15 best vitamins to strengthen immunity

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Immunity is the innate ability of the human body. resist external hostile influences that It turns out to be viruses, bacteria, fungi. The existence of people without it is simply not possible. With weakened immunity, the body becomes easily vulnerable. The main signs of a decrease in defenses organism:

  1. frequent infection with viral diseases;
  2. slow healing process;
  3. fatigue, lethargy, weakness;
  4. slow healing of wounds;
  5. dry skin, cracks, rashes;
  6. poor mucous membranes;
  7. various pains of unknown etiology.

Weakened immunity affects almost any system organism. It can even cause death if purposefully not to strengthen it. If a decrease in defenses organism is associated with some kind of disease, then a person Be sure to be treated under the supervision of doctors. But if immunity decreased due to vitamin deficiencies, then some I can solve this problem myself.

The presence of vitamins in itself does not directly affect the condition immunity. However, to maintain overall well-being and improved metabolism, the use of such nutrients brings great benefit. Many consumers prefer vitamins. to strengthen immunity from the US that are well represented on Eicherb website. In this review we will look at the best ones for adults and for children.

Rating of the best vitamins for strengthening immunity

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best vitamins for strengthening immunity in adults 1 Super Nutrition “Super Immunity” 3 931 rub.
2 Complex for strengthening immunity Sundown Organics 973 rub
3 Garden of Life “RM-10 Ultra” 3 317 rub.
4 Nature’s Bounty Vitamin C with Rose Hips 710 rub
5 Quantum Health Super Lysine + Immunity Support 908 r
6 Solaray Vitamin C with Bioflavonoid Concentrate 990 rub
7 One-A-Day Men’s Formula Complete Multivitamin 1 350 rub.
The best vitamins for strengthening immunity in children 1 Nature’s Plus Animal Parade to Strengthen Children’s immunity 701 rub
2 Nature’s Bounty Immune Charge 426 r
3 Enzymatic Therapy Sea Buddies Immunity 618 rub
4 Natural Dynamix “Chewing Cuties” 749 RUB
5 Sundown Naturals Kids Disney Princess 794 rub
6 Rainbow Light Chewing Bears Essentials 1 064 rub.
7 Syrup to enhance immunity with elderberry Garden of Life 1,554 rubles
8 ChildLife Essential Nutrients, Liquid Vitamin C 412 rub

The best vitamins for strengthening immunity in adults

On the Eicherb website you can purchase various nutritional supplements with vitamins and plants useful for immunity, which effectively help adults increase the body’s defenses and its resistance to disease.

Super Nutrition “Super Immunity”

Rating: 4.9

Super Nutrition

Super Nutrition trademark, presented on the Eicherb website, releases dietary supplement “Super immunity”. It is a means to strengthen immunity contains a powerful complex of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and herbs. This complex not only enhances the body’s defenses, but also has a bactericidal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic act.

Super Nutrition’s Super Immunity is vegetarian pills. They are quite large, have vanilla smell. Placed in a bottle of high quality, opaque plastic. Their packaging contains 240 pieces. Food supplement recommended take 4 tablets after breakfast and 4 tablets after lunch / dinner. The food supplement must be swallowed whole without chewing and drinking plenty of water.

According to customer reviews of the Eicherb store, this complex is from Super Nutrition is very effective. Many note that on the background the use of this tool significantly reduces fatigue. Pep felt after awakening, and throughout the day. This tool helps to less often get sick and recover faster. Also some note that this supplement helped them solve dermatological problems. Tolerance in such vitamins is very good one. They cause allergic reactions extremely rarely.


  • well balanced composition;
  • relieve constant fatigue and weakness;
  • protect against frequent colds;
  • relieve skin dryness.


  • 8 tablets should be taken per day.

Complex for strengthening immunity Sundown Organics

Rating: 4.8

Sundown Organics Complex for strengthening immunity

Sundown Organics Brand Produces Respond Immune Food Additive Complex. This complex for strengthening immunity contains key vitamins – C and D3, as well as selenium and zinc in this matter. And also it the remedy is enriched with medicinal mushrooms (Reishi, Shiitake, Maytake), strengthening immunity. This drug effectively stimulates body defenses.

At Eicherb Complex for strengthening immunity is sold in the form of easy to swallow tablets. They are pure of lactose, gluten, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Pills placed in a high-quality plastic bottle, which It is in addition packed into a cardboard box. Accept Respond Immune Complex 1 time per day for 1 vitamin. One bottle is enough for 4 weeks of use.

