13 best coffee makers with Ali Express

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Many of us like to drink coffee. But not all people arranges instant drink. It is impossible not to admit that he It doesn’t have the best taste. However for cooking more coffee must be pleasant to taste coffee, and it is in Russian stores cost a lot of money. However, do not despair! The coffee maker can be purchased on AliExpress! And not to buy frank trash, we recommend that you read our article. IN she will be told exclusively about the best models that can make really delicious coffee. And from such a purchase is not worth it wait for a quick breakdown – all the coffee makers covered in this collection turned out to be very reliable.

Rating of the best coffee makers with Ali Express

Nomination a place Name of product Price
Best capsule coffee makers 1 LZHZXY EDG 466 10 914 rub.
2 Donlim Coffee Makers CM036
3 ZJMZYM DL-KF8001 15 490 rub.
4 XEOLEO Minipresso 3751 rub.
Best drip coffee makers with Ali Express 1 Edoolffe MD-259T
2 SONIFER SF3513 1 738 rub.
3 Warmtoo 513502 1 508 rub.
4 Alloet coffee makers 1 201 rub.
5 DMWD lll0045ls 1 190 rub.
The best coffee machines with Ali Express 1 DEVISIB DM038 22 737 rub.
2 Donlim DL-KF5002 11 516 rub.
3 YunlinLi CRM3605 10 934 rub.
4 SONIFER SF3528 6 279 rub.

Best capsule coffee makers


Coffee machine rating with AliExpress: 4.9


One of the most compact coffee makers among the existing ones moment. This device is not much larger than the cup into which it is poured. coffee! To make you understand, by its dimensions, a model called LZHZXY EDG 466 is comparable to any electric kettle. Wherein the product copes well with its task, providing user delicious and aromatic Italian coffee.

This model makes coffee from the appropriate capsules. It is fully automatic. Inside the coffee machine is present water tank, the volume of which is only 1 liter. However this quite enough to have breakfast even big enough family. It’s pointless to put such a coffee machine in the office, it’s exactly home device. This is hinted at by a funny design – device resembles an elegant robot on whose head there is a light indicator.

The power of this model is 1500 watts. This is enough for very quick bring water to a boil, and therefore for fast making a drink. The manufacturer declares what is usually required. just 1 minute. Regarding the pressure inside the tank for making coffee, then it reaches 15 bar. It is not bad for such a baby!

Well, what will the drink taste like? Perhaps you are waiting for a very delicious espresso. In the end, it’s hard to somehow screw up when your creation makes coffee from capsules. However, tell more about taste is impossible. The fact is that this coffee maker is new. On AliExpress, it was bought by several people, and so far no one of them did not write a detailed review. If you are afraid of what taste If coffee doesn’t suit you, you can consider buying one of those models that are discussed below. But do not forget that they often have larger sizes.


  • High pressure;
  • Power is 1500 watts;
  • Interesting design;
  • Compact size;
  • The most simple management;
  • Quick coffee
  • A clear indicator of the amount of water.


  • Cost cannot be called low;
  • Only one kind of coffee;
  • Holds only a liter of water.

Donlim Coffee Makers CM036

Coffee machine rating with AliExpress: 4.8


You can find amazing things on AliExpress! For example, we all accustomed to coffee makers with a plastic or metal case. Us it seems that it should be created from just such materials. However, the Chinese online store is able to offer a device with body made of wood! Such an impression may take shape after looking at the photos of the device. Actually it is still plastic. But how cool he imitates a tree! Only when Feeling the device, you understand that it is plastic.

Inside this device there is a water tank with a volume of 1100 ml. The dimensions of the coffee maker can no longer be compared with a compact an electric kettle. But then inside such a device pressure develops up to 19 bar! Is it necessary to say that what this parameter is higher, the capsule coffee is prepared better? Drink poured into a cup or glass, you just need to remember to put it on a special pallet. He, by the way, is easily removable – this an operation is required to clean it.

