14 best brake disc manufacturers

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Brake discs, along with pads, are the main attribute safe driving, because they perceive the load locking of the drive wheels during rotation, slowing down or not stopping the vehicle.

It’s not worth mentioning once again that the right choice brake discs directly depends on the aspect of personal safety, and, it means that you should relate to this process with all responsibility. The magazine team selected the 14 best manufacturers of brake discs presented in domestic a market whose products meet the quality criteria, reliability and cost. The main criteria for evaluating nominees user ratings and staff conclusions were accepted in the ranking experts.

How to choose brake discs

Selection of brake discs according to the original / analogue criterion is only The initial stage of “immersion” in all the subtleties of a difficult task. Often for beginners to make a balanced decision without outsiders help does not work, however, even partial dependence on someone else’s opinions can play a trick. In this regard, the magazine chose 6 the most important aspects to consider when Self-selection of an ideal set of brake discs:

Type of brake drive. This information is written in car service book, and suggests the following difference order:

  1. in the vast majority of cases, passenger cars equipped with a hydraulic drive, which reduces load on the brake system in a proportion sufficient to uniform wear of discs and pads during operation in passenger transport;
  2. trucks and SUVs are most often equipped pneumatic or combined drive system. Relief braking in this case is even more effective, but leveled obviously larger mass of cars.

The performance of the brake disc. As part of this characteristics we mean the separation of models into two large groups:

  1. standard – disks made of solid metal, possessing high resistance to thermal deformation. Such disks behave quite predictably, but in view of the worst heat transfer may lose braking performance when driving in “start / stop” at fairly high speeds;
  2. ventilated – disks with ventilation holes, Extremely resilient to changing job functions high-speed modes and sharp braking. This design allows it is better to remove heat, as well as reduce the weight of the disk up to 20%, which positively affects the dynamic component of the movement auto.

The diameter of the disk. Parameter that directly affects braking performance. The larger the diameter of the element, the larger brake pads going in a pair to it. Therefore, other equal conditions an increased spot contact pads with a disk will give better braking conditions and a significant increase effectiveness.

Perforation on the working part. Small holes on the surface of the brake disc – the part is quite curious. Them the presence allows much better to remove formed in the friction zone gas cushion, and also remove moisture. Also discontinuity positively affects heat transfer, however, with strong When heated, the metal can experience microstrains, which, in its in turn, will lead to intensification of wear processes pad material.

Resistance to corrosion. Extremely important when choosing drives take into account their ability to resist oxidation processes. In addition to universal compounds using chromium, titanium and others stainless metals, some manufacturers provide additional surface treatment with special anti-corrosion compounds. They actively resist frictional wear and provide disk protection for up to 2-3 years.

The presence of grooves. The so-called radial notches – the trend of recent years, which allowed to increase the working life of pads and drives themselves. By introducing grooves into the workspace it was possible to increase the efficiency of the exhaust spent material (particles of the frictional composition of the pad pads and dirt), and also ensure uniform pad wear over time.

Rating of the best brake disc manufacturers

Nomination a place Name of product rating
Rating of the best brake disc manufacturers 1 ATE 5.0
2 Brembo 4.9
3 Otto zimmerman 4.8
4 Ebc 4.7
5 Nibk 4.6
6 Lucas 4.5
7 Ashika 4.4
8 Masuma 4.3
9 Schneider 4.3
10 Ferodo 4.2
11 Blue print 4.1
12 Bosch 4.1
13 Remsa 4.0
14 Textar 3.9


Rating: 5.0


Perhaps the leading position in the ranking goes to the leading manufacturer of suspension elements and brake parts in European parts of the world, which is part of CAS (Continental Automotive Systems). According to statistics for 2018, Ate has more than 10 official brake disc supply agreements for assembly lines of German, French, Japanese and American markets – an indicator unattainable for others representatives of this segment. Equally important is the fact that the company is actively supplying parts to the secondary market, stating that can complete up to 98% of European cars.

According to tradition, we give a brief description of two representatives company:

  1. Original ATE – the largest class of original discs with all sorts of upgrades such as processing anticorrosive, perforation, recesses, two-section composite profile, integrated bearing, etc. This also includes developments made specially for Mercedes-Benz. Describe their characteristics uniquely not possible because every constructive the performance is unique in color.
  2. ATE PowerDisc – specially designed perforated discs under difficult operating conditions. Despite species diversity, not inferior to the Original series, there is a clear set characteristics and sustained indicators: tight wear control, high performance and absolute safety of operation. Completes perfect technical condition and sporty appearance, as if hinting at their true purpose.


