18 best wheeled suitcases

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Going on a trip or business trip can not do without suitcases. Shops and markets offer a wide range of different models, so choose a good, high-quality and comfortable suitcase is not so simple. This will help the rating of the best models on casters.

How to choose a suitcase on wheels

Before buying a suitcase, you need to decide on it size and volume. These parameters depend not only on how much a person will use it, but also at what time of the year. Models can be with two or four wheels. Most unreliable the option is plastic, they are fragile and loud. Will be stronger and quieter semi-silicone or semi-plastic. The most reliable wheels from cast silicone, which have established themselves as optimal in quality, comfort and durability. It is also necessary to devote attention to the height and position of the handle of the suitcase in the hand so that it does not discomfort when moving the product.

Before buying, it is important to determine the case material:

  1. The cloth. The main advantage of fabric patterns is their cost. Not inferior in quality and reliability, such a suitcase will cost significantly more budget plastic. Fabric models have external pockets, which allows you to store the right things and quickly get them if necessary. Most of these products have expansion function, which is convenient in case of overfilling the suitcase.

  2. Plastic. It can be of different types, but modern technologies allow the material to be resistant to damage and to adverse environmental influences. Plastic suitcases characterized by durability and keep their shape, which allows you to save fragile things. Such a product will not get wet in the rain and is easy cleaned in case of contamination, just wipe it off with a damp cloth.

  3. Leather. Genuine leather suitcases are durable, but require careful care. They are not advisable to leave on open sun and should be careful to avoid moisture. Genuine leather products are very expensive and do not belong to light baggage.

Do not forget that the quality of the suitcase directly depends on it manufacturer. Therefore, when choosing the right product, you should pay attention to trusted companies that produce reliable and durable suitcases.

How to choose a suitcase on two or four wheels

A type



Two-wheeled suitcase

increased patency on any surface.

part of the luggage weight is carried on hand

Four Wheel Suitcase


ease of movement on a smooth surface.

overcomes obstacles with difficulty

Advantages and disadvantages of various materials of suitcases

A type



Plastic suitcase


Easy to clean

Does not get wet

Protects things well


Chance of a split on impact

Cloth Suitcase

Affordable price

Light weight

The possibility of increasing the volume

Existence of external pockets

Tendency to strain

In case of poor-quality fabric treatment, the possibility of getting wet

Does not protect fragile items from shock

Rating of the best wheeled suitcases

Nomination a place Name of product minimum price
The best fabric suitcases on wheels 1 American Tourister Rally Spinner 8 900 rub.
2 Samsonite B-Lite Icon Spinner 16 900 rub.
3 Victorinox Hybri-Lite 23 458 rub.
4 Travelite crosslite 5 940 rub.
The best plastic suitcases on wheels 1 Rimowa Bossa Nova Multiwheel 42 400 rub.
2 Samsonite Flux Spinner Expandable 15 900 rub.
3 Roncato uno zip 23 700 rub.
4 Samsonite fiero 18 900 rub.
5 Samsonite cubelite 31 920 rub.
6 Delsey carlit 13 900 rub.
7 Travelite Quick 7 500 rub.
The best wheeled suitcases for children 1 Samsonite sammies 4 990 rub.
2 Trunki trixie 3 980 rub.
The most comfortable travel bags 1 Travelfriend henk 999 000 rub.
2 Power assisted series 40 000 rub.
3 Micro scooter case 14 000 rub.
4 Salsa deluxe 33 000 rub.
5 Self-weighing suitcase 3 900 rub.

The best fabric suitcases on wheels

American Tourister Rally Spinner

Rating: 4.9

American Tourister Rally Spinner

In the first place are American suitcases. Tourister. They are distinguished by special strength, which is achieved thanks to the latest technology in production, modern materials and their combinations. The housing is resistant to various mechanical damages, as well as fading, which allows it to be used for a long time. The modern design of the suitcases allows them to fit into any style and become its special complement.

The American Tourister Rally Spinner suitcase has external pockets, which allows you to store the right things in quick access. In the model The function of increasing the volume is provided. The presence of four wheels, rotating 360 degrees, allows better maneuvering when the movement of the suitcase. The model is presented in several color decisions that allows you to choose an accessory to taste.

Samsonite B-Lite Icon Spinner

Rating: 4.8

Samsonite B-Lite Icon Spinner

The largest American company Samsonite specializes in the production of suitcases and hand luggage, which are famous not only Exquisite design, but also very durable. B-Lite Series Products Icon are made of durable synthetic fabric – nylon. On the convenient large storage pocket located on the front side voluminous things. In the main compartment there are cross elastic belts that hold clothes securely.

