13 best eczema treatments

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Eczema along with psoriasis are the most common skin diseases, and eczema accounts for up to 40% of the total dermatological pathology. Translated from Greek “eczema” means “boil,” “rush out.” This definition quite accurately implies the origin of this disease. Skin symptoms often form under the influence of internal factors, and are manifested by a polymorphic rash, symptoms of acute inflammation, signs of serous inflammatory reactions appear, in which weeping develops. Characteristic symptom of eczema there will be a rather severe and painful itching that reduces the quality of life.

Dermatologists say cure eczema it is possible only after an exact determination of its cause. But this not always simple: eczema is a polyetiological disease. A predisposing or producing factor may be metabolic disorder, infectious diseases, heredity, endocrine pathology, contact with chemical substances, medication, food allergies, and even migration of pathogens from foci of chronic infection.

It is safe to say that finding a reason, you can not doubt that eczema will be completely cured. Perhaps, the exception is the hereditary form: if eczema was diagnosed with the mother, the child will suffer from it with frequency up to 40%, and the frequency rises to 60% if both parents are sick. But even in this case, knowing about the possible risk, you can reduce it to minimum by following the rules of a healthy lifestyle.

Eczema is not only polyetiological, but also polymorphic disease. Experts share four forms of eczema by its structure, and by origin – and even more. Acute stage, or exacerbation in a typical form, proceeds as the appearance of bubbles, which are located on the reddened and swollen skin. For eczema the presence of weeping is characteristic, then the appearance of serous crusts, as the rash changes, more and more new ones appear elements. Therefore, at the same time on the skin you can see different stages of eczematous rash.

So the reddened spot is replaced by a tubercle, then appears a bubble, it opens with the appearance of weeping and a crust forms. With a decrease in exacerbation and a transition to remission, most often there is a phenomenon of excessive keratinization of the skin, or lichenification, flakes and traces of scratches appear. In a chronic stage for eczema is characterized by hyperpigmentation, increased skin pattern. TO characteristic symptoms of exacerbation of eczema include pruritus, discomfort, soreness and burning sensation. But we will not delve into the various course and classification of eczema, this is not the task of this material.

Our task is to look at groups of drugs, which are used for various forms of eczema and, if possible, Describe the most effective and popular representatives of them. Before treating any disease, you need to have a good idea the goals of this treatment. For eczema, the goal of proper treatment will be:

  1. stopping the progression of the disease;
  2. reducing itching and improving the quality of life;
  3. the elimination of existing rashes;
  4. relapse prevention.

For each of these stages of treatment, there are approaches and drugs, and we begin the story with antihistamines drugs of all generations that are used to treat eczema. Initially, an INN or international generic name, then original product, and then listed are its commercial copies, or generics. Is given average price for the original product, valid for the summer 2019 for pharmacies of all forms of ownership in the Russian Federation Federation.

Ranking the best remedies for the treatment of eczema

Nomination a place Name of product price
Antihistamines for Eczema 1 Chloropyramine (Suprastin) 124 rubles
2 Ceterizine (Zyrtec, Zodak, Parlazin, Tsetrin) 309 rub
3 Desloratadine (Erius) 570 rub
4 Ketotifen (Zaditen) 425 rub
5 Sodium thiosulfate (background information) 99 rub
Sedative herbal remedies 1 Novo-Passit 184 rub
2 Persen 321 rub
3 Phyto-sedan collection number 2 61 rub
Topical Eczema Treatment 1 Antiseptics and lotions
Glucocorticoids 1 Weak hormones: hydrocortisone ointment 67 rub
2 Medium Strength: Flumethasone (Lorinden), Triamcinolone (Fluorocort), Alclomethasone (Afloderm) 356 r
3 Strong hormones: Mometasone (Elokom), methylprednisolone (Advantan) 74 rub
4 Superstrong: clobetasone (Dermoveit) 485 rub

Antihistamines for Eczema

For the treatment of eczema, all without exception are widely used. generation of antihistamines. The first generation includes Suprastin, Tavegil, Diazolin, Fenkarol and even crude Diphenhydramine, which causes dry mouth, reflex urinary retention, and severe drowsiness. First-generation drugs easily penetrate central nervous system and have sedative and sleeping pills impact.

