16 best burn remedies

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Quite rarely there are people who in advance, with knowledge case, collect your home medicine cabinet. Most often in it gradually funds are being collected that a person was forced to buy at any urgent need. This is a cure for headache, for diarrhea, from pressure, from cough. These words fully apply and to all kinds of remedies for burns – thermal, sun, burns boiling water. Injuries, frostbite and burns most often occur by chance, but for some reason, each of us is almost always sure that with him this will never happen. But when still such a nuisance, like a burn occurs, then there is an urgent need as use an effective ambulance as soon as possible burns.

This rating will help you choose the right drug. and purchase it in advance. After all, burns are of that type accidents in which the speed of emergency care significantly affects the further course, and speed recovery. So if literally a few seconds after burns with boiling water it will be instantly chilled with cold water, then tissue damage will be minimal and regeneration rate the greatest.

In everyday life, burns of the first and second degree are most often found. The difference between them is that second-degree burns form bubbles with transparent contents (most often these are burns with boiling water), and in the first degree, only the redness zone, or burn erythema. Bubbles are strictly forbidden to open, to avoid skidding secondary infection. If the burn is more serious, or if its area exceeds 9% of the body area (area of ​​its own palms), then you need to urgently contact the emergency room.

Sunburns differ from burns by boiling water in that for their treatment does not necessarily apply antiseptics and antibacterial drugs. After all, under solar exposure the integrity of the skin does not suffer, and blisters, as in the action boiling water does not occur. Therefore, there are enough painkillers, cooling compounds, and trophic skin enhancing agents and reparative processes.

This rating includes a variety of means, and for convenience perceptions they are divided into various dosage forms for local application. These are sprays and aerosols, gels and ointments, special plasters and burn dressings. Any of the described tools copes well with minor burns, and should be in every home medicine cabinet.

Rating of the best remedies for burns

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best burn sprays 1 Panthenol spray 316 rub
2 Olazol 249 rub
3 Acerbin 400 rub
4 Amprovisol
The best burn gels 1 Solcoseryl 273 rub
2 Lyoxazine – gel 162 rub
3 Apollo Gel 289 rub
Best burn creams 1 Bepanten Plus 472 rub
2 La cree 223 rub
3 Silvederm (Sulfargin) 343 rub
The best ointments for burns 1 Stellanin 359 rub
2 Keeper, Rescuer, Healer and other balms 137 rub
3 Radevit – ointment 319 rub
The best dressings and plasters for burns 1 Branolind 85 rub
2 Voskosran with dioxidine, methyluracil, levomecol 290 rub
3 Gelepran (with lidocaine, miramistin, silver) 350 rub

Best burn sprays

Aerosols and sprays have an important advantage over other forms. for local use. Literally with a single swipe of a finger applied to the burn area, and even over a large area the necessary amount of drug is distributed with lightning speed substances. All aerosols perfectly relieve pain, swelling, and reduce the intensity of erythema, or burn redness.

All these remedies have an invaluable advantage: to fresh burn wounds do not need to be touched at all. Drawing others medication involves contact with the surface skin, at least in order to evenly distribute ointment or cream on a burned surface. It can be painful, especially in little children. All aerosols and sprays are sprayed from some distance, and lack this flaw.

Most often, sprays and aerosols are used to obtain solar burns – because they arise over a large area of ​​the open body, in unlike burns with boiling water, and spray a spray or aerosol on vast surface can be very fast.

