15 best gum products

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Many people are used to taking care of the external beauty of their teeth, but forget to pay due attention to the gums. However, according to statistics, it is the weak and diseased soft tissues of the oral cavity in half of the cases provoke tooth loss. All gum disease that can occur in children and adults, divided by 3 main groups:

  1. Gingivitis – local inflammation of the mucous membrane nearby with a specific tooth. In this case, the tissues of the latter are not affected and coping with the pathological process is relatively simple.
  2. Periodontitis – gradual “flaking” of the gum tooth from pocket formation. It accumulates food debris that hard to extract on your own. Against this background, the gums begin bleeding, swelling, pain during chewing. Also gradually loosen, shift, teeth fall out.
  3. Periodontal disease is a violation of the supply of blood to tissues. On the background this causes gum dystrophy, the teeth are exposed the gaps between them increase. The arrangement of the gums relative to each other. Moreover, they quietly collapse without hyperemia, swelling, or bleeding.

Gum disease often occurs amid improper care oral cavity. This includes irregular and weak cleansing. teeth, as well as the use of funds that do not provide the necessary mucosal protection. The use of dental gels, conditioners and balms can significantly improve the condition gums. In this review we will look at the best of them.

Rating of the best remedies for gums

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best Gum Dental Gels 1 Elugel 340 rub
2 Holisal 353 rub
3 Metrogil Denta 270 rub
4 Asepta 195 rub
5 Periodontal disease 136 rub
6 Curaprox 0.50% Perio Plus Focus 600 rub
The best gum balms 1 Weleda “Sage” 418 r
2 Revidont Peptide Gum Balm 350 rub
3 Adhesive Asepta Balm 225 rub
4 Donfeel Comprehensive Protection Daily Care 220 rub
Best gum conditioners 1 Biorepair Mouthwash Gum Protection 930 rub
2 Listerine Expert Gum Protection 150 rub
3 Lacalut aktiv 260 rub
4 Asepta Asset 218 RUB
5 R.O.C.S. Double mint 190 rub

Best Gum Dental Gels

The dentist can prescribe the gel to a child or adults when there is signs of gum disease. Often resort to the help of gels with the appearance of stomatitis.


Popularity Rating: 4.9


The French brand Pierre Fabre produces the tool Elugel. This antiseptic dental gel contains chlorhexidine. is he positioned as a therapeutic drug. Use it for prevention is impractical. It is prescribed for exacerbation gingivitis and stomatitis, as well as after dental operations.

Elugel is available in 40 ml tubes placed in cardboard boxes. 1 g of the drug contains 2 mg of chlorhexidine digluconate. The gel is evenly applied to problem gums 3-4 times a day. Rinsing the mouth with water after the procedure is not required. To apply the gel, you can use a soft toothbrush or with your finger. Food can be taken within 5-10 minutes after application the drug.

According to reviews, Elyugel is very comfortable to use. The gums calm down after its application and it fully justifies its purpose is a local antiseptic. This tool is fast. relieves bleeding gums and reliably protects against joining a secondary infection. Elugel is usually good tolerated, but in rare cases may cause allergies reactions.


  • high-quality local antiseptic;
  • has a pleasant aroma;
  • does not cause discomfort during use;
  • there is no need to rinse your mouth after applying it.


  • allergic reactions are possible.


Popularity Rating: 4.8


Polish dental gel Holisal contains choline salicylate and cetalkonium chloride. Use of this product is appropriate. with all kinds of dental diseases that accompanied by pain and inflammation. Such a gel effectively relieves pain and relieves inflammation.

Holisal for sale in aluminum tubes of 10 and 15 g. Samo the product has a uniform transparent gel-like texture and pronounced anise smell. If you need to anesthetize, then Cholisal is used 2-3 times a day before main meals or after meals before going to bed. Squeeze a strip of gel on a clean finger – 0.5-1 cm depending on the age category and rub into pathological focus.

In reviews, consumers often praise Holisal for the fact that this gel instantly anesthetizes and helps to cope with stomatitis and other diseases. This product is easy to apply. distributed and quickly absorbed. After which some time a slight chill is felt. He has a pleasant, sweet taste. Gel Both adults and children are eager to use. This remedy is usually well tolerated, but some feel a slight burning sensation immediately after application.