If for “purely antiallergic drugs” sedation and drowsiness is harmful, and they try to get rid of them, then for patients with severe itching and insomnia, such effects are very helpful in falling asleep. and get rid of unpleasant nightly sensations. But they should not be prescribe for patients with eczema whose work is associated with motor transport, or the need to perform highly organized and fast movements.

Second generation drugs to which, for example, belong Zirtek and Claritin are no longer able to penetrate blood-brain barrier in the structure of the central nervous system. They do not cause sedation and drowsiness, but quickly suppress itching, and this effect persists for quite some time. TO 2 generations of drugs include drugs such as Cetrin or Erius. However, all these drugs are 2 generations with prolonged may be harmful to the heart, or potentiate the cardiotoxic effect. Therefore apply them It should preferably be short courses and with caution.

Readers who do not have medical care should be warned. education, about some confusion with generations of antihistamines preparations. Manufacturers hastened to announce in due time means of 3 generations the same drugs: Erius, Telfast, and others, namely those containing levocetirizine, desloratadine, and phenoxfenadine. However, pretty soon they were removed from the third generations, because they do not meet the necessary new standards: there should be a complete absence of cardiotoxicity, absence any interaction with other means, and complete lack of influence on the reaction rate, attention, absence drowsiness. So far, no such funds have been found, so you can consider that in the treatment of eczema means 1 and 2 are used generations.

Close to them are membrane stabilizers (ketotifen). The function of membrane stabilizers is to prevent exacerbation. They able to stabilize the membranes of special cells that are called by labrocytes. They must be given to the patient along with antihistamines, because the effect of membrane stabilization develops over a long period of time, on average, through month. However, there is the antihistamine Claritin (loratadine), which has a membrane stabilizing effect.

Chloropyramine (Suprastin)

Rating: 4.9

Chloropyramine (Suprastin)

Suprastin – a typical representative of antihistamines the first generation, which, however, is able to quickly fight not only with eczema, but also with acute allergic diseases, such as atopic dermatitis, acute conjunctivitis, itching, urticaria, Quincke’s edema and other unpleasant conditions.

In addition to the antipruritic effect, Suprastin is used as moderate antiemetic drug antispasmodic activity. After taking 1 tablet therapeutic effect develops after 20-30 minutes, after an hour he reaches its maximum effect, and lasts for 6 hours. It is necessary to use Suprastin during meals, one tablet three once a day, but not more than 2 mg per kilogram of weight. Respectively, for a patient weighing 100 kilograms, the daily dose should never exceed 200 mg, or 8 tablets. Launches Suprastin Hungarian Egis pharmaceutical company, and one pack of 20 tablets per 25 mg will cost, on average, 120 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

And the advantage, and at the same time a disadvantage for Suprastin will be the very sedative effect mentioned above. However even with eczema, you can not take the drug more than required: with overdose may cause hallucinations, upset motor coordination, cramps, dry mouth, and other unpleasant and dangerous symptoms. The drug is contraindicated in an acute attack asthma, in pregnant and lactating women, in children up to three years old.

Ceterizine (Zyrtec, Zodak, Parlazin, Tsetrin)

Rating: 4.8

Tseterisin (Zirtek, Zodak, Parlazin, Tsetrin)

Zirtek, or the original and most expensive (but also the most effective) drug of this line – 2 generations, according to INN has name Ceterizine in the form of hydrochloride. By biochemical activity, it blocks H-1 histamine receptors, being competitive histamine antagonist. But he doesn’t have anticholinergic effects and antiserotonin effects like first generation drugs.

When taking it in therapeutic doses, without an overdose, no sedation occurs, and the effect of the reception develops much faster than using 1st generation tools. So if take one tablet of Zirtek in 10 mg, then after 20 minutes half all patients felt the onset of the effect, and after an hour the onset the effect is felt by all patients. Unlike Suprastin, after a single dose of Zyrtec tablets, the duration of antipruritic and antihistamine action is more than a day. If cancel the drug, within 3 days after cancellation, the effect of action continues save.