Panthenol spray

Rating: 4.9


This remedy relates to regeneration stimulants, or tissue repair, and contains dexpanthenol, which is dermatotropic vitamin-like substance. Also dexpanthenol It has an anti-inflammatory effect. Spray spray it is necessary from one to several times a day, trying to the burned surface was completely covered with foam. Panthenol spray indicated for use not only in thermal, but also in chemical and with sunburn. Therefore, people with a fair skin type, prone to sunburn, it is recommended to take this spray with you to the beach. It can be applied with contact dermatitis, and with purulent skin diseases such as an abscess or boil in the composition complex therapy. Produces Panthenol German company Aerofarm GmbH, and purchase one 150 ml bottle in a pharmacy possible for 300 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of Panthenol can be considered a wide range of actions in against chemical and sunburn, with burns of boiling water. His can be used for various injuries, and even with open wounds. The only condition is that there is no ongoing bleeding. Panthenol is well tolerated, and there are no restrictions, including in no elderly persons, pregnant or lactating women, for the exception of individual intolerance. In children, the drug is also can be applied, but with a prerequisite – that it was applied adults.

By cons include the rare occurrence of an allergic reaction. It should also be understood that Panthenol contains only provitamin as an active substance, no It has no antibacterial and antimicrobial activity. Therefore, in the case of advanced burns, with the secondary infection and the presence of pus urgently need to see a doctor, and apply other means. But that is why it can be safely recommend for sunburn – acceleration only skin restoration, and nothing more.


Rating: 4.8


Olazol is a complex aerosol that contains several components. It includes a local pain medication substance – benzocaine, sea buckthorn oil, which softens and improves tissue regeneration, chloramphenicol antibiotic (chloramphenicol), and antiseptic boric acid.

Olazol is indicated for use not only for burns with boiling water, it prescribed for wound infections, with erysipelas and trophic ulcers, with dermatitis with adherent secondary infection and other conditions when there is a high risk of bacterial infection. Because it contains an anesthetic and a means to improve skin regeneration, then it is also used in solar burns.

Olazol is applied to the surface of the burn from one to 4 times per day, depending on the need. Before applying the balloon shake several times intensively, and apply foam with a short distance, up to 5 cm. Olazol is available in spray cans volume of 80 ml, is produced by its domestic company Altayvitaminy, and you can buy a spray can for 185 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Some people believe that Olazol is not recommended for treatment. sunburn. But this is not so, in the official instructions solar burns are not a contraindication. He’ll just show it better yourself in a burn wound, for example, after a burn with boiling water. Of side effects, it can cause allergic reactions, but it it happens infrequently. Individual intolerance to components more often total noted on boric acid and chloramphenicol, and especially Care must be taken to monitor its tolerance in young children. The positive qualities of this tool include the possibility of treat a microbial complication, and prevent it, especially while the time when burn blisters will spontaneously open, exposing eroded surface. And it was at this time that benzocaine entering to Olazol, reliably anesthetizes the wound that has appeared.


Rating: 4.7


Acerbin is not an aerosol, but an ordinary spray, that is the medicinal substance in it is not under pressure, and therefore press the sprayer several times. Acerbin belongs to antiseptics and disinfectants, and it is shown to use not only for thermal, but also for chemical burns, and also with open wounds and skin ulcers. Since there is no repair agents that accelerate skin repair, it is not indicated for sunburns, but it will help after scalding with boiling water.

It is a clear yellowish liquid, has antimicrobial and wound healing effect, due to apple, benzoic and salicylic acid. Apply Acerbine preferably on burn the surface and then apply sterile gauze on top bandage. In case of 1st degree burns, the dressing may not be applied, and apply once a day to prevent microbial complications. IN case of a burn of 2 degrees, after opening of the bubbles, it is desirable use a sterile dressing. Produces Acerbine Austrian Pharmaceutical company Fabric Montavit Gez.m.b.H. “, and you can buy one bottle of 80 milliliters for 325 rub.

Advantages and disadvantages

Acerbin’s advantage is its ability to be used in pregnant and lactating women. Acerbin’s big plus is his light keratolytic effect, which means that it will be good help prevent burn infections that are on the skin with a well-developed stratum corneum, for example, on palms and soles. Side effects include slight burning sensation at the site of application, which usually disappears by itself.


