20 best Cyprus hotels for families with children

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Cyprus has become a very popular destination for families with small children. A few hours of flight – and you find yourself on a beautiful an island with clean beaches marked with blue flags, warm sea ​​water, mild climate that kids and even babies. Service in hotels is of a high European level. The swimming season is open year round. All conditions for spending a fun, relaxing, unforgettable vacation.

Despite the fact that the area of ​​the island is rather small, on it housed many natural and architectural UNESCO World Heritage Sites cultural values. With the right route You can see the most significant of them in one trip.

Before purchasing permits, all parents are very careful choose resort complexes with accommodation that maximally meets requests of small guests. Our experts based on tourist reviews, made a rating of 20 hotels in Cyprus, in which It is best to relax with children. In the selection were also taken into account opinions of travel agents.

Rating of the best hotels in Cyprus for families with children

Nomination a place hotel name price per day
The best hotels of Cyprus for families with children 5 1 Adams beach 5 46,267 rubles
2 Elysium 5 23 413 rub.
3 St raphael 5 31 931 rub.
4 Four Seasons Limassol Cyprus 5 27 514 rub.
5 Golden Tulip Bay Beach 5 14 434 rub.
6 Almyra 5 12,468 rubles
7 GrandResort Limassol-Cyprus 5 15 205 rub.
The best hotels of Cyprus for families with children 4 1 Nissi beach 4 15 100 rub.
2 Crystal Springs Beach Hotel 4 12 220 rub.
3 Palm beach 4 11 961 rub.
4 The Golden Coast Beach Hotel 4 13 722 rub.
5 Melissi 4 15 747 rub.
6 Louis Phaethon Beach 4 16 161 rub.
7 Sunrise Beach Hotel 4 17 582 rub.
The best hotels of Cyprus for families with children 3 1 Michael`s Beach 3
2 Makronissos Village Club 3 8 590 rub.
3 Silver Sands Beach Hotel 3 11 781 rub.
4 Pernera beach 3 1 7 739 rub.
5 Anesis 3 11 657 rub.
6 Park beach 3 9 894 rub.

The best hotels of Cyprus for families with children 5

Adams beach 5

Hotel Rating (Cyprus): 4.9


The gold medalist of the rating is a complex in Ayia Napa, in which everyone the guest receives the highest level of service and regardless age is pleased with the time spent here. Hotel – one of the few in Cyprus with a well-equipped and safe water park. It includes a lazy river flowing throughout the territory, water rides and slides. The beach is private. A sea without waves, strong winds do not felt. A green garden is growing on the territory, creating many shady cozy places.

Children participate in entertainment programs that organize professional animators. The club deals with guys from 4 to 12 years old. Toddlers remain under the supervision of a nanny. Playground includes many interesting attractions. The rooms have cots and comfortable furniture, in all food points – highchairs. Restaurants, cafes and taverns offer dishes from various cuisines of the world. Children’s menu present in all. On request, baby food is prepared for babies.

Musical and theatrical evenings are held in the evenings. performances, funny discos for little ones tourists. Many respondents noted rooms with luxurious interiors and the maximum comforts for families with children.

Elysium 5

Hotel Rating (Cyprus): 4.8


The hotel, built in a picturesque park area, is in second place our rating. The whole territory is surrounded by exotic greenery. Around the flower beds with fragrant flowers, fountains. Along the tracks it is convenient to walk with prams. Kids will find secluded places to play hide and seek. There is a club for them, where all events are held by a group funny animators. For babies there is a nursery with specially trained staff.

Number of rooms – superior comfort. Guests can accommodate in villas. The shallow pool is equipped with slides. Among the lawns is a zone with swings, a sandbox, a sports equipment. Meals occur in 5 restaurants. For babies early breakfast and dinner are organized. The menu is varied. If desired a separate table for babies is ordered. Nutritionist and the chef is developing an individual innovative program for Wellness of adult guests.

The beach is within walking distance. Open all day there a tavern where you can satisfy hunger and thirst. Infrastructure includes shops, laundry, car rental. In the Greek amphitheater Themed parties, performances, concerts are organized. IN the chapel holds wedding ceremonies.

St raphael 5

Hotel Rating (Cyprus): 4.8


Further, the rating includes a complex built on the coast with the longest beach in Limassol with the Blue Flag mark on which is good for both adult guests and very young to children. It also has its own yacht club, and not far from The largest water park with many exciting water rides. The rooms are comfortable and safe to stay with small fidgets.

