25 best sights of Kazan

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Kazan is not only a decoration of the Volga region, but also the pride of the whole Of Russia. The capital of Tatarstan has long caught up with Peter and Moscow in its own way. tourist attraction. A trip to this wonderful city can please with a huge number of cultural, historical and entertainment facilities. We selected the 25 best sights of Kazan and reflected them in the ranking, for amenities divided into nominations.

Rating of the best sights of Kazan

Nomination a place Sight rating
The best religious sights of Kazan 1 Annunciation Cathedral of the Kazan Kremlin 5.0
2 Temple of All Religions 4.9
3 Peter and Paul Cathedral 4.8
4 Kul Sharif Mosque 4.7
5 Epiphany Cathedral 4.6
The best military-patriotic sights of Kazan 1 Monument to Musa Jalil 5.0
2 Memorial Museum of the Great Patriotic War 4.9
3 Memorial to the Heroes of the Great Patriotic War 4.8
4 Monument-temple to the defenders of Kazan 4.7
5 Monument to the Mother of the Soldier 4.6
The best entertainment sights of Kazan 1 Amusement park “Klay” 5.0
2 Waterpark Riviera” 4.9
3 Zoobotanical garden 4.8
4 City of professions “KidSpace” 4.7
5 Circus 4.6
6 National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan 4.5
7 Hippodrome 4.4
The best architectural sights of Kazan 1 Kazan Kremlin 5.0
2 Tower Syuyumbike 4.9
3 Millennium Park 4.8
4 Monument to Kot Kazan 4.7
5 Palace of Farmers 4.6
6 Island-city Sviyazhsk 4.5
7 Alexander passage 4.4
8 The Millennium Bridge 4.3

The best religious sights of Kazan

Believing tourists tend to get into the temples and cathedrals of Kazan. ABOUT they will be discussed in the first nomination.

Annunciation Cathedral of the Kazan Kremlin

Attractions Rating (Kazan): 5.0

Annunciation Cathedral of the Kazan Kremlin

The main temple of Kazan, which attracts pilgrims, opens the rating. travelers from all over the world, lovers of beautiful architecture. The cathedral was lit in 1562. It was rebuilt several times. Inside is the famous shrine – the room of Archbishop Guri, which survived in Soviet times due to the fact that bricked up.

In the cathedral, 3 archbishops and 5 metropolitans are buried. Around the building is ennobled territory, which is nice to walk in any time of the year. Address: Kremlin, p. 2.

Temple of All Religions

Attraction rating (Kazan): 4.9

Temple of all religions

We gave the second place to the unique structure. Temple all religions began to build in 1994. He appeared thanks Ildar Khanov – an outstanding artist and architect. Cultural the center of spiritual unity has become a symbolic symbiosis of religions. The architecture of the building combines the churches of Catholics and Orthodox, Muslim mosque, Jewish synagogue, Buddhist temple and many others iconic elements of various nationalities.

Inside there is a gallery of paintings, a concert hall and an art school. Today the construction of the temple continues, restoration work is underway work after the fire in 2017. You should get here at least once, to recharge with amazing energy and admire the external the beauty of the building. Address: Art. Arakchinskaya, 4.

Peter and Paul Cathedral

Attractions Rating (Kazan): 4.8


Further in the ranking is a unique pearl of monuments Kazan – Cathedral of the Apostles Paul and Peter. He was erected in the period from 1723 to 1726 and became unique a structure that combines many facade ornaments and exquisite colorist. Here you can see the gilded iconostasis 25 meters high, the miraculous icon of the Mother of God of Smolensk, myrrh-streaming icon of the Iveron Mother of God.

Throughout its history, the cathedral has experienced several fires during The Soviet Union was closed. The restoration of the building continues and Today. Tourists who want to visit this place are in advance take care of your appearance. Girls should wear shawls and skirts, shoulders and knees should be covered. Address: Musa Jalil, 21.

Kul Sharif Mosque

Attraction rating (Kazan): 4.7

Kul-Sharif Mosque

The legendary Kul Sharif mosque is named after the last imam Kazan rudeness. He died during resistance to the king’s troops. The building of the mosque is striking in its grandeur and luxury. It is built from white marble. The windows of the turquoise dome resemble the shape of tulips. The arch is decorated with lace.

Inside the mosque there is an Islamic museum, a guest hall, a men’s and female prayer rooms, special balconies for tourists. To get here you can absolutely free. Address: Sheinkman, Territory Kazan Kremlin. The doors of the mosque are open until 17-30.