Rating: 4.6

This drug is a comprehensive tool for use for shallow forms of burns. It contains anesthetic anesthesin, cooling menthol, propolis, which has pronounced regenerative and anti-inflammatory effect, as well as ergocalciferol, or vitamin D 2. Amprovizol is a greenish-yellow liquid with the smell of mint and propolis. Amprovisol has an enveloping effect, and can be indicated for application to the oral mucosa. It is applied at stomatitis and gingivitis, including ulcerative, tonsillitis, with sun and chemical burns, with burns of boiling water. Especially good its cooling and lightening effect is manifested precisely when sunburn.

Amprovizol is applied within a few seconds to the area burns from a distance of 20 cm. Multiplicity of application – as needed. IN in the case of sunburn on the skin of the face, then when applying the drug to the face, it is necessary to avoid getting it in eyes. Produces Amprovizol pharmaceutical company Altivitamins, but this drug costs about 180 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of Amprovoliz is the ability to apply it is not only on the surface of the skin, but also on the mucous membranes the oral cavity. Therefore, he should always be in the home medicine cabinet, because it helps with sore throat, with burns of the oral cavity, for example, from hot food, and with many other lesions. Individual intolerance to the drug may occur in individuals who are allergic to bee products. Women in the period lactation, as well as pregnant women, this remedy is not contraindicated.

The best burn gels

Gels are agents for direct application to burn surface, as well as creams and ointments. For gels light consistency, even distribution over skin surface, rapid evaporation, which brings cooling effect, especially noticeable with large areas of sunburn. After drying, the burn surface is covered with a protective film. Gels are designed to treat shallow burns, and best of all use them for first-degree burns when they have not formed bubbles (solar). Consider the most effective and often gel samples found in pharmacies for the treatment of burns.


Rating: 4.9

Solcoseryl gel

Solcoseryl is produced not only as a gel, but also as an ointment. This drug belongs to regenerative agents, and helps tissues quickly recover from burn stress and stimulate cell division. The main component of the gel is regular extract from calf blood, which in its composition contains amino acids necessary for protein synthesis during recovery damaged tissue. As a result of applying Solcoseryl to the area burns stimulation of connective tissue cells occurs – fibroblasts, which causes their proliferation and collagen synthesis. how and any gel, Solcoseryl has a light consistency, does not contain fats, does not stain clothes, and forms a protective film on the surface wounds.

Solcoseryl and its analogues are recommended when burn the wound began to dry out, that is, in the recovery phase. Solcoseryl It is indicated not only for burns with boiling water, but also for sunburns, with scratches and wounds, in the complex treatment of trophic ulcers and pressure sores. In the event that the wound becomes wet, or if just spontaneously burnt bubbles, then you need to wait until the burn wound will become dry. Solcoseryl must be applied thinly a layer once or twice a day. You can also use it under bandage. The course is determined by the condition of the wound, or burn surface, and Solcoseryl can be applied to a full recovery.

Produced by Solcoseryl Swiss Pharmaceutical Company Legacy Pharmaceuticals Switzerland, and the cost of one tube of gel in 20 g starts from 270 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The disadvantage of Solcoseryl can be considered its undesirability application to a wet burn wound after opening the blisters, and lack of antibacterial protection, since it contains neither antiseptics, no antibiotics, and allergic reactions in the form of regional dermatitis on the periphery of a burn wound. IN In some cases, a burning sensation after application of the gel may be noted. If you apply Solcoseryl correctly, in the healing phase of the burn, then It is very useful and allows you to quickly deal with damage. tissues. But just the lack of antibiotics and good ability to recovery makes it a popular treatment sunburn.

Lyoxazine – gel

Rating: 4.8

lyoxazine burn gel

Lyoxazine Burn Gel is a basic compound – hydroxypropyl cellulose, on which is placed in a special way anesthetic lidocaine and allyloxyethanol. This product is available in sachets containing gel.

