pads, it varies from 102 to 106 mm, in depending on the size of the selected boot. By the way, HEAD FX GT – this is a rare case when you can even find on sale versions with sizes 28 and 29, designed for people with very big feet.

This model received a system of facilitating entry and exit, which else times indicates the purpose of the shoes. The composition of this shoe a familiar 35mm belt came in. The rest is about boots nothing special can be said. There is no mode switch or something like that. Yes, and a perfect fit to the leg can not wait worth it, since there is no thermoforming. In a word unsurprisingly, the HEAD FX GT sell for relatively small money.


  • The clips are adjustable;
  • Wide block;
  • Very low cost;
  • There are versions for people with large foot sizes;
  • Perfect stiffness for beginners.


  • The clips are plastic;
  • No mode switches and hardness.

The best women’s ski boots

ROXA Trinity

Rating: 4.9


If we talk about women’s ski boots, then the leader of this directions is the products under the brand ROXA. Her model is under The Trinity name is most similar to elegant boots. One gets the impression that they can even go to the store, they are so cute. But in fact, this, of course, will cause some discomfort. The fact is that the product corresponds to the index hardness 85. And if during riding it is no problem causes, then during a normal walk you are unlikely to be able to spend in similar shoes for a long time.

The manufacturer claims that his creation is universal. In practice, it turns out that a beginner will need several hours, to get used to these boots. It must be related to the above rigidity. Also questions are the pad, width which is 99 mm (or a little more if you select a larger boot size). However, this is an adequate figure for the female models.

The manufacturer should be thanked for introducing it here. thermoformed inside. More specifically, this modification called U75 R3 LINER LS, found in other ski boots from ROXA. In just a few minutes internal parts begin to almost envelop the foot, after which you can start skiing.

And what is the reason for the rather high price tag of these shoes? Firstly, the product received a three-part architecture, thanks to which effort is transferred to the skis in almost full volume. Secondly, rigidity adjustment is available here. You can change spoiler position, which also does not occur in every ski boots. Thirdly, a detailed front clip that is protected from damage and accidental discoveries.


  • Attractive design
  • Reliable front clip;
  • You can adjust the spoiler and the degree of rigidity;
  • A triaxial structure is used;
  • The thermoformed inside is applied;
  • Optimum stiffness index.


  • To some this block may seem too narrow;
  • The price cannot be called low.

Rossignol Vita Sensor2 60

Rating: 4.9


Another very unusual looking ski boots. However, this model cannot be confused with women’s boots. Here already it is clear that these shoes should be used exclusively paired with skiing. At the same time, the manufacturer tried to reduce the stiffness, therefore, riding should be as comfortable as normal walk in the fresh air.

It should be noted that this model was released in 2013. it means that now it is found on sale less and less. But if you find it on sale for 9-10 thousand rubles, then you can safely make a purchase! These shoes are no worse than new sold for substantially more money.

This model has a stiffness index of 60. This means that for It’s not suitable for sports competitions, but tourist’s boots will arrange. Beginners will also like the block, the width of which is brought to 102 mm. These boots are always warm. And this despite the absence here are thermoforming viscera. Instead, in the toe zone an anatomical foam filler is used. Well, the heel zone has enhanced support, in honor of which the product received its name.


  • Good wool seal;
  • Various adjustments are available;
  • Degree of rigidity – ideal for beginners;
  • Wide block;
  • Low cost.


  • Longevity is in question;
  • Found in online stores less and less;
  • There are no switches;
  • I would like to get a thermoforming inner part.

ATOMIC Hawx Magna 85 W

Rating: 4.8


Modern ski boots must look beautiful. Especially if they were born in 2018 or later. To this rule model called ATOMIC Hawx Magna 85 W matches absolutely completely. These shoes also look nice during skiing, and at that moment when the skis are removed. However, very high the price tag of the product was by no means due to this.

The manufacturer of this model managed to combine moderate rigidity, and a wide pad, and durable materials. Complain it is only possible for partial molding and the absence of any switches. However, let’s look at these ski boots a little more detail.

It uses branded insulation with its extremely thin fibers. This allows you to keep inside boot a lot of air which is best Resists high humidity and low temperature.

This model uses the Easy Step-in system. It means that fastening will not cause any problem. And also applied here unique block combining a special geometric balance and anatomical features. This allows you to recommend ski boots for both beginner and professional. However, the last hardness index 85 is unlikely to work, which will fail transfer all efforts to the skis as accurately as possible.

