15 best resorts in the Krasnodar Territory

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Domestic resorts – a great opportunity to relax by the sea for those who do not have the ability or desire to go abroad. Krasnodar Territory – a popular area of ​​Russian domestic tourism. The region has many places for family and corporate relaxation for every taste and budget. We ranked the top 15 sanatoriums of the Krasnodar Territory, based on opinions tourists.

Rating of the best resorts in the Krasnodar Territory

Nomination a place Sanatorium rating
Rating of the best resorts in the Krasnodar Territory 1 ALLEAN FAMILY RESORTS SPA BIARRITZ 5.0
2 Russia 4.9
3 Dagomys 4 4.8
4 Mountain 4.7
5 Odyssey 4 4.6
7 Aquamarine 4 4.4
8 Pearl of the sea 4.4
9 Vanguard 4 4.3
10 Southern Seaside 3 4.3
11 Prominent Cape 4 4.3
12 Foothills of the Caucasus 3 4.2
13 Actor 3 4.2
14 Sanatorium resort complex Knowledge 3 4.1
15 Malaya Bay 3 4.1


Rating: 5.0


Address: Krasnodar Territory, Gelendzhik, st. Mayachnaya, house 9

Website: biarritzresort.ru

5 minutes walk from the coast of Gelendzhik Bay four-star resort Alean Family Resort & Spa Biarritz. Despite the “starry”, the resort is the only one in the city offers relaxation on the system “Ultra all inclusive.” On the a large territory is an open-air water park, pool complex for children and adults, a large theme park and playgrounds, walking green area, the hotel has own access to the pontoon beach above the water, equipped deck chairs, umbrellas and descents into the water. Alean Family Holdings Resort & Spa Biarritz well maintained, clean, they open beautiful view of the sea and mountains. The hotel rooms are updated, new furniture is installed, inside – an atmosphere of luxury, disposing to rest without worries.

A wide range of SPA-services is offered for guests: in the territory there is a zone of shower entertainment and relaxation, there are baths and saunas, speleocamera, massage rooms. Available to tourists mud therapy, hydrotherapy, care and cosmetology procedures for hair and body, physiotherapy. To relax fully, do not taking care of which procedure to choose, we recommend take advantage of ready-made recovery programs for children and adults. They have a different focus: comprehensive relaxation, weight loss, energy boost, rejuvenation, improved metabolism, work with individual body systems, anti-allergic activity. For younger guests, the complex includes correction posture, strengthening immunity, respiratory system, general programs recreation. In their free time, guests are entertained by animators at the hotel There are many events, discos, flash mobs.

The on-site Café de Paris café has an exquisite menu. True, not all guests like the wine included in the price. accommodation, they are not always happy with the temperature of the food.

Choosing the sanatorium Alean Family Resort & Spa Biarritz, it is important remember – this place is preferred mainly by families with children, so you need to be prepared for noise. The rest of the hotel is beautiful place.


  • Well-groomed area;
  • Own beach;
  • Many spa treatments;
  • Great entertainment program;
  • Great views;
  • Updated number of rooms;
  • “Ultra all inclusive.”


  • If you are staying without a health package, an entry is required in spa
  • High prices.


Rating: 4.9


Address: Krasnodar Territory, Anapa, st. Pushkin, 1

Website: rus-anapa.bron.me/

Anapa is another popular city that welcomes guests. Most often vacationers prefer the sanatorium Rus on the banks of Malaya Bukhta. The hotel is called a health resort for parents and children, this place family vacation. The territory of the sanatorium is almost 3 hectares parks, children’s and sports grounds. The sea is 15 minutes unhurried walk, on the shore equipped with its own beach “Rus”.

The complex includes 3 residential buildings, the most modern of them – No. 7, it has recently been built, the housing stock in it is new, which is especially appreciated by young families and lovers of a comfortable stay, although rooms in buildings number 1 and number 2 are not inferior in convenience. For guests an indoor pool with sea water and a hydromassage Gym, concert and exercise therapy halls, sports grounds and games rooms for children, hairdresser, library. Feeds guests dining room with a varied and inexpensive diet menu, cafe-bar. IN free time you can visit the organized tours of the hotel or pump room with mineral waters.

The program includes 3 meals a day, for allergy sufferers prepare special dishes.