Lyoxazine acts, improves microcirculation in the circulatory capillaries of the skin, and prevents vascular spasm. Antiseptic the effect is associated with the action of allyloxyethanol, anesthetic the effect is with lidocaine. This gel creates the conditions for the fastest regeneration, but, unlike Solcoseryl, protects the skin from reproduction of pathogenic microflora.

This gel is shown not only for burns of the first and second, but also for 3 degree burns, with sunburns, as well as radiation burns and bites of various insects. Lyoxazine should be used, squeezing the gel and evenly distributing it, with repeated processing in 6 hours. Then, the next day and until normalization the skin of the drug is applied daily once a day. Produces Lyoxazine Federal Research and Production Center Biomedical Agency of the Russian Federation “Farmzashchita”. The cost of one package of Lyoxazine gel is from 111 rubles. behind one package weighing 30 g, that is, for one application.

Advantages and disadvantages

The disadvantage of Lyoxazine gel is its high cost, since opened packaging should be used immediately completely. This means that on the first day at least 222 will be spent rub., and then daily at 111 rub., at least for 3 days. IN As a result, a decent amount runs up. At the same time, other drugs, for example, some aerosols and gels that we examined in The result is just as effective. They anesthetize cool and protect against the development of microorganisms, but at the same time are economically more profitable. To the dignity of this gel refers to the ability to apply it not only in sunny but also with more serious burns, as well as radiation injuries. Of course, this is extremely rare in everyday life, or not at all. meets, but, nevertheless, indications for use in this funds are wider. In addition, Lyoxazine, in addition to gel, also available in the form of wound healing wipes, or anti-burn dressings.

Apollo Gel

Rating: 4.7


The next popular gel that helps burns is Appolo hydrogel anti-burn. Its composition is simple and effective: it is a local anesthetic anilokain, which has analgesic action, and iodovidone, which acts against pathogenic microorganisms, and prevents infection of a burn wound. Besides this, additional components that make up the drug, prevent the formation of bubbles, or make them not so big ones.

The gel is indicated for the treatment of household burns with boiling water, as well as burn wounds and sun damage. Despite the fact that on most the package of the medicine indicates that it is a sterile gel for healing of burns, it can also be used for other wounds where it will anesthetize and prevent proliferation of pyogenic microflora. Apply this tool several times a day, and the course of treatment can be from 3 days to a week until the wound the surface will not completely close. Purchase a package of hydrogel in a tube weighing 20 g can be for 231 rubles. Produces his eponymous company.

Advantages and disadvantages

Perhaps the only drawback of this gel is its relatively high price. Its balanced composition allows avoid the additional use of various natural components, bee products, synthetic antibiotics, which reduces allergenicity funds. It is contraindicated in those patients with which have hyperthyroidism, individual intolerance to iodine, and also local anesthetics. It is advisable not to use it for pregnant and to lactating women, but only because during pregnancy and breastfeeding is generally advisable to avoid any drugs, including for local application.

Best burn creams

Unlike gels, burn creams are capable of intense moisturize, and penetrate much deeper into the skin because represent an emulsion of active substances, which is located in liquid phase. The cream does not evaporate, and does not form a protective skin film, but it penetrates deeper into the dermis more intensively, and promotes albeit not so good defense, but much faster start of regeneration. Creams are great for sunbathing. lesions, when exposed to boiling water. At the retail pharmacy chain various burn creams are presented, and in this rating means included the most popular and effective representatives of this dosage forms for topical application.

Bepanten Plus

Rating: 4.9


Bepanten Plus cream compares favorably with Bepanten simply that it contains not only provitamin dexpanthenol, which located in the same name Panthenol Spray, but also an antiseptic chlorhexidine. Therefore, in addition to stimulating tissue regeneration in phase healing, Bepanten plus is able to suppress the manifestations of various infections in the burn wound, and prevent seeding of the wound pathogenic flora.

Cream Bepanten plus is shown not only for various burns, as thermal (boiling water), and radiation (solar), but also with various open injuries and wounds, and in complex therapy trophic ulcers.