Consumers respond very well to the Fortification Complex immunity from Sundown Organics. With it in the body appears noticeable surge of strength and energy. Vigor persists all day. Wounds heal faster, the condition of the skin improves. Chronic diseases are exacerbated much less frequently. Persons taking such vitamins often remain healthy even in the midst of an epidemic catarrhal diseases.


  • unloaded structure;
  • 1 tablet per day;
  • provide a surge of strength and energy;
  • contribute to wound healing;
  • protect during an epidemic of viral diseases.


  • individual intolerance is possible.

Garden of Life “RM-10 Ultra”

Rating: 4.7

Garden of Life

Garden of Life, a company popular on Ayherb, produces food additive “RM-10 ultra”. This complex contains vitamin B12, folic acid, calcium, selenium, lycopene, as well as organic mushrooms and other quality immune-enhancing ingredients broad spectrum protection. The RM-10 Ultra contains a full healthy methylation nutrient pack DNA is essential for maintaining optimal health.

Garden of Life “RM-10 Ultra” for sale as vegetarian UltraZorbe capsules. They do not contain lactose, artificial dyes and preservatives. There are 90 of them in one package pieces. Take this complex from Garden of Life 1 capsule 3 times in a day. It is recommended to use the supplement 1 hour before or after 2 hours after the main meal.

Reviews of dietary supplements Garden of Life “RM-10 Ultra” are found mostly positive. Consumers on the Aherb website note that during the use of this tool they practically do not get sick colds. This complex gives them strength, energy, improves mood. Capsules are swallowed quite easily and conveniently. But people taking this dietary supplement note that the effect is noticeable only while using this remedy. And at the end of the course, their condition worsens again.


  • broad spectrum immune support;
  • easy to swallow capsules;
  • well tolerated;
  • quickly improves the general condition;
  • gives strength and energy.


  • at the end of the course, the state pretty quickly becomes the same.

Vitamin C with Rosehip Nature’s Bounty

Rating: 4.7

Nature's Bounty Vitamin C with Rose Hips

Nature’s Bounty Brand Develops Food Additive Vitamin C with wild rose. This product contains 500 mg of ascorbic acid. acid and 14 mg of rosehip powder. Allergy sufferers should take into account that the composition contains natural flavors orange, vegetable dye (annatto extract) and sugar. This is a high vitamin C supplement. stimulates the immune system during the cold season.

At Eicherb’s Nature’s Bounty Vitamin C with Rose Hips Sold in in the form of round, biconvex chewing tablets of light orange colors. They chew without problems and have a pleasant sweet and sour taste of orange. Their packaging contains 90 pieces. Recommended to chew on 1 vitamins daily with food. After that in the next 1-2 hours it is better to refrain from drinking drinks with caffeine.

Consumers respond very well to Nature’s supplement Bounty on the Eicherb website. Such vitamins are good to drink and they don’t cause unwanted effects even in people with gastritis. This complex perfectly strengthens the immune system. With this supplement go up chances of not catching a cold. She rid of loss of strength, bad mood and irritability. With this peeling on the skin disappears, complexion improves, stop bleeding gums.


  • high content of vitamin C;
  • tablets are tasty, easy to chew;
  • do not cause complications in people with problem gastrointestinal tract;
  • relieve chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • protect against colds;
  • improve the condition of the skin, gums.


  • contain sugar.

Quantum Health Super Lysine + Immunity Support

Rating: 4.7

Quantum Health Super Lysine + Immunity Support

Quantum Health, available on Eicherb’s website, produces an effective Super Lysine + product. In addition to the main component of L-lysine in the composition of this dietary supplement includes: vitamin C, calcium, echinacea, licorice, propolis and garlic. This product is designed to to maintain immunity and help the body cope with negative environmental factors.

Quantum Health Super Lysine + is sold as oblong, smooth sand-colored tablets. They are usually swallowed easily, but some may still have difficulty with this. In plastic the bottle may contain 90/180 vitamins. Recommended to take Supplements for 1 piece 3 times a day 1 hour before meals or after 2 hours after the main meal. This tool should be used with hypertensive caution. They can do this only after consultation with a doctor.

In reviews on Ayherb, consumers say it’s the best for them. immunomodulator. Herpes passes very quickly with him. If taking this food supplement regularly, then the likelihood of getting a cold reduces to zero. And if infection has already occurred, then the loading dose of these vitamins (3 tablets at a time) allows you to quickly stop all unpleasant symptoms. Product tolerance is very good. The stomach responds adequately to such therapy.