The resort offers wellness programs combined with rest, for this in “Rus” there is medical equipment, work doctors specializing in ENT diseases, problems musculoskeletal system, musculoskeletal and nervous system, Gastrointestinal tract, endocrinology. In all areas during check-in consultation, an appropriate course of treatment is selected and prevention.

Guests note the comfort of living, delicious food and approach specialists observe an improvement in health status. Lack of washing machines in the rooms involves either hand washing or the need to go to the laundry room. Another unpleasant aspect is lack of parking for guests, the car will have to be left behind the territory of the sanatorium in a paid city parking lot.


  • Medical profile of the sanatorium;
  • Convenient comfortable rooms in all buildings;
  • Well-groomed area;
  • Near the city center;
  • Tasty and varied food, including specialized;
  • Affordable prices for accommodation and services.


  • Lack of parking for guests;
  • There is no own plot on the beach
  • Wi-Fi signal does not work everywhere.

Dagomys 4

Rating: 4.8

Dagomys 4

Address: Krasnodar Territory, Sochi, L-207, p. Dagomys, ul. Leningradskaya 7

Website: Dagomys-sanatorium.rf

On the third place of the review, the suburban Sochi sanatorium Dagomys, one of the most famous resorts of the Black Sea coast. it upscale hotel, from comfortable and clean rooms which offers stunning views of the sea and the forest. Sanatorium located in the village of the same name Dagomys (translated from Circassian “shady, cool place”). It’s a little cooler in summer compared to other coastal areas due to descending from mountain peaks of air.

On the territory there are 2 residential sectors. In the main hotel rooms of different capacities and configurations, including adapted rooms for people with disabilities, for families with children, two-story apartments. Second Sector Mercury Level 5 are premium VIP lodges in a coastal zone. In architectural ensemble Dagomys organically fit health resorts, places for events, including business conferences of various kinds level, playgrounds and much more – only 20 objects. All territory – an ancient tropical park, since 1896 included in estate of Nicholas II, he partially retained its original appearance.

Dagomys Health Resort is managed by the Office of Affairs President of Russia, so today it is one of the best sanatoriums in our country, combining developed domestic infrastructure, number of rooms, a range of services and magnificent natural landscape. There are 9 restaurants at various heights, a few bars. In institutions you can both have lunch and spend event. The spa offers classic and exotic relaxing and beauty treatments. Sports and entertainment center, children’s room, bath house, own beach – the sanatorium has entertainment for every taste, but most of them are paid, even access to the sea will cost adult in 200 rubles. In the medical center of the complex you can go Wellness courses for different body systems, moreover relatively inexpensive for a sanatorium of this level.


  • Lots of restaurants and bars;
  • Own equipped beach;
  • Lots of spa services;
  • Comfortable rooms
  • The optimal cost of living.


  • Most of the additional services are paid, including access to beach;
  • Sochi is 20 km away.


Rating: 4.7


Address: Krasnodar Territory, Goryachiy Klyuch, ul. Radishcheva, 46

Website: sanatoriy-gorniy.ru

In the Krasnodar Territory in the city of Goryachiy Klyuch meets guests health resort Gorny, located on the mountain, where fresh air, saturated with oxygen, this is one of the cleanest places on the planet. Of course, there is no access to the sea. Consulting services doctors, diagnostic equipment and various complexes of recovery: mud therapy, thermal waters, exercise therapy room, programs weight loss, massage rooms. It’s useful to go to a sanatorium patients with diseases of the nervous system, musculoskeletal apparatus, gastrointestinal tract. A very large range of additional cosmetic and rehabilitation services: carboxytherapy, cryotherapy, pressotherapy, treatment with magnets and electric currents, robotic mechanotherapy, work with joints on exarta apparatus, healing showers and baths, beer wrap, massages and various types of physical activity.

In addition to the medical base in the Mountain Health Center there is, where relax in quiet mode: well-groomed territory, pleasure zone, pool with waterfalls, jacuzzi. Housing stock – comfortable rooms with great views.

Prices for accommodation and treatment in the health resort Mountain affordable, so there are many older vacationers. Guests with children at least – there is practically no entertainment for kids. FROM access to the city and the territory of the sanatorium causes problems – not there is transport, an uncomfortable road, and this is a lack of terrain.


  • Affordable prices for accommodation and treatment;
  • Clean mountain air;
  • Effective recovery
  • Dietary nutrition.


  • Problematic access to the city;
  • Small portions in the dining room.