Apply Bepanten plus several times if necessary a day for burns. This cream can also be used under sterile bandage. Produces Bepanten Plus German Pharmaceutical Bayer Pharma company, and you can buy a tube weighing 30 g for 380 rubles. For comparison, a simple Bepanten cream, without chlorhexidine, can purchase at the pharmacy for 188 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of Bepanten cream plus is the ability to apply not only in the healing phase, like Panthenol Spray, or just Bepanten cream, but also with the threat of infection. Disadvantage of this means can be only individual intolerance, as well as the manifestation of allergies in the form of contact dermatitis, itching and urticaria. The manufacturer does not recommend prescribing this cream together with other local antiseptics, due to the mutual possible decreased activity.

La cree

Rating: 4.8


La Cree Cream for burns does not apply to medicines, but parapharmaceuticals, or cosmetics. But this cream is able to quickly reduce the pain and symptoms of edema with minor burns of the first degree (for example, solar), and in various natural substances help this. Cream contains bisabolol, violet extract and panthenol. They reduce inflammation, increase the regenerative function of the skin and soothe the burn site. Walnut extract heals and disinfects.

This cream is used not only for mild burns, but also for contact dermatitis, with eczema and other skin lesions, accompanied by symptoms of irritation. With burns boiling water, he shown in the healing phase. Apply this cream as much once a day as needed because it is rapidly absorbed and moisturizes the skin. A package of 30 g can be purchased for 130 rubles., And produces all this domestic cosmetic line pharmaceutical company ZAO Vertex.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of La Cree cream is the lack of it preservatives, various perfumes, hormones and dyes. Therefore, if you compare it with cheap creams and others cosmetics, it compares favorably with the profile safety, and can be used in patients with polyvalent allergies, in young children, in pregnant and lactating women. But if you compare the strength of the antiseptic effect of this cream with real medicines, then in this respect cream shows a rather low efficiency. And therefore recommended apply it only for first-degree burns, in sun skin lesions, and in the event that there was no concomitant infection. If there is a weeping, suppuration, then it is necessary apply more serious means.

Silvederm (Sulfargin)

Rating: 4.7


Silvederm is a representative of a group of creams that contains an effective antiseptic such as silver in in the form of silver sulfadiazine. The cream is whitish yellow and is shown for the treatment of burns, pressure sores and trophic ulcers. This cream has only an antiseptic effect, and is indicated for use in complex treatment of local treatment of burns only if if there is a high risk of infection, or has already joined secondary infection. In the event that such a risk has passed, then you can refuse to apply this cream, because in addition to antiseptic action, no stimulation of regeneration, he renders. It is used with a frequency of once or twice a day in cases of prevention or minor infection, up to several times a day with serious infection. Launches Silvederm Spanish pharmaceutical company ALDO-UNION S.A., and purchase a drug in a tube weighing 50 mg can be for 380 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of this cream is a pronounced antiseptic activity, and the disadvantages are the relatively high price, availability contraindications to the use of cream in babies up to a year, in pregnant women and with breastfeeding. With intolerance to silver and polyvalent allergies, itching, symptoms of nausea may occur and epigastric discomfort with prolonged use on extensive burn surfaces. Sometimes a local reaction such as burning and pain that goes away on its own. Also undesirable apply it for sunburn, as it does not help regeneration, but only dries the skin. But in the case of treatment blisters after burns with boiling water Silvederm will significantly help prevent weeping and infection.

The best ointments for burns

Most widely represented in the retail pharmacy chain all kinds of ointments for the treatment of burns, or local remedies for ointment base. Unlike creams and gels, the basis of the ointment is oily a substance, for example, lanolin, which is obtained from wash water sheep’s wool. Ointments are slowly absorbed, are long on burn surfaces, fit well under antiseptic sterile patches.