In addition to eczema, the drug is successfully prescribed for allergic rhinitis, with hay fever, urticaria and other varieties allergic dermatoses. Zyrtec is prescribed when sneezing, lacrimation, Quincke’s edema, conjunctival hyperemia. Take it you need one tablet, 10 mg once a day, and duration of treatment, on average, with exacerbation various forms of eczema is 10-20 days. Releases Zirtek Swiss company UCB, and one pack of 20 tablets costs, in an average of 425 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of Zirtek can be considered the absence of a sedative actions and the ability to calmly assign it to persons during driving a car and when working with machines and mechanisms. However you must refrain from drinking alcohol, since depression of the central nervous system may develop. The drug is contraindicated, in addition to hypersensitivity, in pregnant and lactating women with severe renal failure, children under the age of 6 years. They can be assigned Zyrtec in drops. Also a relative minus may be its price. Still, 425 rubles. for many categories of the population – this is very significant amount. Side effects should be remembered. To frequent symptoms include headache, fatigue, dryness in the mouth, the appearance of nasal congestion. Fortunately, the “side effect” wears dose-dependent in nature, and occurs when the dose is increased.

Desloratadine (Erius)

Rating: 4.7


As mentioned above, Erius and similar drugs before 3 generations were declared as means, but many experts returned them “from heaven to earth”, and left in the second generation. But, nevertheless, it is highly effective and relatively safe drugs, but you still need to keep in mind that with prolonged use in large doses, they can be harmful effect on the heart, along with other means of 2 generations.

Erius is shown for all kinds of forms of urticaria, pruritus, with allergic rhinitis and symptoms of food and drug allergies: sneezing, profuse rhinorrhea, nasal congestion and itching in eyes, itching of the mouth and similar symptoms. Apply Erius necessary, regardless of food intake, by mouth, one tablet in 5 mg once a day for 10-20 days. Erius releases famous pharmaceutical company Schering-Plow. One pack of just 10 tablets costs 730 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Erius is considered a very good medicine by doctors and patients, and, perhaps, the price is the main brake for its wide application. So, the price of a course of 10 days will be 730 rubles., what can be unbearable. However, there are cheaper analogues. The drug Desal can be purchased for 155 rubles., And desloratadine of Canonfarm production company located in Moscow region, can be purchased even for 130 rubles, which is five seconds half the price of the original drug. Moreover, the question of how pure the original substance will be, who produces it, and what is the effectiveness of this particular substance remains open. All if possible, we advise you to protect your health and not to buy extremely cheap domestic copies. No substances are produced in Russia, and they are bought in China, India and other countries. And if Indian the substances are pretty high quality (there are San companies in India, Dr. Reddis and others), then in relation to other countries in general, little it is known.

Some side effects of Erius should be kept in mind. Most headaches and dry mouth may be common, but words “often” in this case means that such a side effect occurs not more often than in 10% of patients. Good that Erius is quite dosage insensitive, and symptoms are difficult to achieve overdose. So, even if you take a dose in excess of recommended 5 times, no special no symptoms were noted. This can be considered an obvious plus, and speaks of great therapeutic breadth. Accordingly, this the drug is pretty safe.

Ketotifen (Zaditen)

Rating: 4.6


Ketotifen, or Zaditen is currently prescribed infrequently with eczema, but its presence in the complex therapy allows, so same as in the case of Claritin reduce the intensity of exacerbations and make them rarer. In addition to eczema, the drug is indicated for all forms of bronchial asthma, with varieties of allergic bronchitis, hay fever, with acute and chronic urticaria, various forms of atopic dermatitis and conjunctivitis.

Adults need to apply Zaditen one tablet twice per day, 2 mg tablets. If necessary, you can increase the dose, but only as directed by the doctor. It is advisable to give tablets in the evening. Launches Zaditen Portuguese company Dolphin Pharmaceuticals with the participation of Novartis. In one package 30 1 mg tablets. Zaditen is the original drug, and one packaging will cost 1980 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

When taking Zaditen, you need to remember that it enhances the action of alcohol and other antihistamines, it can not be give to pregnant and lactating women, and from side effects it can be quite rare – a sedative reaction, the appearance of dry mouth. However, it is an original and reliable drug, and in complex therapy able to reduce the duration of antihistamine treatment drugs, helps to relieve acute and chronic exacerbation skin inflammation in eczema, and accelerates the transfer of eczema to the stage remission. Therefore, despite its high cost, it is included in official recommendations for the treatment of eczema of the Ministry of Health of Russia.