Despite the presence of modern technology, the weight of one the ATOMIC Hawx Magna 85 W boot is only 1840 if talk about competitors, then the scales under them will certainly show though would be 2 kg.

Aluminum clips testify to the high reliability of the product. Of course, they are all adjustable. But any there are no switches here. Well, with such a price tag, their absence can be forgiven.


  • Made in Romania;
  • Shoe Width – 102 mm or more;
  • Rigidity suitable for the beginner;
  • Great design
  • Reliable clips;
  • There is some adjustment;
  • Used proprietary insulation;
  • Minimum weight.


  • No stiffness switches and modes;
  • The thermoforming inside would not hurt.

HEAD Advant Edge 75 X M

Rating: 4.7

HEAD Advant Edge 105.jpg

Regular ski boots existing in two color options. However, both of them are quite boring. Not for everyone girls have enough choice of white and black colors. But then the product turned out to be very affordable, in Russian stores asking for it 10 thousand rubles. At the same time, boots correspond to an advanced level skiing. This is stated by the manufacturer, thus hinting at not extra wide pad.

This model is unlikely to suit a professional skier. The thing is that shoes have a stiffness index of 75. This is not the parameter which would allow you to feel your skiing as accurately as possible. However, no one says that this model should used in sports competitions. These ski boots designed for those who have already mastered skiing on snowy slopes, but does not think about moving to a higher level by reason at least lack of free time. Shoes allow ride in a relaxed stance as they provide a corner tilt of the shaft at 14 degrees. And the product is adjustable canting from the outside.

If necessary, stiffness can be increased to the 85th index. what As for the clips, they are made of aluminum. They have and micro and macro adjustment. The manufacturer has embedded in the upper clips additional lever, actually doubling their length, which reduces efforts to fasten. After the end of the process, the lever at the help of the spring is hidden in the slot of the clip.

The HEAD Advant Edge 75 X M is a rare case when boots do not have special disadvantages, especially when it comes to choosing a product for a beginner skier. There’s even a thermoforming inside used! The rear spoiler is not forgotten.


  • Riding in a relaxed stance;
  • It is possible to adjust the canting from the outside;
  • Implemented Duo Flex power transmission system;
  • Reliable and convenient aluminum clips;
  • Thermoforming inside;
  • There is a rigidity adjustment (two positions);
  • Low cost.


  • The width of the pad does not exceed 102 mm;
  • Not the best insulation;
  • For professionals, shoes will not seem tough enough;
  • There is no walking / skating switch.

Salomon Qst Access 80 W

Rating: 4.7


Many inexpensive ski boots seem very uncomfortable in use. The leg in them feels a certain discomfort. But The models that fell into our selection are devoid of this drawback. For example, Salomon Qst Access 80 W includes an internal boot with Slide-in technology. It is thanks to him that this shoe is comfortable and riding time, and when walking. By the way, there is a mechanism switching from one mode to another. This is rarely seen in boots, the cost of which does not exceed 12 thousand rubles!

Walking comfort provides low weight each boot, approximately 1800 g. Regarding stiffness, then it can be called medium. To be more precise, these ski boots correspond to the stiffness index 80. Change it impossible, the manufacturer had to save on this. But here quick adjustment of clip position is available.

Returning to the inner boot, one cannot but note the presence in it is a good insulation, partially created from wool. Leg inside wakes up without any problems, which cannot but rejoice. Women will appreciate heel support as well as Designed specifically for them design shafts.


  • There is a switch from walking to skating;
  • Attractive design
  • Fairly low cost;
  • Implemented a light donning system;
  • Used clip with comb;
  • The width of the pads can reach 104 mm;
  • Shoes have a very low weight.


  • I would like to get a thermoforming inner part;
  • The clips do not look reliable.

Salomon Divine 55

Rating: 4.6


Another ski boots from a well-known manufacturer of shoes and sports equipment. In Russian stores they are offered to purchase for 12-14 thousand rubles. For the money you get exquisite shoes, the interior of which is designed exclusively for the female foot. Also can not but rejoice pad, whose width reaches 104 mm.