And how should this coffee machine determine how large a capacity is is on a pallet? Everything is very simple. You need to click on one of two buttons. The first is to pour 40 ml of the drink. The second involves the installation of a larger mug, with it When pressed, the appliance pours 180 ml of coffee.

This model is characterized by increased reliability. Hardly the heater used here will one day fail. Not yet not to note the fast loading of the capsule. This is done in three steps, the fourth is pressing a button to start cooking a drink.

The cost of the product is approximately 10 thousand rubles. Such The price tag may seem high. However take a look at the cost coffee makers with similar specifications sold in Russian stores. You will be dumbfounded – usually it is twice as much high! Moreover, this model has a unique appearance – it will definitely stand out against the background of other kitchen appliances. Her the power is 1300 W, and the supply of water is enough for 5-10 cups, in depending on their volume. In a word, this is a very good option for all espresso lovers! Do not forget to choose when buying European plug type – Chinese is offered by default, for the use of which in our conditions would be needed adapter.


  • Very high pressure;
  • Decent power;
  • Unique design with wood color;
  • Easy use;
  • Relatively small size and weight.


  • Only one type of coffee;
  • There is no indication of the amount of water flooded.


Coffee machine rating with Aliexpress: 4.7


Another representative of our rating with an unusual appearance view. It uses a more familiar plastic case, but the product allegedly consists of several independent parts. Also it seems that such a coffee maker should enjoy travelers traveling on a fantastic space the ship. It must have been because of the stylish design that the device got the price tag is at the level of 16 thousand rubles (a lot will go for delivery). Very decent for a device that only holds 650 ml water!

As you might have guessed, this coffee maker has compact dimensions. To be precise, they are 360x150x260 mm. Can say that this product is barely larger than any toaster.

The power of the device is 1050 watts. A little, but bearable. what Regarding the maximum achievable pressure, it is claimed as much as 20 bar. It turns out that the owner of the coffee machine can easily get fragrant Espresso in the shortest possible time, and even with a beautiful foam.

This device has convenient and few buttons, with which the preparation of the drink is only a pleasure. In fact, you only need to choose how big general cups. There is also a pallet painted in body color. It needs to be cleaned from time to time, but it will not take much time. The water tank is located at the back, access to it is provided as simple as possible.

Only the capsule compartment bothers here. He’s very ridiculous It looks – this is the simplest retractable plastic construction. Not I want to see this in such an expensive coffee maker. Yes and the button inclusion – this is a normal black toggle switch, as in household lighting technology of the 90s.


  • Nice design;
  • Easy control
  • Very high pressure;
  • Minimum dimensions and weight;
  • Very fast preparation of coffee;
  • Easy surface cleaning for cup installation.


  • Power could be higher;
  • Some structural elements look ridiculous;
  • Water tank too small;
  • Cost can not be called particularly low.

XEOLEO Minipresso

Coffee machine rating with Aliexpress: 4.6


Another very compact coffee maker in our ranking. She is is one of the cheapest, if we only talk about capsule models. Sellers on AliExpress offer to purchase this device is only 4 thousand rubles! Delivery in most cases will be free. Not bad. But what’s the catch?

The product is comparable in size and shape to a thermos. Must perhaps you already understood its main flaw. It fits extremely insignificant amount of water. In fact, you pour just as much how much will fit in your cup. And I must say, in a very a small cup, you should not count on any 180 ml.

You can also complain about the pressure inside the device reaches only 8 bar. This means that the properties of the drink will be not perfect. A not very high power indicates not fastest cooking. However, you can put up with all this. Why? The fact is that this is by no means a home coffee machine. Such dimensions hint that you can take the device with you somewhere in nature. Actually supposed to use device instead of the above thermos. It remains only to capture a bottle of water to make espresso not only for yourself but also those who went for a walk with you. Also some people take this coffee machine with you to work. Again, this is great an option for those who have absolutely no coffee maker at work. In the end, even cooked through such a simple coffee appliance is better than instant coffee.