Some models of the series are expandable from the outside. Recessed recessed double wheels feature ultra-lightweight by construction. Ergonomic stepless pull-out handle Made of shockproof plastic, fits comfortably in your hand. The retractable handle mechanism made of aviation duralumin provides its bending strength. Products of this brand have won hearts. consumers due to its lightness and reliability.

Victorinox Hybri-Lite

Rating: 4.8

Victorinox Hybri-Lite

Swiss suitcases Victorinox Hybri-Lite series made in traditional style. Products combine the benefits of soft suitcases with technology used in the development solid models that provide reliable protection of things. Top part of the model is made of high quality elastic nylon.

The products in this series are very lightweight and at the same time quite capacious. Inside there is a mesh pocket with a zipper and fixing belts that fasten folded things. External pocket convenient for magazines and documents the traveler. Four high quality wheels and a double adjustable telescopic handle provides a soft ride amazing handling on any surface.

Travelite crosslite

Rating: 4.7

Travelite Crosslite

The Travelite brand model has made our ranking thanks to unchanged German quality, reliability and world fame. All Travelite suitcase collections are designed and developed in Germany, and the production process is subject to strict control with German standards and quality requirements. Suitcases Travelite Crosslite collections are lightweight, functionality, practicality and usability. They made of dense polyester that is able to protect luggage from moisture and the sun, and is also easily cleaned from pollution.

The Travelite Crosslite series features three different models volume. Each suitcase is equipped with two enlarged wheels and telescopic handle, making it easy to roll your suitcase even off road. Inside the suitcase there is nothing superfluous – fixing belts and mesh pocket. Stylish Travelite Crosslite Luggage Sells at an affordable price, make any trip more comfortable.

The best plastic suitcases on wheels

Rimowa Bossa Nova Multiwheel

Rating: 4.9

Rimowa Bossa Nova Multiwheel

RIMOWA produces high quality premium suitcases world famous. BOSSA Collection NOVA stands out with its elegant color and high quality materials. Shining shockproof housing made of high-tech polycarbonate that provides durability and reliability of the suitcase. Convenient handle and corners BOSSA NOVA suitcases are covered in high quality leather.

Inside the product is completely lined with durable fabric and have a special separation system that allows you to save things in perfect order. The suitcase of this series is maneuverable and convenient, with Using four powerful wheels, it can be rolled at any angle. The constant classic design of Rimowa in combination with modern materials make the Rimowa Bossa Nova Multiwheel an indicator status and excellent taste of the owner.

Samsonite Flux Spinner Expandable

Rating: 4.8

Samsonite Flux Spinner Expandable

The second place in this rating category is occupied by the comfortable and quality products of the Samsonite brand. Company constantly develops new models and sets global trends in baggage area. Durable Flux Suitcases polypropylene, characterized by special shock resistance. Steel models more capacious thanks to the function of the hidden change in volume. The suitcase closes with a zipper and is also equipped with a built-in code lock with TSA function.

The product has a retractable telescopic handle, which fixed in different positions: top and side. Inside the suitcase cross clamping straps for secure fit things and a pocket with a zipper. Four double wheels provide maneuverability and reduce the load on the arms and back. Products Samsonite is always consistently high quality and comfortable.

Roncato uno zip

Rating: 4.7

Roncato Uno Zip

Roncato is a company producing the best Italian luggage, top quality travel bags and accessories. The company offers wide assortment of various suitcases that differ not only appearance, but also spaciousness, shape of the handle, material and other parameters.

The suitcase of the Uno Zip series impresses with its appearance thanks to unusual coating that protects the body from scratches and damage. The product closes with a zipper with rubberized protection, which prevents moisture from entering. Inner belts and a partition will help to correctly decompose things, which will ensure order among the luggage. Rubber wheels with metal bearings will allow you to easily move even the most loaded suitcase.

Samsonite fiero

Rating: 4.7

Samsonite Fiero

Samsonite regularly updates its popular collections and releases new ones. Durable and lightweight polycarbonate series suitcase Fiero will be a great travel companion. Models of this series have a combination lock. The telescopic handle locks under any height of a person.

An additional insert made of thick fabric will allow If necessary, increase the depth of the suitcase. Inside with one on the side there is a mesh with a zipper, on the other – elastic straps on a fastener, and also has an additional small pocket. Samsonite suitcases are distinguished by quality, reliability and long life. service.

Samsonite cubelite

Rating: 4.6

Samsonite Cubelite

Once again, in our rating, the world leader in the production of objects Baggage is a trademark of Samsonite. Cubelite collection made from innovative Curv material – the toughest and lightest thermoplastics, which has no analogues and has unique protective properties combined with an amazingly light weight. The suitcases of this series look very elegant, with each facet emphasizing the impeccable style of its owner.