Sodium thiosulfate (background information)

Rating: 4.4

Sodium thiosulfate (reference information)

Close to antiallergic and membrane stabilizing quite popular, inexpensive and effective adjoins drugs sodium thiosulfate, which refers to means for detoxification. In fact, it was first applied as antidote against the toxic effects of salts of heavy metals, cyanides and arsenic. But its positive effect was noted in various forms of allergies. In addition, sodium thiosulfate is used as a remedy for scabies, since sodium thiosulfate, combining with acid (vinegar) forms free sulfur and sulfur anhydride. And these compounds are detrimental to scabies tick.

In case of allergic diseases, the mechanism of action of thiosulfate sodium is not clear enough, but this does not interfere with its widespread use in atopic dermatitis and eczema. Sodium thiosulfate is used course, since it is prescribed in the form of intravenous infusions, a solution for injection – 30%, in packs of 10 ampoules, in each ampoule – 10 milliliters. Dalchimpharm releases sodium thiosulfate, and it costs inexpensive: 76 rubles. for packing. However, this treatment is necessary carry out under the supervision of a doctor, as there may be allergic reactions, or signs of individual intolerance.

Sedative herbal remedies

Eczema is almost always an itch, a bad dream, a desire to have clean skin and the ability to not hide it under clothing in the summer. Painful symptoms and unquenched desires form a chronic neurosis, therefore it is necessary to use in uncomplicated cases various sedative herbal preparations, lungs antidepressants. It helps to remove excessive emotional tension, calm down and normalize sleep. The following are three famous over-the-counter herbal remedies that will help improve the emotional state of eczema and other skin diseases.


Rating: 4.9


The first of these known drugs is Novo-Passit. is he produced in a bottle, in the form of syrup, is considered a classic sedative of plant origin. Other than that, he Available in tablets, which are more convenient to use. IN tablets contain dry extract of Valerian officinalis, hawthorn, passionflower, hypericum, lemon balm, elderberry and hop. Additionally, guaifenesin is introduced into it, and this component has sedative and anxiolytic effects, further enhancing anti-anxiety effect.

Of course, Novo-Passit is used much more widely, for example, with tension headaches, migraines, functional disorders gastrointestinal tract, with constant nervous tension on work, with symptoms of neurocirculatory dystonia and with menopause. However, one of the official testimonies is the presence of itching. dermatosis, including atopic eczema.

It is necessary to prescribe the drug inside, one tablet 3 times a day. The drug can be taken regardless of the meal. Novo-Passit is released by Czech pharmaceutical company Aivex Pharmaceuticals, and the cost of a package of 30 tablets, calculated for a ten-day course of treatment, costs, on average, 445 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Novopassit is good for mild, unexpressed neurotic disorders, but if nevertheless the patient has a pronounced anxiety, neurosis or fear, then only this over-the-counter drug, as, however, and others presented here, do not get along. Consultation with a psychiatrist is required.

During treatment with Novo-Passit it is forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages, and It is also advisable for fair-skinned people to avoid exposure to the sun. rays, and also do not visit the solarium (St. John’s wort). Drug usually well tolerated, but overdose symptoms are also possible. For example, they may manifest drowsiness, muscle weakness, or joint pain, most often guaifenesin is to blame. An overdose is considered taking more than 3 tablets per day. A drug contains St. John’s wort, therefore it is necessary for women using hormonal contraceptives, apply the second method of contraception, for example local, since St. John’s wort reduces effectiveness hormonal contraceptive effect.


Rating: 4.8


Persen is also a well-known sedative, which is good. helps with violation of falling asleep, with agitation, nervousness, irritability and anxiety. Unlike the previous means, it does not contain guaifenesin and St. John’s wort, in its composition just an extract of valerian, mint and lemon balm. In the end, he acts soothing, but mild, exhibits a mild antispasmodic activity.

There is no eczema or itchy dermatosis in the official testimony, only irritability, but it is clear that severe itching is very quickly leads to irritability, and therefore eczema can considered an almost direct indication for use, despite lack of this diagnosis in the official instructions.