The hotel is positioned as a place for family holidays, therefore children’s leisure here is organized at the highest level. Shallow the pool is equipped with slides. On the site – a lot of swings, carousels, sandboxes. Strollers are provided free of charge. Babies can be left under the supervision of specially trained personnel (babysitting service is paid).

Chefs prepare dishes of national cuisines of the world. For children a separate menu is provided, among which there are many dishes European cuisine, familiar to domestic tourists. All day open restaurants, bars and taverns serving soups, snacks, fast food, pizza, dairy products, fruits, cocktails. In an institution The beach offers a wide selection of grilled dishes. Tourists coming here for the first time very often become permanent hotel guests.

Four Seasons Limassol Cyprus 5

Hotel Rating (Cyprus): 4.8


The fourth line among the best five-star hotels of our the ranking is occupied by a resort complex with its own beach, Blue Flag Award Winner. The guests rest comfortably on clean fine sand. It’s safe for kids to play in shallow water, so as the descent is very smooth with a flat bottom. All beach equipment provided free of charge. All rooms have very comfortable furniture, There are cots, bathrobes and slippers.

Families with kids have created amenities throughout the complex. Little guests frolic in the pool with slides, ride on a swing and merry-go-rounds, play on a covered soft ground, play with funny animators. Entertainment events are held for various age categories. Professional nanny service looks after babies and babies up to 3 years.

Mediterranean and Chinese restaurants delight guests delicious delights. The expanded children’s menu is presented in all institutions. Young tourists will enjoy eating ice cream, croissants, pastries, desserts, fruits. Russian tourists recommend this hotel to compatriots, in which everything is thought out for a safe and fun pastime for all children ages.

Golden Tulip Bay Beach 5

Hotel Rating (Cyprus): 4.7


The fifth place in our ranking is held by the popular Cyprus complex, meeting guests with children, starting from the first months of life. Here created all the conditions for spending holidays with babies, and with teenagers. The beach with clean fine sand allows you to relax in sun loungers and play volleyball or soccer. Entrance to the water is smooth, the bottom is flat. Toddlers can splash around in one of two shallow waters pools, ride on swings and water slides. Animators organize leisure activities for children outdoors on the beach or in mini club.

Larnaca Waterpark is a short drive away. Beside There is a bus stop and taxi rank. The number of rooms is comfortable. Each room has a balcony, porch or terrace. The hotel has 4 restaurants. Cooks surprise with dishes of international and Greek cuisines. For children a separate menu is provided with different options for cereals, first and main dishes, pastries, sausages, fruit salads.

According to reviews, the hotel meets the declared category. Guests Serve at the highest level. Children and parents can choose from many leisure activities presented here. Beside are the largest shopping center, grocery market, pharmacy.

Almyra 5

Hotel Rating (Cyprus): 4.6


The sixth line of the rating is occupied by the complex, which in 2013 became Winner of the TOP 100 Hotels. It is on the coast among a green garden with exotic fragrances by plants. The number of rooms is represented by 10 categories of accommodation. All interiors are made in a Mediterranean style. Cleaning occurs twice a day. The infrastructure is specially designed for leisure tourists with children. Shallow pools close from sun canopies. In the cold season, the water in them is heated.

Clubs are divided by age and interest. Fascinating events are organized for kids 4 years old, and for kids 10 years old, and for 16 year olds. The staff consists of professional nannies, experienced carers and instructors. Before the race you can pre-order baby supplies: sterilizers, strollers, baths, pots, heaters and much more.

All establishments provide a special children’s menu. Restaurants specialize in Mediterranean, Italian, European kitchens. The beachfront bar offers snacks, desserts, fruits and beverages. The hotel has car rental, branded clothing boutiques, souvenir shops.

GrandResort Limassol-Cyprus 5

Hotel Rating (Cyprus): 4.6


Another complex with upscale five-star service has entered in our rating. This is an elegant hotel located on the first coastline. Due to the architectural form of the building, all rooms have a magnificent view of the Mediterranean Sea. The beach has ideal conditions for relaxation. Entrance to the sea is gradual, on Shoal kids can splash safely and build figures from sand. Nearby is a lawn of trees that create shade and protecting from sunshine.

The area of ​​the hotel is 20 ha. The area is planted with palm trees, eucalyptus trees, pine trees, exotic flowers. Rooms from 28 to 95 square meters. m. They can accommodate parents with one baby or large families. Each has bathrobes for large and small guests, cosmetic care products, crib. Upon request sterilizers, baths, pots, high chairs are provided, heaters, cradles and strollers.

