18 best fish oils

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

From the phrase “fish oil”, many probably have freezing blood in veins: this drug used to be drunk all from small to large, because in it a storehouse of vitamins and important for the body polyunsaturated Omega-3 acids, vitamins A, D, E, which today synthesize including artificially and produced in other forms. Original fish oil it is an oily substance with an unpleasant aftertaste, which is often eliminated in production through filtration and flavorings. Raw materials – meat and liver of marine large fish, including including mackerel, cod, herring, salmon.

About utility

A large amount of fatty acids is concentrated in fish oil, which are rare in foods other than fish:

  1. Palmitic;
  2. Docosapentaenoic;
  3. Oleic;
  4. Eicosapentaenoic;
  5. Arachidonic;
  6. Linoleic;
  7. Docosahexaenoic.

The preparation contains vitamins of groups A and D, and in a wide range. The concentration of these components in a portion of the drug able to close a person’s daily need for these trace elements, with the usual meal they make it difficult.

The main advantage of fish oil over synthetic drugs with a similar composition – natural origin: important components are recognized by the body and absorbed in the right amount with maximum efficiency. Substances Bred artificially absorbed worse, and with their abundance in the body you can to get glut. Organics often cost a lot more. complex synthetics in view of a more complex process production.

What diseases prevents the use of fish oil:

  1. Removal of inflammation from tissues;
  2. Cancer prevention;
  3. Improving cell regeneration and slowing aging an organism;
  4. Prevention of hypertension, stroke and other problems of cardio-vascular system;
  5. Stimulation of muscle activity;
  6. Help maintain a normal weight;
  7. Improving calcium absorption and preventing bone problems (with sufficient intake of foods rich in calcium);
  8. Improving the work of the male and female reproductive systems;
  9. General strengthening of immunity.

And the truth: at the end of the last century, children and adults without exception drank fish oil and hurt much less often than modern humanity.

An absolute contraindication to the use of fish oil is poor blood coagulability, as well as taking drugs that affect this indicator. With caution: pregnancy, lactation, individual intolerance to the components.

A few tips for choosing fish oil

Experts when choosing fish oil recommend paying attention on several aspects:

  1. The location of the manufacturer. Best product made at the fishing grounds, i.e. in Norway, the coast USA, Northern Russia. Such raw materials are as fresh as possible.
  2. Release form. Today it is liquid oil in the dark bottle, often flavored and rid of unpleasant aftertaste, or capsules in a soft or gelatinous shell. Choose according to ease of use: manufacturers for children offer small capsules for babies and people with disabilities swallowing – neutral in taste syrups, for adults – exclusively by preference.
  3. Composition. In addition to the main components, the drug may be additionally enriched with vitamins and acids. Decide on the doctor will help you by analyzing the state of the body the patient.
  4. Shelf life should not end – it is better if the drug will be purchased closer to the production date, so it will be saved more useful components and effectiveness will be most high.

Magazine experts compiled their own fish oil rating different manufacturers based on the composition of drugs, their performance and consumer feedback.

Top Fish Oil Rating

Nomination a place Name of product price
Top Adult Fish Oil Manufacturers 1 Madre Labs, Omega 800 568 rub
2 Solgar Omega 3 fish oil concentrate 1 100 rub.
3 BSN Fish Oil DNA Cardiovascular Support 650 rub
4 California Gold Nutrition for Adults 420 rub
5 Barlean’s, Omega Swirl 1 650 rub.
6 Carlson Labs, Wild Caught Super Omega-3 Gems 890 rub
7 Nature’s Way, Fisol 1 150 rub.
8 Now Foods, Ultra Omega-3, 500 EPA / 250 DHA 1 610 rub.
9 Jarrow Formulas, EPA-DHA balance 1 440 rub.
10 Ultimate Nutrition Omega 3 3 810 rub.
12 FISH FAT – TEVA 0.5 990 rub
Best Fish Oil Manufacturers for Kids 1 Ddrops, Liquid Vitamin D3 for Kids, 400 IU 1 050 rub.
2 Nordic Naturals, Children’s DHA, Strawberry, 530 mg 1 480 rub.
3 Biopharma Barne Tran Omega-3 950 rub
4 BABY FISH FAT RealCaps Bite 184 rub
6 Ekko Plus MAGIC FISH CHILD FISH FAT � 250 rub

Top Adult Fish Oil Manufacturers

For adults, the dosage of active substances is high, but in different preparations differ in the concentration of individual elements, therefore the use of the drug is possible only according to the instructions or according to doctor’s prescription.

