13 best projectors for home and office reviews of experts

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Enjoy a clear and rich picture on the big screen today it is possible without going to the cinema, but to demonstrate a presentation or Slides do not have to install expensive LCD panels. Such portable projectors presented in tremendous diversity today. Large companies with a worldwide reputation, like Sony , Philips, Benq , LG offer a wide range of models – from budget to business class. They are suitable for use in home, office or classroom. For relatively little money you can pick up high-quality equipment for their needs.

how to choose a projector

Top projector manufacturers

When choosing any technique, many buyers are guided by primarily on the brand. Dear trademark often outweighs individual advantages in the form of additional functions and parameters. This decision is explained by the desire to choose a reliable and durable technology that will not cause problems in the process operation. Not all major global manufacturers produce decent line of projectors for home and office, so it is necessary to dwell on this in more detail.


Japanese company Sony produces many types of household electronics. She is famous for her TVs, set-top boxes, home theaters. Brand projectors also enjoy large popular all over the world. It offers portable and stationary models for home and professional use. But the company is focused on developing and the production of other types of equipment, so she doesn’t have much noteworthy projectors.


Taiwanese maker BenQ specializes for a long time on the development of display devices, so projectors are one of the priority areas of activity. The popularity of the brand is explained by a large assortment of inexpensive and high-quality models, the active implementation of innovative solutions and using resource-saving technologies. This led to that BenQ projectors not only show excellent quality pictures, but also consume less energy.


Epson is a business unit in Japan Seiko concern. She specializes primarily in production of office equipment – scanners, printers and so on. This includes Epson projectors that are suitable for home use. use. The main feature of the company is that it tries to offer one-stop solutions, finding the best balance between performance, size and cost.

Rating of the best home projectors

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best Ultra-Portable Presentation Projectors 1 LG PW1500 54,438 rub.
2 BenQ MW529 30 700 rub.
3 Vivitek Qumi Q7
Best Home Theater Projectors 1 Epson EH-TW3200
2 LG PF1000U 65 440 rub.
3 Acer p1500
4 BenQ W1070 58 800 rub.
The best stationary projectors for home and office 1 BenQ W7500 150 000 rub.
2 Sony VPL-HW55ES
3 Epson EH-TW6100 108 800 rub.
Best Pocket Projectors 1 Aiptek PocketCinema V60 20 350 rub.
2 Winata c2
3 Philips PPX3417W 38 640 rub.

Rating of the best ultraportable projectors for presentations

LG PW1500

Rating: 4.8

LG PW1500

The compact projector LG PW1500 is suitable for office and home use. With his with help you can equip a real HD cinema in your home living room or organize a presentation for a group of people. Brightness 1500 lumens and 100’000: 1 contrast ratio provides rich black and bright white color, so the projector can be used even in slightly darkened room.

Instead of a traditional lamp, an LED source is installed, contributing to a rich picture and saving electricity. The projector produces a picture with a resolution of 1280×800, and the maximum diagonal size is 2.54 m.


  • compact size and high image quality;

  • high contrast – 100,000: 1

  • 3D support;

  • light flow 1500 lumens;

  • reading various formats from a flash drive;


  • lack of horizontal projection.

BenQ MW529

Rating: 4.7

BenQ MW529

BenQ MW529 compact projector fits most tasks. It is used to show presentations, slides and training. videos at school, thanks to being easily connected to computer and reads various formats from flash cards. Lamp power 190 watts, so it provides sufficient brightness Images even indoors without heavy shading.

A distinctive feature is the SmartECO mode, in which the power of the light source is automatically adjusted. Thanks this maintains optimal contrast and brightness, decreases power consumption. 3D support opens up new possibilities for watching movies and videos.


  • support for DLP, HDTV, 3D;

  • optimal ratio of price, quality and functionality;

  • bright and high-quality picture;

  • powerful luminous flux – 3300 lumens;

  • high contrast – 13000: 1;

  • clear picture even in the afternoon on an unprepared surface;


  • missing lens cover

Vivitek Qumi Q7

Rating: 4.6

Vivitek Qumi Q7

The compact and functional projector Vivitek Qumi Q7 belongs to categories of devices with LED light source. Have updated models increased brightness to 800 lm, a built-in unit appeared nutrition. This led to some weight gain, but at the same time using the projector has become much easier and more convenient in various the premises.

It gives a clear picture with a resolution of 1280×800 pixels with maximum size up to 2.79 m. Of the additional features it can be noted support for active 3D, wireless data transfer and 4 GB of internal memory. New opportunities open up thanks to the Wi-Fi module and a USB port to which you can connect flash drives and HDDs.


