14 best yarn producers

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

The quality of the yarn directly affects the characteristics of the knitted or products sewn from it. Will it stretch, will it not lose color, will it not become prickly and uncomfortable at some point. Also from the quality of yarn directly depends on the convenience of knitting or embroidery – nobody is happy if the thread breaks at the wrong time and you have to first connect the ends into a knot, and then mask it on the finished product.

To help you make beautiful and warm scarves, sweaters and socks, we have compiled a rating of the 14 best yarn producers. Them products are of high quality and excellent operational characteristics.

Rating of the best manufacturers of yarn

Nomination a place manufacturer rating
Rating of the best manufacturers of yarn 1 Pekhor factory (“Pekhorka”) 4.9
2 Semenov factory 4.8
3 Trinity worsted factory 4.8
4 Kartopu 4.7
5 Adelia 4.7
6 Schachenmayr 4.7
7 Alize 4.6
8 Drops 4.5
9 Yarnart 4.4
10 Vita 4.3
11 Nako 4.2
12 Camtex 4.1
13 Seam 4.0
14 Alpina 4.0

Pekhor factory (“Pekhorka”)

Rating: 4.9

Pehor factory (

Why she: A huge assortment of varieties of yarn, high quality.

Pekhor factory near Moscow is one of the largest yarn producers in Russia. She boasts a huge product range – produced as skeins for home knitting and skeins for industrial – as well as modern an approach to both the manufacturing process and the sale.

So, for example, “Pechora Factory” is not shy to collect his products in the collection. Now she offers three special series– “Creative” (bookmarked and with a flame effect), “Classical” (acrylic or wool with increased heat capacity) and “Summer” (cool and soft to the touch).

In general, the assortment of Piechorks includes acrylic, camel, half-woolen and woolen yarns, as well as special mixtures with alpaca and angora. There are options for children as well summer. In total, the factory produces several hundred varieties. threads, among which you can choose suitable for any case.

Semenov factory

Rating: 4.8

Semenov factory

Why she: A large assortment of not only yarn, but also related products.

Moscow “Semenovskaya factory” produces everything you need for needlework. In its assortment is presented on only yarn (and not only in skeins, but also in bobbins), but also necessary for felting and embroidery kits, fiber, if desired, can be purchased even so called the secondary.

But the main advantage of the factory is, of course, a huge assortment of yarn in skeins for needlework. The company produces about one and a half hundred varieties of this material. There is how made from synthetic fiber and from natural wool, natural plant fibers (cotton, linen, hemp) and mixtures of these “ingredients.” There are premium varieties – for example, with cashmere for maximum thermal insulation. Regardless of composition, yarns are characterized by optimal weaving and good strength qualities.

Varied and color schemes. Shades can be both bright and saturated, so gentle and pastel.

Trinity worsted factory

Rating: 4.8

Trinity worsted factory

Why he: A huge assortment of wool yarn and blends on based on natural fibers.

“Trinity worsted factory”, unlike the previous two in ranking, has a clear specialization – it produces yarn from wool or mixtures based on it. Of course, in the assortment of this Pure acrylic threads or other synthetic solutions, but they were added rather for the sake of exception. The lion’s share of the assortment is represented by just woolen products.

The manufacturer’s assortment includes merino wool, alpaca, Angora (mohair), camel, goat down. There are also materials on the basis of this natural raw material – for example, cashmere or so called “superwash wool” which is distinguished by brilliant surface texture and resistant to moisture and high temperatures.

Finally, Trinity Worsted Factory products are convenient order on the Internet – the company has a multifunctional website and an online store where prices are indicated immediately for the skein and retail, not need to count.


Rating: 4.7


Why he: Turkish manufacturer with a huge assortment products.

Kartopu is the largest producer of yarn for needlework and industrial use in Turkey, and at the same time one of the oldest. Great experience and desire to reach the world market has formed its huge range of solutions, among which are unique.

