20 best sights of Ufa

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

The capital of Bashkortostan is rightfully considered the greenest city our country. Ufa is famous for many large parks with ennobled territory. Architectural Attractions also missing. What are the Gostiny Dvor, stone estates and Nativity of the Mother of God Church. It’s time to get to know the most interesting objects of Ufa and find out what residents and guests think about them cities.

Rating of the best attractions of Ufa

Nomination a place Sight rating
The best parks in Ufa 1 Park them. Ivan Yakutov five. 0
2 Park them. Mazhita Gafuri 4.9
3 Aksakova park 4.8
4 Ufa Botanical Garden 4.7
5 Kashkadan park 4.6
The best architectural sights of Ufa 1 Hippodrome “Akbuzat” 5.0
2 Fountain “Seven Girls” 4.9
3 Lala-Tulip Mosque 4.8
4 Cathedral Mosque “Ar-Rahim” 4.7
5 Gostiny Dvor 4.6
The best military-patriotic sights of Ufa 1 Victory Park 5.0
2 Monument to the heroes of the October revolution and civil war 4.9
3 Monument to home front workers during the Great Patriotic War Wars 4.8
4 Monument to Salavat Yulaev 4.7
5 Republican Museum of Military Glory 4.6
The best cultural attractions of Ufa 1 Russian Drama Theater of Bashkortostan 5.0
2 Bashkir Opera and Ballet Theater 4.9
3 Tatar Theater “Nur” 4.8
4 National Museum of the Republic of Bashkortostan 4.7
5 Art Museum named after M.V. Nesterov 4.6

The best parks in Ufa

We decided to create a separate nomination for Ufa parks. Here favorite places of city residents that like and adults and children.

Park them. Ivan Yakutov

Attraction rating (Ufa): 5.0


Opens the rating amusement park named after Yakutov. He will like it all guests, regardless of age. Children ride ponies and by rail, adults rent a boat. Near the wedding tree newlyweds organize an exit ceremony weddings and a banquet in the restaurant “Quiet haven”.

The advantages include a large number of greens, cafes and bars, various attractions, convenient location. There are always many walking. Too bad there are very few toilets on the street. This is a great place. for hanging out with the whole family.

Park them. Mazhita Gafuri

Attraction rating (Ufa): 4.9

Park named after Mazhit Gafuri

Further in the ranking is the largest park of the capital Bashkiria. It occupies an area of ​​29 hectares and is divided into two parts. IN in one zone there are entertaining attractions, in another – well-groomed plantations. In winter, skate and tubing here, in the summer they spend time at the kartodrome and horse base.

The advantages include the convenient location of the park in the center of Ufa, well-developed infrastructure, many plants, quiet and calm the atmosphere. There are many vacationers here on weekends. City dwellers I would like to see more new rides. The rest of the claims there is no park improvement.

Aksakova park

Attraction rating (Ufa): 4.8

aksakova park

On the site of a public garden, which was laid by the merchant Blokhin in the 19th century, there is a landscaped park. Home him attraction – a beautiful pond with swans. In the pond conduct fishing competitions. As in other parks of Ufa, on The territory has attractions. On the shore of the lake is interesting Monument to the Little Scarlet Flower.

This place has historical value and is picturesque. species. A beautiful city corner lets you breathe fresh air and relax in a relaxed atmosphere. The park is interesting in any time of the year.

Ufa Botanical Garden

Attraction rating (Ufa): 4.7


The real treasury of the floral world is considered Botanical Garden in Ufa. The best are working on its creation. experts in the field of botany. The territory is striking in abundance perennial, blooming, tropical and coniferous samples. Here modern laboratories have been opened where they conduct scientific tests in selection areas.

Paid excursions are regularly organized in the botanical garden. At pre-education courses they learn how to improve their own plot. Be sure to visit the greenhouse. She works in the summer from 9-00 to 18-00. An adult ticket costs 150 rubles, a child – 75 rubles.

Kashkadan park

Attraction rating (Ufa): 4.6


Kashkadan Park is a large landscaped area, which appeared in 2002 near the lake of the same name. It offers guests hiking trails, clean beach, roller and water rental transport. Competitions, concerts and fairs are often held here. Nearby is a shopping center.

The lake is very beautiful, quiet and calm. True, in hot weather there is practically nowhere to hide from the sun. Parking spaces are always few. When there are a lot of people on the beach, the water becomes dirty. Address: Marshall Zhukova, 31. The park operates around the clock.

The best architectural sights of Ufa

The architecture of Ufa is distinguished by its originality and unique history. That is why the capital of Bashkiria is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Russian Federation. In the second nomination we present 5 amazing masterpieces of sculptors and architects.

Hippodrome “Akbuzat”

Attraction rating (Ufa): 5.0


Akbuzat is an equestrian center. Own he received the name in honor of the winged horse – the hero of the Bashkir legends. Attractions include the main tribune building, playpen with heating, an infirmary for animals, a stable and a hotel. IN the building has a museum dedicated to equestrian sports. There is a wall records with the names of famous horses.

