16 best bulk floors

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Get a perfectly flat surface in a short time allow Self-leveling floors. Using this material, you can small defects, after drying of the coating there is no shrinkage, and the surface is durable and wear-resistant. In construction Russian stores offer a wide range of leveling compositions. Recommendations will help you make the right choice. experts.

How to choose a bulk floor

  1. The basis. All bulk floors can be grouped by binder material. High hardness cement compounds, but they dry for a long time. Mixtures quickly harden on gypsum-based, the surface is wear-resistant, but it’s moisture fears. A smooth glossy finish can be obtained using epoxy compounds. It is used to make 3D floors, the surface is resistant to abrasion and moisture, but the shock load should not be high. Elasticity boasts polyurethane floors, some compounds are allowed to be used on wooden bases. Due to their beautiful appearance, they are used in the quality of the finish, but the base should not have serious defects.
  2. Scope of application. When choosing the most suitable bulk floor experts advise taking into account the location of the working the plane. In apartments, epoxy compounds look great with acrylic dyes or transparent coatings with the image on the substrate. For easy alignment, users are most often choose cement or gypsum compositions. In baths, saunas, bathrooms rooms, bathrooms and kitchens optimally use polyurethane mixtures. On the street, the easiest way to level the base is cement compounds.
  3. Coating thickness. When choosing a bulk floor should pay attention to a parameter such as recommended thickness leveling layer. If the base has large elevations, then a highly filled material with a layer thickness of more than 5 mm. Self-leveling mixtures are considered products, which form a coating with a thickness of 4-5 mm. For finishing Thin-layer compositions (up to 1 mm) are optimally suitable.
  4. Drying speed. Many consumers do not carefully study manufacturers recommendations for drying times. The indicated interval indicates how many hours or days after the cover can be walked on. This does not mean an opportunity. further finishing work. Hardens very quickly gypsum-containing bulk floor (2-4 hours). Polyurethane Compounds withstand up to 20 hours, and epoxy and cement mixtures are recommended leave for 1-2 days. Lay tile, laminate or linoleum allowed after 7-28 days.
  5. The consumption of the mixture. Many buyers prefer inexpensive bulk floors, not considering the consumption of the composition. Manufacturers indicate it in kilograms per 1 square meter of surface at layer thickness 1 mm. Cement consumption is highest. mixtures.

We selected the 16 best bulk floors. They are all present in distribution network of our country, their use is approved by experts and by consumers.

What is better screed or bulk floor

Type of leveling coating




+ reasonable price

+ evens out large differences (from 2 cm)

+ wide range of finishes

– requires the installation of beacons and the presence of a special instrument

– surface quality is low

– large layer thickness (not less than 2 cm)

Bulk floor

+ easy leveling of the base

+ possibility of independent use

+ high surface quality

– high price

– the coating is not subject to restoration

– you can align small differences

Rating of the best bulk floors

Nomination a place Name of product price per kg.
The best decorative bulk floors 1 Teping Paul 205 PU 387 r
3 Arturo EP2500 1 100 rub.
4 Polymerstone-2 425 rub
5 Elacor ED 315 rub
6 Monopol 5 500 rub
The best self leveling floors 1 Prospectors Quick-hardening 12 rub
2 Bergauf easy boden 17 rub
3 VOLMA – Level Express 19 rub
4 Knauf Tribon 14 rub
5 Eunice Horizon 17 rub
6 Skorline FK45R 20 rub
7 Vetonit-5000 25 rub
8 Ceresit CN-175 23 rub
9 BOLARS Finishing SV-1010 18 rub
10 Lithopol De Luxe 12 rub

The best decorative bulk floors

Some types of bulk floors allow you to get a beautiful topcoat. Some of them are used to create 3D finishes, others become elegant after the introduction of dyes. The experts drew attention to several compounds.

Teping 205 PU

Rating: 4.9


Since 2007 in St. Petersburg, bulk floors have been produced under brand Teping. Especially popular with domestic builders Enjoys the composition of Taping Paul 205 PU. This versatile product is a two-component mixture consisting of polyurethane base and hardener. After polymerization is formed plastic and durable coating that is not afraid of vibration, temperature drops and shock. Manufacturer recommends bulk floor, both for decoration of premises, and for arrangement of unheated warehouses and garages.