This model uses a strip width of 25 mm. Switch there is no rigidity here, it is rare in such a price segment. So, you have to come to terms with the stiffness index 55, he match these shoes. However, why “reconcile”? I think that for skiing on amateur ski slopes this is quite enough. It is thanks to the low stiffness that the maximum riding comfort. But on steep slopes it is better not to meddle, for skiing they will need shoes that provide greater accuracy ski management and the transfer of maximum effort.

The rest can hardly be said about the Salomon Divine 55 special. This is a typical model for beginners. With one exception. The clips used here are easy to adjust. For their creation used polycarbonate. Or heat-resistant plastic, if to speak easier. Not the most durable solution, but it is in skiing shoes of this price category is common.

This model is able to boast of a good insulation. Here there is even natural wool, but only in the area of ​​the toe of the boot. Well and most of the insulation is a fleece lining Polar


  • The most comfortable riding on amateur slopes;
  • Extremely wide shoe;
  • Pads are removable, they can be replaced;
  • Made in Romania;
  • There is a switch mode “walking / skating”;
  • The clips are adjustable.


  • Internals – not thermoforming;
  • Absolutely not suitable for professional skiing;
  • Not the most reliable clips;
  • Insulation can not be called ideal.

Best kids ski boots


Rating: 4.9


Many of the models discussed in this article exist in two options: male and female. HEAD RAPTOR 90 RS – no exception to regulations. Adjusted for the fact that these are children’s shoes. That is, they are intended for boys and girls (in the second case you need look for a variation with the letter “W” in its name).

These ski boots are very small in size. But it is not means they got fewer clips. There are four of them, which indicates high reliability of the product – hardly shoes will fall even in the event of a fall. The clips are made of aluminum, therefore they will definitely not break even after several active seasons. AND they also have a very high price tag, at the adult level models.

The cost of shoes is explained by the presence inside them thermoforming parts. This means that the inner boot will be perfectly fit to the child’s foot, he definitely doesn’t feel any discomfort will feel. It’s also a rare children’s model with stiffness adjustment – index 80 here easily changes to index 90. Well, double canting is also not found in all ski boots.

It is worth recognizing that this model will not like most children who first appeared on the ski slope, and engaged in this sport on an ongoing basis. They definitely the 16-degree tilt of the shaft, and the already mentioned stiffness and heel lift of 4 degrees.


  • Aluminum clips with micro-adjustment;
  • A thermoforming anatomical insole is used;
  • Stiffness change available;
  • Implemented double canting;
  • High reliability.


  • This is hardly the best choice for a beginner;
  • A narrow block will not suit everyone;
  • High price.

Salomon X Max LC 80

Rating: 4.8


These children’s ski boots are sold at a slightly lower price. However, they also have high reliability and good thermal insulation. The product will definitely serve one or two seasons, after which the child’s leg just grow out of it. Shoes will remain in good condition, their can either be sold or left for the next child.

Shoes made in Romania are not only small size but also minimum weight. Also included 98 mm block. It may seem that this is insufficient parameter. However, the child is quite enough. Inside this Model is located Termicfit boot. It adapts to the skier’s foot, thanks to which any minor discomfort disappears. For making such an inner part was used ethylene vinyl acetate, mentioned more than once in our review.

The external boot here is two-part. On it you can discover four aluminum clips. They are easily adjustable therefore, the shoes sit on their feet as tightly as possible. Still here there is a 35 mm strap.

The product complies with a stiffness index of 80. This means that boots are designed for advanced riding, not for simple entertainment on the ski slope. And this despite their relatively low cost!


  • Made in Romania;
  • The price tag cannot be called overpriced;
  • Reliable aluminum clips;
  • Good adjustment;
  • Warm inner boot.


  • There are no switches;
  • Beginners may seem overly tough;
  • The pad could be a little wider.

ATOMIC Redster Club Sport 70 LC

Rating: 4.7


Another unisex in our selection. That means shoes should suit both girls and boys. They exist in one color variant – their outer part has a red-black color. what As for the sizes, here the buyer is waiting for a greater variety. Even versions suitable for young men and older men are available! This model will not work only for tall and heavy people. A business that the product has a stiffness index of 70. If a skier – heavy, then the shoes can break quickly enough.

These shoes can be used even in competitions. About it says the block, whose width is approximately 96 mm. TO there are no special questions regarding the reliability of the product. Problematic place of many ski boots are clips. In this case, the manufacturer abandoned plastic in favor of aluminum, so buckles are unlikely ever get hurt.