They praise the convenient location of the facility, quality coverage tracks, a large selection of entertainment for children. Together with a child recommend visiting the trampoline park “Flight” on the second floor. Address: Mendeleev, 217A.

Fountain “Seven Girls”

Attraction rating (Ufa): 4.9


Sculptural composition representing the figures of seven Girls, was established in 2015. She’s connected to the legend of seven sisters who died in the lake. The monument also includes 2 large bowls. The diameter of one of them is 18 m.

There is a monument in the Theater Square. He works around the clock. The fountain looks especially beautiful in the evening, when light illumination is connected to the musical design. Water is painted in bright colors and plays streams to the beat of the melody. Вat some point, the girls begin to seem to dance. Reviews Ufa guests are full of epithets regarding the beauty of this place. Beside with a fountain sell food and drinks. Citizens rest on benches in square and enjoy the enchanting show.

Lala-Tulip Mosque

Attraction rating (Ufa): 4.8


The temple of Muslims, which was built in 1980, continues to be rated. year. It was erected on the donations of citizens and authorities. Building made in the form of a tulip. Nearby are 2 minarets resembling flower buds. The prayer hall includes 1000 people. There is training plants, dining room, conference room and dormitory.

The main room is decorated in oriental style. On the walls and stained-glass windows you can see the ornament in the form of flowers of paradise trees. Floor covered with cows, a crystal chandelier flaunts under the ceiling. Guests Ufa is delighted with the interior decoration and unusual architecture the buildings. They say that the mosque is unusual and calm. an atmosphere filled with spirituality and light. Address: Komarova, 5.

Cathedral Mosque “Ar-Rahim”

Attraction rating (Ufa): 4.7


The construction of the Ar-Rahim temple has not yet been completed. He was laid in honor of the 450th anniversary of the entry of Bashkiria into the Russian Federation. Building has a classic Islamic style with national motifs. The interior and exterior are striking in luxury and wealth. There are a lot of gilded elements, marble mosaics.

An unpleasant story about the theft was associated with the construction of the shrine 70 million rubles that came to the contractor’s account from citizens and legal entities. Cathedral Mosque is located on an area of ​​20 hectares and considered one of the highest in Russia. Location: 588th quarter.

Gostiny Dvor

Attraction rating (Ufa): 4.6

Gostiny Dvor

Right in the center of Ufa is the Gostiny Dvor. He imagines an architectural monument of the 19th century, expanded for trade points. The building has grocery stores, beer pubs, markets with souvenir products. It’s a pity, there are few benches inside, but in a cafe only visitors can sit at a table.

Prices in Gostiny Dvor are not the lowest. However, guests of the capital Bashkiria goes to this place to buy souvenirs and memorable gifts for relatives and friends. Not only come here for shopping, but also for beautiful photos. On weekends here conduct raffles, contests and entertainment events. Address: Verkhnetorgovaya square, 1. Gostiny Dvor is open daily from 10 a.m. until 9 p.m.

The best military-patriotic sights of Ufa

In the 40s of the last century, the inhabitants of Ufa became famous for their military valor. The exploits of many heroes who gave their life for the victory over fascism. Today in the city erected memorable memorials, military museums work. We’ll talk about them in the next nominations.

Victory Park

Attraction rating (Ufa): 5.0

Victory Park

Victory Park was founded in 1947. In addition to the monuments to the soldiers, there is an exhibition of technology during the Great Patriotic War. In winter, they ski here. Holidays take place on weekends and festivities. Here you can often see the newlyweds who come to photo shoots.

Judging by the reviews, it is very pleasant to walk in the park at any time. of the year. The vast territory pleases with its cleanliness and grooming. It offers a beautiful view of the river. The only negative is public transport is located far away.

Monument to the heroes of the October revolution and civil war

Attraction rating (Ufa): 4.9


The bronze monument was opened in 1975. He is 4 figures, including a blacksmith, a Red Army soldier, a peasant and a wounded man fighter. The height of the monument is 12 meters. Among the Ufa residents the common name is “without 5 seven.” It is due to the fact that in Soviet times there was a store that closed at 19-00. Вthe last minutes people were in a hurry to shop.

Monument to the heroes of the October Revolution and the Civil War feel free to recommend visitors from other regions to visit. Address: 8 March street, 8.

Monument to home front workers during the Great Patriotic War Wars

Attraction rating (Ufa): 4.8

a monument to the workers of the rear during the years of the great patriotic war ufa

One cannot but include in the rating a relatively new monument of Ufa, opened in 2015 in Victory Park. This is one of the biggest Monuments in Russia. The composition includes seven bronze sculptures. They symbolize the profession of home front workers in times WWII. The sculptor depicted a reaper with a daughter, a worker at the machine and his grandson, steelworker, seamstress.

