15 best strawberry varieties for Moscow region

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Many people like strawberries, but not everyone decides to grow it, especially in the suburbs. This is due to the fact that this garden the culture is rather capricious and requires careful care. Separate varieties have been specially adapted by breeders for growing in this region.

This strawberry tolerates frosts or increased humidity. Gardeners should not only be well versed in planting rules or agricultural machinery, but also to acquire the very best samples that would provide high yields. Our experts made a rating that included the early, middle and late varieties, suitable for cultivation in the suburbs.

Rating of the best strawberry varieties for Moscow region

Nomination a place strawberry variety rating
The best early strawberry varieties for Moscow Region 1 Kimberly 5.0
2 Alba 4.9
3 Cardinal 4.8
4 Wima Zanta 4.7
5 Honey 4.6
The best average strawberry varieties for Moscow region 1 Festival 5.0
2 Nightingale 4.9
3 Marmalade 4.8
4 Darselect 4.7
5 Elsanta 4.6
The best late strawberry varieties for Moscow region 1 Malvina 5.0
2 Holiday 4.9
3 Tago 4.8
4 Bohemia 4.7
5 Chamorora Turusi 4.6

The best early strawberry varieties for Moscow Region

Early strawberry varieties allow harvesting in late spring good harvest. With the necessary care, their fruiting begins with mid-May.


Rating: 5.0


Dutch experts have developed a variety of Kimberly, ranked first. Bushes grow powerful but compact and not very sprawling. They are present the average number of large roundish leaves is light green. Leaf stems have a slight pubescence. Red long mustache formed a little. Shoots hold fruit well and do not creep on the ground under their weight.

Kimberly berries of the correct conical shape without a neck. At the first collection they usually have a heart-shaped. Completely Kimberly’s ripened strawberry acquires an intense red color. The pulp in the section is red, with a slight orange tint. Aroma in fruits pronounced. The pulp is dense in moderation, very juicy, sweet, but it can’t be called sugary. On the palate feel caramel notes.


  • externally attractive fruits;
  • excellent taste;
  • good transportability;
  • stable fruiting;
  • decent harvest;
  • not too whimsical.


  • uneven aging.


Rating: 4.9


The Italian strawberry variety Alba takes the second position rating. The bushes reach a height of 30-35 cm. They are abundantly covered. leaves. At the same time, the plant is quite compact and produces little mustache. Leaflets are relatively large, healthy. Peduncles under the weight of the crop is laid out on the ground.

Strawberry Alba is large, has a regular shape (cone-shaped, elongated). All berries have approximately the same weight. Skin glistening and painted in bright red color. Yellow achenes have an average landing. In the section, the flesh is red. She is juicy and dense, but does not crunch when nibbled. The aroma is medium and resembles wild strawberries.

Gardeners in the reviews note that despite quite the mediocre taste of strawberries Alba, it can be praised for a good transportability. When harvesting berries without problems detached from the part of the stem, combining them with the plant. At In doing so, they retain a beautiful shape and remain dry. This strawberry is in the ranking of the best, since already at the end of May it is friendly gives the crop, despite the weather conditions near Moscow.


  • beautiful fruits;
  • excellent transportability;
  • good winter hardiness;
  • resistant to many diseases;
  • universal purpose.


  • susceptible to anthracnose.


Rating: 4.8


Third place ranking given to the American grade Cardinal. Tall bushes (40-45 cm) grow powerful, sprawling medium. They release a lot of mustache. The leaf per plant is average quantity. They are large, dark green with a bluish tint, resembling a boat. Strong flower stems hold well harvest, but at the same time lean to the ground.

Strawberry Cardinal large. Its shape is conical, elongated with visualized neck. The first fruits are often doubled. The skin is colored red with a ruby ​​tint. Cut the flesh has a dark red color. It is dense, juicy, fibrous and fragrant. She bites when she bites. Inside the fruit is often minor voids are present.

Connoisseurs of the variety in the reviews note that it is endowed with excellent taste characteristics. Cardinal is resistant to various diseases of the fruit or foliage. In addition, he tolerates well frost, heavy rains or drought, for which he was in the ranking best for the suburbs. Strawberry Cardinal is universal in use.


