22 best sights Ekaterinburg

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

One of the leaders in tourist attraction among Russian cities is Yekaterinburg. There are many in this metropolis architectural and cultural objects, some of them are monuments federal significance. The one who has to travel to industrial center of the Ural region, it is worth getting acquainted with its the best attractions. Our rating will help in this, Compiled on the basis of feedback from guests and residents of Yekaterinburg.

Rating of the best sights of Yekaterinburg

Nomination a place Sight rating
The best religious sights of Yekaterinburg 1 Temple on blood 5.0
2 Temple of the ascension 4.9
3 Temple of Big Chrysostom 4.8
4 Holy Trinity Cathedral 4.7
The best entertainment sights of Yekaterinburg 1 Yekaterinburg Arboretum 5.0
2 Newton Science Park 4.9
3 Yekaterinburg Zoo 4.8
4 Yekaterinburg Circus 4.7
5 Fantasy Grad 4.6
The best military patriotic sights Ekaterinburg 1 Black Tulip 5.0
2 Memorial to children of war and home front workers 4.9
3 Shirokorechensky memorial to the soldiers who died in hospitals in Sverdlovsk 4.8
4 Monument to motorcycle scouts 4.7
The best cultural attractions of Yekaterinburg 1 Museum of the History of Yekaterinburg 5.0
2 Ural Vision Gallery 4.9
3 Opera and Ballet Theatre 4.8
4 Old station 4.7
5 Museum of the History of Stone-Cutting and Jewelry 4.6
The best architectural sights of Yekaterinburg 1 House of Sevastyanov 5.0
2 The estate of Rastorguev-Kharitonov 4.9
3 Yeltsin Center 4.8
4 City Hall and 1905 square 4.7

The best religious sights of Yekaterinburg

The spiritual life of Yekaterinburg is rich and diverse. In that the city built famous temples and churches that play a big role in social life. Meet them in the first nomination rating.

Temple on blood

Attraction Rating: 5.0


We gave the first place to the largest temple in the city. He built at the place of execution of the royal family. The five-domed building includes museum complex and is decorated with 14 bells. Lower level represents the basement of the Ipatiev House, the upper one stores lit lamp reminiscent of the dead.

They conduct excursions for guests, arrange fairs with Orthodox goods. Local parishioners rarely go to the temple. Buses of tourists arrive here regularly, including from foreign. Judging by the reviews, on the 1st floor where the museum is located, It is interesting to see the personal belongings of the royal family. The building stands on a mountain. It offers a gorgeous view of Yekaterinburg. Address: Tsarskaya, ten.

Temple of the ascension

Attraction Rating: 4.9

TEMPLE OF THE ascension of the LORD

It is impossible not to notice the cathedral, which was built on Ascension slide. It is notable for a good location, amazing architectural forms. Guests of Yekaterinburg are delighted with the bright and a rare example of late baroque, in the form of which are combined lightness, grandeur and luxury.

The history of the temple began in 1770. Over time, the church grew, and with her and the number of believers in the congregation. Building failed to escape ruin during the Soviet period. In 1926 the temple was closed. TO he returned to his religious activities only after 65 years. Parishioners say that the church has a cozy and emotional atmosphere. Pleases with a large number of interesting sights nearby. Address: K. Zetkin, 11.

Temple of Big Chrysostom

Attraction Rating: 4.8


The biography of the next participant in the rating recalls the history of the temple Christ the Savior in Moscow. His building has been completely restored. in the same place where it was destroyed. It all started in 1847. Big Chrysostom was built for almost 30 years. As a result, the temple became the most beautiful construction in Yekaterinburg. His main pride is 10 bells weighing 24 tons. In the 30s of the 20th century, the building was destroyed, on his a square and a monument to Stalin appeared on the spot.

Recovery began in 2006. 7 years after that the temple reopened the doors for believers. Today come here sightseeing buses with tourists who can climb the bell tower and take pictures from a height of 60 m. Address: 8 March street, 17.