Odyssey 4

Rating: 4.6


Address: Krasnodar Territory, Sochi, Lazarevskoye, Sochi highway, 28

Website: odisseya.com

Sanatorium Odyssey is located in a popular tourist destination – in the village of Lazarevskoye near Sochi, where warm prevails climate, mountains close the area from the descent of cold air with peaks. In the picturesque area, the architectural the complex, which includes the hotel, a large park, a medical building, playgrounds for entertainment and recreation.

Odyssey has several types of rooms for living: one and two bedroom apartments, family doubles, separate cottages. Housing stock, despite the status of the hotel, has not been updated, in many rooms TVs with kinescope. However, the rooms are clean, bright, from the windows Gorgeous views of the sea or forest, mountains.

The sanatorium is located in a unique dendrological park, in which plants whose essential oils contribute recovery. The medical center operates in three profiles: treatment musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular and nervous system. In the process of recovery, climate factors of the region, water properties from local sources, silt-sulfide mud, as well as modern medical equipment, diagnostic and treatment technologies.

For guests there is a restaurant, lobby and disco bars, a summer cafe open air. These sites can be used for festive events, as well as business meetings, for the latest There are several specialized conference rooms. For guests of the sanatorium have swimming pools in the sports complex and in the open territory, sports hall, entertaining for children platforms. The resort has its own stretch of beach and even Orthodox church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.


  • Unique architectural ensemble;
  • Dendrological medical park;
  • Modern medical center;
  • Comfortable rooms
  • Optimum prices;
  • The region has a mild climate.


  • Outdated number of rooms.


Rating: 4.5


Address: Krasnodar Territory, Sochi, Resort Avenue, 86

Website: zolotoikolos.ru

We could not ignore the treasury of the Black Sea, a sanatorium “Golden Ear” with a class of residence 4. It is unique health-improving complex, working for over 70 years. The sanatorium specializes in the treatment of diseases of all systems organism using innovative technical equipment, physiotherapy, climate and mineral water, nutrition. Patients only speak positively about doctors and the final result recovery.

Residential fund of the sanatorium consists of 300 rooms of different price categories, from standard apartments to personal cottages, high-speed Wi-Fi is available everywhere. The windows open view of the sea. True, the furniture is not updated everywhere, even in the suite you can meet the creaky sofa. The food in the dining room is varied, dietary, but for such a large sanatorium I would like to see the institution is larger in capacity.

There are enough entertainments in the health resort for every taste: isolated equipped beach with sunbeds and showers, sauna with pool, billiard room, tennis court, cinema, concert and dance floors, a gym, there is even a beauty salon. For children have an outdoor playground, but it requires modernization. In your free time you can stroll to the garden museum Friendship Tree, Arboretum, Circus or Winter Theater, or use the services of a tour desk. About souvenirs you don’t have to take care – there is a shop on the territory of the sanatorium commemorative products. Guarded parking is available for guests.


  • Excellent medical center and staff;
  • Private pebble beach with sun loungers and shower;
  • A variety of entertainment;
  • Affordable prices for accommodation.


  • Requires updating the playground for children;
  • Small dining room.

Aquamarine 4

Rating: 4.4


Address: Krasnodar Territory, Anapa, Vityazevo village, st. Gorky / Chardonnay Boulevard, 42/1

Website: rzdz-akvamarin.ru

The next sanatorium “Aquamarine” in the rating belongs to Russian Railways, but everyone can relax in it, subject to availability. Treatment is carried out in several directions: general recovery, specialized classical therapy for women, narrowly targeted recovery from diseases of the nervous system, organs respiration, central nervous system, blood, musculoskeletal system. Selection and the adjustment of the existing program is determined by the purpose attending physician or sanatorium specialists in whose arsenal The latest diagnostic equipment. The complex includes hardware treatment, water procedures (baths and showers), exercise therapy, various massages focus, physiotherapy, an extensive range of Spa and wellness services, as well as several dozen additional procedures and methods.

Included in the stay is a pool with slides and cascades, games on sports grounds, exercise therapy and a gym, library, entertainment for children and adults, cinema. At extra charge guests can rent sports equipment, visit excursions, Finnish saunas with a cold font, infrared a sauna.

The territory of the sanatorium is large and well-groomed, pleasant atmosphere reigns and inside the residential building – clean and bright rooms of different capacity about standard to deluxe. Buffet meals carried out in the central restaurant in the morning, afternoon and evening, however, if you check in less than 50 people, only breakfast and lunch are available and dinner – on the menu. In your free time you can visit the cafe or bar on the territory of the hotel.