  • taste qualities;
  • tolerates transportation well;
  • stored up to 3 days;
  • excellent aroma remains even after processing.


  • susceptible to powdery mildew.

Wima Zanta

Rating: 4.7


Dutch strawberry variety Vima Zanta takes fourth place rating. The plant grows vertically. Bush covered with large number of leaves of medium size. Their color is light. yellow green. They are smooth, medium wrinkled, fold into “boat”. The plant produces a lot of thin and slightly colored in mustache green.

The strawberries are round in shape. She has no neck. Skin matte, has a bright orange-red color. Achenes have an average planting. Juicy pulp in the context of light red. Gardeners note that she is quite loose, and her core is often hollow. Vima Zanta has a bright, rich taste. For some, this Strawberry is very sugary, but its flavor is beyond praise.


  • excellent taste characteristics;
  • high yields;
  • hygrophilous and winter hardy.


  • poorly transported.


Rating: 4.6


Fifth place in the rating is given to the Honey variety, bred American experts. The bush grows tall and spreading. Its root system is quite powerful. Strong flower stems therefore, they keep the ripening crop without problems. Mustache is formed the average number and they are not long. The plant contains flowers of both floors, therefore, it is not necessary to pollinate it further.

Large strawberries Honey have a regular conical shape with clearly visualized neck. The skin is dark red with characteristic brilliance. The pulp has a red color. She’s tight juicy, but almost odorless. On the surface of the berry there is a large number of seeds of light yellow color. Unripe berries are sour, and fully ripened harmonious taste.

According to reviews, fresh fruits are stored up to 3 days without loss commodity and taste. Berries ripen together, which is convenient when growing them for sale. Honei entered the ranking of the best varieties, suitable for growing in the suburbs, as this strawberry winter-hardy and well resistant to foliage diseases. However it should be borne in mind that this plant does not tolerate waterlogging the soil.


  • taste of berries in full maturity;
  • well tolerate transportation;
  • good resistance to diseases and pests;
  • tolerates winters well.


  • reacts poorly to excess moisture.

The best average strawberry varieties for Moscow region

Medium strawberry varieties delight with ripening berries in mid-summer. The weather during this period is usually dry and warm, so the fruits accumulate enough dry matter and sugars, and this provides a unique taste to strawberries.


Rating: 5.0


The Russian variety of Strawberry Festival takes the first position rating. The bush grows tall, spreads medium and keeps compactness. Leaves of medium size in large numbers cover the bush. They have a pronounced venation and a bluish plaque on bottom side of the plate. Plump flower stalks are located on on the same level as leaflets or under them.

The strawberries are large, oval, slightly oblong. Berries neck short. The peel has a bright red color and a characteristic gloss. On the the surface has a large number of dark red achenes. Berries disconnect seamlessly from the stalk, but are not damaged. After Harvesting, they are kept dry and neat. Pulp also has a red color. It is dense, but tender and juicy.

According to reviews, berries have a wonderful dessert flavor – Sweetness is organically combined with sourness. Very festival “tenacious” and able to withstand the most difficult weather conditions, therefore, it is deservedly in the ranking of the best varieties for Moscow region. Even with minimal care, she is able to please good harvest.


  • great dessert flavor;
  • preservation of commercial qualities with prolonged transportation;
  • universal application.


  • weakly resistant to powdery mildew;
  • affected by a strawberry tick.


Rating: 4.9


The second place in the ranking is occupied by another Russian variety – The nightingale. Bushes are powerful and tall. Visually they resemble a ball and covered with lots of leaves. Usikov at Solovushka is very a lot, especially in the first year of the bush. Leaves light green, with pronounced venation. Plant has flowers both sexes. They are white and collected in multi-flowered inflorescences.

Strawberries of this variety are large, most often rounded, conical shape. The peel has a dark red color. And then full ripening berries they acquire a beautiful dark purple shade. There are relatively few achenes and they have an average planting. The pulp in the section is bright red. Her density medium, and also voids are present. She is juicy, fleshy, and also has a bright aroma of wild strawberries.