Usually, ointments are recommended to be applied at night, because in the daytime time, and especially when applied to closed areas of the body, they can stain clothes, leaving greasy marks on it. But for all ointments are powerful enough for antiseptic effects, so to increase healing skin for burns, for example, of solar origin. IN real rating included the most popular and effective ointments from burns.


Rating: 4.9


Opens the rating of anti-burn ointments Stellanin, or diethylbenzimidazolium triiodide. In addition to this difficult to pronounce active substance, the composition of the ointment includes dimethyl sulfoxide, or Dimexide, and petroleum jelly. Stellanin belong to stimulants tissue reparative ability, and is used in the healing phase burn wounds. The composition of the ointment includes active iodine, which is capable of have a bactericidal effect. This ointment besides improved wound healing prevents burn surfaces from joining secondary infection.

In addition to first and second degree burns, which are most often found in everyday life, ointment is indicated for the treatment of trophic ulcers and pressure sores, various small abrasions and scratches, as well as surgical practice for the treatment of postoperative wounds. Not worth it apply this remedy for radiation and solar skin injuries immediately after receiving them, since dimexide will cause an intense influx blood that will intensify the pain.

Apply ointment either on open skin or under patch, in this case, the change of dressings must be carried out 1 time per day in the treatment of burns. If the dressing is not used, then the ointment It is applied either once a day, preferably at night, or twice. Produces this ointment domestic pharmaceutical company, and the tube in 20 grams can be purchased for 352 rubles. at retail.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of Stellanin include activating actions for due to the content of dimexide, which accelerates the development of granulation tissue, lack of systemic action, that is, absorption in blood flow even with damaged skin. But this ointment has a number of contraindications: thyroid disease, intolerance to iodine and thyrotoxicosis, children under 18 years of age and pregnancy is a pretty serious list for a local remedy. Also, when applying the ointment, skin itching, hyperemia, and others are possible. allergic reactions.

Keeper, Rescuer, Healer and other balms

Rating: 4.8


Consider one of the representatives of this vast family, and Namely – Balm Healer. Approximately the composition of all these drugs the same, and they all relate to parapharmaceuticals. So, Balm Healer contains vegetable oil, beeswax, lavender and rosemary essential oil, mint and calendula extract, vitamins E and A, olive and sea-buckthorn oil, and tea oil tree. Such a recipe is very similar to hereditary recipes, who passed each other from generation to generation our grandmothers. Based on the above listed components, you can understand that the Healing Balm, like its analogues, has a greasy base, therefore, it may well be called liquid ointment.

It is used to treat minor burns, for example, solar, helps in the presence of abrasions and scratches, bruises, diaper rash of weathering and frostbite. But also these balms help prevent burn infection with boiling water, if at hand no antiseptic agents. Apply balm from one to several times a day, you can use it under dressings. This drug is produced by the Russian company KorolevPharm, and a package of 30 g can be purchased for 92 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The disadvantages of all these balms are common – this parapharmaceuticals that have a low efficacy against inhibition of growth of pathogenic microorganisms. In other words, if the burn surface was infected, then Balm Healer its analogues can handle only with the mildest variants of the spread of infection.

But on the plus side include the ability to mitigate skin, a rare development of allergies. Of the contraindications, only individual intolerance to the components. The composition of these balms quite diverse and well-chosen, and since they help with sunburn, frostbite, cracks, bruises, calculations and scratches, with insect bites, then such means should be in every home medicine cabinet. True, it is desirable to store balm in a cold place.

Radevit – ointment

Rating: 4.7

Radevit - ointment

Finally, consider the Radevit ointment, which is exclusively vitamin complex. This ointment contains retinol, or vitamin A, alpha-tocopherol, or vitamin E, ergocalciferol or vitamin D 2. This ointment does not prevent infection and does not treats her, but she has a pronounced dermatotropic effect, stimulates regeneration processes and improves cell division the basement membrane of the epidermis.