  • well thought out composition:
  • quickly help cure herpes;
  • protect against colds;
  • help to recover quickly;
  • do not cause stomach problems.


  • some have difficulty swallowing pills.

Vitamin C with Solaray Bioflavonoid Concentrate

Rating: 4.6


Solaray, a popular brand on Eicherb, releases dietary supplements Vitamin C with bioflavonoid concentrate. As part of this complex there is vitamin C (ascorbic acid, rosehip, acerola), calcium, magnesium, as well as bioflavonoids (concentrate from citrus fruits). This product not only perfectly strengthens the immune system, but also slows down aging process, has anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antitumor effect.

Such vitamins are sold from Solaray in the form of capsules with a shell of herbal ingredients. They have a standard size, therefore, special difficulties in swallowing do not arise. In plastic The bottle may contain 100/250 capsules. It is recommended to take them 1 piece 1 time per day during main consumption of food. The supplement should be washed down with plenty of water.

Consumers in reviews on Ayherb report that Vitamin C with Solaray’s bioflavonoid concentrate is excellent stimulator of immunity. Many people say that with this food with the addition of a surge of strength, they are less sick and better look. After a week, the use of this tool improves Awakening in the morning, a night’s sleep, and all day you feel cheerful.


  • high content of vitamin C;
  • 1 capsule per day;
  • easy to swallow;
  • increase efficiency;
  • improve appearance;
  • protect against colds.


  • not identified.

One-A-Day Men’s Formula Complete Multivitamin

Rating: 4.5

One-A-Day Men's Formula Complete Multivitamin

The One-A-Day brand has developed a special multivitamin complex for men. Men’s Formula CompleteMultivitamin strengthens the immunity of the stronger sex for account of the content of vitamins A, C, D, E, selenium and zinc. Other components of the composition normalize the work of the cardiovascular system, and also increase physical stamina. This product does not contain iron and artificial dyes.

Men’s Formula Complete Multivitamin for sale on Eicherb in the form of oblong sand tablets with beveled edges. On each of they squeezed out the number – “1”. They are in a plastic container with a lid protecting it from opening by children. Take them in 1 piece per day during breakfast or lunch. Strong smell and taste vitamins do not have. They are swallowed quite normally, although not everyone easy to do it.

These vitamins are specifically designed to strengthen immunity. for men, according to consumers on the Eicherb website, they simply work fine. They noticeably give strength. Men wake up easily in the morning and retain energy until the evening. They have strength for sports. This complex perfectly improves mood. And colds, even during an epidemic, go away side.


  • well thought out composition;
  • protection against opening the bottle by children;
  • give strength and energy;
  • increase efficiency;
  • Improve mood
  • protect against colds.


  • not everyone can swallow such pills easily.

The best vitamins for strengthening immunity in children

Advantage of Vitamins for Childhood Immunity Sold on Ayherb, is that they are organic and completely harmless. They do not contain artificial dyes, flavors or preservatives.

Nature’s Plus Animal Parade to Strengthen Children’s immunity

Rating: 4.9


At Eicherb you can buy Animal Parade Supplements to strengthen child immunity from Nature’s Plus brand. This product contains vitamins A, C, E, trace element zinc, a unique mixture of whole plants, as well as a probiotic. As a part of this additive is absent gluten free and suitable for vegetarians. However parents should consider that such children’s vitamins contain quite a lot Sahara.

These Children’s Vitamins for Immunity from Nature’s Plus are pink dense figures of different animals. Chewable tablets taste like tropical berries. They are in a bottle of dark plastic in the amount of 90 pieces. Children from 2 years old it is recommended to take this dietary supplement at 2 vitamins per day during breakfast and dinner. They chew quite hard so at first it’s better to hold them in your mouth a little bit so that they become softer.

According to the reviews of the parents, the kids are rather willing to chew these vitamins and perceive them as a pleasant bonus while taking food. They strengthen immunity quite well. Even if they do not completely protect against virus infection, but help faster recover in the cold season. Kids with Vitamins become more cheerful and more fun. They have good tolerance. They usually do not provoke allergic reactions.


  • balanced composition;
  • pleasant taste;
  • 2 tablets per day;
  • interesting shape of animals;
  • children are less likely to get sick and recover faster;
  • there is vivacity and a surge of strength.


  • the tablets are pretty tight.

