20 best UAE sights

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

What to see in the UAE? This question worries many travelers going to visit this eastern country. Emirates is not just an oasis of modern technology and ultra-comfortable rest. It is also an opportunity to plunge into atmosphere of history, culture and nature of the country, as well as try great entertainment – from extreme to incredible relax. Next is a selection of attractions that worthy of the attention of any tourist.

The best attractions of the UAE: 20 unique sites, worth visiting

Nomination a place Sight rating
The best attractions of the UAE: 20 unique sites, worth visiting 1 Burj khalifa 5.0
2 Palm island 4.9
3 Gold Market (Dubai) 4.8
4 Ferrari world 4.7
5 Dubai Mall 4.7
6 Ski complex Ski Dubai 4.7
7 Jumeirah Mosque 4.6
8 Sir Bani Yas Island 4.5
9 Bastakia 4.5
10 Bollywood parks 4.5
11 Archipelago “World” 4.4
12 Wild Wadi Waterpark 4.4
13 Museum “Louvre Abu Dhabi” 4.3
14 Dubai Aquarium 4.3
15 Historical and Ethnographic Village in Abu Dhabi 4.3
16 Fort Al Husn (White Fort), Abu Dhabi 4.2
17 Singing Fountains 4.1
18 Mount Jebel Hafit 4.0
19 Museum of Illusion 4.0
20 White mosque 4.0

Burj khalifa

Attractions Rating (UAE): 5.0


The grandiose skyscraper in every sense rightfully takes its place in ranking of the best attractions of the country. The building is considered tallest in the world: repeating the shape of a cave stalagmite the structure reaches 828 meters in height (the skyscraper has 163 floors).

Until the last moment of construction, the height of the building was maintained in secret that no one could surpass Burj Khalifa. On stage The design of the skyscraper had a different name – Burj Dubai, but It was decided to rename it in honor of the President of the UAE.

Inside the building there are many luxury apartments, shopping centers, offices, a whole system of fountains and, of course, several viewing platforms with incredible views to the whole city. The highest of them is located at an altitude of 472 meter. To enjoy the beauty of Dubai from a bird’s eye view and do not overpay at the same time, it is recommended to book tickets in advance.

Palm island

Attractions Rating (UAE): 4.9

Palm Island

Some consider this human-made island system the eighth wonder of the world. And not in vain: only this sandy archipelago, along with the Great Wall of China, is clearly visible from space. is he created using limestone, sand and stone quarried on the same coast where the island massif was built. is he represented by 3 palm islands (Deira, Jebel Ali and Jumeirah). Each visually resembles a date palm – a plant, especially revered in islam.

Of course, based on geographic terminology, it’s more correct call these islands peninsulas. Palm trees connected to land by means of sandy “trunks” and protected from the waters of the bay by reefs with carved into them quotes from the poems of Sheikh Dubai. The crown of every islands – crescent moon (symbol of Islam).

Any tourist here can find entertainment for themselves preferences: enjoy diving, windsurfing, get a lot impressions in the Aquventure water park or take a ride on a monorail dear, to see the Palm Jumeirah from a height.

Gold Market (Dubai)

Attractions Rating (UAE): 4.8


Dubai is not only a city of advanced technologies. He is also known as one of the largest world centers for the sale of products from gold. Thousands of tourists come here to see with their own eyes. see the magnificent shining splendor of the Gold Market: here you can to see both respectable businessmen and avid shopaholics.

The gold market (also called the Gold Souk) occupies a huge territory, it is fully covered, has 3 entrances. Range the gold products presented here are simply unbelievable, and the prices are lower than the global market. And, importantly, the goods are strictly certified – don’t be afraid to stumble on a fake (legislation in the UAE is very harsh to any fraud kind).

To get the desired product at a bargain price, in no case you don’t need to run around the market in search of a cheap analogue – bargain. The main thing is to do it persistently, but with a smile. For Confidence before traveling to Souk is to clarify the market price for a gram of gold, dokin taxes, a little for work and profit. The approximate price received will be the starting point. At If you wish, you can bring down the initial price by 30%.

Ferrari world

Attractions Rating (UAE): 4.7

Ferrari World

The theme park is geographically related to the emirate of Abu Dhabi. It is located on the artificial island of Yas. The building is different non-standard form – it is made in the form of a legendary model car Ferrari GT and painted in iconic bright red color. Created in 2010 and became a cult building the largest theme park on the planet. Its area is about 22,000 km2, and the dome reaches a height of 45 meters.

Ferrari Park is entirely dedicated to Formula 1 racing. Anyone who visit the park, get a lot of unforgettable impressions: here the latest achievements of the automobile brand, cult machine models, interactive installations, copies sights of Italy and the mass of attractions that will give adrenaline rush. In the park you can try to fly up in capsule or feel like a pilot flying in his cockpit. AND the most extreme will be able to ride a roller coaster with inspiring to exploits at a speed of 200 km / h.