The main feature of Kartopu is non-standard for this market. approach to color solutions. In particular, the company annually updates the range of shades. Thanks to this, for example, she can offer multicolor yarn with gradient transitions No.1 Prints, which is the real trend of this season and forms completely unusual pattern on the finished product.

Like other manufacturers, Kartopu has in its assortment products from a variety of materials – from pure wool and clean synthetics to their mixtures in various proportions. There is also a separate children’s line with hypoallergenic materials.


Rating: 4.7


Why she: A large assortment of synthetic and artificial materials, low prices.

Russian factory Adelia (true, production of this company still located in China) offers one of the cheapest in ranking yarn. It was possible to reduce the price due to it transferring industrial capacities and using mainly synthetic materials.

So, in the assortment of Adelia you can not find merino products or alpacas. There are completely wool blends, but there are very few of them. The lion’s share of the assortment is represented by synthetic yarn, as well as mixtures of artificial and natural origin. The topics However, they are very diverse, and there are solutions for any taste.

However, sectional dyeing threads with gradient transitions between shades and the so-called “fancy yarn” made of very thick threads with pompons. it truly unique products that are unusual appearance – and therefore products made from them will also be non-standard.


Rating: 4.7


Why she: German dyed natural yarn materials.

The German company Schachenmayr offers a wide range brightly dyed yarn from natural materials. So she has solutions in cotton, alpaca, merino wool, mohair, silk, linen and others. But not only this manufacturer can brag of it.

In addition, this German company offers special fancy yarn – which has an unusual texture; and interesting materials such as boucle (threads for woolen fabric high density), cable (elastic thread for crocheting) and Chenille (threads with a velvety to the touch surface).

Thus, the Schachenmayr assortment can be found very unusual solutions – including for any non-standard species weaving.

Schachenmayr offers a variety of not only materials but also colors – products are available both in very bright and pretty pastel and delicate shades.


Rating: 4.6


Why is she: A combination of the classical approach to production and modern technologies of coloring.

Turkish company Alize offers a very wide selection of yarn for hand knitting. In its assortment there are solutions both from natural materials (including bamboo, six and cotton), and from synthetics (acrylic, polyester), as well as from mixtures of natural and artificial fibers to improve performance finished products.

The main advantage of the company is a huge assortment of yarn section dyeing. Products made from it are the most fashionable in present. The company carefully selects colors and shades, offering not just gradient transitions, but saturated and various tones. Almost all are sectionally stained varieties of yarn, so you can find both woolen and and synthetic in the right shades.

In addition, the company uses modern techniques. staining. This ensures the longevity of the colors – they are not burn out over time and are even resistant to moisture.


Rating: 4.5


Why he is: Norwegian manufacturer who is especially famous woolen products.

The Norwegian company Drops has been operating since the 1980s and now known among needlework lovers around the world. And this not surprising. Few yarn producers are able to compete with her regarding quality and performance threads.

But Drops is especially known for its woolen yarn from alpacas. It is light weight, excellent thermal insulation properties (excellent “heats”) and bulk. In the best way, the qualities of alpaca wool are manifested in the branded Drops Air series, in which it is complemented by polyamide and merino. This mixture forms a warm, light, almost airy thread medium thickness, excellent for coarse knitting.

Also worth mentioning is the Drops Alaska series, which made of 100% wool. Special thick weave provides excellent thermal insulation properties and high strength – both threads and products made from them.


Rating: 4.4


Why he: Premium budget yarn.

Turkish manufacturer YarnArt has an extremely low price for your yarn. Some varieties – for example, from mercerized cotton – cheaper than other manufacturers in the ranking. But with this, despite its low price, yarn from YarnArt may well be classified as premium.

The company uses high-quality raw materials – from specially processed and prepared wool to acrylic fibers premium – to provide superior performance the quality of their yarn. Like many other manufacturers, she produces quite a few models with sectional painting, which are now at the height of fashion.