The inner part of the product fits perfectly to the leg, for which several thermoformed zones should be thanked. That is, the load is evenly distributed throughout the leg, which is especially important during the already mentioned sports training and competitions. Separately, the toe zone, which is made here, should be noted. in one piece – it completely repeats the shape of the outer boot.

Unfortunately, in some ways the shoes are still inferior to competitors. For example, someone’s shoe will seem too narrow to someone. Also here there are no switches. That means shoes cannot be put into comfortable walking mode, as it is not here and the ability to change the degree of rigidity.


  • Thermoformed inner boot;
  • Optimum stiffness for beginners;
  • Reduced shaft height;
  • Quality clips;
  • The tilt of the shaft can be changed from 16 to 18 degrees;
  • Low cost.


  • The shoe may seem too narrow;
  • No mode switches and hardness.


Rating: 4.6


For children created a very large number of ski boots, comfortable in which you begin to feel only after You will already get comfortable in skiing on the snowy slopes. In particular, such boots are ATOMIC Hawx JR 4. After their use you can safely switch to adult models, even being more tough.

Unlike many other children’s shoes, these are equipped special tabs that compensate for half the size of the legs. Gradually you will rid shoes of more and more tabs until the child’s leg is fully grown. Perfect decision!

In terms of design, nothing unusual is waiting for you here. As in most other ski boots in the ATOMIC Hawx JR 4 Four clips are applied. They provide maximum fixation, fly out of such shoes is almost impossible. They are also easy. regulated, which is also important. Also the product has progressive stiffness and special design of the shaft that allows you to change the degree of support.

Despite the presence of special tabs, the inside of the boot perfectly fit to the child’s foot. The manufacturer managed to achieve this through the use of thermoforming materials. Support the shafts are engaged in exactly the same thermoforming tongue. The back wall of the boot can be deflected, which provides comfort when completely different positions.

As for the material of manufacture, it is polyurethane. Again nothing unusual. The weight of one boot is an average of 1270 g.


  • Four reliable clips;
  • Micro and macro adjustment available;
  • The size of the inner boot can be changed;
  • Optimum stiffness for beginners;
  • Adaptive deviation of the back wall;
  • Shoes are lightweight;
  • Low cost.


  • No switching modes and stiffness;
  • Only one color to choose from.

Fischer Ranger 60 Jr Thermoshare

Rating: 4.6


Fischer products are usually cheerful colors. This it’s easy to notice if you regularly watch biathlon or jumping from the springboard. The same goes for the Ranger 60 ski boots. Jr Thermoshare. This model is intended for use. children, and its outer part is painted in bright yellow. It’s a pity only that the buyer is not given much choice – it the only coloring available.

These are some of the cheapest ski boots among intended for children. But this did not affect their opportunities! In such shoes it’s convenient to ride, whatever the slope for this has not been selected! Amazing that so inexpensive shoes got a thermoformed inside. Also here adjustable clips are used, but this by itself for granted. As for the pad, its width varies in depending on the size of the product, but in most cases you can rely on approximately 99 mm. A little, but for a small nursery legs are enough.

This model has a stiffness index of 60. Therefore, it ideal even for the child who first appeared on the track. In these shoes, he will feel as much as possible. comfortable. But you can’t count on participating in competitions, in their shoes will not seem stiff enough, because of which they will be skiing far from all efforts are transmitted.


  • Aluminum clips complemented by micro-adjustment;
  • Very low cost;
  • A thermoformed interior is used;
  • Decent width of the pad for children’s shoes;
  • Wonderful design;
  • Best for beginner rigidity.


  • There are no switches;
  • Absolutely not suitable for competition.

Salomon T3 RT

Rating: 4.5


Another relatively inexpensive ski boots. Their purchase usually does not make you worry about the fact that the child’s leg growing fast. If you’re lucky, then a son or daughter will not harm the shoes, as a result of which in the future they can be sold by announcement, having beaten off at least part of the cost. By the way, there are two color variant of this product. The boys are satisfied with the black and green version, whereas girls should like pink outdoor shoes part.

The manufacturer tried to ensure that his creation can It was mistaken for shoes made from natural materials. Indeed, such an impression cannot but arise. But actually in fact, it is a specially formed plastic. On him there are three clips designed to fix the product. AND it was on them that the manufacturer saved the most. It’s not even about their quantity. The clips are made of plastic. Do I need to talk about the fact that regular skating can affect the state of these clasps? However, it is unlikely that something will happen to them if Skating is only expected during short-term vacations.