  • Good quality of treatment;
  • Extensive entertainment program for children and adults;
  • Large selection of relaxing and wellness treatments and services;
  • A varied diet.


  • Middle price segment;
  • Maintenance is lame at high population density in season.

Pearl of the sea

Rating: 4.4

Pearl of the sea

Address: Gelendzhik district, s. Kabardinka, st. Mira, 20

Website: more23.ru

In Kabardinka, the Pearl of the Sea sanatorium invites everyone have a good rest and improve your health for relatively small money. The institution is conducting wellness work in a number of main areas: treatment of the nervous system, respiratory system, genitourinary system and musculoskeletal system express weekend program.

For guests of the complex there are pools of different depths, a playground for volleyball in the sand, tennis court, sports and fitness halls, rope park, of course, a bath with a sauna. Playground on the street, a games room, a cinema hall are fun for young people guests of the complex. The sanatorium has its own dolphinarium, beach line, crocodile farm recently opened, sightseeing the Bureau. Guest parking is free and pre-arranged. application transfer from the railway station or airport – these are important “goodies” for traveling guests. And of course Wi-Fi, though Available only in public areas.

The hotel rooms are on any wallet and request: different price, capacity, number of rooms – all apartments are clean, equipped, they are cleaned daily, three times a day food in the dining room. Accommodation and meals for children up to 3 years old Pearl The sea provides for free.


  • Affordable rooms;
  • Children under 3 years old live and eat for free;
  • Well-groomed area;
  • A lot of entertainment;
  • Free parking and shuttle service.


  • Wi-Fi only in public areas;
  • No animation.

Vanguard 4

Rating: 4.3


Address: Krasnodar Territory, Sochi, Kurortny Prospekt, 83

Website: sochi-avangard.ru

Guests love this resort for their convenient location in the very the city of Sochi. “Vanguard” is the FSBI “Children’s Medical Center” Office of the President of the Russian Federation, so the main profile institutions – work with the ailments of small patients, however on Today, the reception of adults is also conducted in full the program.

The territory of the sanatorium is huge and well-groomed. It is located 4 large hotel with a variety of comfortable rooms for relaxing alone, in couples, families and friendly companies. From the windows incredible views of the sea or the arboretum. By the way, at the sanatorium has its own covered beach area with sun loungers in half an hour walk from the residential building, equipped promenade. Guests love to walk to the nearby Sochi circus or park Arboretum. Entertainment in the Vanguard is for everyone: a classroom sports, swimming pool, restaurants and bars, children rooms.

The housing stock in the sanatorium is made up of clean, sanitized rooms in two buildings – “Sleeping”, more designed for families with children and people with disabilities, “Seaside” located in close proximity to the sea coast, and for lovers of privacy, check-in in VIP houses is available. On the base hotels host business events and conferences at specialized sites equipped with the latest technicians.


  • Great place for a measured quiet rest;
  • Pools and areas for walking;
  • Equipped for different guests rooms;
  • A quiet place with a mild climate and a private beach with promenade.


  • Little active entertainment.

Southern Seaside 3

Rating: 4.3

Southern Seaside 3

Address: Krasnodar Territory, Sochi, Adler District, ul. Kalinina, 1

Website: uvzmorie.ru

Sanatorium Southern Seaside in Sochi is located just 10 minutes drive from the airport and railway station. This place is famous for Natural Health Center “NaturaMed”, in which treatment conducted using the methods of Professor Yu. Levin, popularized the cleansing of the body at the cellular level, easier saying detox. However, experts also use a wide range of healing methods of traditional therapy, mud, water, physiotherapy and physical education. The medical center is adjacent to the spa, bath-thermal complex and fitness center.

600 rooms in 5 buildings of the hotels of Southern Seaside correspond status 3, they are made in sunny tones from natural art deco style materials equipped for comfortable residence. The windows and the terrace of the apartment offer a gorgeous view. to the Black Sea and the Caucasus mountain range. The rooms in 5 villas are status housing of the business segment. On the territory there are 2 tennis courts, 2 pools, 8 restaurants, 3 bars, relic park, entertainment center, private beach extended beach area, cinema, for business meetings congress center, children’s room creativity.