The most interesting branded series is YarnArt Magic. Yarn from this rulers are made of 100% non-splitting and “air” wool, and painted sectionally in a variety of colors. For example, in model 604 There are white, red, purple, green and gray fibers.


Rating: 4.3


Why is it: Unique in quality and characteristics of the mixture materials.

German-Chinese company Vita specializes in the release of blended yarn – which is made from a mixture of various materials of natural and artificial origin. Of course at there are also just woolen options, and only synthetic ones. But the main part of the product range is represented precisely blended yarn.

So, for example, in the yarn of the most famous brand series Brilliant 45% wool (merino) and 55% acrylic are included. Thanks to this thread becomes soft, pleasant to the touch and almost weightless – and most importantly, it does not fade in the sun, and products made from it can steam clean!

There are more complex mixtures. For example, imitating texture Cashmere cashmere consists of 35% Angora rabbit wool, 40% of merino wool with a special finish, 15% of nylon and the remaining 10% from lyocel. Therefore, it is more practical than natural cashmere, although not much different from it.


Rating: 4.2


Why is it: European quality and very low prices.

Nako is a brand of hand knitting yarn that is produced Turkish company Ormo. She, in turn, supplies textiles and fabrics for the world’s leading clothing manufacturers. So that yarn for hand knitting is also of the highest quality.

But at the same time it is inexpensive – as this, in fact, is characteristic and other Turkish manufacturers in the ranking. Despite the low prices, yarn is made from premium materials, including specially prepared wool and high strength, but lightweight acrylic.

At the same time, the manufacturer’s assortment is very diverse and includes yarn of various types – from simple to fancy, dyed from evenly to sectionally, from universal to specialized. There are, for example, special children’s options with a particularly soft surface texture that does not cause hostility or irritation when touch.


Rating: 4.1


Why he: Constantly updating the collection, variety materials used.

Russian producer Kamteks boasts rich a variety of types of threads for hand knitting. So, in his catalogs you can find options from high-grade acrylic, viscose fibers (having a silk texture), jute and flax (characterized by increased durability to any tears), mohair, wool blends, cotton fibers and 100% wool blends.

In addition to a variety of materials, Kamtex boasts and a wealth of varieties of threads. In addition to the standard ones, here you can find unusual solutions like super thick twisted woolen threads, fancy cotton threads with a non-standard surface and texture, and much, much more.

In addition, the Kamtex company annually updates its model series, offering new compositions and color schemes. And sometimes she and sales are satisfied, where you can purchase products on 20-30% cheaper than usual.


Rating: 4.0


Why is it: High quality with adequate pricing.

High quality threads for hand knitting from the manufacturer Seam due primarily to the place of their manufacture. They are made in Italian and Pakistani factories. In addition, specialists Seam monitors every step carefully production process.

But high quality is not the only feature that can boast Seam products. This manufacturer offers the widest variety of articles. In its products the company is not shy to use completely non-standard materials, such as long fiber and Egyptian cotton, natural silk, Alpaca foal wool, sheep’s down, and so on. Thereby you can achieve excellent qualities of the finished product – linked from these threads are lightweight, warm and resistant to various negative influences.

At the same time, the price of Seam products is quite adequate.


Rating: 4.0

alpina yarn logo

Why he: Yarn of the European style and production.

Austrian company Alpina revives European traditions knitting with the release of classic yarn technology. Its products have a classic appearance – including thread weaving structure and color schemes. So if planned to tie some looking very traditional item of clothing, it is worth paying attention to products from Alpina company.

However, despite the classic weaving technology, Alpina products are manufactured in a completely modern equipment. This increases the quality of the threads – they become more strong, reliable and durable. Also modern painting technologies provide vibrant, vibrant hues that eventually do not fade and do not fade in the sun.

The price of Alpina products is quite adequate and is similar to pricing policies of other manufacturers in the ranking.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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