Each boot in this kit turned out to be very light. Scales under they will be shown almost exactly 1 kg. This suggests that here very thin plastic is used. Well, this should provide comfortable fit, a sin to complain. You can also expect good maneuvering, because the hinge is located in the ankle area.

The Salomon T3 RT’s inner boot consists of foam. Behind heat preservation meets fur trim. In a word, this is standard for such a low cost option.

The product meets the stiffness index 30. This indicates that boots are designed for young children. If a the teenager is already tall and heavy enough, then he can inflict designs irreparable damage.


  • There are two color options;
  • Very low cost;
  • Attractive design
  • The most comfortable ride;
  • There is a hinge in the ankle area;
  • Shoes turned out very light.


  • The stiffness index is very small;
  • Not very reliable clips;
  • The number of clips will not suit everyone.

HEAD Raptor 40

Rating: 4.4


Another inexpensive ski boots designed for children. For about 8 thousand rubles, and often less money, the buyer will receive very small shoes, mounted on the foot with help of three clips. Their reliability can be called average. Especially active skating can damage such fasteners, but boots don’t sharpened under it. This is evidenced by at least the 40th index stiffness. These shoes need to be used for casual downhill at low speed in places where there are many having a rest. This is definitely not an accessory for sports competitions.

Unlike adult models, these boots are only three clips. And this has nothing to do with the desire of the manufacturer save! The fact is that these shoes turned out so miniature that the fourth clasp on it simply fit. But It should be noted that the clips are made of plastic, and this is already really saving on the little things. I am glad that they have at least micro-adjustment, which allows you to put the boot on your foot as much as possible more comfortable.

The product meets the stiffness index 40. As you already understood, this suggests that it is unlikely that the child will be able to beat in these shoes some records. But then he can calmly walk in them, when the skis are taken off. This does not even require switching to appropriate mode. That must be why the manufacturer refused such a switch. But he introduced into his creation insole with thermoforming. That means she will be fit to the foot as tightly as possible. Shoes in this regard in general don’t have any problems. They are warm and dry, no matter what the conditions. skating was not carried out. The block here is narrow. But this not a problem, because this shoe is designed for a very miniature legs.


  • Very comfortable riding;
  • Easy donning;
  • Thermoforming insole is used;
  • Good heat and dryness;
  • Very low cost.


  • The clips are plastic;
  • Someone will complain about the number of clips;
  • There are no switches.

The best ski boots for professionals

HEAD Raptor B3 RD

Rating: 4.9


A little higher we looked at the ski boots from HEAD, designed for babies. Well, it’s time to talk about models for adults engaged in skiing professionally or aspiring to it. HEAD Raptor B3 RD is as if the shoes just examined increased in size. It uses exactly the same design. But of course the materials – completely different, and the number of clips has increased markedly, but for their manufacture used almost eternal aluminum. Also manufacturer added a 40 mm belt with a system Double Power Booster.

Such a shoe will sit on his leg, as if it is part of it. This is facilitated not only by the belt and four clips, but also by the block, whose width is intentionally reduced to 91-95 mm. Another product is capable of boast of low profile levers, double canting and a full-fledged slalom package, including spoilers and protection.

If we talk about the insides, then it uses warm thermoforming boot with adjustable tongue. Comfortable lacing, anatomical insole – what else is needed?

Of course, any ski boots for professional Uses are required to have a high stiffness index. HEADThe Raptor B3 RD is no exception to the rule. Still here before the record far away, but the numbers are impressive. You can achieve the maximum here index 140. Well, through simple actions, the rigidity is reduced first to index 130, and then to 120.

If you are going to the Olympic Games, we recommend consider buying a HEAD Raptor B2 RD. From reviewed Now the shoe this model differs only increased to 160 stiffness index (reduction occurs until the 150th and 140th indexes).


  • The most accurate ski management;
  • Large volume (1500 cc);
  • Low profile levers are used;
  • There is a RD slalom package;
  • High-quality 40 mm belt;
  • Excellent clips with micro adjustment;
  • Adjustment of rigidity on three positions;
  • Good thermoforming inner boot.


  • High price;
  • Absolutely not suitable for comfortable riding on vacation.