Each model is equipped with functional pockets, a separator with zipper and cross straps providing additional convenience. All suitcases have a built-in address tag and combination lock, which eliminates the possibility of hacking. A wide range of sizes will allow you to choose the right model.

Delsey carlit

Rating: 4.6

Delsey Carlit

French company Delsey produces goods luggage and luggage accessories since the 70s of the last century. During She proved her commitment to a tradition of reliability, style and high quality, and is now considered one of the best manufacturers of luggage equipment. Suitcase brand Delsey are massive wireframes and rounded corners. Suitcases Carlit collections are made of modern ABS plastic, resistant to deformation and cracking. The case is very durable and, at the same time, lightweight. Empty large suitcase weighs only 4.5 kg. The zipper has an enlarged resistance to tearing and breaking, and 40 times more reliable than analogues competitors.

The internal structure is thought out to the smallest detail: there are two large compartments for clothes, one of which is closed with a zipper net, pocket for small things, fixing belts. The suitcase is equipped with 4 durable wheels, retractable handle and coded lock. The series is presented in several color schemes and different dimensions: from very large for family trips to small-sized, comparable to the dimensions of hand luggage.

Travelite Quick

Rating: 4.5

Travelite Quick

German brand Travelite began its history in 1949 year with a small production of bags. Dynamic development brought company to the forefront in the world. All brand collections designed and manufactured in Germany, meet high quality standards and thoughtful design. Quick line offers comfortable plastic suitcases of various sizes in low-cost market segment. Capacious modern models are ideal Suitable for family travel.

The case is made of modern technological ABS plastic, Resistant to damage and easy to clean. Manufacturers thought over the design of the suitcase: thanks to the bright color and textured the picture on the case the luggage will not be lost, and will be clearly visible in waiting room or on the luggage conveyor. Inner space divided into two compartments with a partition with a zipper, equipped fixing elastic straps. For easy transportation designed handles on top and side and a double handle with a latch. The spinner suitcase is equipped with 4 wheels rotating 360 degrees. Content protection is provided by integrated code the castle.

The best wheeled suitcases for children

Samsonite sammies

Rating: 4.9

Samsonite Sammies

Opens the category of the best companies for children’s suitcases, more than once found in our ranking, Samsonite. She is famous special durability and exquisite design of their products from the day founding in 1910. Development of new high-tech species Plastic makes the luggage very light and comfortable when traveling. The company has relied on quality, and the products are truly Meets the most stringent requirements: luggage does not open when falling, does not crack and does not deform. In contact with water the contents do not get wet; locks are inaccessible to intruders.

Especially for children, a children’s collection of small funny suitcases. The design is thought out in the style of children’s soft toys – funny bright animals. Suitcases made of light polyester, lightweight, not easily soiled and easy to care for material, which is very important for children’s things. Despite the small size, in the luggage there are many pockets and small compartments for small items. Carry handle and Retractable handle for baby. When not needed, for safety they hide her in a special pocket with a zipper. Under the face of the little animals a place is provided for recording the address and name of the child in case baggage loss. The compactness of the product allows you to take it on a plane to as carry-on baggage.

Trunki trixie

Rating: 4.8

Trunki Trixie

TRUNKI from the UK specializes in producing suitcases and accessories for young travelers. Suitcases have kind of cute animals or cars painted in bright colors and really like children. Trixie is designed for small children. girls from 1 year to 6 years old, made in pink. 18 liters capacity for compact storage necessary things and toys. Suitcase strong enough, withstands load up to 50 kg, on it a girl can sit and relax during waiting time, or ride, sitting astride in the saddle. For the possibility of riding the back of the suitcase is concave and on both sides handles-horns are provided so that the child can hold.

The interior of the suitcase is divided into two compartments with using fixing belts, it has hidden pockets, pencil cases, compartments for storing small items. For comfortable transportation designed two handles and manual towing cable. The case is made of durable structured scratch and dirt resistant plastic. Housing is good cleaned with ordinary detergents. Suitcase can use at home for riding and storing toys.

The most comfortable travel bags

Travelfriend henk

Rating: 4.9

Travelfriend Henk

Dutch company Henk produces very expensive exclusive suitcases for travel. Each instance is unique as made to order and takes into account all the wishes of the future owner. Materials for the case are selected from a wide list, including carbon fiber, calf, ostrich, crocodile skin and valuable breeds trees. The manufacturer offers a wide palette of 15 colors, the number of external and internal pockets is unlimited and performed at the request of the customer.