In complex therapy, this ointment, except for chemical and solar burns are indicated for atopic and seborrheic dermatitis, with dry skin and psoriasis, with trophic ulcers and open wounds. This ointment is used twice a day, it is necessary to apply it on sections of burns of the first and second degree, on bursting bubbles after burns with boiling water. The duration of therapy may be from several days to several weeks. Produces this ointment domestic Retinoids company, and a package of 35 g can be purchased for 382 rub.

Advantages and disadvantages

The disadvantages of this ointment include its vulnerability to to infected burns, and therefore it can only be applied after the elimination of the infectious process. Radevit is not used in pregnant, and during breastfeeding, with conditions hypervitaminosis of these vitamins, if any hypersensitivity and increased allergic background. But in that if after elimination of the acute stage of the burn, the skin heals with labor, there was a condition of dry skin, then Radevit ointment perfectly cope with the problem and normalizes the process healing. It was this ability that allowed her to take her place in the rating of anti-burn ointments.

The best dressings and plasters for burns

Finally, in conclusion, you need to consider ready-made dosage forms that are a cross between ointments, creams and gels, and antiseptic dressings. Medicine is not stands still, and the union of all these components into one single the whole greatly simplified the process of caring for burns, as superficial and deep. As a result, the burn zone is not only exposed to medicinal ingredients, but with a bandage creates the necessary moist environment, prevents the occurrence of bubbles, or reduces their size, and also promotes isolation wounds from air and bacterial flora.

All dressings and plasters are modern, easily fixed to burn surfaces are easy to remove, do not stick and do not cause irritation. The only natural contraindication is solar burns. After all, they arise on a large surface, characterized by lack of skin destruction, and do not require the use of such serious drugs. Consider the most modern and popular dressings and plasters for the treatment of burn wounds.


Rating: 4.9


Branolind Anti-Burn Dressings are based on antiseptic and regenerative action of Peruvian balm. Bandage presents a gauze napkin, which consists of a large-pore and eco-friendly cotton fabric soaked medicine. Peruvian balm consists of various essential oils of medicinal plants, and contains cinnamon and esters benzoic acid. It is a thick aromatic liquid of dark brown-red color. Peruvian balm-soaked dressings not only help from burns with boiling water, but also actively heal wounds and prevent the appearance of scars and scars. Once applied the bandage on the burn area can anesthetize the patient for a period of more than 36 hours.

To apply the dressing, it is necessary to open the sterile packaging, in which is a one-time napkin. If it is necessary to cover the burn smaller, it is cut in accordance with the necessary area, then the protective layer is removed from the dressing, and it superimposed on the right place, and then removed the outside, surface layer. After that, you can fix the received compress with a band-aid or bandage. These dressings are desirable for burns. wounds of the first – second degree change once every two days.

Makes bandages Branolind famous German company Paul Hartmann, and the cost of one dressing area of ​​10 by 20 cm begins from 80 rub. One package of 30 napkins will cost 2399 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The effectiveness of the Peruvian balm is very high, and therefore Branolind dressings are not only used to treat burns and wounds, but also in plastic surgery and dermatology. They are very popular abroad for nail removal, skin transplantation, during various plastic surgeries on the face, in complex therapy of infected wounds. The only thing contraindication is hypersensitivity, and complex exposure to the balm allows you to not acquire after healing burn wounds are additional preparations for skin regeneration and prevention of scars and scars.

Branolind dressings can be applied to children. With all the pros the disadvantage is the high cost. If the burn is minor, then three-day treatment will cost from 250 rubles., and too long can fly a pretty penny, especially for the Russian consumer. It’s also just pointless and very expensive to use it when sunburns, because you have to glue the whole back, shoulders and hands.

Voskosran with dioxidine, methyluracil, levomecol

Rating: 4.8

Voskosran with dioxidine

Finally, you need to give the floor to the domestic manufacturer. Company Dressings (Russia / Poland) presents a line of tools for the treatment of local wound infections – Voskosran dressings. Sterile dressing based on mesh polyamide a textile base with a healing composition applied to it.