Dubai Mall

Attractions Rating (UAE): 4.7


The largest shopping and entertainment complex on the planet for many kilometers of boutiques, show rooms, cinemas and all kinds of attractions for every taste. The territory of the mall is equated approximately to the area of ​​50 (!) football fields. Located here large children’s town (“Kidzania”), a park of computer games, Olympic-sized ice skating rink and an aquarium in the Book Guinness World Records as one of the largest oceanariums in the world.

Fans of shopping rush to the Dubai Mall from around the world. what not surprising, because such a huge number of various shops (and there are about 1200) and entertainment can not be found so often. But this reason is not the main one. Dubai is an open port with low entry duties, respectively, there is where take a walk. And the fact that to every buyer here treat as an important person, a lot warms the soul.

Ski complex Ski Dubai

Attractions Rating (UAE): 4.7

Ski complex Ski Dubai

United Arab Emirates love a spectacular approach to entertainment and year-round ski complex, spread on the desert open spaces – a vivid confirmation of this. One of a kind, Ski Dubai covers an area of ​​about 25 km2, its daily throughput is 1,500 people. And although winter is here reproduced artificially, it does not interfere with hundreds of visitors enjoy the snow cold.

Guests of the complex are given the opportunity to ride on any of 5 ski slopes of varying difficulty, there is a special track for snowboarders. Beginners here will not be bored either: you can practice in a group of the same beginners or use the services of an experienced trainer. By the way, if ski and no equipment with you – no big deal: rental points will provide everyone necessary, including warm clothes.

There is entertainment for the little ones: in the “Snow Club” bear “animators will occupy kids with all kinds of games. And tired skiers can take a break from outdoor activities and eat in the cafe, comfortably wrapped in a plaid.

Jumeirah Mosque

Attractions Rating (UAE): 4.6

Jumeirah Mosque

Although this religious building belongs to the buildings modernity, it is made strictly in the medieval style and it one of the most important attractions of Dubai. Spectacular the construction made of white stone has in the center a huge The dome, which is supported by numerous columns. On the sides of the mosque majestically framed by impressive minarets.

Jumeirah Mosque is the largest religious building in Emirates and was honored to be on the local banknote denomination 500 dirhams. The UAE is considered a progressive country in all respects: here they seek to establish, including multicultural ties, therefore, in order to popularize Islam, the mosque was allowed entrance to representatives of other religions.

The mosque regularly conducts excursions, during which it is interesting talk about the history of the emergence and development of Islam, the rules communication with Allah and the essence of prayer. Any gender is allowed here. and age, except for children under 5 years.

Sir Bani Yas Island

Attractions Rating (UAE): 4.5

Sir Bani Yas Island

Remote 250 kilometers from the coast, the island is a a unique combination of many velvet beaches and tourist entertainment with pristine, wild nature. It’s hard to believe but less than half a century ago there were only sand and stones on these lands. The “green” project started very quickly and successfully: today it is – heavenly place.

A significant part of the island is occupied by the Arabian Wildlife Park. nature – reserve, in the territory of which numerous and rare including representatives of the Arabian flora and fauna. On the desert lands at one time were planted more than 8 million. all kinds of trees, many birds and animals were brought in, built several hotels and restaurants for guests of the island. Today the island is a real oasis in the desert.

Here you can meet amazing animals, take participate in safari, even visit archaeological sites, and in the evening, fully enjoy your stay in a comfortable hotel.


Attractions Rating (UAE): 4.5


One of Dubai’s oldest distant districts 19th century. In ancient times, pearl hunters lived here, and this a rather dangerous occupation was their only income. All this occurred before the era of the “golden” oil rain. Among huge and shining skyscrapers the historic district of the city seemed would have frozen in time. This place still breathes history.

Unfortunately, some of the buildings of a long period were demolished in second half of the 20th century. But, nevertheless, part of the buildings managed save unchanged. Their distinctive feature is wind towers, which at that time served as a kind of fan for cooling rooms on especially hot days. The more such towers were in house, the more wealthy were its inhabitants. The buildings (most of them) are made in the traditional Arabic style and very professionally restored.

Bollywood parks

Attractions Rating (UAE): 4.5

Bollywood Parks

The only theme park in the world that is created based on Indian cinema. Snow-white palaces, intricate pavilions with carved panels, bright colors around, songs, dances and many smiles, in short, everything that resembles Bollywood is represented here with in excess. It’s worth saying right away that the traditional roller coaster is here almost none, but they are not important: almost all of the local attractions closely related to Indian film production.