It is advisable to use Persen in adults two to three tablets three times per day, and in the presence of insomnia, the last dose is desirable spend an hour before bedtime. The maximum daily dose should not exceed 12 tablets. The course of treatment for exacerbation of eczema and other pruritic dermatoses is usually two to three weeks. Releases Persen company Lek from Slovenia, one pack of 40 tablets will be cost, on average, 370 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Persen has fewer shortcomings than the previous drug, he does not possesses a photosensitizing effect, and, perhaps, it is possible from contraindications to name only individual intolerance. At prolonged use, due to the relaxing effect on smooth muscle of the gastrointestinal tract may occur atonic constipation in patients with a tendency to a similar condition. You also need to consider that, like any sedative, Persen may enhance the effects of sleeping pills, drugs that affect the central nervous system, some drugs to lower arterial pressure, anxiolytics and antipsychotics. It is important to remember that You can not take the drug for more than 2 months.

Phyto-sedan collection number 2

Rating: 4.7

Fito-sedan collection number 2

The sedative, sedative collection Phytosedan No. 2, perhaps, has the most democratic price with good quality, it produces well-known association of medicinal herbs – Krasnogorsksklezdrug. It is sold not only in dry form, but also in individual filter bags, includes licorice root, motherwort herb, rhizomes and roots of valerian, haptic fruit and pepper leaves peppermint.

The drug must be insisted, and, as in the previous case, it It has a calming and antispasmodic effect. By her own this dosage form is nothing but a mixture of dried and chopped stems, leaves, roots, and flowers, sweetish – tastes bitter. Phytosedan is indicated for eczema at all stages, but especially with exacerbation, when severe skin itching and sleep disturbance. It is necessary to apply it, brewing one teaspoon (or one filter bag) for half a glass of boiling water, after which you need insist 15 minutes. After that, another 100 milliliters is added. boiled water and the resulting glass of infusion is drunk. Can apply half a glass, preferably half an hour before meals, course treatment up to 1 month. When stored for several hours the finished infusion is precipitated, so if you prepared it immediately on all day, then before each use, the infusion should be shaken. The company Krasnogorskleksredstva releases Fitosedan, and the package, containing 50 grams of dry harvest, will cost only 75 rub.

Advantages and disadvantages

The disadvantage of Fitosedan in packaging is the need measure the dry dosage form, use a special a kettle, or a special mug with a grill press, which is more conveniently. Filter bags in this sense are much more practical, but also with them, as you know, a lot of difficulties. Filter bag can to break, and then you have to change the whole portion.

On the other hand, this tool is inexpensive, almost without contraindications and side effects. Only with overdose, when using a strong solution of infusions in a very high doses, drowsiness, muscle weakness, and decreased performance. In people with a hypotonic type biliary dyskinesia with an overdose may occur abdominal pain, nausea, belching, or diarrhea.

Topical Eczema Treatment

As a rule, eczema is treated locally, and especially in self-medication. Almost everyone suffering from any dermatosis first begins to heal itself with the fact that something “smeared.” What ointments, creams, lotions and antiseptics can use with this disease?

First of all, we list those lotions that a person can independently purchased at a pharmacy, or a doctor may prescribe it prescription, and then in the pharmacy, in the production and prescription department he will make these local prescription drugs. In finished departments dosage forms, these lotions are not sold, and therefore data on The price is not given here.

Antiseptics and lotions

Rating: 4.9

Antiseptics and lotions

To lotions and antiseptics that lubricate damaged skin at various stages of eczema, the following are included:

  1. brilliant green alcohol solution;
  2. one percent solution of tannin (dries and knits, at the stage weeping);
  3. alcohol solution of fucorcin applied to the area of ​​rashes in for one to two weeks;
  4. lotions with 0.25% silver nitrate solution;
  5. cindol solution;
  6. weakly pink potassium permanganate solution for baths;
  7. 2% boric acid solution,
  8. 1% aqueous solution of methylene blue, also used externally on the rash area up to 3 times a day for 1-2 weeks.

Chlorhexidine Solution Used For Antiseptic Purpose bigluconate, 0.05%, as well as Miramistin solution, about which repeatedly written in a variety of reviews, and which may, in including use in eczema to prevent adherence secondary infection.