For excellent value for money, as well as high decorative qualities experts gave the winner’s laurel product rating. Users are satisfied with the strength and durability. flooring.


  • strength and ductility;
  • resistance to temperature extremes;
  • wide scope of application;
  • glossy surface.


  • not found.


Rating: 4.8


Very reliable flooring can be obtained using two-component mixture GLIMS HEAVY DUTY HD drymix. To the strong to the sides of the bulk floor, experts attribute high strength to compression and bending. Experts recommend a finish production shops, garages of car depots, parking lots, storage premises, etc. The manufacturer allows the tinting of the finished mortar, which increases the decorative flooring. The floor surface becomes waterproof, resistant to chemicals and petroleum products. Domestic composition takes second place in our ranking, behind the winner in the price.

Builders have no particular complaints about the quality of the bulk floor. The solution mixes quickly, after 24 hours it is completely hardens.


  • high strength;
  • wide range of thicknesses (5-12 mm);
  • the possibility of tinting;
  • lack of shrinkage.


  • high price.

Arturo EP2500

Rating: 4.7

ARTURO EP2500.jpg

It is possible to obtain a seamless glossy floor using a composition of Netherlands Arturo EP2500. The manufacturer does not use harmful solvents, so the finished solution has no irritating smell. Thanks to environmental friendliness, the bulk floor can be used for decoration of kitchens and bathrooms, premises in schools, gardens, factory workshops. Epoxy can be used undiluted form, to increase the thickness of the layer, the addition of quartz is allowed sand. To enhance the decorative properties, in the finished solution allowed to enter color.

Experts gave the material the third line of the rating. Beat leaders composition failed due to prolonged drying (7 days) and high prices. And users are satisfied with the high decorative qualities, noting only a small coating thickness (1-5 mm).


  • glossy surface;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • resistance to shock loads;
  • simplicity in leaving.


  • high price;
  • dries for a long time.


Rating: 4.6


A thin but very durable flooring is formed when using the composition of Polymerstone-2. Builders often call this material with liquid linoleum. Two-component polyurethane product has a gray color, the manufacturer allows the introduction of tinting. The prepared working solution has good viability (up to 40 minutes), which allows finishers to amend. Create top coat using the composition of Polymerstone-2 is possible in any enclosed spaces, starting with apartments and ending with public institutions. Experts gave the fourth floor the bulk floor rating, because the range of thicknesses is limited to 2-3 mm.

Users like affordable material price, quick time polymerization (24 h), high strength. Surface is obtained Perfectly smooth and even.


  • high strength;
  • convenience in preparation and application;
  • affordable price;
  • wide scope.


  • narrow thickness range.

Elacor ED

Rating: 4.5


The Elakor-ED bulk floor has high wear resistance. is he prepared on the basis of epoxy resin, so after solidification a transparent layer forms. This feature is appreciated. fans of the original decor, sealing under the cover of sequins or decorative inserts. Manufacturer recommends sticking thicknesses from 1.5 to 5 mm, but it is better to create a 3D effect in a layer of up to 2 mm The composition is intended for indoor use, Finish the floor should be in the temperature range 5-25 ° C. Material It is highly resistant to UV rays, it does not fade with time.

The bulk floor of Elacor-ED falls into our rating at an affordable price, transparency and durability. By cons include a long time hardening (72 h).


  • transparency;
  • strength;
  • resistance to ultraviolet;
  • easy care.


  • cures for a long time.

Monopol 5

Rating: 4.5


Closes the six best decorative bulk floors Russian composition of Monopol 5. A distinctive feature of the material is ternary structure. Along with the epoxy base and hardener also comes with a dye. He mixes first with epoxy resin and then hardener is added. Product designed for topcoat, formed layer quickly gaining strength. The advantages of the bulk floor experts include resistance to shock, abrasive and chemical exposure. The semi-gloss surface looks aesthetically pleasing.