Nature’s Bounty Immune Charge

Rating: 4.8

Nature's Bounty Immune Charge

Nature’s Bounty Brand Launches Food Supplement Immune charge. This product is an excellent source of vitamin. C. It is presented here as calcium ascorbate – Ester-C. Dietary supplement is not contains gluten, and dyes and flavorings in it exclusively natural (vegetable and fruit juice), so it becomes An ideal choice to protect the immunity of all family members.

At Eicherb Nature’s Bounty Immune Charge sold as chewing marmalade, slightly sprinkled with sugar. Outwardly they remind slices of orange. Their taste is not chemical, close to natural citrus. In a plastic jar there are 60 pieces. Such vitamin marmelades are allowed for use by children from 4 years old. It is recommended to chew them 1-2 pieces a day.

Parents highly praise such vitamins to strengthen immunity from Nature’s Bounty. This is a great alternative for those who cannot swallow large tablets. With such sweets, children are less sick colds. They wake up easier in the morning and remain energetic throughout the day. The product does not cause allergies. Supplements are convenient to use, but such vitamins are warm begin to melt quickly.


  • good source of vitamin C;
  • delicious vitamin marmalades;
  • well increase the body’s defenses;
  • make children energetic throughout the day;
  • do not cause allergies.


  • warm quickly melt away.

Enzymatic Therapy Sea Buddies Immunity

Rating: 4.7


Enzymatic Therapy brand, an assortment of which is presented by Eicherb, Supports Sea Buddies Supplement Immunity. This means contains: elderberry, zinc, vitamins C, B6 and A, strengthening immunity and helping the child recover faster. Product not contains refined sugar, artificial flavors and preservatives. Fructose acts as a sweetener here.

Chewable Enzymatic Therapy Sea Buddies round biconvex tablets. They are pale purple with interspersed. In a bottle of high-quality plastic there are 60 pieces. For preventive purposes, it is enough to chew 1 vitamin in day. In the cold season, children from 2 to 4 years old can increase the dose by 2 times. And from 4 years you can take 2-4 vitamins per day. Opened the bottle must be stored in a dry place so that vitamins do not damp.

About Enzymatic Therapy Supplements for Enhancing Immunity mostly positive reviews. Parents say that with this A seasonal cold food supplement passes their kids side. But even if you already get sick, then the healing process going much faster. With this remedy, children improve appetite, they become more energetic, appears on the face healthy glow.


  • the composition is well balanced;
  • tablets are easily chewed;
  • does not contain artificial flavorings and preservatives;
  • increases the body’s defenses;
  • improves appetite.


  • tablets may become damp and discolor.

Natural Dynamix “Chewing Cuties”

Rating: 4.6

Natural Dynamix

Natural Dynamix trademark has developed a nutritional supplement “Chewing cuties.” The composition of this product includes: vitamins A, C, E, zinc and echinacea in the form of an extract of air parts and root extract. As a dye, a concentrate is used carrot juice, turmeric, annatto. And dietary supplement contains natural flavors, fractionated coconut oil. These vitamins suitable for use from 4 years.

At Ayherb they are sold in the form of burgundy marmalades. Outwardly, they resemble mushroom caps. Marmalades are soft, in moderation elastic, not sprinkled with sugar. They have a pleasant aroma sweet grassy. When chewed, they are sweet. Aftertaste bitterness is felt, as after honey. Recommended to take 2 gummies per day. Before swallowing them you should definitely chew.

In reviews, parents note that Natural Dynamix “Chewable cuties “- this is not a preventive, but a therapeutic agent. His should be given immediately to children as soon as the first cold symptoms. Thanks to this dietary supplement they manage to quickly them to stop. On an ongoing basis, pediatricians and parents do not recommend use this tool to stimulate the immune system so that it does not to drain. Product tolerance is very good.


  • unloaded, but effective composition;
  • delicious marmalades;
  • perfectly stop cold symptoms at an early stage;
  • do not contain harmful additives.


  • marmalades stick to the bottom of the can.

Sundown Naturals Kids Disney Princess

Rating: 4.5


At Ayherb you can also buy BAA Disney Princesses from Sundown Naturals Kids. This product contains 11 essential nutrients, including vitamins A, B, C, D, E. Supplements supports immunity, vision, bones, and metabolism antioxidant. As dyes, fruit is used here. and vegetable juice. The product also contains natural flavorings.

These vitamins from Sundown Naturals Kids are chewing marmalades in the form of figures of princesses. They have 3 color / taste: burgundy / cherry, orange / orange, red / grape. Sweets keep their shape well, do not melt in the hands. To them to chew you need to make an effort. The length of the marmalade reaches about 2 cm. The jar has a lid that protects it from opening children. Children from 2-3 years old are recommended to take 1 candy in day. And from 4 years – 2 marmalades per day.