  • well thought out composition;
  • easy to apply;
  • pleasant taste and aroma;
  • anesthetizes and treats;
  • Suitable for adults and children.


  • light burning immediately after application.

Metrogil Denta

Popularity Rating: 4.7


As part of the Indian dental gel Metrogil Dent there are 2 components with a wide range of antibacterial activity: metronidazole and chlorhexidine. This remedy is recommended. use with all kinds of inflammatory processes infectious origin in the oral cavity. This medicine suitable for treating adults and children over the age of 6 years old.

Metrogil Denta is a soft gel of almost white colors. It is sold in tubes of 5, 10 or 20 g. With inflammation of the gums It is recommended to distribute Metrogil Dent in a thin layer on pathological foci 2 times a day. To do this, you can Use a clean finger or cotton swab. Nonstop You can resort to using this tool for no more than 10 days.

According to reviews, Metrogil Dent is able to very quickly heal gums and solve other dental problems. it the tool is comfortable to use. To taste reminds mint toothpaste. Dent’s Metrogyl is most often well tolerated, but sometimes provokes local allergic reactions or headaches pain.


  • effective antimicrobial agent;
  • suitable for quick healing of gums;
  • tastes good;
  • easy to apply.


  • may cause local manifestations of allergies.


Popularity Rating: 4.6


Russian manufacturer Vertex in its line of Asept products also has gum gel. Its effectiveness is due to the presence of as part of propolis, which reduces itching, pain and fights inflammation. Propolis also speeds up recovery damaged tissue. This remedy strengthens weak gums, reducing their bleeding.

Acept gum gel is sold in an iron tube of 10 g. B The kit contains a special spatula for application. By the consistency of the gel resembles liquid honey (loose, yellow shade). It has a pronounced aroma of propolis. Apply gel thin a layer on the gums immediately after cleansing the teeth. Evenly distributed in the area of ​​the pathological focus. Procedures are done 2-3 times a day for 1-2 weeks.

Dentists and patients respond very well about Asepta gel. Relief occurs immediately after application. The gel is sticky and good fixed. The tool perfectly relieves bleeding gums and anesthetizes well. It does not have a cooling effect. More often Asepta is well tolerated, but some after application there is a taste of metal in the mouth.


  • the composition contains natural propolis;
  • there is a spatula for application in the kit;
  • immediately after application comes relief;
  • strengthens the gums.


  • may cause a taste of metal in the mouth.

Periodontal disease

Popularity Rating: 4.5


Moscow pharmaceutical factory produces gum gel Periodontocide. This remedy contains: thymol, allantoin, phenyl salicylate, as well as sage, peppermint, cloves and oregano oil. IN the composition is not chlorhexidine and metronidazole, but there is ethyl alcohol and methyl paraben, which may confuse some. This means It is actively used for gingivitis, stomatitis and periodontitis.

Sold periodontal gel in iron tubes of 15 g. His consistency is moderately thick, does not spread. White color, the aroma is very pleasant, herbal. Recommended before use. Wash the hands. Squeeze 1 cm of the gel and apply it to the gum with your finger or on a piece of gauze and left for 10-15 minutes. Frequency use – at least 2 times a day.

According to reviews, periodontocide perfectly soothes gums. Pain occurs immediately after application. Taste this remedy reminds many sweet peppermint chewing gum. To many Periodontocide helped to heal the gums and mucous membranes while wearing braces. This tool is very comfortable to use, but some after application, a burning sensation appears.


  • many natural ingredients in the composition;
  • pleasant herbal aroma;
  • tastes like mint gum;
  • quickly anesthetizes;
  • heals gums when wearing braces.


  • methyl paraben in the composition;
  • may cause a burning sensation.

Curaprox 0.50% Perio Plus Focus

Popularity Rating: 4.4


Swiss brand Curaprox launches Perio Plus Gum Gel Focus with a chlorhexidine content of 0.50%. Also included there is a complex of bioflavonoids and hyaluronic acid. it the agent has worked well with its local use in areas of inflammation. It prevents secondary infection. a wound. This gel perfectly helps to heal tissue after dental operations.

