15 best varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

In a greenhouse, picking tomatoes is possible year-round. For it is advisable to select seeds taking into account climatic terrain features. For tomatoes grown in this way the following is characteristic:

  1. fast ripening;
  2. plentiful harvest;
  3. excellent commercial qualities;
  4. resistance to pests, diseases, bad weather conditions.

When choosing seeds, taste characteristics are also taken into account, possibility of storage and transportation. On the productivity of greenhouse Tomatoes are affected by the internal microclimate and the type of bushes. Among them There are 2 main types: indeterminate and determinant.

A high yield is obtained when growing determinant bushes, since brushes are formed through 2 sheets. But they need more thorough care. And indeterminate plants constantly need tying and pinching. Allocate a large number of varieties and hybrids. Our experts ranked the best of them.

Rating of the best varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses

Nomination a place grade rating
The best determinant varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses 1 Alpha 5.0
2 Valentine 4.9
3 Bang F1 4.8
4 Openwork F1 4.7
5 Alaska 4.6
6 Bourgeois 4.5
7 Blagovest F1 4.4
The best indeterminate varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses 1 Octopus F1 5.0
2 Pink king 4.9
3 Star Gold F1 4.8
4 Miracle of the earth 4.7
5 Major F1 4.6
6 Cow’s heart 4.5
7 Yellow cherry 4.4
8 Samara 4.3

The best determinant varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses

Determinant varieties are appropriate to grow in film greenhouses. These are standard bushes that do not need to be tied or stepchildren. Determinant varieties always stop growing after education at the end of the shoot is ovary with fruits.


Rating: 5.0


The first place in the ranking is occupied by Alpha. It refers to early ripening. The height of the plant is 40-55 cm. The stems are quite thick, grow without bending. Their foliage is very similar to potato. Alpha tomatoes are excellently grown in greenhouses or in open ground under favorable conditions.

Rounded tomatoes are small, slightly flattened. They painted in bright red color, their flesh is quite dense. There are no more than 6 seed chambers in one tomato. Middle a tomato weighs about 55 g. Alpha harvested tomatoes are stored not for long, and also quite poorly transported.

Gardeners in the reviews note that when trying to preserve Alpha tomatoes, they burst, so they are preferably eat fresh, and also make sauces or salads from them. Our experts included Alpha in the rating, as it is beneficial for growing up. His agricultural technology is simple, to heat and light these tomatoes are undemanding.


  • juicy, sweet, fragrant
  • early ripening;
  • high productivity;
  • resistant to most nightshade diseases.


  • poorly transported.


Rating: 4.9


An early ripe variety of tomatoes Valentine takes the second position rating. The ripening period of this vegetable crop is 102-105 days. The bush does not belong to the standard. He is half-spread, covered a small amount of yellow-green, slightly corrugated leaves.

Tomatoes are hanging on stems in clusters. They are not very large (maximum weight – 90 g), but there are a lot of them. Their shape is oval, reminiscent of a plum. Color varies between orange and red. Under smooth peel, which usually does not crack, is fleshy flesh. Most often, these tomatoes are preserved whole or recycle for other winter blanks.

Lovers of the Valentine variety note that the only drawback of these tomatoes – the need to tie up a bush. They deservedly were in the ranking of the best, because they have a good presentation and safety during transportation, as well as they are well stored, if they were ripped unripe.


  • the bush grows compact;
  • early ripening;
  • well transported;
  • tolerates minor drought.


  • the bush must be tied up.

Bang F1

Rating: 4.8


An early hybrid tomato blast variety located on the third ranking place. His non-standard bushes reach 45-60 cm in height. They are quite spreading. From the time of planting the seeds until ripened tomatoes takes 100-110 days. Every bush is capable give up to 3 kg of tomatoes.

Tomatoes Explosion rounded in shape, slightly ribbed. On one branch Simultaneous ripening occurs. The tomatoes are fleshy, but in dense at the same time. They are characterized by a rich red color. Blast tomatoes are universal in application.

Reviews about the variety are mostly positive. Our experts included him in the ranking of the best, because the tomatoes explosion able to be stored for a long time, and they are excellent are transported. Their seeds germinate well, and the fruits quickly ripen. The variety is unpretentious, and its productivity is high and stable.