The base dressing includes beeswax, vitamin E and propolis. IN If the patient has a normal, “clean” burn, and there are no secondary signs of infection, for example, a fresh burn of boiling water, then You can use the basic dressing, which does not include includes additional drugs, and therapeutic effect provided by dermatoprotective properties of wax, propolis and vitamins. Additionally, three types of dressings are available, which contain levomekol, methyluracil and dioxidine.

In the treatment of infected burns and burn wounds, it is most suitable dioxidine coating. Dioxidine is highly effective antiseptic, it shows pronounced activity in many infections ranging from commonplace streptococci to resistant strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Use Voskopran with dioxidine should only be if a burn wound for a long time is not capable of independent healing, if the terms significantly exceed expected, and the state of the burn wound causes fears.

The dressing with methyluracil is indicated at the stage of active healing, after suppressing the infection.

  1. Voskopran is not used to treat sunburn.
  2. Voskopran is applied to burns once a day. Pack of 5 dressings about 38 square centimeters each (57.5 cm) can be purchased for 550 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

No wonder all the dressings with special coatings applied to them were placed at the end of the rating, as if summing up all the means, which were listed. The bandages have practically no cons, for the exception of individual intolerance, as well as existing regarding each of the contraindications. They are quite standard: dioxidine dressings are not recommended and levomekol on a large area of ​​burn wounds in pregnant and lactating mothers, careful use of their high street is required allergic background, and so on. But from these standard contraindications do not go anywhere, no matter how effective and We did not use a safe drug. The rest is convenience, complex effect, multicomponent composition, antimicrobial protection – make Voskosran dressings very comfortable. They are recommended for the treatment of burn wounds, cuts, abrasions and scratches in everyday life and it is advisable that they be in every medicine cabinet.

Gelepran (with lidocaine, miramistin, silver)

Rating: 4.7


Finally, at the end of the ranking, a variation should be mentioned. disposable fire dressings, which produces the same company. These dressings are called Gelepran because they are based on it is no longer a wax coating with additives, but a soft gel. Due to this, these dressings are applied very easily and painlessly, and this similarity makes them similar in softness to aerosol. Gel the dressings are well fixed to the skin, so you can top them cover with a dressing with moderate and weak fixation.

There are two varieties of Gelepran:

  1. a very effective miramistin antiseptic that fights with almost all known microorganisms, viruses and fungi, and at the same time it is not absorbed into the systemic circulation and is very well tolerated;
  2. Gelepran with lidocaine, which can be applied to the skin immediately after a burn to reduce or completely eliminate the pain.

Miramistin dressings are indicated for all forms and deep burns, starting from the first degree, burns with boiling water, and ending with pretty serious – degrees 3A. Lidocaine dressings are shown immediately after burns, in the presence of severe pain. Cost of two disposable napkins Gelepran with lidocaine 71/2 by 5 centimeters is 195 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Disposable dressings with gel are a very convenient tool in treatment not only of superficial burns and wounds, but also in the presence of more severe trophic disorders, ranging from radiation sickness, and ending with dry and wet gangrene, chronic trophic ulcers with vascular insufficiency and diabetes. TO contraindications exclusively individual intolerance to components. Given the absence of resorptive action and high security miramistina and local form lidocaine, these funds can be used when applied to small burn surfaces in all populations, including pregnant and lactating women.

All these dressings show high convenience and efficiency, and the presence of highly active wound healing, antibacterial components and stimulating the repair of substances make wipes Gelepran is an indispensable assistant in any home medicine cabinet.

In this rating, all the necessary groups were considered. local drugs that are used to treat burns. Every can choose any tool to taste to equip them with home medicine cabinet. But still you need to remember about prevention, and know that almost all household burns, ranging from thermal, and ending solar, arise due to our carelessness and negligence, as well as in the absence of proper supervision small children.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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