Rating: 4.9


The second line of the rating went to the Italian manufacturer Brembo, whose main specialization is the production of brake discs for representative cars and sports cars. IN the company’s assortment of more than a hundred different models of discs, which They are divided into three large groups:

  1. Classic – manufactured to world standards quality and the requirements of a number of specifications, they are suitable for use in cars of a large series. Have point improvements in the form of grooves and modernization of the chemical composition, but in general they don’t bring anything global to the segment;
  2. Max is a special series of painted discs containing perforation to significantly improve gas removal processes and dust, as well as enhanced ventilation to avoid overheating;
  3. Easy Check – like Max, are a series of specially painted metal discs coated wear indicators. Thanks to this innovation, the user can independently assess the degree of wear and decide on replacement.

Recently, a new trend has appeared in Brembo: ventilated wheels. The series is developing and is already beginning to actively use ceramic application, combining it with the unique geometry of the working parts and other developments of the company. All products are worth quite expensive, but the highest quality completely eliminates cost level.

Otto zimmerman

Rating: 4.8

Otto Zimmerman

Title conveyor braking equipment supplier VAG-groups, Otto Zimmerman is rightfully among the best brake disc manufacturers all over the world. Colossal influence companies on the domestic market have been built for decades – and the fruits This has naturally become prevalence in more than 60 countries. As for the lineup, then for 2016 the assets of the German grand there were more than 500 different types and sizes of brake drives, among which most were designed specifically for use wards Volkswagen Group.

Despite the large number of discrepancies in open sources, in the assortment of Otto Zimmerman 4 large disk groups:

  1. Standard – classic brake elements, a pillar to create which served as a collection of world standards;
  2. Sport – a whole subclass of hard drives sports ride. As a rule, have perforation (Sport Z series) or slotting (Black Z) to increase heat transfer to the air;
  3. Fusion Formula – lightweight bimetal discs, designed to reduce the mass of the vehicle. Besides Moreover, increased heat dissipation significantly reduces the risk of warpage. details at transition of critical temperature;
  4. Coat Z – stands out as a separate series, but appears rather as a complement to the above groups. The main difference from original discs is to apply special anti-corrosion compound which to a large extent extends the life of the item.


Rating: 4.7


British company with a very expensive assortment, “going” to maintaining exceptionally high quality of each manufactured product. For a long time on the EBC market established itself, first of all, as a manufacturer of brake equipment for sports cars, and, secondly, for serial Japanese cars (Subaru, Honda, Lexus, Nissan) and Europe as a whole.

Due to the abundance of the series, it will not work to present everything in one article. However, we will try to focus on the most important and interesting options in the range of EBC:

  1. Ultimax – a series of perforated discs with ceramic spraying and a variety of chemical composition developed specially for sports cars (as we mentioned above);
  2. TurboGroove – a more cost-effective series of perforated and lightweight wheels for lovers of dynamic driving. Are different increased (relative to the classics) work resource and braking performance;
  3. A huge variety of slotted (Ultimax) perforated (GD) and notched (Blade Disc) discs to replace regular items, allowing you to feel more responsiveness to the brake pedal;
  4. Premium – the name in this case speaks for itself. it great alternative to regular brake discs with great price and high quality. Elite, expensive, reliable.


Rating: 4.6


A fairly young representative of Japanese manufacturers brake equipment, the activity of which was actively development in the 1990s. According to expert reports, more than 45% global aftermarket product focuses on Russia as the most active consumer. Moreover, domestic users are not confused by the Japanese company’s focus on development of sports discs (retraining occurred at the end of 2010), nor a high enough price.

In general, in the practice of manufacturing Nibk brake discs adheres to a maximum return policy – it doesn’t matter how long the consumable item will last. All products company is based on this rule, and any changes to lately not expected. Of the most interesting options performance can distinguish the following series:

  1. the perforation / notch combination is a pretty interesting type brake discs to minimize costs and get double working effect;
  2. double perforation – a unique formula for lightening the disc with parallel increase in heat transfer and efficiency output of wear products;
  3. double notch is the same as double perforation, however with its own specifics of work.