  • taste characteristics at height;
  • universality of the use of fruits;
  • good disease resistance;
  • simultaneous ripening of tomatoes;
  • good commercial quality.


  • impossible to collect seeds.

Openwork F1

Rating: 4.7


The fourth position in the ranking is occupied by the hybrid Azhur. it medium-sized, standard bush reaching a height of 60-90 cm. Azhur variety is grown both in open ground and in greenhouses. The design of the inflorescences is simple, stem organ carrying the fruit, articulated, and the leaves are large.

When the tomatoes reach maturity, they become slightly flattened, red in color. Their average weight is 240-280 g. The pulp is fleshy, covered with a dense skin. Taste and smell they have a nice one. In ripe tomatoes, on average, there are about 4 seed chambers.

Gardeners in the reviews note that the Openwork variety is good heat tolerance and lack of moisture. Our experts have included this hybrid in the rating, because it is famous for its high productivity. At observing all the rules of agricultural technology and the right choice of fertilizing it is possible to get up to 10-12 kg of delicious tomatoes from 1 m².


  • high taste;
  • universality of use;
  • resistance to underlying diseases;
  • heat endurance;
  • high productivity.


  • with the growth of the plant, difficulties in care appear.


Rating: 4.6


The fifth place in the ranking was stunted, quickly ripening grade Alaska. The height of its bushes does not exceed 50 cm. The leaves are medium. size, their color is light green. The inflorescence is formed simple. Tomatoes ripen in 80-100 days. Grow them like in greenhouses, and in open beds.

Alaska tomatoes are flat-round with a smooth surface. All fruits have approximately the same size, weight (about 90 g) and the ripening period. The color of unripe tomatoes is green, and as it ripens, it turns red. Seed nests no more than 3-4 pieces are present. Taste on top. Tomato Alaska is most often used for salads.

According to reviews, in greenhouse conditions, they remove from one bush to 2 kg of fruit. Grade Alaska deservedly appeared in the ranking of the best, because it is characterized by high productivity, despite the low growth plants. And the bushes of these tomatoes are unpretentious and easy even inexperienced gardeners grow.


  • early ripening;
  • good disease resistance;
  • excellent taste characteristics.


  • not suitable for preservation or long-term storage.


Rating: 4.5


Mid-season hybrid bourgeois variety takes sixth position rating. From the time of planting to the maturity of the first tomato passes about 100-110 days. The plant is standard, its height is usually not exceeds 1 m. The variety is successfully grown both on open ground, and in greenhouse conditions.

Tomatoes have a rounded shape. Their pulp is dense and fleshy. The green fruits of the Bourgeois variety ripen quickly and turn red. color. Excellent taste is ensured by a balanced ratio acids and sugars. This vegetable crop is good as fresh, and during processing for the purpose of conservation.

Gardeners in the reviews note that the bourgeois tomatoes have a good immunity, therefore, they are not afraid of most diseases and pests. Our experts included this variety in the rating of the best, because when observing all agricultural practices, it is possible to grow tomatoes, weighing 300-400 g.


  • delicious;
  • tomatoes ripen together;
  • transported without problems;
  • bear fruit over time;
  • universality of use.


  • fragility of stems.

Blagovest F1

Rating: 4.4


Closes the rating of determinant varieties Blagovest tomato. it tall hybrid – bush height reaches 150 cm. It is formed a large number of branches that are covered by a relatively small the number of gray-green leaves with an average size. Form y classic, glossy surface with pronounced corrugation.

Tomatoes have a rounded shape, slightly ribbed. At the stalk a slight depression is observed, and the apex is smooth. In immature they are white-green, after final ripening turn bright red. Each tomato weighs 110-120 g on average, but with special care it is possible to get copies of 150 g.

In reviews, fans of the Blagovest variety note that he is fast sings, gives high yields, and the fruits look very attractive. The hybrid is included in the ranking of the best, because tomatoes are good are transported and for a long time keep a commodity appearance at storage. They have universal application. They are great for blanks intact.