What lotions and ointments should be used when the exacerbation subsides? Naphthalan oil, sulfur, various pastes containing tar, for example tar – naphthalan paste. IN in some cases, drugs from veterinary pharmacies, for example, Yam-BK ointment containing sulfur, oxide zinc, turpentine, degoto, creolin, salicylic acid. Perhaps, the biggest minus is that all these funds have a strong and bad smell. But then they lead to a significant improvement, and allows you to maintain the stage of persistent clinical remission.


Their review is absolutely inevitable, since hormones are one of the main, most powerful anti-inflammatory drugs, applied topically and bringing major improvement. However in with respect to hormonal ointments and creams, special caution. Prescribe hormones for eczema only a doctor. First, you need to prescribe weak hormones, and only in the absence of effect and if necessary, continue treatment it is necessary to prescribe stronger hormonal agents. Course treatment should be as short as possible, and the amount hormonal products applied to the skin as much as possible slightly.

If you violate these principles, and from the very beginning abundantly apply the most powerful hormonal preparations to the affected skin, then soon you will find that nothing more than this strong hormonal ointment and cream does not help. After some time it turns out that this is the strongest hormonal ointment or cream for some reason, it already helps not as good as before, and it is necessary smear her more and more often. In the end, an unlucky patient “rests against the wall”: the strongest hormonal ointments are no longer at all help, nothing helps at all, and while there is a serious exacerbation of eczema, which can not be treated. Here it is cost of reckoning for initiative and feeling “almost full” convalescence amid the appointment of strong hormones to oneself. So, we will describe, in increasing order of activity, local glucocorticosteroid drugs for the treatment of eczema.

Weak hormones: hydrocortisone ointment

Rating: 4.8

Weak hormones: hydrocortisone ointment

Hydrocortisone ointment is perhaps the weakest of all hormonal ointments, many of the patients will consider that hydrocortisone acetate no longer helps them. It only means that they have already used hormonal drugs before. For all there is one law: weaker hormone after stronger works. “You need a significant break, a few months, or even years, so that the body again began to respond to weak hormonal drugs.

In addition to eczema, hydrocortisone ointment is indicated for neurodermatitis, psoriasis, contact and allergic dermatitis. Apply ointment needed no more than 3 times a day, and the course should not exceed 2 weeks, and in this case only as directed by the doctor. For in order to avoid absorption, i.e. resorption and manifestation the systemic effect of hormones, you need to avoid prolonged applications, night dressings over ointment, warming and so on. Hydrocortisone ointment produces a large number of different domestic enterprises, for example, a pharmaceutical company Synthesis. This is the cheapest of all hormonal ointments, and a tube weighing 15 grams will cost only 50 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of this ointment will be its low price, low the risk of addiction to the body, which is important, nevertheless – it is weak hormonal drug. And her flaw may be unexpressed and not as significant effect as expected from her, especially if the person has already been treated locally hormonal drugs. It is also necessary to consider that hydrocortisone ointment, like all other hormonal ointments, will be contraindicated when attaching a secondary infection, with the patient’s presence of diabetes, with intensive scratching, which led to the appearance of wounds with eczema. It is also necessary to be very careful when applying this ointment in case of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Medium Strength: Flumethasone (Lorinden), Triamcinolone (Fluorocort), Alclomethasone (Afloderm)

Rating: 4.7


There were enough ointments and creams in this group, but, put hand on heart, and Lorinden, and Fluorocort – it’s still pretty old ointments. However, this does not mean that they have lost their relevance. Do not forget that in the use of hormonal agents it is necessary to observe gradualness in “switching” to more modern and powerful group. If a patient with eczema does not hydrocortisone ointment helped, then by the decision of the doctor he can apply a drug, for example Lorinden A, where the hormone flumetasone combined with salicylic acid. It has small doses keratoplastic, and in large doses – keratolytic effect. This facilitates the penetration of the hormone deep into the skin, where it and produces its effect. Lorinden A is also indicated, except eczema for ichthyosis, diffuse and atopic neurodermatitis, and eczema is very the horn form with the phenomena of hyperkeratosis lends itself well to it. Lorinden A is used for diseases such as red flat lichen, photodermatitis, and even insect bites and lupus erythematosus.