According to reviews, the strawberry taste of Solovushka is very pleasant, balanced: sweetness is successfully complemented by sourness. Our experts included it in the rating of the best varieties for the Moscow region, because it tolerates frosts well. In addition, the plant has excellent immunity. This strawberry adapts very well to unusual environmental conditions and stably brings quality fruits.


  • large, very tasty berries;
  • stable fruiting;
  • undemanding to soils;
  • frost-resistant and heat-resistant;
  • good immunity to diseases.


  • prone to fungal diseases in rainy periods.


Rating: 4.8


Variety Marmalade, bred by Italian breeders, located in third place in the ranking. Bushes are powerful, tall, but compact. Leaves medium sized, raised, dark green color. The plant forms a large number of mustaches. The flowers are large, located above the level of leaves. Bushes bloom intensively and tie a large number of fruits.

The strawberry is large, cone-shaped, rounded. And the most large specimens are comb-shaped. The tip of the fetus may be slightly pointed or flattened. The skin is glossy, painted in red. Achenes are superficial, but with eating berries, they are almost not felt. Reaching technical maturity, the fruits retain a light green tip.

Gardeners in the reviews note that the taste of the variety is multifaceted – sweetness is harmoniously complemented by sourness. After eating strawberries a pleasant aftertaste remains in the mouth. Marmalade is included in the ranking, since the variety is high-yielding, its berries have beautiful marketable appearance and they are well transported. However this strawberry demanding in terms of care. In the suburbs it is better to grow it in closed ground.


  • multifaceted taste;
  • beautiful appearance;
  • high productivity;
  • universality of use;
  • in the stage of technical maturity it is well transported.


  • moody in leaving.


Rating: 4.7


French medium early variety Darselect is fourth ranking position. Bushes are tall, grow straight, covered with moderate the number of leaves. The mustache plant produces an average amount. Glossy dark green leaves planted on long stalks, which have a slight pubescence. Long peduncles are located above leaves. They are laid on the ground under the weight of the ripening fruits.

Most often, strawberries have a conical shape, but there are also comb-like specimens. The skin color is red with a brick tint. Usually the berries are glossy, but under adverse conditions they can lose shine. Achenes are planted medium and have a yellow color. Pulp in the context of light red, juicy, dense, but does not crunch. Aroma in her pronounced strawberry.

According to reviews, the taste of Darselect is multifaceted – sweetness complemented by acidity. The most delicious berries become after full ripening. Our experts rated this variety, since it has good yields, excellent multifaceted taste, excellent presentation of berries. This garden the culture recovers well after adverse periods, therefore it is possible to grow it in any climatic latitude, including the suburbs.


  • taste characteristics;
  • rather large berries;
  • high productivity;
  • universality of application.


  • demanding care.


Rating: 4.6


Closes the rating of the best middle varieties grown in Moscow Region, Strawberry Elsant. The bushes are medium sized and plentiful foliage. The plant forms many thick mustaches. Large green leaves are concave and have good pubescence. Flowers medium in size apply to both sexes. The inflorescence contains many flowers.

Elsant’s strawberries do not exceed average sizes. Her form conical, no neck. The skin is glossy, bright red color. Numerous yellow achenes are immersed shallow in the pulp. The last section is red, juicy, dense, but does not have apple crunch characteristic of some varieties. The taste of berries sweet-sour, and strawberry aroma.

In reviews, fans of this variety note that the fruits are good transported, and also stored up to 3 days without loss of goods qualities. You can eat Elsant strawberries in any way (fresh, canned, frozen). Be in the ranking this variety has every right, as it is highly resistant to most diseases. But growing it in the suburbs is better in greenhouses.


  • friendly ripening of berries;
  • excellent taste characteristics;
  • good transportability;
  • good disease resistance.


  • profuse urination.

The best late strawberry varieties for Moscow region

Some late strawberry varieties are guaranteed to bear fruit until mid-September. But so that the crop is plentiful, when planting the soil must be well hydrated.


Rating: 5.0


German breeders bred the Malvina variety, which takes the first position in the rating. Bushes in height reach 50 cm. They are abundantly covered with leaves. Last large, glossy, dark green. Large flowers belong to both sexes. Short peduncles are localized under the leaves, so the strawberry is not bakes in the sun.