  • high functionality and clear picture;

  • durable LED light source.

  • small size and weight 1.4 kg;


  • at high brightness, the color rendering decreases;
  • low luminous flux – 800 lumens;
  • there is a “rainbow” effect;

Rating of the best home theater projectors

Epson EH-TW3200

Rating: 4.9

Epson EH-TW3200

Epson EH-TW3200 Projector helps you enjoy watching movies at the home theater. It supports 3xLCD technology, creates picture with a resolution of FullHD 1920 × 1080 pixels and a diagonal of up to 300 inches. This is enough to watch movies, sports broadcasts or play modern games.

High functionality combined with the best price for technology of this level, so the model is oriented first turn on those who plan to equip a home theater big screen. The projector is equipped with two HDMI ports, allowing connect both the game console and the Blue-Ray player.


  • high-quality color reproduction, high brightness and contrast;

  • low noise during cooling operation;

  • flexible settings for zoom and other image parameters;

  • acceptable luminous flux – 1800 lumens;

  • works very quietly;

  • easy to configure and manage;


  • not suitable for small rooms;
  • big sizes;

LG PF1000U

Rating: 4.8

LG PF1000U

Original LG PF1000U Projector Specially Designed for home theaters. He is able to create a picture with a diagonal 100 inches from a distance of only 38 cm and from a distance of 11 cm it turns out about 60 inches, which is comparable to large LED TVs. Due to this, it can be used even in small rooms.

For installation, you do not need to choose a special place or calculate the optimal distance, just install the projector opposite a flat wall to organize home viewing films. FullHD resolution, 150000: 1 contrast guarantee high image quality.


  • one of the best options with easy setup for home cinema;

  • built-in TV tuner;

  • 3D is present;

  • quiet work;

  • easy to install;

  • economical and bright LED lighting source;


  • high price;
  • a rather weak luminous flux – 1000 lumens;
  • insufficient brightness for bright rooms.

Acer p1500

Rating: 4.7

Acer P1500

Acer P1500 Small Universal Projector use at home. It supports DLP technology, active 3D and HDTV, therefore suitable for watching movies, sports broadcasts and television shows. The model is one of the most available in class. FullHD resolution combined with high 3000 lm contrast and brightness allows you to enjoy high-quality picture even without curtains in the room.

Due to the short focus, the maximum image size in diagonal reaches 7.62 m. Thanks to this, it is suitable not only for the living room in the apartment, but also for a spacious audience. System cooling practically does not interfere with viewing, especially in economical mode.


  • universal model for home and office with high quality Pictures;

  • powerful luminous flux – 3000 lumens;

  • a high resolution;

  • short focus;

  • there is a 3D function;

  • quietly works;

  • large image size without loss of quality;

  • high brightness, contrast and good color reproduction;


  • weak built-in speakers.

BenQ W1070

Rating: 4.6

BenQ W1070

BenQ W1070 universal projector is one of the most popular models in its class thanks to its attractive price and rich functionality. With small sizes, it gives a clear a picture with a resolution of FullHD 1920×1080 pixels. It is suitable for use as a screen for a home theater, presentations in offices and educational institutions, demonstrations of scientific clips.

2000 lumens brightness and good contrast allow Get a rich and sharp picture. Supported by play movies in 3D. Light source mode SmartEco lasts for 5-6 years of operation.


  • one of the best options for value for money;

  • large image size;

  • a high resolution;

  • there is 3D;

  • good luminous flux of 2200 lumens;

  • high definition picture;

  • excellent color rendering and contrast;


  • lack of network capabilities – Wi-Fi, Ethernet;

  • lack of a TV tuner and USB playback.

Rating of the best stationary projectors for home and office

BenQ W7500

Rating: 4.8

BenQ W7500

BenQ W7500 universal stationary projector is different a wide range of functions, therefore it is able to solve any tasks. It is suitable for regular presentations in the office, viewing family movies in high quality. Distinctive feature is the use of a discharge lamp as a source light, which ensures high power light flow.

The resolution of the picture is 1920×1080 FullHD Technology frame interpolation eliminates image blur. Vertical and horizontal lens shift allows you to get rid of lateral projection distortions, therefore, new opportunities for indoor installation.


  • powerful light source and high contrast allow you to get vivid picture even in economy mode;

  • high definition image without noise.

  • good image brightness;

  • simple installation and configuration;


  • sometimes a rainbow effect is possible;


Rating: 4.7


Functional and convenient Sony widescreen projector VPL-HW55ES features 3D support and image resolution FullHD. High power light source and good contrast allow you to use it even in non-curtained rooms. Thanks to SXRD x3 technology used for projection flow, a clean picture is achieved with excellent color reproduction with saturated black.