Epiphany Cathedral

Attraction rating (Kazan): 4.6

Epiphany Cathedral

One of the most important sights of Kazan is Epiphany Cathedral. It is a building of blue Baroque colors. Especially popular bell tower at the temple. For a long time she remained the highest construction in the city. It was built in 1897.

In Soviet times, the cathedral was turned into a sports hall; lost his furniture. Today inside it is a modern the interior, and restoration work continues. Address: Bauman, 78.

The best military-patriotic sights of Kazan

Many monuments of Kazan are devoted to the combat feats of heroes and revolutionaries. 67 of them are erected in memory of the events of the Great World War II.

Monument to Musa Jalil

Attractions Rating (Kazan): 5.0

Monument to Musa Jalil

Opens the second rating nomination one of the most recognizable Monuments of Kazan. The monument depicting the poet Musu Jalil was installed in 1966. Hero of the Soviet Union was a member anti-fascist underground. He was executed by the Nazis in 1944.

On the granite wall near the monument, a bas-relief dedicated to Musa Jalil’s associates. In the center of the composition are a flower garden and granite stone benches. Kazan guests admire the laconicism of the monument depicting a strong man who trying to break free of the put with her head held high. Address: May 1 area.

Memorial Museum of the Great Patriotic War

Attraction rating (Kazan): 4.9

Memorial Museum of the Great Patriotic War

On the territory of the Kazan Kremlin there is a museum dedicated to the courage, courage and valor of warriors. Here are letters soldier, banners, newspapers. The advantages of the museum include aged timeline, a large number of exhibits. It carry out a cycle activities for preschoolers called “War through the eyes of a child.” It focuses on the specific age of the children and their particular perception. military subjects. To the attention of the kids offer cartoon films.

The museum has an electronic database that helps to find information about his relative who disappeared during the Second World War. Valid leave a request to search for information about a particular person. Address: Kremlin territory, 12. Ticket price – 80 rubles.

Memorial to the Heroes of the Great Patriotic War

Attractions Rating (Kazan): 4.8

Memorial to the Heroes of the Great Patriotic War

At the intersection of Yamashev Avenue and Bondarenko Street Memorial to the Heroes of the Second World War. This place is a pantheon. Here on the marble tables are displayed the names of the Heroes of the Soviet Union, which were natives of Tatarstan.

In the center of the memorial, an eternal flame burns. He often wedding processions stop, newlyweds lay flowers. The Victory Park Memorial Complex is a great place to walks. People come here to consider the military equipment of different years old and take a photo as a keepsake.

Monument-temple to the defenders of Kazan

Attraction rating (Kazan): 4.7


Continues the rating of the temple-monument to the defenders of Kazan, who fell in 1552. It is a truncated pyramid with a height of 20 meters. On 4 sides there are entrances to the room. They are decorated Greek porticoes. Inside is the Church of the Miraculous image of the savior. From here, a great view of the Kremlin Kazan.

It is believed that several thousand people are buried in this place. Previously, there was a wooden monastery, which every spring flooded the water. In Soviet times, services ceased, the church was busted. All information about the monument can be found on the Internet, but it’s much more interesting to hear it from the guide. Address: Kirovskaya Dam, 2.

Monument to the Mother of the Soldier

Attraction rating (Kazan): 4.6


Monument dedicated to the mothers of soldiers who did not return from the war, part of the memorial complex on the Walk of Fame. He was installed in 2005 and is a tall woman 4 meters. In her hands she holds a golden flower. Mournful female figure forever froze in anticipation. In the face of mother is grief that never will die down, the tragedy of millions of parents.

The monument is mounted on a granite pedestal and stands proudly over the square. It can be found at the exhibition of military equipment. On the the grand opening of the monument was attended by several thousand people, Among them were WWII veterans.

The best entertainment sights of Kazan

The next nomination includes entertainment places of Kazan. Here It will be interesting for both adults and children.

Amusement park “Klay”

Attractions Rating (Kazan): 5.0


To recharge with positive energy and have fun time with children, Kazan residents go to the amusement park “Klay”. It is open from May to the end of October and delights visitors the presence of 30 latest rides. Little guests children’s area, ride on a fabulous train, trampolines and a wheel reviews. Run circuit, chain carousel and extreme rides.

The advantages of the object include the presence of parking, a lot of well-groomed vegetation, a large selection of entertainment. On weekends, it’s very there are a lot of people, there are long lines in cafes and attractions. Price for the ticket starts at 80 rubles. The park is open from 10am to 11pm. Address: One-way Grivka, 1A.