Shirokonichnye berries are quite large, and sometimes found dual instances. The skin is glossy, has a bright scarlet color on stages of technical maturity. And the completely ripened berries become dark cherry. Yellow achenes are pressed in moderately. Red pulp juicy, fairly dense, but not hard (no crunch). Scent Malvin’s strawberries are medium in intensity.


  • excellent dessert taste of berries;
  • friendly ripening;
  • good transportability;
  • resistant to diseases;
  • rarely damaged by pests.


  • relatively low yield indicators.


Rating: 4.9


The second position in the rating went to the American brand Holiday. Tall bushes look quite compact. They are covered the average number of large leaves. The latter have a light green color and medium pubescence. Flowerpots at Strawberry Holiday Pretty strong. Even under the weight of the ripening berries, they do not adjoin to soil. They are localized at or below the leaf level.

Medium-sized strawberries have a regular conical shape. At the first collection, some specimens are comb-like. Brilliant the skin is bright red. On its surface There are a large number of yellow achenes. Cut pulp has an orange-red color. It is juicy, rather dense, but not solid. Berries have an excellent dessert flavor.

Gardeners in the reviews report that the fruits are universal. They suitable for fresh, canned or frozen. They are transported without problems and are well stored. The variety was in the rating, because it is quite winter-hardy and weak affected by disease. However, in order to achieve good yields in Moscow region, it requires regular watering and top dressing.


  • dessert taste of berries;
  • good transportability;
  • universal application;
  • winter hardiness and disease resistance.


  • by the end of the season, the fruits become smaller.


Rating: 4.8


The Dutch Tago strawberry variety is in third place. It is often used by gardeners for personal use. And for commercial purposes it is not suitable. Bushes grow medium compact, covered with a lot of leaves. Plant gives Numerous urination. Light green leaves are pretty large. Flowers belong to both sexes.

Tago Strawberries are medium sized. Its shape is conical, but all the berries are heterogeneous and this is very noticeable by the end of the season fruiting. Glossy skin is bright red. After full ripening berries become burgundy. Strawberry Pulp Evenly painted red. It is quite juicy, dense, but not solid. Tago has a bright strawberry aroma.


  • good taste;
  • excellent immunity to diseases;
  • decent winter hardiness.


  • productivity indicators are low.


Rating: 4.7


The fourth place in the rating went to the Russian grade Bohemia. The plant is powerful, upright. Mustache plant forms a little. The leaves are large, convex, painted green. Top leaves slightly lighter than the bottom. Bisexual flowers are connected in compact inflorescences.

Berries of Bohemia are large, broadly conical in shape. Neck of them is absent. Sometimes crest-like or twin instances. The skin is dark red, shiny. In case of incomplete ripening the tip of the fetus is colored green. Numerous achenes are planted shallow. The pulp is dark red, dense, juicy. She has a bright aroma of strawberries and a real dessert flavor.

Gardeners in the reviews note that the fruits are well tolerated transportation and stored for a long time. The variety deservedly turned out to be in the ranking of the best, because it feels great in the most diverse climatic conditions, including the Moscow region. Bohemia appreciated for large fruits, good yield, excellent flavoring qualities, as well as amazing “vitality”.


  • excellent taste characteristics;
  • high yields;
  • universality of application;
  • survivability of the variety.


  • heterogeneous shape of the fruit.

Chamorora Turusi

Rating: 4.6


Strawberry closes the rating of the best late varieties for Moscow Region Chamora Turusi. Bushes in height reach 40 cm. They are sprawling, covered with lots of leaves. The plant forms a small number of strong and thick mustache. The leaves are quite large, corrugated, painted bright green.

The strawberries are large, rounded conical in shape. And especially large specimens are comb-shaped. The skin is dyed dark red color with a light brick tint. Cut pulp lighter than peel. It is dense and rather fleshy. Berries very juicy and have a pleasant strawberry flavor.

According to gardeners, the aroma of berries becomes the most intense at the end of the season or with moisture deficiency. Berries of this varieties are transported without problems and retain excellent commodity specifications. With their rich aroma, they always attract consumer attention. The variety has excellent winters and tolerates drought.


  • large size of berries;
  • great taste and aroma;
  • tolerates transportation well.


  • resistance to fungal diseases is weak.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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