Despite its high power, the noise level is low and does not distract from watching movies. Special Reality Creation Feature allows you to automatically improve image sharpness.


  • The highest quality picture with rich colors;

  • wide range of supported video format;

  • very low noise during operation;


  • high price;
  • To view 3D, you need glasses compatible with this a projector.

Epson EH-TW6100

Rating: 4.6

Epson EH-TW6100

The stationary projector Epson EH-TW6100 is different versatility and suitable for various tasks – watching movies in FullHD format, dynamic sports broadcasts and modern games on game consoles. Special 3LCD technology guarantees clear image at high brightness 2300 lm.

The picture is juicy and saturated without interference and with high contrast ratio of 40,000: 1. Possibility of connection third-party devices via HDMI and viewing files from USB drives. The maximum image size reaches 7.62, so you can choose the optimal distance for your room.


  • clear image with good contrast and color rendition;

  • high-quality 3D with various glasses;

  • low noise during operation;


  • high heat dissipation.

Best Pocket Projectors

Aiptek PocketCinema V60

Rating: 4.5

Aiptek PocketCinema V60

Aiptek PocketCinema V60 compact pocket projector can recommend office worker and travelers. He allows at any time create a screen with a diagonal of up to 1.5 m. For this quite a bit of room shading and smooth white surface.

It may well become a replacement for the TV for those who love Watch movies on a laptop or tablet. He will be indispensable for managers or teachers who often show presentations. Built-in battery lasts up to 100 minutes battery life. For convenience, HDMI, USB and output 3.5 mm miniJack.


  • a good alternative to conventional TVs and monitors for their money;

  • support for various video formats and office documents;

  • compact size, battery life and the ability to charge a smartphone;


  • problems connecting external drives and some USB drives.

Winata c2

Rating: 4.4

Winata C2

Winata C2 Portable Projector Designed for Office or at home as a replacement for a conventional TV. With small size and weighing 0.23 kg, it has rich functionality and many useful features. The power of the light source is about 1000 lm, which is comparable to the initial models of home projectors.

The maximum diagonal image size is 3.05 m, and the resolution is 854×480 pixels. According to these indicators, the projector ahead of many other devices of this class. Of available Interfaces – HDMI, USB (x2), Wi-Fi module and Bluetooth. Time Battery life is 1.6 hours.


  • universal functional projector for little money;

  • wide range of options for connecting other devices;

  • bright and high-quality image for compact enough sizes;


  • There are no shortcomings.

Philips PPX3417W

Rating: 4.3

Philips PPX3417W

Philips PPX3417W small pocket projector is different universality of application. It is suitable for office meetings, visiting presentations, home watching movies. Model compatible with many digital devices, so features for application expand significantly.

SD card slot and USB port allow you to view various digital content. The projector accepts various video formats and office documents without assistance. Resolution 854×480 allows you to comfortably perceive the picture, and the maximum size the projection is 3.05 m, which is enough even for spacious premises.


  • good contrast and light output for such devices

  • small dimensions and weight 0.27 kg

  • universality of application, support for various formats;


  • No flaws were found.

How to choose the best projector for home and office?

choose the best projector

If you want to get a real home theater or to organize a spectacular presentation, then it is simply necessary high-quality and functional projector. If earlier this type technicians intended more likely for business and narrow specialists profile, today more and more ordinary people decide to buy projector for the home. Their main advantage is a large and clear picture.

Choosing a projector for yourself, you need to determine your goals use – watching movies at home or giving presentations. Based on this, you should pay attention to the main specifications:

  1. power of a light stream;

  2. contrast;

  3. picture resolution;

  4. maximum image size;

  5. focal length;

  6. available connectors and wireless data transmission;

  7. dimensions and weight.

In the segment of low-cost home projectors there are many interesting and functional models. For these purposes, you can recommend BenQ W1070 model – one of the most popular home projectors. A good option is the model Epson EH-TW3200, which offers a good picture for your money. If you’re having problems locating the projector at home, then fit LG PF1000U model, capable of a short distance project a large picture.

For offices or educational institutions it is better to pay attention to compact models – Vivitek Qumi Q7 or LG PW1500. Thanks their small size and weight are easy to move from place to place or quickly organize a presentation.

Pocket projectors are a highly specialized category technicians. They are small and built-in. the battery. Models such as Aiptek PocketCinema V60 or Philips PPX3417W suitable for travelers or office workers. At home, they can also replace the usual TV, although the power of such small devices is not always enough for bright rooms.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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