The future owner can order an engraving of the logo or monogram, set the tamper evident system. Suitcases are very convenient, open on both sides, equipped with a retractable handle and retractable wheels. Every Travelfriend Henk Suitcase is little masterpiece. The illusion of lightness with contents achieved by installing silent wheels with shock absorbers and equipping the handle with a special mechanism that reduces pressure on palm. Travelfriend Henk suitcases are handmade, in for 4-6 weeks. The weight of the suitcase does not exceed 5 kg. Each model eloquently testifies to taste, solvency and social owner status.

Power assisted series

Rating: 4.9

Power Assisted Series

British Luggage manufacturers Live Luggage created the first in The world is a self-moving suitcase with geolocation. Unusual and the uniqueness of the Power Assisted case is to equip it wheels with electric motors. With increased loads, the motors turn on work. This happens when the handle is pulled out and a certain angle suitcases, and the loading of the suitcase should exceed 7 kg. Built-in sensors can detect the rise of the road and voltage hands. As a result, a 32 kg suitcase moves behind the owner with speeds up to 5 km per hour for 2.5 hours. Motors do not turn on if the weight of the suitcase is less than 7 kg, and the suitcase becomes standard model on wheels. It also provides shutdown motors tilting too far to prevent uncontrolled the movement of the suitcase.

The second feature of Power Assisted suitcases is high tech pen. She is able to advance in two directions – up and forward, and the extension angle can be to regulate. Due to this factor, the pressure on the palm of the traveler and maneuverability of the suitcase is improved. For To protect the suitcase, not only a combination lock is provided, but also Search engine Live Locator with digital laser signature. At if you lose your suitcase, you can quickly find its location and return to the owner.

Micro scooter case

Rating: 4.8

Micro Scooter Case

Well-known company Samsonite together with a scooter manufacturer Micro Mobility has developed a new model of plastic suitcase, dubbed a scooter suitcase. Baggage made of hard plastic, equipped with two wheels and is used under normal conditions just like any other. If necessary, he may become scooter, for which it is enough to lower the platform with aluminum frame and third wheel. The presence of a metal frame and three wheels larger ones increase the weight of the suitcase, which can make it difficult Use as hand luggage. Take on the other hand his luggage is undesirable, so as not to damage the structure.

The dimensions of the suitcase are comparable to the norms of hand luggage, but it quite roomy. Inside there are two compartments for clothes and a compartment for notebook and papers. The luggage is equipped with two handles: regular and telescopic. The model is convenient to use when traveling, not requiring a lot of things. To move on a scooter Perfectly smooth tile or asphalt fits. Owners of such suitcases are advised to have a napkin to clean the third wheel after assembly designs.

Salsa deluxe

Rating: 4.7

Salsa Deluxe

Rimowa from Germany has been manufacturing luggage with 1898, and in her collection of successful developments there are models from aluminum and polycarbonate. The company’s products relate to premium, high cost, but also high quality and originality. Salsa Collection is made from innovative polycarbonate, lightweight and very durable, but at the same time flexible and resistant to damage. Suitcases are varied in dimensions, color schemes, and are convenient in the distribution of internal space.

Another and, as it turned out, demanded brand development Salsa Deluxe add-on suitcases bag. “The models in this series are a set of luggage, assembled by the principle of a constructor. Items required easily attached to each other, form a single structure, and safely transported to the landing site. This option of transportation baggage reduces the risk of losing individual bags while traveling with a lot of luggage. Convenient to use prefabricated kits suitcases to separate multiple luggage by type content. Salsa Deluxe products are in demand in the environment musical groups and film crews.

Self-weighing suitcase

Rating: 4.7

Self-Weighing Suitcase

English luggage company Intelligent Luggage has developed a novelty – a suitcase with built-in scales. After filling it with things you need to press a button on the case to turn on electronic scales and, lifting up the suitcase, see the exact weight of the luggage on built-in mini monitor. The weight of the product itself is automatically added to baggage weight. Electronic devices work on external battery. After displaying the weight, the electronics after a while it turns off in order to save charge.

Other characteristics of the suitcase are fully consistent modern requirements and competitive with other products brands of our rating. Shockproof, impermeable housing water. Built-in combination lock ensures the safety of things. The interior space is divided into several compartments, as well as equipped with pockets. Suitcases with weights will interest travelers who prefer air travel and wishing to avoid embarrassing situations at the airport. Finding out the exact weight luggage still in preparation for the trip, tourists in a relaxed atmosphere think over the list of necessary things and collect luggage carefully and compact.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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