15 best manufacturing companies refrigerators

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Now it’s hard to imagine an apartment or a private house where there wasn’t would have a refrigerator. But it is easy to imagine its failure. Alas but these devices are not able to serve forever, so you at any time You may need to purchase a new refrigerator. And not even necessarily due to breakage. Just in the family can happen replenishment, in connection with which a more capacious model is needed. In a word, let’s find out which manufacturers of refrigerators produce the highest quality products.

Rating of the best manufacturers of refrigerators

Nomination a place Manufacturer rating
Rating of the best manufacturers of refrigerators 1 Liebherr 5.0
2 Smeg 4.9
3 Vestfrost 4.8
4 Siemens 4.7
5 Mitsubishi electric 4.6
6 Electrolux 4.5
7 Whirlpool 4.4
8 Samsung 4.3
9 LG 4.2
10 Sharp 4.2
11 Hotpoint-ariston 4.1
12 Hansa 4.1
13 ATLANT 4.0
14 BEKO 4.0
15 Biryusa 3.9


Rating: 5.0


If you have a very large amount at your disposal, then you can spend it on Liebherr products. This is a German brand under which The most durable and low noise refrigerators are produced. And also they often look very beautiful. Or their design does not rush into eyes, sometimes it’s even more important.

Liebherr was founded in 1949. Unlike some other representatives of this rating, she never concentrated on the production of household appliances. First The construction crane became the released product of this company. And the Germans still creating a similar technique! If you visit developing quarry, you will probably find something from Liebherr: for example, a large dump truck.

As for refrigeration and freezing equipment, it is mainly The German company is engaged in premium models. It means, that you will have to spend quite a lot on buying a Liebherr refrigerator tangible money. But then you get a nice device that can serve for many years. Refrigerators under this brand often get a quiet compressor, which allows you to install the device not only in the kitchen, but also in the room. For example, such a motor possessed by Liebherr Cnef 4015-20.

Now the Germans are trying to surprise the buyer. In this regard, in stores appeared refrigerators, painted in the most unusual colors. For example, someone already dared to purchase a device painted in light green color. Blue and red patterns. Well, the beige refrigerator is no longer at all It is surprising, because other companies have similar models.

The range of kitchen appliances at Liebherr cannot but cause respect. Speaking specifically about refrigerators, they can to be both stand-alone and embedded. In greatest demand use two-chamber models – they can be called current standard. But Liebherr also offers Side-by-Side refrigerators. it real monsters, the installation of which requires very spacious kitchen. Big ones usually think about buying such a device. families of five to six people.

Finally, we note that someone is familiar with the brand Liebherr wine cabinets. They allow you to store a noble drink in perfect conditions. At the same time, wine is always in sight, since similar devices usually have a glass door.


Rating: 4.9


Under the brand Smeg produced a variety of household appliances. IN in particular, small kitchen appliances can easily be found on sale like a toaster with a retro design. Also, as you already understood, this company is engaged in design and production refrigerators.

Many people do not even suspect that Smeg is Italian company. And this is a rare case when European the home appliance manufacturer is not absorbed in any much more major brand from China or USA. Founding of Smeg occurred in 1948 year. Initially, the company worked in the field of enameling and metalworking. A little later, it was decided to try yourself in creating kitchen appliances. And then the company supplemented its assortment of washing machines and dishwashers.

Now Smeg brand is known for home appliances in retro style. Such devices resemble devices from the 50s of the past. century. It all started in 1997, it was then that the first refrigerator in this style. He got deep curved doors, a short pen and a very large inscription SMEG. And if competitors offered only white refrigerators, then this model existed as many as five color options.

Since then, new refrigerators and freezers have been born cameras, and dishwashers, and many other appliances made in retro style. Despite its appearance, inside it is modern Technics. The same refrigerators often get No Frost technology, which indicates the absence of the need to defrost them regularly. But you should not expect something from the future from such devices – in them there is no Wi-Fi as it is absent in such refrigerators and LCD display

Smeg products regularly receive all sorts of awards. But you can’t not to admit that refrigerators under this brand still have one disadvantage. It is at a very high cost. Yes and far not every interior can be decorated with retro technology. However, in the assortment of the company has more familiar refrigerators, with a modern design. They are not cheap either, but they will find a place in every kitchen, being the maximum universal. And this manufacturer also produces models Side-by-side containing a huge amount of products.