It should be used no more than 3 times a day, and after removal inflammation – from 1 to 2 times. In any case, do not use Lorinden longer than 3 weeks. Launches A Lorinden A Polish Jelfa, and one pack of 15 grams of ointment will cost about 400 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The disadvantage of Lorinden A, like other ointments of this generation, we can consider some imbalance, as a result of which itchy skin, dryness may occur as side effects skin and burning sensation. With prolonged use is also possible. hyperpigmentation, the appearance of spider veins, increased growth hair. Also not excluded with prolonged application under dressings and systemic reactions characteristic of all glucocorticosteroids. Particular care must be taken when applying the drug to areas of the skin of the eyelids, as hormones can trigger development glaucoma and cataracts.

Strong hormones: Mometasone (Elokom), methylprednisolone (Advantan)

Rating: 4.6

Mometasone (Elokom), methylprednisolone (Advantan)

Both Elokom and Advantan are manufactured by Schering-Plow, and both These drugs have high potency and excellent quality. However Advantan is almost 7 times more expensive than Elokom. How is it possible to explain? Very simple: for Elokom by force of company representatives Schering-Plow did a great job and he was introduced to List of Essential Essential Medicines (Essential Drugs) Therefore, in 2019 there was an opportunity to acquire a modern powerful hormonal cream at a very, very low price.

On the one hand, it’s very cool, but on the other hand extremely tempting to buy for little money strong hormone cream and try it on yourself, especially if the skin very, very “itchy” and worried. However should be shown extract and do not use this strong drug on your own. is he should only be prescribed by a doctor. Apply by Elok it is necessary only once a day, it should not be applied two or three times. Course duration is determined by effectiveness, but still need to keep the course as short as possible. As soon as the patient is better, Elok must be canceled, and the cream is desirable apply no more than 3-5 days.

Advantages and disadvantages

Despite its high potency, this hormone may cause burning, itching, skin atrophy. In some cases, appear rosacea. Also sometimes Elokom causes skin irritation, decreased pigmentation, striae appear. If applied by Eloc long, under an occlusive dressing, then the frequency of such side effects are greatly enhanced. Of course, the combination of low, even very low price and excellent European quality makes this the drug is one of the market leaders for local hormones in Of Russia.

Superstrong: clobetasone (Dermoveit)

Rating: 4.5

clobetasone (Dermoveit)

For 2019, Dermoveit containing clobetasone is the most strong hormonal drug for topical use. therefore it is strictly forbidden to use it independently, without doctor’s prescription. In all other descriptions of hormonal ointments and creams were told the same thing, but here the situation is really exceptional. This is the most powerful hormonal drug. And if in case of hydrocortisone, Lorinden A could have done some exceptions, and even for Elokom, there is no way back here will be. If you used your own Dermoveit without readings 3-5 days, then you can expect big problems. Assign it in case of severe disorders resistant to others types of treatment. This is the “heavy artillery” in the world of hormonal means comparable to tactical nuclear weapons. Attitude to Dermoveit should be the same as for nuclear weapons: they are, but they cannot be used just like that. For this extreme conditions exist.

In all other respects, the indications for the drug are exactly the same same, and it is necessary to apply it once or twice a day, under the supervision of a physician until improvement occurs, as short as possible course and in the smallest possible amount, without applying to clean skin. Dermoveit is produced by the GlaxoSmithKline company, and a small a tube costs about 490 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

All the advantages of Dermavoveit have long been discussed: this is the most powerful, fastest helping hormonal cream, its cost corresponds to its quality, and its drawback is perhaps free and over-the-counter leave. If he sold at prescription, then cases of hormone-resistant skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis would be much less because hormones would not would be used as self-medication.

In case of severe eczema, with damage to large areas skin, with a marked decrease in the quality of life and with the possibility of disability of the patient, hormonal drugs, including intramuscularly, or in the form of tablets. IN the first case is betamethasone dipropionate, in the second case it is prednisone, which is prescribed in tablets in a dosage of up to 30 milligrams with a gradual dose reduction. In some cases dermatologists use dexamethasone, but systemic hormone therapy requires a lot of knowledge and is always risky.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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