  • good productivity from one bush;
  • safety during transportation;
  • resistance to underlying diseases;
  • universality of application.


  • the need to tie up the bush and brushes.

The best indeterminate varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses

Indeterminate tomatoes are tall vegetables growing for a long time. During the entire development, the bush reaches a height of more than 1.5 m, and some varieties even up to 6 m.

Octopus F1

Rating: 5.0


The first place in the ranking is occupied by the indeterminate hybrid Octopus. It is characterized by a large energy of growth. It is called tomato a tree whose height reaches 5 m. A large appears on the bush number of side shoots. There are many leaves on the crown, and the root system is well developed.

Tomatoes are not very large (about 100-150 g). They are rounded bright red color. Their pulp is sweet, juicy, fleshy. Harvested tomatoes are good in lying. They are successfully canned or used for the preparation of salads, juices. Some lovers of this variety claim that it is possible to remove up to 1.5 t from one tree a tomato.

Gardeners in the reviews note that the variety bears fruit at all shoots, no need for pinching. Our experts contributed Octopus to rating, because subject to all the rules of agricultural technology, it can provide record yields. Tomato bush resistant to pests and diseases. The variety tolerates cold or heat well.


  • can bear fruit for several years in a row;
  • growing fast;
  • high productivity;
  • not afraid of pests;
  • tolerates diseases well.


  • material costs for obtaining record yields.

Pink king

Rating: 4.9


Mid-season tomato variety Pink Tsar takes the second position rating. The height of the bush reaches an average of 150 cm. Vegetative the period lasts about 90 days, and the countdown is performed from the moment seedling formation. The bush is covered with a moderate amount of leaves. medium sized, with roughness on the surface.

The shape of the tomato is rounded, slightly flattened. They look very brightly. Their color is pale pink. The dimensions are pretty impressive – in in good conditions, the weight of one tomato can reach up to 300 g. The pulp is dense, quite juicy. Their taste is sweetish. Tomatoes The pink king fit organically into salads.

According to reviews, it is possible to remove up to 7 kg of tomato from one bush. The pink king deservedly appeared in the ranking of the best, because, along with excellent taste characteristics, it has a high resistance to common nightshade diseases. This grade does not require special care and pleases with high productivity.


  • tasty large pink tomatoes;
  • high productivity;
  • unpretentious in care;
  • universality of application.


  • Colorado potato beetle can attack young plants.

Star Gold F1

Rating: 4.8


The third position in the ranking was made by the hybrid variety Star Gold. it early ripe cherry tomatoes. The plant grows powerfully. On the stems many leaves that almost completely cover the fruits. At Star Gold bushes well developed root system. Tomatoes ripen with whole brushes, and they are also collected.

Tomatoes are small, very fragrant, without streaks and stem inside. Their color is bright yellow, the size and shape are uniform. On the brush count up to 18 cherry tomatoes. Tomato Star Gold is consumed fresh or canned for the winter.

Reviews about this hybrid variety are found mainly positive. Star Gold is deservedly in the ranking of the best, since it is unpretentious in cultivation, stably bears fruit. FROM one plant that has an average of 8 brushes can be removed up to 3 kg tomato. Usually the fruits do not crack.


  • taste characteristics;
  • they are sung and cut off with brushes;
  • unpretentious in care;
  • friendly return of the crop;
  • disease resistance.


  • impossible to collect seeds.

Miracle of the earth

Rating: 4.7


The early ripe grade Miracle of the earth takes the fourth position of a rating. The plant grows at least 2 m in height. Escalation occurs before as long as the bush is not torn out together with the root system. On one 8 to 14 clusters can form on a plant, on each of which ripen 6-8 large tomatoes.

Each tomato reaches 500 g in weight and has the shape of a heart. His the walls do not crack under light mechanical stress. Painted tomato evenly, without a green halo around the stem. And Tomatoes Miracle of the Earth do not have a whitish spot on the cut. Under thin but fairly strong skin is sweet and sour flesh with a pleasant aroma.

Gardeners praise this variety in their reviews. The main the advantage of these tomatoes is their size and taste specifications. And our experts included him in the ranking of the best, since the miracle of the earth is well resistant to major diseases nightshade. Plus, it has good drought tolerance. Some people call this variety impeccable.