Rating: 4.8


Another representative of our review, based in Europe. More specifically, the headquarters of Vestfrost is located in Danish city Esbjerg. The company was founded in 1963. And if at first it was a small enterprise, now for its benefit 15 thousand people work.

It’s hard to argue that refrigeration and freezer equipment is very important for the Scandinavian countries. The fact is that Here, the export of fish and seafood has long been developed, and they need somehow store. That’s why Vestfrost set to work right away. the development and creation of such a technique. Things have gone so far successfully that in 1973 the Swedish company drew attention to giant Electrolux, having completely redeemed it. At the same time, the Vestfrost brand continued its existence, henceforth the Danes became a division the aforementioned company.

For quite some time this manufacturer has created not only refrigerators. The company’s assortment includes dishwashers and washing machines. However, most associate this brand with with refrigerators. All have a nice modern design. And in in terms of technical characteristics, they surpass many competitors, even from more famous companies. In particular, almost all modern models are able to boast support for technology No Frost. They also have a fruit compartment where they can be keep it fresh for a very long time.

Almost all Vestfrost refrigerators have a large spaciousness. Sometimes even huge – in particular, for sale You can find models in the Side-by-Side form factor.

Vestfrost is not seen in the production of low-cost equipment. This means that you can count on very quiet work in for many years. It is possible that in the future a refrigerator inherited by your children and then grandchildren. But for this the device will have to pay a lot of money. Most affordable Vestfrost refrigerators are sold for 40 thousand rubles, and this is tangible amount for most Russians. If we talk about the most advanced models, they are estimated at 80 thousand rubles. Such devices are able to keep cold in their chamber when turned off electricity for the whole day! They also have very low power consumption, which allows you to save a little on light bills. For example, good energy efficiency has Vestfrost VF 492 GLW.

Do not forget that particularly roomy refrigerators have very heavy weight. Some models weigh over 100 kg! If you decided to buy such a device, then immediately think about how exactly are you going to put it in the kitchen.


Rating: 4.7


The German company Siemens is well known to many Russians. Someone remembers her on good mobile phones, sold at the beginning 21st century. Others use washing machines and other large household appliances from this manufacturer. Well, others have heard about what exactly Siemens supplies to Russia high-speed electric trains.

The company was founded back in 1847. And if at first it was a relatively small enterprise, now it is a full-fledged concern, which includes many divisions. It all started with Werner von Siemens. Together with Johann Halske he created a company engaged in electro-telegraphy and production simple electromedical devices. And it was the telegraph that made Siemens is a world famous company. She connected by telegraph lines and European countries, and some Russian cities Empire.

Now Siemens is a huge company that even produces turbines for large power plants. She also creates household appliances – mainly washing machines and refrigerators. Last usually belong to the mid-budget and premium segments. it means you don’t even have to think about buying a Siemens refrigerator, if you do not have at least 40 thousand rubles. If you if you get it, you are unlikely to experience any problems. Modern Siemens refrigerators are capable of boasting a display on which displays the temperature in different compartments. Also many models have support for No Frost technology. It speaks of the presence inside a special system that eliminates from the walls refrigerator any traces of frost. As for roominess, it may be different. This is not to say that devices from Siemens are exclusively giants, the volume of the refrigerator in which exceeds 290 liters Only the most expensive options can boast the content of a huge number of products. In particular, This can boast Side-by-Side models.

If you have allocated at least 55 thousand to buy a refrigerator rubles, then you can expect to receive the device with modern appearance and very low power consumption. The case of such a device may be painted silver or black color.

Mitsubishi electric

Rating: 4.6

Mitsubishi Electric

On the pages of the site regularly mention product under the Mitsubishi brand. And these are not always cars or car accessories. The fact is that the composition of the so-called The Mitsubishi family includes several companies. One of them is Mitsubishi Electric. Its products are definitely used by some of our readers – we are talking about air conditioners. But of course it is the enterprise produces not only them.

The foundation of this company occurred in 1921. Its headquarters located in Japanese Tokyo. Now Mitsubishi Electric is a real giant whose subsidiaries can be found in Germany, and in France, and in the Netherlands. It all started with the factory electric motors. In the future, the range only expanded.

Now this company makes the most money on systems air conditioning. And by no means on consumer models. For quite some time now, the company has been designing full-fledged industrial systems then used by builders of apartment buildings. As for refrigerators, they almost account for smallest sales. I must admit that the Japanese hardly pay this area of ​​due attention. It must be related to fierce competition in this market.