According to reviews, these vitamins help children a lot. get infected in the cold season. They become more active and energetic. Their appetite improves and they sleep well. at night and easily wake up in the morning. Despite the rich taste and the color of these marmalades, they rarely cause allergic reactions. They are convenient to use, but in hot weather they can thaw and stick together in one lump.


  • 11 important components in the composition;
  • attractive marmalades;
  • the taste is not chemical;
  • well strengthen immunity in the cold season;
  • there is a cap that protects the bottle from opening by children.


  • melt and stick together in heat.

Chewing Bears Rainbow Light Essentials

Rating: 4.4


Rainbow Light trademark, popular on Aicherb, launches Chewing Bears Essentials. The product contains all the most essential vitamins and minerals to strengthen immunity, maintaining healthy bones, brain and eyes. This dietary supplement is pure from artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners. Varieties of flowers are achieved using tomato lycopene, curcumin and paprika.

This food supplement is a gelatin chewable Teddy bears with strawberry, orange and lemon flavor. They are pretty sour, but the kids chew them without any problems. To some parents don’t like just that the marmalades are sprinkled with plenty sugar. Bears are packaged in separate bags of 3 pieces – this daily dose for the child. The package contains 30 such sachets. They are suitable for use by children from 4 years old.

Rainbow Light Essentials chewing bears have earned a lot positive reviews. Parents like that with such vitamins children’s immunity is really well strengthened. Even during epidemics children practically do not get sick or worry easier colds. They have improved skin, hair and nails. School performance is improving. Allergic reactions This product is extremely rare.


  • in the composition of all in moderation;
  • convenient packaging of 3 pieces;
  • tasty bears;
  • strengthen immunity;
  • increase school performance;
  • relieve dry skin.


  • the bears are sprinkled with sugar.

Syrup to enhance immunity with elderberry Garden of Life

Rating: 4.3


Garden of Life brand produces syrup to enhance immunity with Elderberry MyKind Organics. This product contains vitamin C, zinc, elderberry, echinacea, rosemary. As part of this syrup is absent sugar and alcohol. Organic composition and lack of GMOs confirmed certificate. This immunity enhancing dietary supplement is suitable for everyone. family members.

Syrup to enhance immunity with elderberry from Garden of Life Sold in 195 ml dark plastic bottles. IN The kit has a convenient dispensing cup. Before use shake the syrup well. Adults and children over 13 years is recommended to take 6.5 ml 2 times a day. For children under 13 years of age ½ serving daily. After opening the bottle should Keep refrigerated.

According to consumer reviews on the Eicherb website, this syrup for strengthening immunity copes with the tasks both in children and in adults. The syrup is quite tasty with flavor citrus and sweet due to tapioca. He is less likely to get sick colds and recover faster. He relieves of chronic fatigue syndrome, improves performance.


  • a combination of herbs with vitamin C and zinc;
  • does not contain sugar and alcohol;
  • pleasant taste;
  • dosing cup included;
  • effectively strengthens the immune system.


  • after opening the bottle should be stored in the refrigerator.

ChildLife Essential Nutrients, Liquid Vitamin C

Rating: 4.4


Best seller on Eicherb – Liquid Vitamin C from ChildLife. This The product is intended to strengthen immunity and protect against negative environmental factors. This dietary supplement is allowed to use even for infants from 6 months. In every 5 ml of this food Supplements contain 250 ml of ascorbic acid. Product is clean from artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners.

ChildLife Vitamin C is sold in liquid form. Food the additive is in a bottle (118.5 ml) of dark glass. It is a clear yellowish liquid. Taste – orange, slightly sour. Before use, the bottle must be shake well. If babies take such a liquid vitamin reluctantly, it can be mixed with your favorite drink. Daily dosages vary by age.

According to reviews, this ChildLife Liquid Vitamin C is safe strengthens the immune system. The additive contains potassium sorbate, therefore, during the application of this tool can be provided mild laxative effect. Supplements are convenient to use. With her manages not to get sick during the cold season. Such a tool gives vigor, vigor. It improves the condition of the skin. Allergic reactions are extremely rare.


  • good vitamin C content;
  • convenient to use;
  • pleasant orange flavor and aroma;
  • can be mixed with drinks;
  • makes the body more resistant to disease.


  • overdose can cause diarrhea.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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