Waterpark Riviera”

Attraction rating (Kazan): 4.9


Next in the ranking is the water park “Riviera”. Visitors waiting for gaming water slides, pirate ships, waterfalls. Children in delighted with the variety of attractions. They shoot with pleasure from a water cannon, splashing around under a tropical rain. Daredevils can ride on a board on an artificial wave or on a giant funnel sitting in a bagel.

This is one of the largest water parks in the world, which over the years only increases its popularity. About 2 visit it during the year million people. Opening hours: from 9-00 to 22-00. Pleased with the availability of discounts on birthday tickets. Address: Fatykha Amirkhan, 1.

Zoobotanical garden

Attractions Rating (Kazan): 4.8


The oldest in Russia is located on the shores of Lake Kaban zoobotanical garden. In one place you can see a diverse world animals and plants. Children and adults enjoy watching wild animals and pets. Kids can ride Ponies who want to arrange photo shoots on the background of palm trees and flowers.

In total, the garden collection has more than a thousand plants from different corners land. Children under 3 years old can attend for free. The garden opens in 8-30. The price of an adult ticket is 200 rubles. Address: Hadi Taktash, 112.

City of professions “KidSpace”

Attraction rating (Kazan): 4.7


Continues the rating of the city of professions “KidSpace”, which It offers guests more than 20 different sites for creativity. it a great place for entertainment where children from 4 years old can master skills of well-known specialties, gain experience and decide on choosing a future path. They gladly build buildings from designers, bake pies, fill teeth with mannequins, perform auto mechanic work.

During the whole process, young guests are accompanied by a personal Cosmonian. On weekends, the city of professions works from 10 a.m. to 8 in the evening. Prices for many visitors seem overpriced. In 3 hours you need to give 500 rubles (children from 4 to 7 years). Address: Avenue Yamasheva, 115A.


Attraction rating (Kazan): 4.6


The cultural pride of Kazan is the city circus, appearance which resembles a space plate. For over 50 years, he pleases guests and residents of the city with amazing views. Every month new programs with circus gymnasts appear here, clowns, jugglers, animal trainers.

The room accommodates about 2300 places. They are divided into several sectors. They praise the modern interior of the circus, spacious toilets and wardrobe, beautiful view from the window. Ticket price starts from 400 rubles. Children under 5 years old are free. Address: Square Millennium, 2.

National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan

Attractions Rating (Kazan): 4.5

National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan

The rating continues one of the most beautiful, informative and The oldest museums in Kazan. Visitors often come here. Previously, in its place was a wooden Gostiny Dvor. Exhibits tell about the history of Tatarstan, customs and cultures of peoples, inhabiting the republic. The collection of the museum totals over 900 thousand exhibits. For one visit, you can’t review all of them.

Here you can see national costumes, ancient coins and kitchen utensils, royal carriage, letters and scrolls. In one of the halls Stuffed animals are presented in the region. In the museum regularly conduct thematic events, master classes and concerts. Address: Kremlin street, 2.


Attractions Rating (Kazan): 4.4


The nomination is completed by the largest hippodrome in Russia. Visitors equestrian center Kazan will witness equestrian races, enjoy excursions and sporting events, will be able to learn horse riding under the guidance of an instructor, ride on a carriage pulled by a frisky three.

In winter, the Khan’s courtyard is open here, where spectacular representation. The racecourse is open from 8am to 5pm. Cost riding lesson is 700 rubles, visiting the museum with an excursion costs 200 rubles. Address: Patrice Lumumba Street, 74A / 1.

The best architectural sights of Kazan

In the last nomination, the best objects of Kazan, suitable for pleasant walks and photo shoots. Architectural Buildings Amaze with its splendor and centuries-old history. Every the visitor must visit these famous places.

Kazan Kremlin

Attractions Rating (Kazan): 5.0

Kazan Kremlin

The main archaeological complex of the city is the Kazan Kremlin. There are monuments of 12-20 centuries. In the Kremlin itself is government residence. It is a whole complex cultural and architectural objects and is spread across 1,500 sq. m

Here you can see the Governor’s Palace, 8 defensive Towers, Annunciation Cathedral, Cannon Yard, Kul Sharif Mosque and Junkers College. In addition, the Museum of Islam, a branch Petersburg Hermitage. Territory development began as early as 10 century. In the 90s, the Kremlin received the status of the president’s residence republics. A short tour of the Kremlin lasts about 1.5 hours, on A full inspection of all the sights will need approximately 1.5 of the day.