Mitsubishi refrigerators are sold in many Russian stores. However, such a purchase can be very burdensome. for the family budget. A rare instance is sold for less than 50 thousand rubles. But it’s worth it, because all these refrigerators are very durable. They also have a quiet compressor, noise level which usually does not exceed 37 dB. But their main difference from competitors is the presence of three cameras. Therefore, fresh meat and fish can be stored separately from everything else without mixing most smells. And, of course, such refrigerators support No Frost technology, which allows you to forget about regular defrosting.

Do Mitsubishi refrigerators have any disadvantages? Perhaps only high energy consumption can be noted. But this applies exclusively to three-chamber models and those that belong to to the Side-by-Side form factor.


Rating: 4.5


If we talk about European manufacturers of household appliances, then The largest of these is Electrolux This Swedish company was founded in 1919. It all started with the creation of household vacuum cleaners. The products became so successful that the founders succeeded expand the range of products. Also in Electrolux began to come savvy engineers. One of them almost made a revolution: he suggested placing the vacuum cleaner on skids made of thick wire, which greatly simplified its transportation. Well, a few years later vacuum cleaners began to get wheels.

In the middle of the 20th century, refrigerators began to appear Electrolux. Unlike competitors, they could boast interior lighting and glass shelves. They stood out for account of peculiar Swedish design.

In the future, the company developed at an unprecedented pace. Now this is a real giant. Electrolux management at one time bought several competitors. For example, it is the Swedes who now own Italian company Zanussi and German AEG. One of the last Shopping is a General Electric manufacturing unit household appliances.

These sizes allow Electrolux to create a huge the number of all kinds of refrigerators. Many of them are quite inexpensive, as they are produced in the same country where they are for sale. But, of course, the company does not specialize in budget models. If you buy just this, then you risk encounter small capacity and the need for regular defrost the device. If you pay attention to Electrolux refrigerator worth 75-85 thousand rubles, then get in device with No Frost support, lifetime which will be several decades. And also such a refrigerator has a modern design – it is possible that its body will be painted in a different color than white, and the display will let you know about temperature inside each compartment.

Experts will not let you lie, Electrolux is doing its best increase the energy efficiency of their appliances. Swedish refrigerators, especially when it comes to fairly expensive models, usually correspond to energy class A ++ or even more high.

Speaking specifically about Russia, here is the range Electrolux refrigerators – not as wide as we would like. At we can’t find truly innovative models. Also in our Particularly roomy appliances are not sold in stores. As much as possible 350-liter refrigerators available, models Side-by-side Swedes are not delivered to Russia, since here they are practically not in demand (many Russians live in small-sized apartments where such a refrigerator is simply not will fit).


Rating: 4.4


It seems to many people that all manufacturers of household appliances concentrated in Europe and Asia. But actually similar There are companies in the USA. One of the largest of them is Whirlpool The company was founded in 1911. Originally it was assumed that the plant would produce exclusively washing machines. But a decent demand for them brought such money, that the company managed to establish production of other products.

The most active sales growth was recorded in the post-war time. It was then that Whirlpool managed to team up with Seeger Refrigerator Company, producing refrigerators. So assortment replenished with a completely new product. And in those days began sales of cookers, air conditioners and vacuum cleaners.

Now no one in the US is able to compete with Whirlpool. The company’s annual turnover reaches $ 21 billion! And on refrigerators account for the largest portion of sales (approximately 29%).

Whirlpool is committed to showing customers that her technique is as modern as possible. That’s why her refrigerators have a design that many seem unusual. Some models have two doors. not one above the other, but next to each other. Usually opt for Such devices are made by people who need the most roomy freezer. Often, such refrigerators get a generator ice – a rare competitor can boast so pleasant addition.

There are in the assortment of Whirlpool and models made in Side-by-Side form factor. As for the coloring, it can to be completely different. Mostly in demand models now with silver color, brown or even black. White is Whirlpool refrigerators are mainly sold in the homeland of the company and in some European countries.

The main problem of Whirlpool is the lack of a factory in the territory Of Russia. In this regard, buy a refrigerator of this company in our country is almost impossible. A few years ago they still sold in Russian stores, but US sanctions forced manufacturer to leave our market.


Rating: 4.3


Everyone knows about the South Korean company Samsung Electronics To someone she is familiar on smartphones and tablets, someone in the house has her TV, while others use washing machines and Samsung refrigerators.