For money requests, Nibk is much more modest leading competitors, however, it cannot be said that in quality In relation to the same drawdown is observed. Everything is at a high level, and it is commendable.


Rating: 4.5


Lucas is a brand owned by the renowned company TRW for sales of products on the markets of Europe and Russia. As with ATE, the firm’s brake discs cover 98% of European cars, but with this in reviews of them there is a little more negative. This is due primarily to the volume of output of the enterprise – annually 12 million parts are spent only on conveyors well-known manufacturers (not counting discs going to the secondary – it’s about the same 12 million copies), and provide the perfect quality even within a random sample is extremely difficult.

If we talk about the model range, in the market assortment from Lucas can be found mainly classic brake discs, differing from the factory original chemical composition and the presence of radial grooves to facilitate the removal of dust and gases. Sport discs with perforations and notches are slightly less common which show better heat dissipation results but by virtue reasons for rapid wear can not last more than 60 thousand kilometers. In general, the brand opinion is positive: despite some gaps as single samples, level of value and does not pretend to exceed the moral level, which encourages car owners to make a purchase.


Rating: 4.4


Unlike Masuma , Ashika is based on Japan, annually supplying the market, though not the largest, but quality volume of products. Regarding the first one can say especially a lot: this brand is literally “rotated” in compliance compliance of parts with reference standards. Every stage of production implies postoperative control in several areas (linear dimensions and deviations, surface cleanliness, etc.), s mandatory verification of details for marriage after completion technological process. After the introduction of such a control system defect rate was reduced from 3 to 0.5% – the result in conditions The venture is just gorgeous.

Ashika’s actual brake disc performance is also impressive: standard versions of steel and cast iron models without any problems they travel 40 thousand kilometers, and with modifications they are capable of show and where the best results. There are also Sport Series wheels with drainage gutters, which, due to improved chemical composition, more confidently resist overheating and due to this they can “live” an average of 70-80 thousand kilometers. Stand alone note the company’s love for anti-corrosion treatment straight from factory – this is a prerequisite for the release of disks (if they original) for sale. The only caveat – found on they are extremely rare in the domestic market, which is why the need to search directories or order directly from manufacturer.


Rating: 4.3


One of the representatives of the so-called “shadow” brands, whose products have good reviews, but few have heard of it. MASUMA – a typical representative of nominally Japanese production, outsourced to either European or American companies below. In the domestic market are found only classic brake discs with a solid base without perforations and other additional elements. But, as noted users, the quality is very impressive: no vibration during operation does not appear (test at 30 thousand kilometers), and high resistance to overheating is observed.

Rumor has it that through catalogs of spare parts you can find strictly MASUMA limited brake discs sharpened for premium and sport. In them, as, indeed, in all other competitive models, there is slotting, recesses and perforation, and in various executions – on trial. As one of the representatives of the series You can select standard wheels for Honda Civic or Accord: MASUMA BD-5205. It is impossible to say something more specific about the company: there is objective opinion of users, unanimous approval of experts, good performance and low price.


Rating: 4.3


The ninth line of the rating goes to the German company Schneider, 85% of the products of which are disks of increased working resource for extreme ride. If in the budget segment (those same 15%) prevail mainly models of the standard form, then the basis assortment has long been using perforation and slotting in all kinds of combinations. Timely abandonment of “skating” similar products allowed the brand to shoot first on European, and then in the domestic market. And everything would be much better if the barrier to the purchase did not become high price.

As many experts note (and this is justified), Schneider brake discs show amazing efficiency working together with Ferodo pads, even better than with your own own. Well, and, of course, there were some modernization of the composite structure, which resulted in “straightening” the connecting ribs. As practice has shown, such option to significantly improve direct purge drive and provide the possibility of a little more thermal loading. The average life of the assortment kits is 50 thousand kilometers, but, as mentioned above, the issue of cost greatly affects consumer activity in regarding these discs.


Rating: 4.2


Honorary top ten ranking closes one of the top manufacturers of the European segment of automotive parts – British company Ferodo. Wholly owned by Federal Mogul, it covers almost 95% of the European market, yielding this indicator is only ATE and Otto Zimmerman (98%). One of the key strengths of a company is that it focuses exclusively in the manufacture of parts for brake systems and suspension, which allows you to maintain a high quality brand.