At the top of the monument you can see the Order of Victory. Composition rises 8 meters and looks majestic. Elements compositions can be examined for a very long time. Address: Komarova, 7.

Monument to Salavat Yulaev

Attraction rating (Ufa): 4.7


The nomination continues for the monument erected in honor of the national Hero of Bashkiria. He fought for the independence of his people as early as the reign of Catherine the Second. Salavat Yulaev holds in the right a whip to his hand; a saber is fixed to his left. The facility was installed in 1967 by the sculptor Tavasiev. The height of the monument is 14 m. With a weight of 40 tons, it has only 3 reference points. This is the most a large monument in Russia with a horse. It is located in city ​​center and perfectly visible from afar.

The surrounding area is lined with plates of different colors. From here You can see the Belaya River and picturesque nature. The monument itself is fenced metal grill. In Ufa, the newlyweds have a tradition. They lay flowers at the monument. Address: square to them. Salavat Yulaev.

Republican Museum of Military Glory

Attraction rating (Ufa): 4.6


The museum is located in Victory Park. It is open at the 55th anniversary Victory in the Second World War. Laconic building fits perfectly into the surrounding architecture. The museum contains collections of weapons, military uniforms, letters soldier and many other exhibits of similar subjects. Particular attention deserves paintings by famous artists. Opposite one of these, life-size warriors are installed. On their faces is visible determination.

Praise the modern design of the premises, good organization exhibitions, the presence of a hall dedicated to the war in Afghanistan. Price ticket – 100 rubles. Entrance to the museum is free on May 9th. Address: Komarova, 7.

The best cultural attractions of Ufa

In the last category we included popular theaters and museums Ufa

Russian Drama Theater of Bashkortostan

Attraction rating (Ufa): 5.0

RUSSIAN Drama Theater of Bashkortostan

Opens the latest rating nomination for Drama Theater, who went through several stages of recovery. His story started back in 1772. The first building was built in 19861 year. Today it is one of the favorite places of the city residents. Perhaps, every Ufa man visited him at least once. They don’t show in the theater only adults, but also children’s performances. Praise the concise interior decoration, affordable ticket prices, friendly staff, talented actors performing on stage theater. Inside there is a buffet, wardrobe, a small museum.

You can get to the drama theater from anywhere in the city. is he located on October Avenue near Lenin Square. On foot accessibility Central Park. Gafuri, the park “Magic World”, popular hotels.

Bashkir Opera and Ballet Theater

Attraction rating (Ufa): 4.9


The next member of the rating has existed since 1920. Construction the opera house today is considered an important historical and an architectural monument of Ufa. Its advantages include magnificent decoration of the building, updated scene, diverse repertoire, convenient location in the city center. Visitors note affordable prices for tickets, cleanliness of rooms and wonderful acoustics. Pleases a large number of performances for children.

Inside the room is very bright. It includes numerous chandeliers, lamps, mirrors. Large vaulted windows and interior made of stucco moldings look very solemn. The theater has a museum and picture gallery. Address: Lenin, 5 building 1.

Tatar Theater “Nur”

Attraction rating (Ufa): 4.8

Tatar Theater

Theater “Nur” focuses on performances based on works of Tatar and Bashkir authors. It arose in 1912. 6 years after this troupe broke up. The scene was revived only in 1989. Today, two halls are opened here – Big and Small. The plays are staged on Tatar language with simultaneous translation into Russian.

The pluses include a beautiful interior, chic productions, inexpensive tickets. The atmosphere of the theater is beyond praise. It is recommended to visit all visitors. Tickets are sold out instantly, therefore it is advised to purchase them in advance to choose appropriate place. Address: 50 years of the USSR, 36.

National Museum of the Republic of Bashkortostan

Attraction rating (Ufa): 4.7


Further in the ranking is the Museum of Bashkiria, which includes 35 showrooms. Here you can see many collections that introduce guests to the history and culture of the people republics. In total, the building has three floors with archaeological, ethnographic, cultural exhibits.

The friendly staff of the museum are happy to talk about submitted copies. It is a great place for cultural hanging out with the children. A ticket costs 150 rubles for an adult. Preschoolers are free. Address: Sovetskaya, 14.

Art Museum named after M.V. Nesterov

Attraction rating (Ufa): 4.6

Art Museum named after M.V. Nesterov

The museum, opened in 1920, completes the rating. It is located in the historical center of the city and bears the name of a native of Ufa Mikhail Nesterov, who gave Bashkortostan a gorgeous meeting painting. It included 30 works of the artist himself. In front of the building a monument to the creator is erected.

There are 8 halls in total, 3 of them are exhibition halls. Besides the pictures here You can see Nesterov’s personal belongings, figures and souvenirs carved from wood. In total, the museum has more than 12 thousand exhibits. Exhibitions regularly updated, so you can visit this place every year. Address: Gogol, 27. The price for an adult ticket is 150 rubles, for children costs 50 rubles. Sometimes the museum conducts free tours for sponsor support account.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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