You need to understand that, in fact, Samsung is a group of companies, engaged in a variety of business sectors, down to chemical industry. The birth of the brand happened in 1938. At first pores the enterprise did not even think about producing any electronics, in wartime it was completely not up to it. Base Samsung Electronics only happened in 1969. Amazing that in a relatively short time this company has become a real giant!

If in the first years of its existence this enterprise produced only televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines and calculators, then gradually the range is significantly expanded. Now it’s harder to say that it is South Korean the company does not produce, than to list all produced by it devices.

In recent years, Samsung has been trying to endow almost all premium technology produced by smart functionality. Began everything from smartphones that at one time began to get built-in voice assistant. Well, then the South Koreans set about development of Tizen’s own operating system. She turned out undemanding to the “hardware”, in connection with which it began to receive not only televisions and smart watches, but also other household appliances, including including Samsung refrigerators. As a result, such devices began boast of a very large LCD display, and even fully color. A refrigerator provided to them can talk about news and weather forecast. And expensive refrigerators can have built-in cameras. From somewhere in the store, you can activate these cameras directly from your smartphone, finding out which ones You are short of products now. And there is no doubt that everything this is just the beginning. Samsung refrigerators will be required in the future learn how to send notifications, which will contain a list required purchases. It is possible that they someday themselves will order products in the online store.

All of the above applies only to refrigerators sold for very big money. And how do devices with an average or even a low price tag? These are typical refrigerators having as a number advantages and certain disadvantages. When choosing this devices should carefully read its description, reviews, and it’s advisable to watch or read some overview. The only way you can get a refrigerator that It is quite durable and quiet.


Rating: 4.2


In South Korea, there is another large company engaged in household appliance manufacturing. It is, of course, about LG Electronics. Many Russians are very fond of its products. For good reason this brand is regularly featured in our washing machine ratings and other equipment. But this company, too, cannot be called incredibly old. Its foundation happened in a not so distant 1958 year. For a long time, the company was known as GoldStar Many Russians still have refrigerators, VCRs and televisions having on their front panel corresponding nameplate.

The company renaming happened after she teamed up with a manufacturer of toothpaste and other chemical products. In 1995, a variety of appliances under the brand name LG Electronics. Long time the greatest the combined company profited from the televisions. Hitch occurred only at the time of transition to LCD technology. Then the company rescued her mobile unit, producing excellent smartphones. Well, then they started to bring good money OLED TVs pleasing shoppers with deep blacks flowers.

As for refrigerators, in this regard, LG follows its main competitor. This company also seeks as much as possible. expand your product line, providing premium models with intelligence and quick wits. LG also regularly buys related factories in other countries, which allows you to collect refrigerators there same where they will be sold.

You can easily find inexpensive LG refrigerators in stores, having the usual white color. Also, South Koreans are actively trading mid-budget models that may have beige, brown or silver case. It’s nice that even sold for 30-40 thousand. rubles models are durable and very quiet. Also they often able to boast of an energy class A +, and their the refrigerator compartment has No Frost technology support. Against this background, the fact that such devices receive extremely high ratings from their customers.

As for expensive models, their search in Russia causes some complexity. Mostly high price tags have incredible side-by-side refrigerators capacious cameras. But even such models rarely cost more, than 70 thousand rubles. All this suggests that refrigerators LG is one of the most affordable. However, this does not mean that in the assortment of the company there is no such model as LG LSR100RU, standing 500 thousand rubles and supporting control from a smartphone. General the volume of the chambers of this monster is astronomical 623 liters.


Rating: 4.2


Once upon a time, the best electronics in the world were produced by the Japanese. On this topic even joked in the movie “Back to the Future.” However now the situation has changed. No, the Japanese are still ahead of the rest in terms of production of lenses and cameras. But if we talk about household technology, then in this country there are practically no companies involved in its creation. Even Sharp is experiencing some Problems. But this company is one of the oldest manufacturers Consumer Electronics, founded in 1912.

The history of Sharp began with the repair of metal products. We would be so never knew about this enterprise if in the future it management did not decide to establish the production of mechanical pencil in a nickel case. Then this factory burned down, was a new one was built, and in 1925 the founder of Sharp found out about the existence of radios. It is in their production that this the company made a name for itself. It was also established early enough the creation of television technology. Well, in the second half of the XX century a variety of household appliances was launched, including number of refrigerators.

Unlike many competitors, Sharp products have chopped corners. Also, far from always a freezer in such refrigerators are located in the usual place for her – in the most expensive models, it is on top. Advanced appliances have a good display, which displays the temperature and selected operating mode. And you can’t even talk about No Frost, even relatively inexpensive Sharp refrigerators.