In particular, Ferodo became the first company to decide on Correction of a problem of braking in a class of alloy wheels. it made possible by the introduction of special Coat + series, which was subsequently successfully mastered and competitors from Otto Zimmerman (and called Coat Z). The feature of these discs was the processing of special anti-corrosion compound with heat modifiers that increased the ability of a pair of “disk / block” to brake when overheating. However, progress does not stand still, and now the company continues develop the concept of nonlinear production, steadily replenishing the existing series are new and very expensive (unfortunately consumers) products.

Blue print

Rating: 4.1

Blue Print

The next line of the rating goes to the packaging company, on the benefit of which the whole “placer” of Japanese labor enterprises. That’s why Blue Print brake discs are a product. the development of the more modest firms Nishioka and Kashiyama, which forced to “vegetate” in the middle peasants of the Japanese market for the benefit of large corporations. It’s all about the Blue Print’s chosen policy – essentially, this the trademark is Japanese only nominally and belongs English grant ADL (Automotive Distributions Limited). Works exclusively by order, so the appearance of products on the secondary market – a rather situational phenomenon.

However, sales have a place to be, and, therefore, our choice in the brand’s benefit is completely legitimate. Quality brake discs Blue Print do not lose the same models from MASUMA and Nibk: financing allows timely response to changing trends in this niche, delivering perforated and slotted to the market consumables to ensure reliable braking. Average resource one set is enough for 40 thousand kilometers, which at a fairly low level of cost – a good result. However due to the low prevalence in the market and the need to order drives at best through directories, as well as for any, but cheating (the fate of all packers), include the brand in the top ten the best we can’t.


Rating: 4.1


The manufacturer of everything and everything, one of the divisions which is engaged in the production of auto parts. IN in particular, we are talking about brake discs, the bulk of which it is shipped to conveyors of European automobile concerns (mainly on cars of mass production). The main customer, as in In most cases, a VAG-group acts here – the number of models The machines produced under the authority of this corporation are very large.

In parallel with shipment to the conveyor, Bosch is actively supplying drives and the secondary market, and the most popular among consumers budget segment. This compensates for those small flaws and conventions that somehow manifest themselves when using of this product. In particular, we are talking about the fact that the absolute most solid and perforated discs in stock “love” a calm and measured ride. Sudden braking, as well as and long trips in an aggressive manner significantly reduce working life up to 25-30 thousand kilometers, which slightly reduces benefit from the low price factor. In general, users are complacent your opinion on the company, except for the percentage who loves to “force” the chassis with all his heart.


Rating: 4.0


The Spanish company, which was founded in 1975, remained little known exactly until the moment she received the opportunity to enter the world market through cooperation with by TRW. Well-known in Russia, but is an object frequent fraud, which is why users are divided in the ratio of 72% versus 28% (satisfied and dissatisfied respectively).

The original Remsa wheels are still shipped from Spain and the USA, and their variety in assortment reaches truly colossal scale: about 1600 models, and the number continues constantly grow. The principles of production can be called rigid (and to some extent even cruel): according to the engineers, the whole sold products undergo quality control, which includes 50 test tests. It all started with a sharp jump. technological advancement: the introduction of Protecno technology (borrowed from TRW and subsequently adapted) allowed increase the perception of temperature in budget models up to 500 degrees Celsius. This, in turn, allowed for less brake ways due to the possibility of a denser and longer contact a disk with a block. Now the development paths of Remsa are comparable to scheduled by competitors, and the first in line is hard work anti-fraud.


Rating: 3.9


Although Textar is not the most popular company in Russia, not to mention her in the ranking would be akin to a crime. Incoming the composition of Nisshinbo Holdings Inc., the company is almost the most an ardent follower of the concept of tight production control at all its stages. In many ways, this approach allowed her to achieve varieties of equal quality brake discs, and large financial investments in research only reinforce local success the introduction of new methods to bring the structure and design to optimum.

The path that Textar has taken from the release of the PRO series to PRO +. A series of point improvements related to the introduction of a larger the amount of carbon and alloying with copper (not more than 0.7%) allowed significantly reduce vibrations, and give the best wheels heat sink indicators. Add to this the minimum the amount of marriage (0.3 – 0.5% of the total number of products), average mileage in the region of 50 thousand kilometers, and get great final result. According to the cost level, these brake discs can be considered representatives of medium and premium price segments, but the exchange of quality of operation for money in this case will be very worthy. And finding a product is not as difficult as It seems at first glance.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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