Madre Labs, Omega 800

Rating: 4.9


The drug took first place in the ranking due to the highest the concentration of fatty acids stored in the product after high-precision filtration technology KD-Pür®, freeing raw materials from heavy impurities.

Release form – soft gelatin capsules in plastic packaging. They are easy to swallow, no aftertaste remains. High concentration of acids and fats helps prevent coronary heart disease, as proven by research, conducted including at Madre Labs.

Recommended use: one capsule per day, enough packaging for a month.


  • High concentration of useful elements;

  • High ratio EPA / DHA – 80%;

  • Lack of cholesterol;

  • Soft capsules for easy swallowing;


  • The relatively high price is about 570 rubles per 30 capsules.

Solgar Omega 3 fish oil concentrate

Rating: 4.9

Solgar Omega 3 fish oil concentrate

Capsules Solgar Omega 3 fish oil concentrate occupied second place in the ranking is not accidental: their composition is as close as possible to ideal, the balance of EPA and DHA is maximum, the raw materials pass thorough cleaning of heavy metals such as mercury and lead. The drug has been manufactured since 1947, used for manufacturing deep-sea fish from cold seas and oceans: in such conditions in her body concentrates the necessary fats with polyunsaturated acids.

Solgar Omega 3 fish oil concentrate is tested according to maximum purity, it is distilled at the molecular level. This the most valuable source of omega-3 acids for all its benefits relatively inexpensive: about 1090 rubles for 240 capsules, their enough for 40 daily intake of 2 capsules 3 times.


  • Reasonable price for packaging in terms of capsules;

  • Pure composition with a low content of anchovies, sardines, mackerel;

  • Effective balanced composition;


  • In terms of the duration of admission, the price is still high, because the course lasts a little more than the leader of the rating.

BSN Fish Oil DNA Cardiovascular Support

Rating: 4.8

BSN Fish Oil DNA Cardiovascular Support

BSN offers a natural food supplement containing Essential Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Organic Oils. The concentration of fish oil 1000 mg (1 g.) Includes 300 mg of SFA, it daily rate for maintaining healthy cardiovascular health adult person.

The drug is recommended for use during active physical loads in the process of losing weight and healing. Capsules should be take one to 3 times a day according to the needs of the body, which is better defined by a doctor or nutritionist. So packing 100 capsules is enough for a month, its cost is about 550 rubles.


  • A complex of oils and unsaturated fatty acids;

  • Affordable price in terms of capsules and course of administration;

  • Convenient capsules in a fish shell;


  • Specialization of dosage is required by a specialist in view of their absence manufacturer.

California Gold Nutrition for Adults

Rating: 4.8

California Gold Nutrition for Adults

California Gold Nutrition Fish Oil Capsules – Enhanced Madre Labs Leader Version: Advanced Ratio acids 180 mg EPA and 120 mg DHA, enhanced extraction and distillation, free cholesterol is normalized.

The drug contains a daily intake of vitamin E in its natural form. like D-alpha tocopherol, which are present in anchovies, sardine, mackerel and tuna. The product is completely gluten free. traces of crustaceans, dairy, egg components and others allergens.

Fish oil at all stages is tested for cleanliness and compliance with international quality and customs union.

It is recommended to take 2 capsules per day, therefore packaging n100 is enough for 50 days. However, the drug has many contraindications, dosage may be adjusted by the attending doctor, because the concentration of active substances is slightly lower than in Madre Labs Omega 800. The cost of the drug is also lower – about $ 7 or 430 rubles per 100 pieces. Therefore only fourth place rating.


  • Low price;

  • Capsules pleasant to swallow;

  • High nutritional activity with improved composition;


  • Need a doctor’s consultation to clarify the dose;

  • Many contraindications.

Barlean’s, Omega Swirl

Rating: 4.7

Barlean's, Omega Swirl

In Barlean’s, Omega Swirl Enhanced Absorbent formula thanks to enhanced proprietary processing for assimilation useful components up to 100%. EPA / DHA Acid Concentration is 720 grams, which covers the daily requirement for them.

It’s not capsule, but a syrupy fish oil with a gentle fruity taste, so no unpleasant sensations when consumed arises. The manufacturer suggests taking the drug in pure form, and as a dressing for salads in an individual cup to comply with the dosage.