After visiting the Bollywood Parks, you can learn a lot about shooting process, see with your own eyes the creation of special effects or even try on the role of one of the actors. To visit most it is recommended to wear 3D glasses to feel yourself a full-fledged participant in the ongoing bright action. One of the most spectacular amusement park – dancing show in the Rajmahal pavilion (starts at 20:00). Here you can get a lot of impressions from bright bollywood choreography.

Archipelago “World”

Attractions Rating (UAE): 4.4


An exact reduced copy of planet Earth. This is the largest 55 man-made island building in the world km2. The outlines of the archipelago exactly follow the contours the planet. Initially planned visual recreation of earthly continents. But later it was decided on a smaller scaling: so on the “map” appeared countries, cities, etc.

A similar division was made in order to enable greater the number of investors to invest their funds. Anyone can buy a plot here and build your dream city, a huge a palace, a golf course – anything. Cost of plots ranges from 15 to 250 million dollars.

The archipelago was created primarily using local sand. The islands are separated from each other by straits about 100 wide meters and reach a depth of 16 meters. Here you can find “Australia”, “New Zealand”, “France”, “Great Britain” and even “Russia”. There are unusual islands on the archipelago. Among them – Fashion Island – a real paradise for fashionistas with a huge amount boutiques, luxury spa and stylish hotels from the best architects.

Wild Wadi Waterpark

Attractions Rating (UAE): 4.4

Wild Wadi Waterpark

Visiting this place, you can get a lot of incredible impressions. The construction area of ​​about 5 hectares has the most modern technical equipment. For this reason, the water park is considered one of the most expensive in the world. The construction was created visually similar to Wadi River, flowing along the mountain slopes.

Each of the attractions (24 in total) is associated with adventures. Sinbad. All rides are interconnected by water slides. with a total length of more than 1,500 meters. Water temperature is stable warm (+28 0С) and crystal clear thanks to ultra-modern cleaning system. And the safety of vacationers provides a professional team of 50 lifeguards. If desired in the water park you can purchase all the necessary equipment for swimming, and, hungry, eat in one of numerous food establishments.

Museum “Louvre Abu Dhabi”

Attractions Rating (UAE): 4.3


In 2017, a new, unique in its Museum – a branch of the world famous French Louvre. The construction is located on the island of Saadiyat – the most expensive and technically innovative in the world. The main idea of ​​the exposition is to convey up to people accessible and interesting human history in its various aspects, eras, cultures, etc.

When it comes to the prestige of the country, Arab states do not love to be modest, so the project was implemented on a grand scale: on the museum complex as a whole spent about 1 billion euros. The complex consists of 55 buildings and 23 galleries closed only by a dome total area of ​​6400 m2. Between buildings and inside them there are many water channels that create a feeling of open spaces – a rather unconventional and very effective solution for the museum.

Visitors to the Louvre Abu Dhabi can see many art paintings, sculptures, books, historical decorations, many artifacts collected from all over the world. AT 12 thematic blocks into which the complex is divided are exposed as both modern and ancient exhibits.

Dubai Aquarium

Attractions Rating (UAE): 4.3


Many have heard about the famous Dubai Mall, but not all know about the incredible size and beauty of the water park located in this very mole. The construction is impressive in size – 51x20x11 meters. It is home to more than 30,000 representatives of the aquatic world, 400 of which are sharks and stingrays. To hold inside colossal amounts of water and create a barrier to large, strong animals, 0.75 m thick glass walls were built.

You can watch the life of marine life both outside and from the inside. For lovers of extreme sports there is the opportunity immerse yourself in the cage for half an hour. Lovers closer contact can frolic with sharks. For a calmer and A relaxing break offers visitors a walk on the water in a boat with a transparent bottom (you can even feed the animals). To enjoy the beauty of the entire aquarium right away, on foot take a walk along the riot of marine life, passing the tunnel straight through the whole structure.

One of the floors of the aquarium is equipped with a whole underwater zoo, divided into 3 sections – cliffs, rainforest and ocean. In each of them expects familiarity with those or other representatives of the marine of the world. Here you can meet huge crocodiles, unusual poison frogs, penguins, piranhas, etc.

Historical and Ethnographic Village in Abu Dhabi

Attractions Rating (UAE): 4.3

Historical and Ethnographic Village in Abu Dhabi

One of the most important sights of the country, symbolizing an island of the past – a small part of the old history that has become modern. Once the capital of the UAE was only a tiny village, and its inhabitants carefully cherish the memory of those times. Right on the background of modern skyscrapers a desert settlement with houses built of date palms, clay or coral limestone.

Ancient handicraft products are also produced here. technology: you can see with your own eyes how pottery is created, weaving or blacksmithing. And so as not to be distracted, right on the place visitors can eat delicious cakes, cooked according to ancient recipes used by the Bedouins.

In the village, everyone has the opportunity to touch the ancient Arab culture, watching the performances of dancers and musicians. To finish a journey into history can be an unusual walk – riding on a camel.