In the resort of Southern Seaside, despite 3 stars, they loved to relax Soviet movie stars, which speaks about the quality of provided services. Today you can meet famous people show business.


  • Large furnished beach;
  • VIP table reserved for VIP guests in the main restaurant residence;
  • A wide range of medical services;
  • Adapted conditions for people with disabilities opportunities;
  • Gorgeous view from the hotel room.


  • Noise from taking off planes (near the airport);
  • The menu is monotonous.

Prominent Cape 4

Rating: 4.3

Cape Prominent 4

Address: Krasnodar Territory, Sochi, ul. Novorossiysk highway 1

Website: mysvidny.ru

Another resort owned by JSC Russian Railways is located in Sochi. “Cape Vidny” is located in the reserve of the same name on the slope of Akhun in a quiet bay, where the cleanest air, saturated with coniferous aroma centennial pizunda pines. This natural factor is used. for the treatment and prevention of respiratory diseases. On guard health professionals are also highly skilled and modern diagnostic and treatment base. There is a sanatorium balneotherapy and hydrotherapy department, exercise therapy, different types of healing and relaxing, manual and hardware Massages as well as Spa and wellness. Wellness programs are more profitable and more convenient to purchase a package. Near Vidnoe there are natural Matsesta springs – they can be reached in 15 minutes.

There are several residential buildings in the sanatorium – “Salute” or “Olympus” on the main territory and the “Arena” at some distance, on the shore mountain river in the village of Khosta. Everywhere updated furniture, made repairs, there are canteens and restaurants offering useful, but not the most varied nutrition. A bus runs regularly between the buildings, free for guests, travel time – 5 minutes. On the main All conditions for recreation are created in the territory: there is an indoor pool with waterfall, children’s bathing area, sports center, pebble beach shore and water entry, volleyball court, water rides. Another unique offer that will make interesting and useful pastime – ready routes Terrenkur. Guests like everything in the sanatorium except one – on there are no bars in the territory, cafes do not always work, and the choice of alcohol and snacks in them are minimal. But we consider this drawback relative, because in Promontory Cape you need to go to improve the body!


  • Great views;
  • Modern technical equipment of the medical center;
  • Children’s areas for games and swimming in the pool;
  • Residential buildings in different places to choose from;
  • Updated housing stock;
  • Many services for an interesting pastime.


  • Few bars;
  • The beach is far away, but there is transport from the hotels.

Foothills of the Caucasus 3

Rating: 4.2

Foothills of the Caucasus

Address: Krasnodar Territory, Goryachiy Klyuch, ul. Lenin, 2

Website: foothills of the Caucasus.rf

Sanatorium Foothills of the Caucasus is one of the best health resorts Of Russia. Everything is perfect here: the interior throughout the hotel, comfortable bright but small rooms matching 3 to the stars, a dining room with a one-time landing of a large number of guests. A small playroom is open for children with TV, for adults – a bar and bowling, available for all guests drinking pump room with local medicinal waters, a kinesitherapy center with simulators.

The sanatorium offers diagnosis and treatment for several areas: wellness program, SLIM DETOX (weight loss and lifestyle changes to a healthy vector), complete diagnosis organism CHECK UP, bringing the body into a motor tone activity, work with respiratory organs, spine, rehabilitation patients after gastrointestinal surgery. Specialists select medical programs based on the opinion of the attending physician or based on the results local diagnosis.

Treatment in a sanatorium Foothills of the Caucasus can be interesting: for daily training, events, film screenings, dancing evenings, chants, car excursions. For holding thematic events or business meetings equipped conference hall. Not far from the sanatorium are interesting Attractions: chapel, mineral water monument, “Dantovo” gorge, rock “Cockerel” and other natural and man-made monuments. There are no playgrounds and a pool on the territory, therefore mostly aged people, families with children have a rest here few. Some guests note the imposition of paid services – it is necessary Be attentive and carefully study the composition of the relaxation program, treatment and accommodation.


  • Quiet and peaceful environment;
  • Interestingly organized leisure;
  • Effective weight loss programs with accompaniment;
  • Equipped conference rooms;
  • No pool, the sea is far.


  • Paid services may be imposed;
  • Little fun for the kids.