ATOMIC Hawx Ultra 130 S

Rating: 4.9


Another adult ski boots with very high rigidity. And durability, because they can withstand even the most serious stresses that occur during sports competitions. More specifically, the product meets stiffness index 130. At certain points, it can be increased even by 10 units. Or reduce in the same way. This is important, because when In training, the maximum hardness from ski boots is usually not required.

To achieve good results, you need to be as light as possible. And if you can lose your weight quite simply, you just need to sit down on a diet, this can’t be said about shoes. They all usually have weight under a couple of kilograms. Exceptions to the rule are only such models, like ATOMIC Hawx Ultra 130 S. Their manufacturer managed to reduce weight by 25%. At the same time, problem areas of the product remained reinforced.

This model is able to boast of many innovations that not found in amateur boots. For example, there is a mechanism shafts alignment. You can also note the adjustment of the tilt. Additional linings may come in handy. In a word, here you can adjust absolutely any parameters. Not only an opportunity switch to walking mode. But how often do you have to move around during the competition on foot? Yes, and a similar switch instantly would make ski boots less stiff, so we don’t even put his absence in the list of shortcomings.

Of course, the ATOMIC Hawx Ultra 130 S included other technologies not yet mentioned in this description. For example, a product An internal Memory Fit 3D Platinum boot is used. It consists from a tongue with a pre-prepared profile, as well as many thermoformed zones. As for the outside of the boot, then for its production used True Flex material. He will stay tough at any temperature.


  • The weight of one boot is about 1.7 kg;
  • Rigidity is variable;
  • The thermoformed internal boot is applied;
  • There is a strip with a width of 5 cm (Velcro);
  • Reliable aluminum clips;
  • In strategically important areas, reinforcement is implemented;
  • The narrow block ideally shows itself in competitions.


  • Not the best option for free riding on vacation;
  • High price.

Salomon Qst Pro 120 Tr

Rating: 4.8


Usually professional ski boots are equipped with four clips. But there are exceptions to the rule. For example, in The Salomon Qst Pro 120 Tr only included three buckles. It speeds up slightly the process of preparing for the descent along the snowy slope. For clips used high quality and very light aluminum. Micro-adjustment allows you to place the boot on the foot as comfortable as possible. There are part of this model and 45 mm strip

The width of the pad here varies from 100 to 106 mm, depending from the selected size. And whatever option you take, it will be correspond to a stiffness index of 120. And in this case you are already you can’t change it in any way. But there is a switch walking / skating modes! Pressing the appropriate button eliminates rigid fixation, as a result of which the bootleg is given due freedom of movement. This is in professional ski boots is rare. But does this not put product longevity under question? It seems that the manufacturer still thought through the design boot, so you can not expect that under load they suddenly fall apart.

This model perfectly covers the foot, the heel is good here fixed – all this allows you to transfer effort to skiing in due volume. Of course, technology is applied here thermoforming, and this indicates the absence inside the boot extra voids. Another manufacturer increased the hinge, so the backlash between the bootleg and the lower part of the boot decreased. Again however, this should significantly increase transmission efficiency effort.

The weight of one such boot is only 1.6 kg. To achieve This parameter was achieved by reducing the thickness of the side walls. In this case, you can not worry about strategically important zones: they stayed reinforced. Weight loss is felt well in sharp turns that can now be driven at high speed. It is no accident that you choose Salomon Qst Pro 120 Tr even slalom people do.


  • Made in Romania;
  • The thermoforming inside is used;
  • A large number of adjustments are available;
  • There is a switch from skiing to walking;
  • Rigidity ideally suited for competitions;
  • Tenacious rubber outsole;
  • The block cannot be called quite narrow;
  • Shoes turned out very light.


  • The degree of stiffness cannot be changed;
  • Very high cost.

Tecnica Cochise 120 DYN

Rating: 4.7


These ski boots are designed for freeriding. They have high quality workmanship and a large number of adjustments. But there is the product has one problem. This model is extremely rarely sold in Russian online stores, not to mention offline retail. If you still find these shoes on the counter, do not buy thinking Especially if you expect to do in the future professional skiing.

These shoes have a hardness index of 120. This means that they can withstand even a very tall or very heavy person. And so they certainly do not care for the passage of steep turns at maximum speed. For beginners, this model is contraindicated. They will count uncomfortable, including due to the pad, the width of which is approximately 99 mm.