Fort Al Husn (White Fort), Abu Dhabi

Attractions Rating (UAE): 4.2

Fort Al Husn (

The White Fort is not only one of the most famous historical, but also one of the oldest structures in the UAE. It was built in the beginning of the 17th century on the site of a source discovered by local leaders fresh water, which at that time was the source of life. Fort became the starting point for the emergence of the whole emirate. Fort originally built exclusively as a protective structure. But gradually turned into a real archive, and later – into a museum of history country. For some time the White Fort served as the residence of rulers emirate.

In the 80s, a comprehensive reconstruction of the fort and only in 2007 it was included in the museum complex – historical the construction opened its doors to the general public. Here today The UAE Cultural Foundation, a library, a document repository and the whole Bedouin village. Annually in spring (March) is held festival of culture and creativity (you can visit the festival English and Arabic cinema, as well as a book fair).

Singing Fountains

Attractions Rating (UAE): 4.1

Singing Fountains

Dubai fountains are a symbol of prosperity throughout the country. Decorated a rich mosaic pool of 12 hectares accommodates a whole complex of fountains. The whole project cost the state a considerable amount “The singing fountains were built for 217 million dollars.” This is the most expensive fountain in the world. Sometimes it is called the water 8 wonder of the world.

During the evening performance, the pond is illuminated by a huge number of spotlights. Jets rise to a height of 150 meters – all thanks to powerful water guns. All action (pumps, guns and music) is controlled by a special program. Powerful the speaker system creates a special atmosphere, accompanying the movement water jets songs in English and Arabic. Spectacle different incredible beauty, bewitching everyone who comes enjoy the synergy of water, light and music.

Mount Jebel Hafit

Attractions Rating (UAE): 4.0

Mount Jebel Hafeet

The hill is located almost on the border with Oman, therefore, a trip from Dubai will take about 1.5 hours and a powerful car. A winding track runs through territories where there is no residential settlements, not greenery. But around the mountain are located incredible beauty of the landscape: it is not in vain that it is among the objects UNESCO.

In the most beautiful places of the mountain range were built viewing platforms. And the one who gets to the very top will not disappointed: from the top of the mountain a stunning view of the most the planet’s “hot spot” (Rub al-Khali desert), ancient caves, formed by winds blowing millions of mountains years old and a green oasis at the foot of Jebel Hafeet – Green Mubazarrah.

Here you can not only take a ride on horses, but also plunge into hot healing springs, see with your own eyes tombs are older than Egyptian and even (with luck) find petrified the remains of marine animals.

Museum of Illusion

Attractions Rating (UAE): 4.0


Considered the largest among similar ones: the Dubai Museum gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy 80 installations illusions of sensory, spatial, photographic type. Those, who dare to get into the museum, an unforgettable experience awaits. Spiral in one of the halls introduces into a hypnotic trance, anti-gravity a room violates physical laws, a mirror hall creates millions reflections.

Another mirror room, also known as the “laughing room” creates funny and not very visual distortions that seem funny. Especially worth highlighting holographic illusions – incredible complex, unusual, exciting. Vortex tunnel guaranteed to confuse visitors by forcing their brain to believe that they are standing on an unstable floor (although this is not So). “Infinite Tunnel” will make you visually lost.

By the way, there are puzzle rooms where you can practice sharpening the sharpness of the mind. You can play games if you wish. buy at the store at the museum.

White mosque

Attractions Rating (UAE): 4.0

White Mosque

A unique religious building – a gesture of respect and thanks to the great Sheikh Zayed ibn Sultan al-Nahyan – the first President of the United Arab Emirates, who created a prosperous a state of poor Bedouin principalities. UAE ruler started the construction of the mosque, but its construction was already completed without it: the sheikh’s tomb was installed directly in the mosque.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque attracts thousands of tourists with its luxurious decoration and unique architecture. By the way, this building one of the 6 largest mosques in the world: its magnificent domes, columns and 4 minarets over 100 meters high surrounded by lush gardens invariably attract attention from any of the bridges connecting Abu Dhabi with the mainland. And against the background of dawn or sunset, the mosque looks just fantastic.

This is one of several mosques in the world where everyone is allowed to enter. willing, regardless of religion. Each tourist can own eyes to see the luxury of the White Mosque from the inside. Incredible beauty the carpet completely covers the floors of the structure. The dimensions of the product are truly impressive – 5627 m2. This is the largest carpet in the world. About 1200 worked on the creation of this masterpiece of weaving art. masters and 20 technical groups. Its weight is 47 tons, 35 of which wool and 12 more – cotton.

The lighting system of the mosque attracts no less attention, represented by a set of 7 chandeliers, considered the largest in world until 2010. The weight of this kit is more than 12 tons, height – 15 meters.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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