Entertainment is organized all day. The clubs are engaged in children different ages. The hotel has an indoor playground, as well as a separate area with rides and sports equipment. Baby food is available in all restaurants and cafes. Menu diverse, you can feed even the most moody in food baby.

The best hotels of Cyprus for families with children 4

Nissi beach 4

Hotel Rating (Cyprus): 4.9


The primacy of our rating is at the hotel complex, which is very popular among tourists from different countries of the world. They are attracted to a good location and first-class service, as well as the opportunity to conduct quality and A full vacation with young children. A large territory is drowning in the greenery of huge palm trees and exotic vegetation. It is nice here walk along the alleys with strollers. Can always be found secluded place for the child to sleep outdoors in the silence.

To the beach – a few minutes. The road goes through the garden, so even in midday heat can hide from the heat. Own coastal the line extends for half a kilometer. The entrance to the sea is smooth, sand rammed, clean. It’s safe for kids to splash and build castles near the water. The hotel is organized as much as possible children’s leisure. There is a playground with rides, shallow pool. The club animators offer interesting events for all age categories.

The complex has restaurants, taverns. Five tents act on the beach where guests try light snacks and quench thirst for delicious drinks. Parents will also be satisfied with services offered here.

Crystal Springs Beach Hotel 4

Hotel Rating (Cyprus): 4.8


The next place in the ranking goes to the complex, in which you can have a great rest with very young children and teenagers. Crystal Springs Beach Hotel is the second on the list. It is located in picturesque secluded spot. Nothing will disturb you here. relax and rest. The beach line is in the bay, therefore neither wind nor strong waves appear. Kids can splash around water, and parents don’t worry about their safety, because the sea is shallow, and the bottom is flat.

The hotel positions itself as a family and adheres to these principles in everything. For children, a swing and a swimming pool with slides. There is a mini discoclub where the animation team amuses and entertains the guys. Nutrition occurs on different systems. But what wouldn’t be included in the package, the restaurant will always offer cereals, soups, fruits, yogurts. There are chairs in all the facilities of the complex.

Adult guests noted that they had prepared entertainment on every taste. There is a diving center on site. learn to scuba diving. Reviews confirm that the complex rightfully is the winner of the award “TOP 100 Hotels of 2018”. All, from accommodation to polite Russian speakers staff worthy of the highest praise from tourists.

Palm beach 4

Hotel Rating (Cyprus): 4.7


The bronze medalist of the rating is a family complex with all amenities for a comfortable stay for both parents and children. Beach strip with soft, compacted sand. She is protected from the wind. Strong waves do not occur. Awnings protect from the sun. The hotel is located among tall palm trees and an exotic garden. Rooms very comfortable. Noise isolation is increased, so calm the child is provided with day and night sleep.

The huge outdoor pool is half the size Olympic. It has many shallow fenced areas for toddlers. There are terraces with sun loungers and umbrellas on site. For kids there is a club where you can draw, play with peers, have fun under the guidance of fun animators. On the beach A playground with a pool and water slides was built.

The hotel has two restaurants. One of them is open playground with beautiful waterfalls. In all bars and eateries you can find dishes suitable for baby food. At the request of the cook prepare the food most familiar to the child. According to reviews guests liked the fairly high level of service. IN the diet always contains meat, fish, several types of cereals, sausages, pastries, fruits.

The Golden Coast Beach Hotel 4

Hotel Rating (Cyprus): 4.7


The hotel complex located on the fourth line of the rating has a good layout both inside the hotel and throughout territory. The beach with fine, clean sand is two minutes away. walk. It is ideal for families with kids, as the entrance to the sea is very smooth and safe. The hotel has a separate children’s pool with slides, there is also a shallow area in as an adult. Kids under the supervision of parents can watch colorful fish in a pond, sit on a bench by the fountain, ride rides, dance in a disco club.

Joint entertainment activities are held both during the day and in the evening. Many employees talk or at least understand Russian language, so any issues are quickly resolved. Rooms updated with colorful decoration. Spacious balconies overlook palm garden or sea coast. The hotel caters to tourists for all-inclusive system. The menu always contains cereals, dairy products, sausages, crepes, cereals, yogurts.

Adult guests are given the opportunity to take lessons Greek language and learn local dances, participate in master classes in cooking national dishes. IN close to shopping and entertainment centers, cafes.