These boots are fully thermoformed. This also applies to their the shell, and the inside. So the shoes should sit perfectly on any leg. They also boast a wide range of travel. cuffs reaching 42 degrees. For its manufacture was used Triax 3.0 material, which is light but tough plastic.

Like many other professional ski boots, these have a very small weight. It is explained using here bicomponent polyester sheath. She is not only 2.5 times harder than usual material for such shoes, but also 30% thinner his. Even in problem areas, the thickness does not exceed 2 mm!

These shoes have a special surface with increased protection against water. This keeps your feet dry, no matter how long you rode around. And this is very important for professionals who sometimes spend on slope all day. They must also appreciate the four aluminum clips. The Lift Lock mechanism allows them to be quickly fasten and unfasten. And there is also a 4.5-degree strap cm using Velcro.

In a word, these are very nice ski boots! Especially for their value, often not exceeding 20 thousand rubles.


  • High-quality external boot made of polyester and polyester;
  • Thermoforming inside;
  • Significantly reduced boot weight;
  • Implemented a system of protection against water;
  • Reliable aluminum clips;
  • There is a strap with a width of 4.5 cm with Velcro;
  • Perfect rigidity for training.


  • There are no switches;
  • Cost will not suit everyone.

HEAD Advant Edge 125 S

Rating: 4.7


One of the most common ski boots now. The manufacturer released a huge number of them, differing from each other friend’s size. So, you can find any shoes on sale, no matter what your foot size is. In this case, the product must to withstand even a very difficult person. And they certainly won’t hurt him aggressive cornering. This is evidenced by all hardness index 125. I am glad that it can be changed. Total two positions are available to the skier – 115 and already mentioned 125.

Usually athletic shoes of this kind have a narrow block. Here but she is average, and therefore comfortable. Also product able to boast a long cuff and tongue, which allows better feel and bend the boot. If you compare these shoes with amateur, then recycled geometry is used here. If a Believe the manufacturer, this should make the transfer of effort by 30-40% more effective. And feedback must occur faster, which also very important.

These boots include soft elongated welt plastic, which facilitates putting on and taking off. And also levers are introduced here low profile. The rear spoiler is not forgotten. Above the top clip 40 mm belt is located.

Participation in competitions in no way implies full refusal of comfort. In this regard, the HEAD Advant Edge 125 S boots got a thermoformed inside. It fits perfectly to the foot just a couple of minutes after donning. And shoes for they leave their feet dry for a long time, keeping them warm. It turns out that you can ride in such shoes at least all day all the way. This is important, because only long trainings will allow to achieve success!


  • Comfortable and convenient block;
  • Light weight;
  • There are low profile levers;
  • There is a system to facilitate removal and donning;
  • Added canting and spoiler;
  • Durable aluminum clips with many adjustments;
  • Rigidity can be changed from 115 to 125;
  • The inside is thermoformed.


  • High price;
  • Not the best choice for a beginner.

Fischer RC Pro 100 PBV

Rating: 4.7


Fischer typically paints its sports equipment in bright colors, but this rule did not apply to these shoes. it professional product that must not distract attention viewer from an athlete. However, this does not mean that the shoes turned out ugly. No, they’ll definitely appeal to anyone who thinks about their purchase.

This model is intended for use by advanced skiers. This is indicated by at least a rigidity index of 100. Yes, and amateur shoes will not be equipped with a block whose width approximately the same 100 mm. As for the clips, they will be pleased with their reliability, because for their production was used aluminum. Well, the rest of the external boot was created from Wacuplast and polyurethane.

This boot is capable of boasting a perfect fit even without pre-fitting. But even if one is needed, she still possible – Fischer Vacuum technology is responsible for it Fit.

The rest are typical ski boots. For good reason they sold for 20 thousand rubles, while most often professional models have a significantly higher price tag. Not enough here any features that distinguish shoes from competitors. However, not everyone needs them.


  • Made in the Czech Republic;
  • Reliable aluminum clips;
  • There is the possibility of an additional fit on the mortar;
  • There are 35 mm strap and canting.


  • The thermoforming inside would not hurt;
  • There are no switches;
  • To professionals, rigidity may not seem sufficient;
  • The price tag is still far from the lowest.


This is the list of the best ski boots among the existing ones. Now copies. We tried to briefly talk about men’s and about female, and even about children’s models. Now you have to decide what amount you are willing to spend. How could you notice ski shoes can be very expensive.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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