No sugar in the composition, sweetened taste – result the introduction of a substitute for xylitol. The drug is suitable for use. children and adults in an amount up to 2 teaspoons per day. Of course, it is necessary to clarify the dosage at the doctor.


  • Pleasant texture and taste;

  • Suitable for the whole family;

  • Natural composition;

  • Vitamin D in the composition at a concentration of 400 IU per serving;


  • High price, for 454 gr. will have to pay about 1400 rubles;

  • Advanced composition of flavors, dyes and sweeteners, since they are of natural origin.

Carlson Labs, Wild Caught Super Omega-3 Gems

Rating: 4.7

Carlson Labs, Wild Caught Super Omega-3 Gems

Fish oil is characterized by an increased dosage of fatty acids – 1200 mg in each capsule, Omega-3 – 600 mg, and the ratio of DHA and EPA – 500 mg Take them should be 1 piece once a day during administration food. Thus, a pack of 30 soft gels is enough for a month, and 100 – more than 3 months. The cost of a small bottle n100 starts at 1400 rubles, manufacturers and sellers often arrange bounty promotions by offering extra packaging n30 when buying jar n100.

Food supplement Carlson Labs, Wild Caught Super Omega-3 Gems improves the body’s work comprehensively, there are no preservatives in the preparation and allergens, there is no smack of fish. The raw materials used are mined in the northern seas of Norway.

Conditional dosage of fish oil: one soft gel per one to five times a day. In view of the rich dosage before using a food supplement is recommended to be screened and consult a doctor to ensure that the use is effective and did not cause a glut, or vice versa, a lack of necessary components.


  • Effective composition with an optimal ratio of acids and fats;

  • Raw materials – fish bred in the cold sea that have accumulated a lot of fat under the skin.


  • Relatively high price;

  • The difficulty of self-determination of dosage.

Nature’s Way, Fisol

Rating: 4.6

Nature's Way, Fisol

The drug is high in fatty acids EPA and DCG in amount of 50% of the volume (30 and 20%, respectively) in fat soluble shells are ideal for maintaining tone cardiovascular system, joints and skin without a taste of fish. Raw materials undergo molecular distillation and are completely purified from bottom impurities and metals accumulated in the body of fish off the coast Alaska, where the extraction of raw materials.

The composition does not contain allergens, but a high degree of purification deprives the capsule of the taste of fish and unpleasant burping after they use.

An interesting feature of the capsules: their shell is stable in acid environment of the stomach and dissolves directly in the intestine, where and components are absorbed. Frequency of use: 1 capsule 1-3 times a day as needed.


  • The optimal amount of fatty acids;

  • Resistant to the acidic environment of the stomach;

  • The relatively low price for 180 capsules is about 1560 rubles;

  • High degree of purification of raw materials;


  • Inaccurate dosage.

Now Foods, Ultra Omega-3, 500 EPA / 250 DHA

Rating: 4.6

Now Foods, Ultra Omega 3

Now Foods Capsules Rank Eighth in Fish Oil Rating for adults thanks to the optimal amount of essential fatty acids EPA 500 mg and 250 g. DHA in one capsule. This is enough for maintaining cardiovascular health, brain health and good the state of the body as a whole.

In addition to omega-3 acids, the preparation contains a formative gelatin, conductive capsule in an almost unchanged structural composition into the intestines, where fat is absorbed. The composition also includes complex vitamin E of natural origin.

Recommended dosage: 1 capsule 1 or 2 times daily during food. Thus, packaging n180 is enough for 3 or 6 months at costs of about 1,653 rubles.


  • Economical packaging;

  • Relatively low prices per capsule;

  • Balanced composition;


  • There are contraindications.

Jarrow Formulas, EPA-DHA balance

Rating: 4.5

Jarrow Formulas, EPA-DHA balance

Jarrow Formulas fish oil ranking it is no coincidence: the manufacturer highlighted one of the important functions biological additives – stimulation of brain activity and maintaining the cardiovascular system that provides 600 mg Omega-3 and the ratio of EPA / DHA 2: 1. Capsules are shown for use by students and people with active brain activity: teachers, engineers, management workers, and athletes. Jarrow Formulas EPA-DHA balance is not gluten, and high concentration of active substances due to ultra-thin filtering fish oil with natural flavorings and formative gelatin, glycerin and water.

The drug is made in the USA and meets the standards of CRN (USA), GMP (international practice). The manufacturer recommends taking 1 capsule 1-2 times a day, schedule and quantity may be adjusted by the attending physician. Thus, n240 packaging is enough at least six months, and will have to spend about 1300 rubles.