Like many other manufacturers, the Japanese company is committed to paint your products not only in typical white color. And also she is trying to increase the volume of internal space. Got to that the total volume of some models reaches an incredible 536 l! And this is not about Side-by-Side devices, as you could to think! For example, Sharp is so roomy SJ-XE55PMBE.


Rating: 4.1


As you might guess, Hotpoint-Ariston is a brand, resulting from the merger of two companies. Chief among them is still hotpoint – this home appliance manufacturer was founded in 1911, more than a hundred years ago. Headquarters of this the brand is located in the USA, but the company is mainly focused on sales its products in Europe. Oddly enough, it is impossible call completely independent – the assets of this company are divided between Whirlpool and Haier.

Hotpoint’s name comes from the first product it manufactured – electric iron. This type of household appliances was invented just six years before the company was founded. IN further the company began to produce many other types electrical appliances – for example, stoves and toasters. The latter were generally associated with the brand for a long time. Hotpoint, since this company was the first to establish a wide production.

In 2007, historical trading took over Hotpoint Ariston brand owned by Indesit. Now washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators sold in Europe are branded Hotpoint-Ariston. However, gradually the company still refuses from the mention of the second brand. Therefore, do not be surprised if You will see a Hotpoint refrigerator in the store.

Speaking specifically about the manufactured equipment, then it is usually Belongs to the budget segment. This means that such devices painted white and need to be thawed from time to time. However, the Hotpoint-Ariston assortment includes refrigerators sold for 25-30 thousand rubles. They already support No Frost, although exceptions to the rule do occur. They are also often able to boast of non-standard coloring.

As for the most expensive Hotpoint-Ariston refrigerators, then they are practically not found in Russia. Of course you can find some Hotpoint-Ariston SXBHAE 920, sold for 80 thousand. rubles, but you’ll have to try hard for this. The above the model has a huge capacity, silver color and a small display that displays information about the current operation mode. And the device also has a freezer, located to the left of the refrigerator.


Rating: 4.1


A relatively inexpensive kitchen is sold under the Hansa brand Technics. The company issuing it is part of the Amica group – a well-known European manufacturer of household appliances. While devices under the brand name Hansa can be found approximately in twenty countries. But there is no doubt that in the future the popularity of such a technique will only grow.

Amica has been around for 70 years. Now in her portfolio – more than two thousand products. Part of this number is distributed under the brand name Hansa. In particular, this applies to refrigerators, delivered to Russia. Unlike competitors, this company strives to occupy the niche of atypical devices. That means her models often have a non-standard size. For example, Hansa FM1337.3RAA is no bigger than any nightstand. Such a device is usually hotel owners are buying. Also, a similar refrigerator will be look good in a country house, where it is usually stored enough a small amount of products.

If you agree to spend 20 thousand on a tiny refrigerator rubles, then get a device made in retro style. In this plan it will be similar to the SMEG products we are already talking about told.

Of course, Hansa also has standard refrigerators. But they often have these or those shortcomings, in connection with which such devices are almost not in demand. At least in our country. As for the expensive offers, they are in the portfolio Hansa are rare. You can find literally a couple in stores models. Both of them belong to the Side-by-Side form factor, and their the volume exceeds 350 liters. You will have to buy such a refrigerator spend about 60 thousand rubles.


Rating: 4.0


In the Soviet years, a fairly large was built in Belarus number of factories providing the entire union with a diverse technique. I am glad that some enterprises have survived to this day. In particular, our rating could not do without Atlant CJSC. it Belarusian company engaged in the production of refrigeration and freezing equipment. And not only to increase revenue the company had to expand the range, starting to release electric kettles, washing machines, stoves and some others goods.

The first Minsk refrigerator came off the assembly line in 1962. IN later it was here that they created the first in the Soviet Union two-chamber refrigerator. Already in those years, products seemed almost perfect. It got to the point that Minsk refrigerators Delivered to Western European countries – Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Greece, Great Britain, France and many others. They were in demand in China, too, until they established own production.

After the collapse of the USSR, the plant was transformed into Atlant CJSC. Now the founding date of this company is considered to be 1993, when occurred. Now the company produces at least 70 models refrigerators and freezers. All of them are distributed under own brand ATLANT. In the assortment of the company there are one and two-chamber refrigerators. The second are divided by location freezer – it is usually located below, but there are options with its upper placement. The company also pays some attention to refrigerators with two compressors.