Perio Plus Focus is available in 10 ml tubes. Put a little the amount of gel on the gums using a clean finger or soft toothbrush. If removable structures are installed in the mouth, then a small amount of the product is squeezed onto their inner surface. After applying the gel, refrain from drinking or eating for 2 hours.

Reviews on Curaprox 0.50% Perio Plus Focus mostly positive. Consumers like that this the product forms a protective film on the teeth, gums and mucous membranes shells. The product acts gently and does not cause discomfort during time of use. This gel has good tolerance, but some may manifest individual increased sensitivity to individual components.


  • plant bioflavonoids in the composition;
  • does not contain harmful additives;
  • easy to apply;
  • forms a protective film on the gums;
  • eliminates inflammation.


  • individual intolerance is possible.

The best gum balms

Most dentists tend to think that in addition to dental paste it is reasonable to use balms in the morning and evening. They render antibacterial effect, soften plaque, making it easier removal. Often they contain iodine, fluoride, medicinal extracts. plants, therefore, improve blood circulation and microflora in the mouth, and also strengthen tooth enamel.

Weleda Sage Gum Balm

Popularity Rating: 4.9


Popular brand Weleda launches sage gum balm. This product is organic and suitable for sensitive gums. It eliminates edema, hyperemia, prevents development inflammatory process. However, this product does not violate natural microflora of the oral cavity. Medicinal plants in have a mild antibacterial effect and heal sores. The balm does not contain aggressive surfactants, dyes or other harmful components.

Weleda balm is sold in an iron biodegradable tube at 30 ml By consistency, the product is more liquid than toothpaste. Its color is amber, the mint-herbal aroma is pleasant. After each brushing your teeth it is recommended to rub the balm into the gums with your finger or soft brush for 1-2 minutes. It should not be washed off, but it is also advisable to refrain from eating throughout a quarter of an hour.

In the reviews, consumers note that this is a Swiss remedy excellent effect on the gums. It is able to get rid of bleeding and frequent inflammatory processes. Balm comfortable to use: easily distributed in the oral cavity, not leaves an unpleasant aftertaste. The product is consumed enough economically. The portability of this tool is very good.


  • natural composition;
  • pleasant to use;
  • perfectly relieves bleeding;
  • eliminates inflammation;
  • well tolerated.


  • not identified.

Revidont Peptide Gum Balm

Popularity Rating: 4.8


Peptides (formerly NPCRIS) produces gum balm Revidont. The composition of this product contains peptide and bioantioxidant complexes. This remedy reduces pain. prevents the occurrence of bleeding, edema or inflammatory processes on the gums. This product is becoming a real find for those who wear dentures.

Revidont Balm is available in 15 ml tubes. Product is safe for swallowing. After each brushing, it is recommended to rub him into the gums for 1-2 minutes. You can do this with a beam finger or a soft toothbrush. After that, for 15 minutes Do not drink or eat food. With gum disease this the product is used up to 3 times a day.

Consumers usually praise Revidont Balm in their reviews. Them like the pleasant mint flavor of this product and how fast it is eliminates various problems with gums. This remedy is excellent. eliminates puffiness, protects against bleeding, and also reduces increased tooth sensitivity. Balm has a good tolerance, but occasionally it provokes allergic reactions.


  • unusual effective composition;
  • safe to swallow;
  • pleasant mint flavor;
  • protects against bleeding;
  • relieves inflammation and swelling.


  • rarely provokes allergic reactions.

Adhesive Asepta Balm

Popularity Rating: 4.7


The popular Russian company Vertex produces Asept balm. The main components of the drug: metronidazole, chlorhexidine, essential peppermint oil. Asept balm has a bactericidal effect on a large number of pathogens. Due to the adhesive base balm fixed on the gums for a long time (more than 1 hour). Thereby active substances provide a longer therapeutic impact.

Sale balm in tubes with a special spatula in the kit. The consistency of the product is thick, gel-like, a bit coarse. Color from beige to light brown with a splash. Smell – pleasant, mint, not very pronounced. Do not rub balm. His gently applied to pathological foci with a finger or hygienic cotton buds. After which it is moistened with water.