Holy Trinity Cathedral

Attraction Rating: 4.7

Holy Trinity Cathedral

The Ryazanovskaya church, founded in 1818, completes the nomination. Later, a stone bell tower was attached to it. In 1930, the cathedral ceased operations, the dome and bell tower were demolished. Only in In 1998 they were re-built.

Today, the cathedral shines in the sun with golden domes and luxurious decoration. Inside the room is covered with colorful paintings, made according to the old method. From the first acquaintance building The church admires the exterior architecture and sophistication of forms. In the temple there are all the main icons that Orthodox pray daily believers. Address: Rosa Luxemburg, 57.

The best entertainment sights of Yekaterinburg

The second nomination includes objects that offer family, collective and individual entertainment.

Yekaterinburg Arboretum

Attraction Rating: 5.0


The dendrological park is a green area with local and exotic plants. Previously, on its territory was the Garden pioneers where they held biology and botany classes. Extensive the territory was reorganized in 1946 under the leadership of architect V. Emelyanov. In 2009, her final landscaped.

The new look of the arboretum resembles a French garden with clear forms of shrubs and lawns. Depart from the central platform direct alleys and hedges. Residents and visitors from enjoy visiting the Arboretum, which gives incredible sensations at any time of the year. They ride scooters and bicycles, arrange beautiful photo sessions. Address: March 8, 37A.

Newton Science Park

Attraction Rating: 4.9


Newton Amusement Park is an interactive science museum for all ages. It started 5 years ago and is located in Yeltsin Center. Another branch opened on Weiner Street. Main park presents over 100 exhibits related to chemistry or physics. All devices and materials can be touched and even tested.

The complex conducts fascinating quests, laboratory experiments, organize children’s parties and provide additional services. News and prices are listed on the website and in the official VK group. Many residents of the city consider the park a very educational place for leisure. However, the ticket price is overpriced. Ticket price – 390 rubles per weekend. Opening hours: from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Location: B. Yeltsin, 3A.

Yekaterinburg Zoo

Attraction Rating: 4.8

Yekaterinburg Zoo

Further in the ranking is the zoo of Yekaterinburg, which covers an area of ​​2.5 hectares. The collection of animals includes more 320 species of animals. In total, about 1200 individuals live here. TO the advantages of the zoo include spacious pavilions, the availability animal cold edges. Here you can see unique reptiles and a lot of little monkeys. In 1996, they held a major reconstruction, which transformed the appearance of the room.

The zoo has cafes, gift shops and rides, hold city competitions and exhibitions. Pleased with the availability contact area where you can pet and feed your pets. There are free toilets, a mother and baby room. Territory The zoo is clean and well maintained. Address: Mamina-Sibiryaka, 189. By The weekend zoo is open from 10am to 8pm.

Yekaterinburg Circus

Attraction Rating: 4.7


The Yekaterinburg Circus is not only a unique architectural construction, but also a favorite pastime of children and adolescents. The building was erected in 1980. It is gorgeous acoustics. Spacious lobby, chic show programs with famous trainers, excellent lighting, polite circus workers. The disadvantages include the need for repair some rooms, inflated ticket prices.

The circus is located in the city center at March 8, 43. Here convenient to get due to the developed transport interchange. Children to 5 years pass without a ticket. The main thing is not to forget the evidence of birth.

Fantasy Grad

Attraction Rating: 4.6


The theme entertainment park is decorated in the form of a medieval cities. This is the best place for leisure with children from 5 to 12 years old. Children can learn the basics of one of the 30 professions and become time detectives, confectioners or dentists. Boys and girls happy to cook burgers and pizza, sing on stage, look for hidden treasures.

Praise the fabulous design of the room with the original scenery, polite staff to help understand how everything tripled, free wifi. FantasyGrad is open from 10-00 to 22-00. Children’s ticket costs 400 rubles. Location: March 8, 46. Mall Greenwich.

The best military patriotic sights Ekaterinburg

Along with other cities of the Urals, Sverdlovsk made a significant contribution to achieving victory during the Great Patriotic War. After 1991, it was renamed Yekaterinburg. Today in the city you can find many monuments dedicated to the heroes of the Second World War, and also the soldiers who died in Afghanistan in the 80s. About them we and let’s talk in the third nomination.