The wide distribution of supermarkets has allowed the company to earn a lot of money on commercial refrigeration equipment. Not It’s possible that in your nearest store sausage is stored in ATLANT refrigerator.

It could be assumed that the company is now producing its products at several plants, because the budget should allow this. Indeed it is. But the refrigerators themselves are still going in Minsk, bringing tangible revenues to the budget of Belarus in the form taxes. Also, Atlant CJSC has a factory in the city of Baranovichi, but there only compressors are produced, which are then shipped to Minsk. The third company-owned plant is creating washing machines and other household appliances.

Should I buy ATLANT refrigerators? Why not? You are not their low cost should confuse. Buy a similar device for 16-20 thousand rubles is possible only due to the fact that the manufacturer does not need pay a serious fee, as European companies do. But, Of course, budget models in any case will be something not arrange. If you want to buy an ATLANT refrigerator for centuries, then better look at a little more expensive models. For example, ATLANT XM 4425-049 ND will look great in the kitchen, while it never ask for thawing – on its inner walls ice never accumulates. You can only find fault with energy consumption – ATLANT compressors are slightly inferior in this regard competitors.


Rating: 4.0


Any selection ends with inexpensive goods. Exactly such products are produced by the Turkish company BEKO. And this despite that this company was founded in 1967. But if other home appliance manufacturers are investing in the department development, then in BEKO always sought to compete due to more low cost.

In fact, the company itself is called Koc Holding. But to all she known exclusively by BEKO and several other brands (e.g. Grundig). Under this trademark applies different kitchen appliances, as well as washing machines and air conditioners. Like some competitors, the Turks are trying to localize production, because this is what allows you to achieve low cost with least cost. In Russia, products under the BEKO brand present since 1997. Almost a decade Turkish the manufacturer traded here without making much money. And only in October 2006, a plant producing machinery was launched in Russia BEKO. This allowed to reduce the price tag for some devices, at the same time making them a little better.

Having your own factory in Russia cannot but help in achieving low cost. But many buyers have a refrigerator urgently required, in connection with which they can not distinguish from its budget is more than 17 thousand rubles. However, one cannot but admit that devices sold for that kind of money have a number of disadvantages. Firstly, they can hardly be called particularly quiet. Secondly, far from each instance is durable. Thirdly they mean manual defrosting.

Fortunately, the BEKO range has mid-budget refrigerators devoid of most of the shortcomings. They have adjustable buttons, they implement No Frost technology, and their the body can even be painted in atypical red or black Colour. And usually such refrigerators have a decent volume of chambers. However, they are not suited for the model called BEKO CN151720DX. Its total volume reaches 467 liters! This three-door monster – the best choice for a family of four to five people! But he needs spacious kitchen, and the purchase will have to allocate almost 90 thousand. rubles.


Rating: 3.9


One more brand familiar to many people ends our selection. since the days of the USSR. In that great country there were several factories producing refrigerators. That’s right, because it would be it’s stupid to drive such heavy devices from Belarus somewhere in Vladivostok. Several plants are still operating, one of which is Biryusa. This company is located in Krasnoyarsk, and it was founded in 1963.

Biryusa refrigerators were appreciated by the inhabitants of the USSR. And then they gathered in Krasnoyarsk from start to finish. Now to Unfortunately, the plant has no modern compressor requirements. In this regard, motor compressors are usually ordered from abroad – for example, from Samsung. The rest of The refrigerator is produced at a factory in Krasnoyarsk. In 2008 the company switched to ozone-friendly refrigerant R600a, then the first refrigerators with No Frost support appeared.

Krasnoyarsk plant produces not only household appliances, but also retail store equipment. That it allows the company to stay afloat. Unfortunately, ordinary refrigerators almost do not attract consumers. Too simply many of them look. Sure, this is a good option for a summer residence, but I would like to purchase for a house something more attractive. That is why Krasnoyarsk attempts to produce models such as Biryusa M153. Body of this The refrigerator is painted in stainless steel. But low grade power consumption, tiny total volume and drip system defrosts make you think ten times before you buy this product. The cost of such a refrigerator is only 13-15 thousand rubles. More capacious models in the assortment of the plant are also available – usually their price tag starts at 18 thousand rubles.


Now you know which refrigerator manufacturers considered the best. And now you understand that such companies exist in many countries of the world. Including own Belarus and Russia can boast refrigerators.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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