  • The optimal balance of fatty acids;

  • Comprehensive effect on the body;

  • Pleasant taste of soft capsules;

  • Low price;


  • Not defined.

Ultimate Nutrition Omega 3

Rating: 4.5

Ultimate Nutrition Omega 3

Omega-3 EPA and DHA Synthesized from Oily Fish concentrated in capsules in a ratio of 1:25, which according to developers considered optimal for full saturation organism of modern man. The drug helps to reduce cholesterol in the blood, inhibits inflammatory processes and favorably affects the cardiovascular system, promotes good mood, but not a medicine and is taken as biologically active food supplement. It can be applied in complex treatment of cancer, allergies and obesity.

The price of packaging 90 capsules starts at 590 rubles, with recommended use of 1 piece 3 times a day jars are enough for monthly rate.


  • The increased content of omega-6 acids;

  • Comprehensive effect for the body;


  • It is mainly sold in sports supermarkets.


Rating: 4.4


Salmon fish oil BIAFISHENOL SALMON – the first drug Russian production in our ranking. In one capsule in addition to Omega-3 40 mg there is vitamin A in an amount of 0.012 mg, vitamin D – 0.47 mgk, this is the daily allowance for an adult.

The peculiarity of the drug is the use as a raw material only salmon living in the Arctic – in the north, fish accumulate maximum fat of omega and vitamin E groups that can neutralize harmful radicals.

Fish oil improves the quality of blood vessels and improves immunity, stimulates adrenal function, reducing the risk of stone formation in kidneys and gall bladder. Capsules BIAFISHENOL SALMON – budget general immunity support: pack of 100 capsules can be purchased for 200 rubles, but at the recommended dose of 4 capsules 3 times a day, it is enough for 8 days. Dose may be adjusted by the attending physician.


  • Inexpensive drug;

  • The daily requirement for fatty acids and vitamins of groups A, D, E;

  • Availability in pharmacy chains;


  • Ineffective dosage of capsules.


Rating: 4.3


Hungarian brand TEVA offers fish oil with a concentration of 500 mg in one tablet, this is considered the optimal dosage for an adult when taking 1-2 gelatin capsules 3 times a day.

Teva fish oil is a vitamin supplement to stabilize calcium phosphorus metabolism. The drug can be used in complex therapy of other diseases. Capsules are neutral gelatin shell with liquid content without fragrance with a characteristic odor, so do not bite it recommended.


  • There are no flavors and chemical additives;

  • The drug is available for purchase in retail pharmacy chains;

  • High dose omega-3 in one capsule;


  • High price, packing 100 capsules will cost 984 rubles.

Best Fish Oil Manufacturers for Kids

Fish oil for children is an indispensable supplement necessary for full development of the brain, body, ingenuity and assimilation calcium. The drug is well absorbed and almost harmless, but for convenience, manufacturers make it taste and smell pleasant, not always through natural ingredients. we made a selection of the best fish oil preparations for children from the point of view of efficiency and safety.

Ddrops, Liquid Vitamin D3 for Kids, 400 IU

Rating: 4.9

drops, Liquid Vitamin D3 for Children, 400 IU

Vitamin D for babies – a vital nutrient an element that improves the transport and absorption of calcium in the body. Derived from fish oil, this vitamin is absorbed better than synthesized. Solvent Agent – Fractionated Coconut oil, completely safe for the baby’s digestive tract. Besides drops – the only one suitable for very young children. Leader liquid vitamin Ddrops – the most effective in terms of active substance concentration: 400 IU (microunits) contained in just one drop. No wonder the drug received an award in the nomination “The choice of mothers.”

You should pay attention: vitamin D is only necessary for children, breast-fed or partially breast-fed: infant formula already contains this component and additionally it does not need to be introduced into food.


  • Highly concentrated drug, one drop is enough for daily dose;

  • The volume of the bottle is 2.5 ml – the duration of administration is 90 days (90 drops);

  • Natural composition;


  • The relatively high price is from 992 rubles per 2.5 ml bottle.

  • Allergic reactions are possible.

Nordic Naturals, Children’s DHA, Strawberry, 530 mg

Rating: 4.8

Nordic Naturals, Children's DHA, Strawberry, 530 mg

Nordic Naturals DHA Syrup 530 mg for children with strawberry flavor Designed for children from 2 to 6 years old. 5 ml per serving 530 mg of omega-3 from wild cod is included, the formula of triglyceride (chain fatty acids) improved for more efficient absorption components, iodine, vitamins A and D. are present.