Black Tulip

Attraction Rating: 5.0

Black Tulip

An-12 aircraft delivered the bodies of dead military personnel from Afghanistan. They were called Black Tulips. Monument with by the same name depicts a figure of a seated soldier with automatic machine in hand. Around it are installed pylons with the names of the dead. the military. The monument rises 4.7 m. It was opened in 1995. with the support of the local association of disabled and veterans Afghanistan.

In 2003, granite racks and mourning bell. Guests of Yekaterinburg admire the majestic view of the memorial, the original idea and competent exposure. A heart bleeds when you read the names of the dead and see on the front side of the pedestal the word “Afghanistan”, which has become a symbol senseless bloodshed. Address: Mamina-Sibiryaka, 111.

Memorial to children of war and home front workers

Attraction Rating: 4.9


Continues the rating of the memorial created by the famous Ural sculptor Grünberg and architect Doroshin. It is dedicated to children war and people working in the rear during the Second World War. The composition includes bronze sculpture of young children. They carry shells and others elements of military equipment.

The first stone was laid in 2006. The place for the monument was not randomly selected. During WWII, evacuees were placed here factory workers. They lived in dilapidated barracks that had long been demolished. However, the memory of their inhabitants continues to live. Monument located in the square near the metro station Mashinostroiteley.

Shirokorechensky memorial to the soldiers who died in hospitals in Sverdlovsk

Attraction Rating: 4.8


Cultural Heritage Site located in Southwest The area was opened in 2015. His story began back in 1946 the year when an obelisk was erected in a military hospital in memory of buried soldiers who died from wounds. The current look of the memorial found to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the victory.

Every year, this place is visited by tourists from different cities of Russia, as well as teachers with students from schools in Yekaterinburg, they lay flowers to the eternal flame. Recall that at the beginning of the war they went to the front more than 100 thousand inhabitants of Sverdlovsk, almost half never returned from the front. More than 20 thousand died in battle, and about 4700 people died from injuries in hospitals. So the memorial keeps the memory of the heroic events of the Second World War and of those people who gave their lives for the sake of the next generation.

Monument to motorcycle scouts

Attraction Rating: 4.7


The history of the construction of this monument is associated with the creation of a search brigade consisting of schoolchildren. That was in the 70s. Then activists at their own expense installed a memorial plaque. The place was not chosen by chance. In 1943, there were training training reconnaissance battalion. May 9 here arranged motorcyclists’ runs, veterans met.

In the 80s, the monument was abandoned, and restored only by 2015 year. Inside a ragged wheel, a motorcyclist is shown behind him. which the battle unfolds. On the outside of the rim are reflected the names of the scouts and the names of their recent operations. it a unique monument in the Russian Federation dedicated to scout-motorcyclists. It is located in the Central Park. Mayakovsky.

The best cultural attractions of Yekaterinburg

In the next rating nomination, we have collected the best museums and theaters Yekaterinburg, as well as other places related to art.

Museum of the History of Yekaterinburg

Attraction Rating: 5.0

Museum of the History of Yekaterinburg

The Museum of History contains regional artifacts, local, interactive exhibits and leads his biography since 1940. Then he separated from the museum of the revolution. His mission is to study and popularizing the history of the city.

The institution is constantly updating the exhibition. The museum is providing services for events of various kinds, including number and registration of marriage. At its base is opened the Children’s Museum center with a creative workshop. The object is located at Karl Liebknecht, house 26. Ticket price starts from 200 rubles. Preschoolers can go for free.

Attraction Rating: 4.9


The rating continues with a unique art space with an area of ​​over 600 sq. m. Gallery opened its doors in 2009 thanks to Alla and Victor Loshchenko. Her main task is to discover new names, attracting residents to contemporary art. Except exhibitions here conduct various cultural events and lectures.

Visitors praise the refined and unobtrusive interior of the room, well placed light. This is a great place to let to distract from workdays and get a portion of inspiration. Address: Sheinkman, 10th, 2nd floor. A ticket costs from 100 to 200 rubles.