Melissi 4

Hotel Rating (Cyprus): 4.6


Those who once visited Melissi very often return here again. The hotel complex, ranked fifth in our rating place, built on the first coastline. The beach is municipal, but very comfortable. All conditions for small children are created for recreation. The territory itself is not very large, compact, but successfully all infrastructure buildings are located. The number of rooms is very diverse. Can accommodate two adults and a child, or a family with several children.

Little tourists have fun under the guidance of a fun animation team. In the club they play, draw, do crafts, prepare surprises for dads and mothers, in the pool – splash and sunbathe. IN the restaurant sets the table, including children’s and dietary type nutrition. The menu contains cereals, cereals, sausages, buns, yogurts, cheese, fruits, various soups and main dishes. At Necessities in the kitchen are mashed selected products. On the The beach has another restaurant and bar.

The hotel has an indoor pool, floodlit tennis court. By in the evenings, folklore and theatrical performances are held. All tourists surveyed said that the hotel could qualify for higher category. Its service can be compared to five star hotels.

Louis Phaethon Beach 4

Hotel Rating (Cyprus): 4.5


The sixth place in the ranking is occupied by a hotel intended for recreation with kids. It was completely renovated in 2015 and equipped new furniture, modern appliances and equipment. Complex built on the shores of the Mediterranean. Private beach wide, descent into the water – convenient for babies. The rooms have refrigerators LCD TVs, channels with cartoons in Russian, tea accessories, coffee machine.

There are a lot of children’s entertainments. There are three shallow pool, water park, rides. In the center “Family World” sterilizers, blenders, strollers and other necessary accessories are completely free. In addition to the club for older children, there is a nursery for babies where they care for them professional nanny.

It is not difficult to feed even children who are very fastidious in food. The menu includes a wide range of dishes familiar to small to the guests. All day you can snack on fruits, pastries, light snacks. At the hotel you can buy souvenirs, jewelry decorations, rent a car, use the services laundry, call a doctor, exchange currency. Parents will not get bored. Many sports and entertainment programs have been developed here. night club and disco.

Sunrise Beach Hotel 4

Hotel Rating (Cyprus): 4.4


Families with kids of different ages opted for the hotel, which our experts placed on the seventh line rating. It is located on the coast, nearby – the entire city infrastructure with shopping centers, food markets, entertainment complexes. Guests with babies, guys older and teens are comfortably accommodated in one of 235 rooms, and each child will find classes to taste. For the little ones Guests are equipped with a shallow pool, an area with attractions and sandbox, closed room.

Animators do not let you get bored by holding exciting contests and competition. The restaurant serves local and European dishes. kitchens. Among the presented assortment, you can choose the most habitual food for the child. At the request of the parents, the cooks will make separate menu. You can satisfy your hunger and thirst during the day in the tavern or bar.

While the babies are in the care of the nanny, dad and mom can play basketball, tennis, water polo, relax in Turkish bath, sauna, listen to live music and participate in thematic parties. On various sites, tourists leave good reviews about this hotel. There are no serious complaints. Guests are advised to choose this complex, if the family has children of different ages.

The best hotels of Cyprus for families with children 3

Michael`s Beach 3

Hotel Rating (Cyprus): 4.7

Michael`s Beach

The leader of the rating among three-star hotels in Cyprus becomes the complex, which is located on the Mediterranean coast, and Larnaca city center is only 10 minutes by bus or taxi. There the largest water park on the island and many others entertainment centers. It is chosen by tourists for families with children any age. Here, even with babies you can comfortably and spend your vacation calmly.

Rooms: either studios or apartments. They fit perfectly families with several children. The rooms are equipped with a refrigerator. air conditioning, satellite TV with Russian channels, coffee machine and kettle. Built-in kitchens make it possible independently prepare meals for infants. On spacious balconies and terraces you can relax while enjoying the picturesque views surroundings.

Little guests can splash around in one of two children’s pools located here. At the club they draw, play board and computer games. Professional animators arrange sports on the beach, in which with all family members take part in the pleasure. Vacationers especially highlighted a varied diet, a good well-maintained beach, Russian speaking staff.

Makronissos Village Club 3

Hotel Rating (Cyprus): 4.6


Silver rating takes away a hotel that is distinguished by well-groomed territory with palm trees and fragrant flowers, comfortable accommodation, many leisure programs for children and parents. An outdoor play area with rides and a club in which kids and teens work separately. By in the evenings mini-discos are held. The restaurants cover early breakfasts from the children’s menu. All establishments have high chairs.