Builders are somewhat unhappy with the difficult preparation of the work mixtures. In addition, often it is necessary to additionally use the soil Monopol. The bulk floor is afraid of vibration, which limits the scope application.


  • semi-gloss surface;
  • quickly gaining strength;
  • maintainability.


  • difficult cooking;
  • limited scope.

The best self leveling floors

To eliminate defects on the bases allow leveling bulk floors. Most often after drying on the formed surface tiles, parquet, laminate or linoleum are laid. To specialists liked the following building mixes.

Prospectors Quick-hardening

Rating: 4.9


The easiest way to level the floor with the bulk floor Quick hardening. This gypsum based composition is optimal. Suitable for living rooms, hallways and kitchens. Cooked the solution is highly mobile, which allows you to align surface for 40 minutes. But the freezing time is enough short (4 hours). The manufacturer allows a mechanized method fill, the leveling layer is from 5 to 80 mm. Considering affordable price, experts gave the product first place in our rating.

Users are satisfied with affordability, quick time hardening, flat surface. But with self-alignment difficulties arise, therefore it is better to entrust this work to professionals.


  • high mobility of the solution;
  • quick drying time;
  • the possibility of mechanized application;
  • wide scope.


  • the difficulty of self-alignment.

Bergauf easy boden

Rating: 4.8


Those users who prefer to do it themselves repair in your home or apartment, it is worth taking a closer look at the composition Bergauf Easy Boden. Despite the German name, the product is made in our country. However, in terms of value, it is inferior to the leader rating. Thanks to the cement base, the bulk floor is easy to use. In addition, it can be used in wet rooms. (bathtubs, showers, bathrooms). Apply the prepared solution without problems are managed on their own, the manufacturer admits the possibility mechanized fill. The base may be concrete stove or “warm floor”.

Builders are pleased with the ease of laying and leveling, but hardens the coating longer than gypsum-containing analogues. TO disadvantages include the high price.


  • easy to prepare and level;
  • universality of application;
  • moisture resistance;
  • high quality.


  • high price.

VOLMA – Level Express

Rating: 4.7


Many flattering reviews from professional builders come in address of the bulk floor VOLMA – Level Express. Masters celebrate durability of the prepared solution (up to 60 minutes) and high mobility. The solidification time is only 4-6 hours. Therefore, experts recommend using it in rooms where accelerated repair work is required. Leveling subject to the most complex bases with a height difference of 5 to 100 mm. The product is worthy of the third position in our rating.

Most user reviews are positive character. But there is also a negative experience due to poor quality. The reason may be counterfeit products, but do not like consumer feedback from the manufacturer.


  • light kneading;
  • high plasticity of the solution;
  • dries quickly;
  • excellent flowability.


  • defective or counterfeit products are found.

Knauf Tribon

Rating: 4.7


The perfect combination of cement, gypsum and mineral fillers make the Knauf-Tribon bulk floor one of the most durable in bending. Therefore, you can use the composition not only on the screed and concrete, but and on wooden flooring. Experts attribute high mix advantages viability (60 minutes) and moisture resistance. Manufacturer allows the use of the product in any room. Layer thickness ranges from 10 to 60 mm, the range is slightly narrower than that of the leaders rating. A prerequisite is the device additional topcoat.

Users have identified several shortcomings, the main of which they consider low resistance to UV radiation. But good sound insulation should be attributed to the asset of the product.


  • high bending strength;
  • wide scope;
  • good soundproofing properties;
  • quick drying (6 hours).


  • small range of elevations;
  • low resistance to ultraviolet.

Eunice Horizon

Rating: 4.7


Perfectly proved in the conditions of damp rooms composition of Eunice Horizon. To create it, cement was used. a base that is perfectly complemented by other components. IN as a result, the manufacturer managed to achieve high speed hardening (3 hours). Experts consider it the best material when it is necessary to level a solid foundation (concrete floors, screed). The composition is not afraid of temperature changes, it is suitable for floor heating devices. Another factor for getting into our Rating has become an affordable price.

As for the shortcomings, users note a large product consumption and low pot life (30 minutes). But in in bathrooms, baths and saunas, the bulk floor often becomes lifesaver.