Opera and Ballet Theatre

Attraction Rating: 4.8

Opera and Ballet Theatre

One of the oldest institutions in Russia is the Opera and ballets in Yekaterinburg. It is located in a luxurious building, erected in 1912. Previously, there was a wooden circus. By The project was delivered by engineer V. Semenov.

The theater’s activity began with Glinka’s opera Life for the Tsar. Today it is famous for its classical traditions and productions. In his the walls are popular dancers and singers. The repertoire totals several dozen submissions. The theater has become a favorite place for connoisseurs of classical art. The rooms here are almost always complete. Location: 46 Lenin Ave.

Old station

Attraction Rating: 4.7


The building of the former Yekaterinburg station is located in Railway area near the exit of the 4th metro station “Ural”. His story began in 1878. After thorough reconstruction in 2003, the building was turned into historical museum. On a small area are exhibits in the form of professions of railway workers.

The interior of the museum is divided into historical and technical zones. They will be interesting to both children and adults. Special attention visitors are attracted by the layout of the railway tracks and the place driver where you can sit in a chair. Location: Station, 22.

Museum of the History of Stone-Cutting and Jewelry

Attraction Rating: 4.6


Museum attraction appeared in Yekaterinburg in early 90s. Here are the exhibits of the Imperial lapidary factory related to the 18-19 centuries, crafts from precious stones and gold, semiprecious painting, vintage coins. Showcases of the hall contain original crafts, and on the walls panels hanging based on the stories of Bazhov.

Visitors are delighted with magnificent things and unique items that are made of stones. They believe that the idea of ​​the stone-cutting art of the Urals will be incomplete without visits to this museum. Entrance costs 300 rubles.

The best architectural sights of Yekaterinburg

The latest rating nomination includes beautiful architectural buildings that have a long history and are known throughout Of Russia.

House of Sevastyanov

Attraction Rating: 5.0


One of the most striking and impressive buildings in Yekaterinburg is the house of Sevastyanov. Tourists admire the festive view buildings of impressive size. It combines green, white and red colors. The house was built in the early 19th century. He often changed its appearance and shone the same range of colors only after restoration in 2008.

The cultural monument of federal purpose is the residences President of Russia. Sorry to see the interior premises will not work. You can only admire Sevastyanov’s house outside. It is advised to see the building in the light of evening lights, when not very dark, and the colors are a little distinguishable. Address: Lenin Ave., 35.

The estate of Rastorguev-Kharitonov

Attraction Rating: 4.9

The estate of the Rastorguev-Kharitonovs

Further in the ranking is a large-scale estate complex, which is located in the center of the metropolis. Homestead Rastorguev-Kharitonov is surrounded by legends and secrets. Her started erect at the end of the 18th century. Rumor has it that under the building there is a wide branch of the dungeons.

The main house of the ensemble is located on the edge and creates a chic view from central street. All buildings are in accordance with their architecture. the canons of classicism. The complex includes a park, an island with by the lake. Nearby is Kharitonovsky Garden. Location: Liebknecht, 44.

Yeltsin Center

Attraction Rating: 4.8


The Presidential Center of B. Yeltsin was opened 4 years ago. The main his pride is the Boris Yeltsin Museum. It is dedicated to the latter the events of the political history of our country and specifically the individual Yeltsin. In the center there is a conference room, a bookstore, art gallery, cafe and park of scientific entertainments. Here regularly hold concerts and exhibitions, show documentaries.

The building is a media facade. Play in front of him in the summer fountains, and in the evenings it glows with lights. Erected on the street marble monument to Yeltsin. At the entrance to the center is a car Seagull, which was driven by the first president of the Russian Federation.

City Hall and 1905 square

Attraction Rating: 4.7

City Hall and the area of ​​1905

The rating is completed by the modern main square, which replaced several names. Before the revolution, its main attraction was the Cathedral, but in the 30s of the last century it was blown up. Lines of trams were laid in the square, a platform was erected from granite and a monument to Lenin.

Now it is covered with paving stones and is famous for its chic building. city ​​administration, along the perimeter of which are sculptures. The facade is decorated with bas-reliefs depicting famous revolutionaries and writers of the Urals. You can get here from anywhere in the metropolis on bus, metro or car.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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