In fact, this device is assembled from several components parts. Water is poured into one, coffee is poured into another, a third and other parts play auxiliary roles. Moreover, there are two versions of the coffee maker – capsule and powder. Select a specific options carried out when ordering, be careful! By itself, small capsules are needed, as others will not fit here.

It should be noted that this coffee machine does not have any electrical components. This means that you must first pour boiling water here, and then work a little by hand with the lever available here. As a result, you will taste good espresso. Unfortunately, this means that in nature you still need a thermos. Otherwise, where else do you get boiling water? At work water can be heated in an electric kettle.


  • Robust construction;
  • Very modest sizes;
  • Nice coffee is being prepared;
  • There is also a powder version;
  • Weight is only 0.4 kg;
  • Low cost.


  • Coffee is prepared manually;
  • The pressure is not very high;
  • Only one serving is prepared.

Best drip coffee makers with Ali Express

Edoolffe MD-259T

Coffee machine rating with AliExpress: 4.9

Edoolffe MD-259T

As you know, drip coffee makers are much cheaper than their own capsule counterparts. Yes, and the average cost of a drink It turns out cheaper. But such devices usually have more large sizes. For example, Edoolffe MD-259T can be compared with a food processor or a large enough juicer. But, I think finding a place for such a device in the kitchen or in the office still not be difficult.

This model is very stylish. If you don’t know, then don’t You think that the coffee maker was bought on AliExpress. Yes, and for 3000 rubles! The body of the device is for the most part made of of stainless steel. Under it are the heater and electric motor 900 watts. The product is connected to the outlet using 75 cm cable.

Admittedly, this is by no means the largest coffee machine. IN As a result, it holds a not very large volume of water. But also available enough stock to prepare three to four cups of the drink. AND more in the morning and do not! The next day, it’s better to fill in a new water, because it is done very simply. More spacious coffee maker only needed in the office, where they will use it immediately several employees.

Managing this product is as simple as possible. For Of this, only five buttons are used. It only bothers that their signatures are in English. But if carefully View YouTube videos and instructions operation, then you can easily learn the purpose of each keys. By the way, above them is a timer that glows in blue color. It shows not only when exactly the coffee will turn out ready. It can be programmed so that The preparation of the drink began at a specific time. It is beautiful function! So you can get a cup of aromatic drink immediately after of how you woke up and brushed your teeth. By the way, the intensity The aroma here is also adjustable.


  • Not very large sizes and weight;
  • There is enough water for three to four large cups;
  • The case is made of stainless steel;
  • Easy control with touch buttons;
  • Heated drink for 35 minutes;
  • Low cost;
  • Fairly rich equipment;
  • It is possible to set a delay to start cooking.


  • The process of making coffee is not very fast.


Coffee machine rating with AliExpress: 4.8


Another drip type coffee maker in our rating. It implies easy loading of the powder into a special container. For this is even intended for the special spoon supplied in kit. A light indicator signals the operation of the device, built into the red button, which should be searched on one of side ends. Oddly enough, the other controls here not. This suggests that additional functionality is expected from this device is not worth it. But the coffee machine is sold for only 2000 rubles! Some electric kettles are more expensive!

The manufacturer boasts that its creation to the outlet connected using a meter cable. This is a sufficient supply. power for the vast majority of situations. It should be noted, that there’s a Chinese plug at the end of the cord. When ordering goods you need to choose the European type of plug, in which case you find in the box with the coffee maker also the corresponding adapter.

The power of this product is 600 watts. This indicates, that it’s unlikely that the preparation of the drink will be extremely fast – The manufacturer promises to heat the water in 4 minutes. Also device It turned out to be very compact, and its weight is only 1,500 g. The coffee maker includes a container that holds 0.65 liters of water. When preparing a drink, the pressure inside the device reaches 15 bar. This allows us to hope for a strong and tasty coffee, complemented by a beautiful foam. The supply of powder in the filter is enough for making five to six cups of the drink, you just need to remember add water. Not bad for such a small device!