Tower Syuyumbike

Attraction rating (Kazan): 4.9


The watchtower of Syuyumbike continues the rating. Awesomeness structures in that his spire deviated from the vertical by almost 2 meter. The tower was erected from 1645 to 1650. Her common height reaches 58 meters. The building combines Tatar and Russian architecture of the 14-17th centuries. It resembles a design Spasskaya tower in Moscow.

There are many legends associated with this place. Look at the tower possible on a sightseeing tour. Tourists admire the architectural construction both day and night, when it is illuminated by powerful spotlights. On the territory of the Kazan Kremlin can be purchased souvenirs depicting a famous landmark.

Millennium Park

Attractions Rating (Kazan): 4.8


Not far from the historical center of the city there is a beautiful park with alleys, benches, flowerbeds and a fountain. He became a gift to the inhabitants Kazan from the city authorities to the 1000th anniversary of the republic. Also green the zone is called the Millennium. At the entrance, guests are greeted by winged snakes sitting above the gate. At the intersection of park alleys set a fountain in the form of a cauldron.

Newlyweds constantly come here to throw a coin in water, make a wish and take gorgeous pictures against the backdrop of natural beauties and architectural structures. Free installed on output toilets, a coffee shop. Address: Spartakovskaya, 1.

Monument to Kot Kazan

Attraction rating (Kazan): 4.7


We simply could not ignore the amazing monument, located on the main street of Bauman. Metal the sculpture rises 3 meters and depicts a plump cat, lying on a couch under a dome with columns. A mouse sits on the roof. The construction worth 1 million rubles was made for finance sponsors with the support of the city government in 2009.

It is impossible to walk past a well-fed cat, imposingly lying on pillow. Kazan residents believe that to attract good luck stroking his stomach. Kazan cat monument opened in the courtyard restaurant, which is famous for delicious dishes and unique the interior. The decoration is complemented by a collection of samovars, old photographs and paintings with cats.

Palace of Farmers

Attraction rating (Kazan): 4.6


Near the northern wall of the Kremlin is the Palace of Farmers. There is a square right in front of him, and nearby you can see Kazanka embankment. The exterior of the building looks monumental and majestically. The palace evokes a sense of identity. He has a huge dome, and right in its center grows a bronze tree about 20 meters high.

I want to consider this building for hours. Guests of the capital Tatarstan is surprised by the restraint of the interior design of the room. Despite the external chic and luxury, the finish is simple, but with tasteful. Address: Fedoseevskaya, 36.

Island-city Sviyazhsk

Attractions Rating (Kazan): 4.5


In 1550, Ivan the Terrible ordered the construction of a hail island on the Round woe Today it resembles the fabulous island of Buyan. Here you can get on a motor boat to admire 16-19 architecture centuries and picturesque nature. The island is washed on both sides by the rivers.

Guests of a small town can learn about the history of taking Kazan Khanate, visit the Temple of all religions, craft settlement, take part in master classes. The tour is carried out at Kazan private guides any day. The minuses of this place include poorly developed infrastructure. Only a few eateries work, prices are clearly overpriced. On the inspection of the entire island will take almost all day. This attraction will appeal to lovers of fishing and privacy. The price starts from 5000 rubles (up to 9 people). Address: village Sviyazhsk, Uspenskaya, 22.

Alexander passage

Attractions Rating (Kazan): 4.4


The Alexander Passage is an architectural masterpiece of the 19th century. It was built by a wealthy merchant in 1883. The building is amazing Luxurious baroque and art nouveau interiors. Here before the revolution the famous restaurant and theater worked. At the end of the 20th century The Alexander passage is completely dilapidated. Started in the 2000s work on its reconstruction.

Judging by the reviews, the look of any passing person stops at a magnificent architectural structure. This place advised to visit all guests of Kazan to admire the labors builders. Address: Kremlin, 17.

The Millennium Bridge

Attractions Rating (Kazan): 4.3


The rating is completed by a modern landmark of the city, having spectacular illumination at night. The Millennium Bridge crosses the Kazanka River from Amirkhan Avenue and Vishnevsky Street. It was opened in 2005. Its total length is more than 1.5 km According to official data, the price for the construction of the facility amounted to 3.4 billion rubles.

Residents of the city love to ride on the bridge during sunset and watch hence the salute. Milenium offers a gorgeous view of the Kremlin and is a true decoration of Kazan. Be sure to visit on the bridge and admire the lights of the evening city.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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