Employees give tennis and water basketball lessons. Animators organize sports and intellectual competitions. Big pool with a jacuzzi with a shallow area. Apartments and studios are in the building. Bungalows with a kitchen, a guest area have optional upper sun terrace. The hotel operates a restaurant and two bars. Chefs prepare dishes of Greek, Italian, Asian cuisines. There are always cereals, pastries, dairy products, fruits.

In close proximity are amusement park and park dinosaurs. Adults are offered a wide range of activities for recreation and sports. Cocktail parties are held here, billiard competitions. You can use the burning program fat and do water aerobics.

Silver Sands Beach Hotel 3

Hotel Rating (Cyprus): 4.6


The third place in our rating was awarded to the complex, having an excellent location, thanks to which he became very popular with tourists. It is located on the first coastline in picturesque bay. The beach is ideal for small children. children: strong wind is not felt, as well as waves, the entrance is very smooth, bottom without differences, smooth. Sea water is always clear and for little vacationers it is very interesting to watch bright fish and other inhabitants of the Mediterranean.

Near the hotel there is a promenade and the city center. Protaras famous for restaurants, clubs, shopping centers. Nutrition occurs on an all-inclusive basis or half board. Suitable there are a lot of dishes for children’s meals. The choice is wide enough: yogurts, cereals, cereals, soups, sausages, fruits, chocolate paste.

All rooms have sea and city views. attractions. On the territory there is a separate children’s swimming pool. Parents and babies can participate in joint entertainment programs. Outdoor play area equipped with fun rides. Reviewed by service, cleanliness and location may qualify for a higher category. Full service Meets the needs of children of any age.

Pernera beach 3

Hotel Rating (Cyprus): 4.6


The fourth star in the rating is the three-star hotel, suitable for recreation with infants and teenagers. is he located in close proximity to the sea. If desired, until the most famous public beaches can be reached in twenty minutes. The infrastructure allows you to have fun and interesting time, without leaving the territory of the complex. It has pools for adults and children, outdoor play area.

The hotel has two leisure centers: Zebra and The Pirates. Russian-speaking animators work with children all day, and in the evening arrange incendiary disco parties. The rooms are large with good sound insulation. Adult guests choose events by optional: either sports or entertainment.

Meals will satisfy all vacationers. In addition to the traditional menu preparing and diet. During the day there is always something to satisfy hunger or just feast on. Everyone will like food, even very moody in eating children. In the assortment of several types of cereals, soups, dairy products, fruit salads, cereals. Besides The main restaurant has two bars and a cafe. Tourists respond about the complex is exceptionally positive. For little money here You can spend an unforgettable vacation with the whole family.

Anesis 3

Hotel Rating (Cyprus): 4.5


The fifth place in the rating is given to the hotel complex, where Every year tourists come with children from many countries of the world. is he located near the center of Ayia Napa. Near all famous beaches resort, a picturesque bay with fishing boats, many restaurants, shops, entertainment centers. Numbers of various categories. Can be accommodated in a standard, suite or family. All of them equipped with air conditioning, satellite TV and radio, refrigerator, tea and coffee making facilities. Superior rooms have own terrace with sun loungers and umbrellas.

Guests are enthralled by the newly built large pool with cascades and jacuzzi. Around it grows a garden in which you can hide from the midday heat. The guests eat at the restaurant, bar, cafe and buffet. There is an expanded children’s menu with familiar dishes for kids. Every day you can participate in culinary contests and learn about the features of national cuisine. The hotel is equipped with billiards and gymnasiums.

Children’s shallow pool is located separately from the adult. The play area is represented by swings, slides, a sandbox, sports equipment. The hotel has a laundry, dry cleaning, next to him – a pharmacy and a currency exchange.

Park beach 3

Hotel Rating (Cyprus): 4.5


The hotel located in the forest zone completes our rating. among perennial pines and eucalyptus trees a few kilometers from entertainment centers. It is suitable for a relaxing holiday with children. in own territory. If you wanted to see the city sights, then the complex has a stop bus and taxi rank. The rooms are quite comfortable and adequate. declared category. They have TV, air conditioning. Exit to the terrace. or a balcony.

Children’s entertainment is enough for kids not to get bored in between bathing and sunbathing. During the day they communicate, play, babysitting can look after babies. The main food occurs in two restaurants, snack and drinks are offered in two bars. In the evenings, live music and thematic programs are organized.

The beach is not private, but municipal, but it is always clean, descent to water – safe and convenient for children. According to reviews, tourists advise this hotel to those who want to have a good and budget vacation. There are no rich animation programs, but there are the opportunity to spend time with kids who like it to dabble in the children’s pool, run around the territory, play with peers.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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