According to reviews, Asepta Adhesive Balm is very effective. It stays on the mucosa for a long time until you remove it. by yourself. It perfectly heals gums. In the process the use of the balm is very pleasant, but its remains in the tube with harden with time, so it can be difficult to future use. And also some are confused by the price for small amount of funds.


  • a wide range of bactericidal effects;
  • long fixation on the gums;
  • pleasant taste and aroma;
  • perfectly heals.


  • the remnants of the product solidify in the tube.

Comprehensive Protection Donfeel Daily Care

Popularity Rating: 4.6


Donfeel company produces balm for irrigator “Complex protection. Daily Care. “This product contains beneficial plant extracts (oak roots, eucalyptus leaves, mint leaves), clove leaf essential oil, as well as xylitol and sodium fluoride. Provides comprehensive oral protection, prevents the formation of tartar, gum disease, caries and other dental diseases.

Donfeel balm is sold in transparent plastic bottles 250 ml each. The liquid has a greenish color. On the palate it feels mint and lime with notes of healing herbs. Pour 2-3 measuring caps balm into the reservoir of the irrigator, the rest is filled boiled or filtered water not higher than 40 ° C. Or a little the amount of balm rinse your mouth after eating for 30 seconds. You can use it up to 3 times a day.

Many consumers in the reviews note that thanks to the balm Donfeel markedly improved the condition of their gums. Already after 1 month regular use manages to change the soft toothbrush to medium hardness. In this case, the gums do not inflame and do not bleed. This tool is very pleasant to use. Along with anti-inflammatory effect, it is very refreshing. Some they only complain that it’s not always easy to buy. Need such look for the product in pharmacies or in specialized stores.


  • well thought out composition;
  • suitable for use in an irrigator;
  • pleasant taste;
  • perfectly eliminates inflammation;
  • strengthens the gums.


  • It can be hard to find for sale

Best gum conditioners

Rinses significantly increase the quality of oral cleaning from bacteria, help maintain gums healthy and contribute to eliminate their bleeding.

Biorepair Mouthwash Gum Protection

Popularity Rating: 4.9


Italian brand Biorepair launches antibacterial Mouthwash Gum Protection mouthwash. is he contains a high concentration of active components of organic origin. This remedy moisturizes sensitive gums, prevents their inflammation and bleeding due to hyaluronic acid. The product is also enriched with liquid enamel, which contributes to remineralization, strengthening and healing of teeth.

Rinse aid Biorepair Mouthwash Gum Protection is sold in 500 ml opaque plastic bottles with a measuring cup, worn over the cap. The product has a thick consistency. His color is pale pink. For preventive purposes, use 1-2 5 ml per day. Rinse the mouth for 30-50 seconds. For the purpose of therapy, use after each meal 5-10 ml for 1 minute.

Many people praise such a conditioner in their reviews. They like how this remedy cares for and treats gums. The product does not bake, does not irritate the mucous membrane, but rather pleasant envelops. The product has a pleasant unobtrusive aroma. Rinse well heals the gums, prevents bleeding. The price of such a tool may be confusing, but many agree to pay for such a quality product.


  • many components of organic origin in the composition;
  • pleasant taste;
  • thick consistency;
  • perfectly cares for and treats gums;
  • Does not bake and does not irritate the mucous membrane.


  • not identified.

Listerine Expert Gum Protection

Popularity Rating: 4.8


Mouthwash Listerine Expert Gum Protection contains thymol, eucalyptol, menthol, methyl salicylate. Using this tool it is possible to significantly reduce bleeding gums and reduce them inflammation. When using this product in the morning and evening, you can achieve protection of the oral cavity from bacteria for a whole day. At this rinse does not upset the balance of the microflora of the cavity the mouth.

Listerine Expert Gum Protection for Sale in Plastic Bottles various volumes (95, 250, 500, 1000 ml). Product has original, powerful taste. His color is turquoise. Manufacturer recommends measuring out the right amount of solution with teaspoons – 4 pieces (20 ml). Rinse the mouth for 30 seconds, after which means they spit. It is not recommended to dilute Listerine water or other liquids.