Actor 3

Rating: 4.2

Actor 3

Address: Krasnodar Territory, Sochi, Resort Prospect, 105 and

Website: acter-sochi.ru

Initially, the health resort Actor was conceived as a health resort and a place of rest for theater and cinema artists of the USSR, today this place can be visited anyone who wants. On the territory and in the residential building created as much as possible comfortable conditions for staying guests and their health: updated housing stock, improved soundproofing of apartments. Guests can choose a room standard or comfort. From a 16-storey residential The hull overlooks the sea and the forest.

The resort has a sports complex, an indoor pool with a sea water, however, paid, sauna, exercise room, surface tanning salons on the beach and cafe, excursions, hairdresser. Three meals a day Swedish table “organized in a restaurant on the second floor sports complex. Guests celebrate interesting serving dishes and a varied menu of Caucasian, Russian and European kitchens. According to the testimony of doctors, cooks prepare diet meals for guests, taking into account their illness, on a common table, you can independently choose dishes in accordance with one of the 4 diets. Treatment is underway in the areas of weight loss, strengthening cardiovascular and nervous systems, genitalia, and otolaryngology are provided dental and wellness services.

In the sanatorium “Actor” seminars and meetings of various scale. Virtually no entertainment for children, respectively vacationing families in a health resort are very rare.


  • Renovated housing with beautiful views;
  • A wide range of medical and spa services;
  • Inexpensive accommodation;
  • A variety of quality food;
  • Own clean beach.


  • Few conditions for families with children;
  • Expensive pool access.

Sanatorium resort complex Knowledge 3

Rating: 4.1

Sanatorium-resort complex Knowledge 3

Address: Krasnodar Territory, Sochi, Adler District, ul. Enlightenment, 139

Website: skk-znanie.ru

The sanatorium resort Knowledge is one of the most successful locations – first line of the sea. At the same time, prices for accommodation and services are quite affordable, despite the competition and quality of service. In the health resort all factors are ideally combined for a full-fledged quality recreation: warm climate with salty sea air, modern technical equipment, access to natural water and mud medical sources. Cardiovascular specialists system, treatment of ENT organs, musculoskeletal system, nervous system combining traditional and non-traditional methods recovery.

Housing prices, as already mentioned, are very modest. For guests rooms are available from single economy to standard family, there are no premium apartments in the fund. Housing stock is also not everywhere updated. The complex has an outdoor pool, Japanese park, playground, football field, by the sea highlighted own resort beach equipped with sun loungers. All sites equipped with online cameras. Hired babysitters can take care of the child, Guests are available bicycle rental, shuttle service. Guest parking on the territory there, but it is paid. Guests celebrate good food, varied menu.

In the sanatorium “Knowledge” there are different capacity conference rooms for seminars, meetings and meetings of Russian and international level.


  • An extensive list of medical services;
  • Affordable accommodation and services;
  • Well-groomed area;
  • Beautiful views;
  • Babysitting service.


  • Paid parking for guests;
  • Mostly outdated housing stock.

Malaya Bay 3

Rating: 4.1

Small Bay 3

Address: Krasnodar Territory, Anapa, st. Tamanskaya 4

Website: malbuhta.ru

At the end of the review, we introduce the Malaya Bay health resort, corresponding to status 3. This is Anapa’s calling card. To guests Wellness programs are offered which include a visit. pool, saunas, a set of health-improving measures for medical center. The diet is made by a doctor, and this is either three meals a day according to the buffet system, or restrictive mode. The choice recovery programs only occur if available sanatorium-resort card from the attending physician. Treatment is underway in direction of antistress, weight loss, general strengthening, research blood and diagnosis of the musculoskeletal system.

In their free time or as prescribed by a doctor, guests can visit pools, of which there are several in the sanatorium: therapeutic with sea water, indoor swimming, “winter beach” – several small pools for children and adults. A nice bonus is the sauna.

The sanatorium Malaya Bay has one of the longest equipped the beach is 250 meters, it is located very close to the territory, but to get on it, you have to go down the 119 steps stairs. For the lazy and unable to walk descent, elevator works. On the beach, doctors and rescuers are on duty, even there is a massage room and a children’s playground with educators and other entertainment, showers, toilet.

Guests enjoy staying in Malaya Bay; they highly value value for money, comfort, service, medical center, but not everyone likes food, some complain about inconvenient times check-out and check-in, many additional services are paid.


  • Effective recovery programs;
  • Lots of fun on the beach;
  • Clean rooms, pools and grounds;
  • Close to the beach;
  • Reasonable prices.


  • Most of the additional services are paid;
  • Not the best food in the dining room, but the food is delicious.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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