  • moisture resistance;
  • fast hardening;
  • resistance to temperature extremes;
  • affordable price.


  • high consumption;
  • limited solution lifetime.

Skorline FK45R

Rating: 4.6


The combination of mineral base and polymer fillers makes the Skorlain FK45R bulk floor one of the fastest curing. Already 2 hours after leveling is allowed to walk on surface. Lay ceramic tiles or expanded clay recommended after 3 hours. And the other types of finishing work best done after a week exposure. When floor heating devices it is desirable to allow the coating to stand 28 days. The layer thickness can vary between 2-100 mm.

Builders are satisfied with the viability of the prepared solution (40 minutes), an opportunity to eliminate serious roughnesses of the basis. The product closes the top six ranking of the best leveling compounds, because users complain of cracks after drying out.


  • fast hardening;
  • ease of alignment;
  • acceptable price;
  • smooth surface.


  • unstable quality.


Rating: 4.5


Increased interest among domestic homeowners aroused New Weber-Vetonit. This is a leveling compound. Vetonit-5000. It attracts an affordable price. Specialists who managed to work with the product, there are several points. Firstly, the finished solution is quite thick, so for leveling will have to use beacons and the rule. Mix fast dries, after 2 hours it is difficult to remove the beacons from the floor. The surface after hardening is rough due to coarse fraction of the filler. Therefore, after alignment is required finish flooring.

Having studied all the advice of professionals, experts gave 7 place in the ranking. On the one hand, it is easily mixed with a mixer or drill, but alignment is best entrusted to experienced finishers.


  • affordable price;
  • quick drying;
  • high strength;
  • ease of kneading.


  • thick consistency of the solution;
  • rough surface.

Ceresit CN-175

Rating: 4.5

Ceresit CN-175

The universal set of useful qualities leveling mixture Ceresit CN-175. With its help it is possible to smooth roughness of the base within 3-60 mm. To strengths product experts attribute the lack of shrinkage after drying, resistance to cracking. The composition falls into our rating also for environmental friendliness. The manufacturer recommends using it in residential and bathrooms. The coating is gaining the necessary hardness for walking for 4 hours. The prepared solution can be applied manually or mechanically.

Self-leveling mixture could not rise higher due to difficulties with cooking, poor and quality surface after drying.


  • lack of shrinkage and cracks after drying;
  • high strength;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • low consumption.


  • thick consistency;
  • large layer thickness.

BOLARS Finishing SV-1010

Rating: 4.4


As a finishing flooring can be used composition BOLARS Finishing SV-1010. The product combines such qualities as thin layer and compressive strength. Experts highlight the wide scope of application. It is possible to level floors not only in internal indoors, but also outside the buildings. The astringent component of the mixture is cement, so the hardening time can exceed 6 hours. Not really viability is considered high (30 minutes), which requires employee responsiveness when leveling. But the consistency the prepared solution is optimal for uniform spreading.

The composition could not take a higher place in our ranking due to consumer reviews. They are unhappy with the quality of the material.


  • spreads evenly;
  • grabs quickly;
  • thin layer (0.1-10 mm);
  • high strength.


  • fragility;
  • the solution solidifies quickly in the heat.

Lithopol De Luxe

Rating: 4.3

Litopol De Luxe

Another finishing bulk floor falls into our rating. it composition of Litopol De Luxe. It is very easy to use, which pleases beginner finishers. To get the finished solution, it is enough mix dry powder with water (2-3 min) with a mixer. 2-3 minutes the resulting mass is allowed to infuse, after which again mix. Remains evenly and quickly (up to 30 minutes) distribute the solution to the base. Drying time for walking. is 6 hours, but lay linoleum, laminate, parquet or the tile follows after a 7-day exposure. With the help of the composition align serious differences (5-100 mm).

Among the shortcomings, consumers note a high consumption of the product, the need for operational alignment, fear of a solution of drafts and sun rays.


  • simplicity in preparation;
  • good leveling ability;
  • affordable price;
  • withstands heat.


  • high consumption;
  • the solution sets quickly.


Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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