According to reviews, Listerine Expert Gum Protection calls in mouth “fire”, but the effect of it is simply amazing. This remedy is not only heals gums and relieves them of bleeding, but also reduces plaque formation. With him fresh breath persists for a long time. Yet sensitive natures complain that this tool strongly burns the tongue and mucous membranes during rinse procedures.


  • reduces bleeding gums;
  • quickly eliminates inflammatory processes;
  • does not violate the microflora in the mouth;
  • perfectly freshens breath.


  • during rinsing, burns the tongue and mucous membrane.

Conditioner Lacalut Aktiv

Popularity Rating: 4.7


German rinse agent Lacalut Aktiv contains aluminum lactate, fluorides and antibacterial components. This product is suitable for daily protection against: bleeding and inflammation of the gums, bacteria, causing plaque, caries, periodontitis. Aluminum lactate has a pronounced astringent effect, therefore, wounds on the gums tighten immediately after application.

Rinser Lacalut Aktiv is sold in transparent pink plastic bottles with a measuring cup included. Itself the liquid is clear. The product is approved for use by adults and children over 6 years old. In the morning, in the evening, and also, if necessary, in rinse the mouth with 10 ml of solution intensively throughout the day Lacalut Aktiv for 30 seconds. After this means spit and do not rinse your mouth with water.

In the reviews, consumers note that the rinse agent Lacalut Aktiv perfectly soothes gums. Although during the rinse procedure the solution pinches, especially if there are sores in the mouth. Taste at rinse pleasant menthol. Tolerance to the drug is usually good, but if accidentally swallowed, some exacerbate gastritis.


  • quickly heals wounds on the gums;
  • without dye;
  • pleasant menthol taste;
  • suitable for children from 6 years old;
  • Soothes and relieves swelling.


  • if swallowed, it may trigger an exacerbation gastritis.

Rinse Asepta Asset

Popularity Rating: 4.6


Russian manufacturer Vertex also produces rinse aid Asepta Asset. Active ingredients: benzidamine, chlorhexidine, mint and menthol. This rinse has a complex impact on the oral cavity. He fights pathogens, takes off inflammation and relieves pain. The product is pure from alcohol, dyes. and fluoride, therefore suitable for many groups of customers.

Rinse Asepta Asset sold in clear blue 150 ml plastic bottles. The solution itself is transparent with mint tasteful. Rinse aid is ready to use. Poured into a measured a cup of 10 ml of the product and rinse your mouth for 20 seconds. Drinking and eating after this is not recommended for 30 minutes. You can use the tool 2-3 times a day, but not more than 2 weeks in a row.

According to reviews, Asepta Aktiv perfectly copes with bleeding gums. Also after applying this tool for a long time time there is a feeling of freshness and less tooth formation plaque. Some note that they have a pronounced numbness of the tongue when using this solution. But they come out position diluting it with water 1: 1.


  • combined action;
  • perfectly relieves bleeding;
  • quickly anesthetizes;
  • Suitable for children from 6 years.


  • the tongue goes numb when using the product in undiluted form.

Conditioner R.O.C.S. Double mint

Popularity Rating: 4.5


Russian brand R.O.C.S. produces rinse Double Mint. The product contains kelp extract, which effectively relieves from inflammatory processes. It also enriches soft tissues. beneficial amino acids and minerals. Also included there is calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, which are responsible for mineralization of tooth enamel. The tool is suitable for systematic daily use.

Rinse aid from R.O.C.S. available in round plastic a bottle of dark green color. The tool is transparent, with a slight greenish tint, liquid in texture, like water. By smell reminds peppermint chewing gum, the taste is very pronounced. After cleaning it is recommended to rinse the teeth with an oral cavity of 25 ml (1 cap) means for 30 seconds.

In reviews, consumers usually praise this rinse off R.O.C.S. They note that this product does an excellent job with bleeding gums and inflammatory processes in the oral cavities. It also prolongs clean teeth and fresh breath. Many people like its pleasant taste and smell, as well as the fact that it practically does not cause a burning sensation during rinsing.


  • does not contain fluorine, alcohol and dyes;
  • copes with bleeding;
  • eliminates inflammatory processes;
  • freshens breath;
  • It has a pleasant taste and aroma.


  • not identified.

Popularity rating based on analysis of demand data service wordstat.yandex.ru.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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