  • beautiful tomato shape;
  • excellent taste;
  • drought tolerance;
  • the fruits do not crack;
  • good disease resistance.


  • needs to be carefully tied to a strong support.

Major F1

Rating: 4.6


Fifth place in the ranking is a hybrid variety Major. Bush not standard, rather high – from 150 cm. After planting seedlings and up the appearance of the first tomato passes no more than 110 days. With due Care and proper planting is possible to receive up to 8-12 kg from 1 m². Productivity of the variety is not a record, but stable.

Major tomatoes are round. Their size is quite large. By as they mature, they become bright crimson. Their weight varies between 150-300 g. Experienced gardeners recommend that the tomato be ripe directly on the bush. In this case, the taste will be much better than those that reach the desired condition on the windowsill or in drawer.

According to reviews, tomatoes of Major are not canned whole, but from they prepare juices, sauces, and also actively eat them fresh. Grade deservedly appeared in the ranking of the best, because tomatoes have excellent taste characteristics, beautiful shape, high resistance diseases and long-term preservation of commercial qualities during storage.


  • attractive in appearance;
  • excellent taste characteristics;
  • stable harvest;
  • good immunity to nightshade diseases.


  • increased requirements for irrigation and fertilizers.

Cow’s heart

Rating: 4.5


Non-hybrid, indeterminate cultivar Cowskin heart, ripening quite late, ranks sixth in the ranking. In the greenhouse plant conditions reaches 2 m. On a mature bush are absent massive leaves, and on each brush there are up to 4-5 fruits. After planting, about 115 days pass before harvesting.

Large mature tomatoes have a pink color, they are sweetish and have fleshy flesh. They got their name thanks to the special shape – rounded, slightly elongated down. From fresh tomatoes great salads. Tomato is also harvested from them. juice, pasta, use them for preserving mixed vegetables.

Gardeners in the reviews note that with proper care and optimal watering tomatoes of this variety rarely crack. If a transportation is supposed, the crop is harvested a little unripe, because lying down tomatoes are not very good. Sort deserves to be in ranking, because the cow’s heart is highly productive, good fruit quality and resistance to major diseases tomatoes.


  • large, tasty fruits;
  • rarely crack;
  • good disease resistance.


  • poorly kept.

Yellow cherry

Rating: 4.4


In the seventh position in the rating was the variety Yellow Tomato. Bushes grow above 150 cm. They are semi-spreading, on their branches there is an average amount of small, slightly goffered leaves green color and branches.

Small tomatoes, shaped like plums. Under the smooth the yellow peel is sweetish fragrant flesh. Average the weight of each tomato is from 15 to 20 g. In one brush ripens up to 60 fruits. Fresh Cherry Tomatoes Eat Fresh or canned whole.

According to reviews, this variety is not intended for long-term storage. Our experts included him in the ranking of the best, since Yellow cherry tomatoes are distinguished by good taste and quickly ripen. They are suitable for canning with brushes and give stable, plentiful harvest.


  • delicious cherry tomatoes;
  • early ripening;
  • good yield.


  • susceptible to certain types of diseases.


Rating: 4.3


Completes the ranking of the best indeterminate tomato variety Samara. The bush of the plant reaches a height of 2-2.5 m. Active fruiting begins 90-96 days after planting seeds for seedlings. Bush has an average number of branches. There is little on the stems the amount of slightly corrugated, characteristic for tomato leaves. At They are dark green and matte.

Tomatoes are round, almost spherical in shape with a faint spot about stalks. Unripened have a light green color, and after the ripening they turn red with a slight gloss. Average productivity from one bush is – 3.5-4 kg. Every fruit in the brush about the same weight (85-100 g). Tomato Samara fit for slicing into salads and canning whole.

Reviews about this variety are mostly positive. He got into the rating, because tomatoes have an excellent presentation. Variety Samara is characterized by a long fruiting period, equal size of fruits in the brush. It is resistant to most nightshade diseases.


  • earlier ripening;
  • tomatoes do not crack;
  • even size and weight of the fruit;
  • universality of application.


  • it is necessary to tie the stems.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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