Otherwise, this is a typical inexpensive coffee machine sold on AliExpress. Her body was made of stainless steel, but from budget enough – it feels when you feel this device. It seems that this device will suit many buyers. But if you wish to receive additional functions (for example, timer), you will have to look towards more expensive models.


  • Extremely high pressure
  • The case is made of stainless steel;
  • The most simplified management;
  • Very low cost;
  • The power cord cannot be called short;
  • Small size and weight.


  • Not very high power;
  • Small water tank.

Warmtoo 513502

Coffee machine rating with Aliexpress: 4.7

WARMTOO 513502

Another coffee maker in our ranking, which received in its disposal water tank with a volume of 600 ml. This model is larger just like a large hourglass. And here is no longer stainless become. Instead, ordinary glossy plastic was used. it can not be attributed to serious shortcomings. However, you still have to understand that such material actively collects dust. It means that You will have to regularly wipe the device with a cloth.

The power of this coffee maker does not exceed 550 watts. This is typical parameter for the drip model. However, even of such power with more than enough to warm the available volume of water for A couple of minutes.

Coffee powder is placed in a filter made in the form of buckets. To the right of it (or to the left, if you look at the device with opposite side) is a container for water. She reminds a familiar electric kettle – it uses the same window from translucent plastic, thanks to which it is clear whether fill the container with a new portion.

This coffee maker will not offer any additional features. The process is started by pressing a single button, after what can you wait for the drink to be in the container with the spout and plastic handle. From this kettle, coffee is poured into a glass or a cup. In a word, the mind of this device is no more than that of a coffee grinder or juicers.

Why is such a simple device in demand? First of all, people like the design of the device. Feels like in In this regard, the coffee maker does not differ from analogues made more eminent companies. And visitors think about dust on AliExpress. seldom. Secondly, the device turned out to be extremely cheap. During sales, you can buy it for just 1,500 rubles. Well, how are you? refuse?


  • Easy use;
  • Nice design;
  • Very low cost;
  • Minimum dimensions and weight;
  • A reliable glass teapot is filled with a drink.


  • Not very capacious capacity for water;
  • Not the highest power;
  • The case collects dust well;
  • The seller does not put an adapter for the outlet in the kit.

Alloet coffee makers

Coffee machine rating with Aliexpress: 4.6

Alloet Coffee Makers

This must be one of the smallest coffee makers among belonging to the drip type. We even find it difficult to what kind of kitchen appliances can it be compared. But curiosity appliance It is not only due to its size. This coffee maker got two holes from which the drink spills. It means that two cups can be filled at the same time.

This device makes a wonderful espresso. Cups are placed on textured pallet, they definitely will not slide. There is a feeling that the device was originally designed for sale in Russian and the markets closest to us – for good reason the product received a cord with European fork. However, it is possible that this is only luck several buyers – it’s quite possible that you will get coffee maker with an adapter. But in any case, you definitely won’t stay without the ability to connect the device to the mains.

It must be admitted that the coffee maker is as simple as possible management. The user only needs to press one button, after which a 500-watt motor attack to heat the water and making a drink. The process will be slow, but nothing else from such a cheap coffee maker was not expected. Pleased to use even an elderly person can do it. He only needs to explain how opens the compartment for coffee powder and water – all this is under one cover.

The body of the device is made of plastic. It can be painted in black or white color. Moreover, the white version has some differences in design. What can I say, this version is even a little more tall and wide! Therefore, a coffee maker made of white plastic recommended for those who prefer to drink a morning drink of more large cups.

This representative of our rating collects not only positive reviews. Some people get the goods defective form – for example, the lid mount may be broken. However the seller tries to compensate for the marriage by returning some amount. Once again, only two reviews are such. IN the rest speak exclusively about positive qualities goods.


  • Compact size and light weight;
  • Coffee is immediately poured into two cups;
  • Nice design;
  • Two body colors to choose from;
  • Long service life;
  • The easiest use;
  • Very low cost.


  • Possible purchase of a copy with marriage;
  • Low power;
  • There is no additional functionality.