Nordic Naturals fish oil, DHA for children, strawberries, 530 mg most a U.S. fatty acid-rich drug that due to high quality products and compliance with American and international standards. The use of capsules contributes to improved brain, muscle and bone development children. Only triglyceride extracted from distilled cod tested for heavy metals and harmful impurities. Upon request, the manufacturer provides data from these analyzes.

A bottle of 237 ml will cost about 1419 rubles, enough for 47 days with a one-time daily dose.


  • Fatty acid complex with improved formula;

  • Pleasant strawberry flavor;

  • Vitamins A and D, iodine in the composition;


  • High price.

Biopharma Barne Tran Omega-3

Rating: 4.8

Biopharma Barne Tran Omega-3

In third place in the ranking, ExpertLogi experts placed dietary supplement for children Biopharma Barne Tran Omega-3, which contains Omega-3 acids, vitamins A, D, E to fill the deficiency of these components in the diet.

Fish oil can be used as a firming agents and preparations for the complex treatment of brain diseases, immunity, skeleton, nervous system, including hyperactivity.

The drug is made from Norwegian cod liver in Norway, where the raw materials go through multi-stage distillation and certification. Biopharma Barne Tran Omega-3 also passed all tests in Russia and received security and domestic compliance documents standards. Thick fruit-flavored syrup is convenient to dose and give children from 3 years old 5 ml (1 teaspoon) once a day day. 250 ml bottles are enough for 50 days.


  • Fruit flavor and pleasant texture;

  • Satisfying daily requirements for fatty acids and vitamins of groups A, D and E;

  • For children from 3 years old;


  • The price of a 250 ml bottle is 950 rubles.


Rating: 4.7

CHILDREN'S FISH FAT RealKaps Kusalochka

Chewable Capsules Bite – a unique type of fish oil with serving points: kids just love delicious sweets! No unpleasant sensations when chewing, and if the taste does not like, since there are still notes of fish in it, capsules can swallow with water, their effectiveness does not decrease.

The vitamin complex includes fatty acids, vitamins of groups A, D, E. the preparation does not contain allergens and, which is noteworthy, helps fight allergic reactions to others irritants, as well as with bronchial asthma in the complex therapy.

The course of admission is 1 month, children from 3 to 7 years must be absorbed by 1 capsule twice a day, older – 3 times a day. Pack of 60 capsules will cost an average of 175 rubles.


  • Domestic drug with natural composition;

  • Suitable for children from 3 years old and for adults, but in the right dosage

  • Affordable price;

  • Fruit flavor;


  • The child may not like the fishy notes on the palate.


Rating: 4.6


The domestic preparation of fish oil of the BIOKONTUR company is created from fat of ocean fish, gelatin, starch, water and flavor with using antioxidants. Such a simple composition is safe for child from 3 years old. The use of capsules is possible with a deficiency active components in the body and determined by the doctor: the recommended dose is 4-8 capsules throughout the day.

The drug has a complex effect that strengthens all the important body systems, especially effective during periods of mental stress and body recovery after physical activity.

The cost of the domestic preparation FISH FAT CHILDREN’S BIO-CONTOUR �N100 CAPS / APELSIN is only 134 rubles – this is one of the most low prices in our ranking.


  • Stimulating effect;

  • Very low price;

  • Pure fish oil with a fruity taste;


  • With maximum use of 8 capsules, even n100 only 12 days will be enough.


Rating: 4.5


The only drug closes the rating of baby fish oil this kind, approved for use by children from 1.5 years old (not consider vitamin Ddrops, the leader in the ranking category). Polyunsaturated fatty acids in the composition, as well as vitamins A and D contribute to the harmonious development of the child at all stages of body formation, brain activity. Drug from Golden Fish brand is the only one that does not contain fragrances, but its taste as neutralized as possible without participation chemical reagents. Judging by user reviews, children don’t resist taking a liquid drug, despite the specific taste oily syrup.

A bottle of 100 ml will cost about 276 rubles, enough for 22 days at the recommended dose of 4.5 ml once a day.


  • Lack of chemicals and impurities, 100% fish oil;

  • Very affordable price;

  • Suitable for children from 1.5 years;


  • The taste is still specific, which not all children have to like it.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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