DMWD lll0045ls

Coffee machine rating with Aliexpress: 4.5


Another compact coffee maker in our ranking. She has a bright youth design. This alone allows us to recommend the device for shopping for families with at least one child. Please note that the coffee maker will look perfect next to toaster if its case is also painted in orange, green or blue.

The drink is only poured into one cup – it should be install in the designated compartment for it. By the way, the mug is depicted the photos are not for the sake of beauty. It comes complete! it a weighty thing that you are unlikely to want to throw away.

The height of this product is 19.7 cm. This allows you to understand that only 300 ml of water is poured here. If you want to cook a second serving of coffee, you will have to pour water on a new one. it uncomfortable, but nothing can be done. But the coffee maker doesn’t take much places on the kitchen table or elsewhere! Of course, not here and additional buttons – the device has only one function, brewing espresso.

The body of the device is made of plastic. The weight of the coffee machine is 1 kg. By default, the product is connected to the mains using Chinese plug, but a caring seller puts in a kit adapter.

As expected, coffee powder is poured into a special compartment, where is the filter present. It needs to be cleaned regularly. He is taken out without much work, so there will be no problems.

In a word, this is a very good coffee maker. It is important that it is sold for only 800 rubles. However, in fact, the cost – twice as high. The fact is that the seller set the cost delivery at the level of 1100 rubles. This is such a trick in order to Pay AliExpress a lower commission. But the resulting amount seems very attractive especially if you buy a coffee maker in order to give it to another person. Just don’t forget first check the integrity of the goods!


  • Compact size and minimal weight;
  • It is completed with a mug;
  • Several colors to choose from;
  • Low cost;
  • The most simple use.


  • Power – small, only 300 watts;
  • The water tank is tiny;
  • Reliability does not seem high.

The best coffee machines with Ali Express


Coffee machine rating with AliExpress: 4.9


Before that, in our rating, it was exclusively about unpretentious coffee makers. Usually, they are ordered on AliExpress. Quite people arrange devices that are comparable in functionality with an electric kettle. Yes, and their size allows you not to worry about about whether there is enough space for the device in a small kitchen. But one cannot but admit that there is a separate category of people, requiring the preparation of different varieties of coffee. These buyers agree give a lot of money, if only the Chinese sent a full coffee machine. Such as DEVISIB DM038.

This model can be called a real monster. Her size are 34x30x42 cm. If you have a small kitchen, then do not even think about ordering such a coffee machine. However, most often her not installed at home. Such a coffee maker will show itself perfectly somewhere in the office or elsewhere where enough work a large number of people. In its composition there is a 1200-watt an electric motor that can heat the available volume of water in minimum time span. Water tank capacity 1.4 l, which should be enough for six to seven large cups coffee. By the way, the tank was made of stainless steel, so with nothing will happen to him in a couple of years, or in a whole decade. The seller himself provides a guarantee for the coffee machine. for a period of one year. You will find this in the vastness of AliExpress seldom.

The pump used here is capable of increasing pressure up to 20 bar. This contributes not only to fast, but also high-quality making a drink. Be sure its taste will depend solely on what kind of coffee you bought. By the way, this device can work with capsules, and with powder, and with grains. The latter will grind right inside the coffee machine. AND she also knows how to whip milk, giving the user an elegant foam – you just need to remember to install a special nozzle.

Of course, even such a 7-pound monster does not know how automatically determine how big a cup you set on his pallet. However, you yourself can choose the cup size in the settings – there are already 5 options available. And if we talk about the choice of certain parameters, it is impossible not to note easily pressed, but too small buttons. Above them is a full display, the information on which is clearly visible in any conditions. But not forget that the coffee machine is completely not localized – all the inscriptions on the screen will be in English.

Unfortunately, this device still cannot be called as much as possible. thoughtful. The manufacturer did not guess to introduce a timer here inclusion. This once again hints that such a device is at home – no place. But the off timer is still here. is he allows you to order the device to disconnect after 15, 30, 60, 120 or 180 minutes.

You can talk about this coffee machine for a long time. No by some parameters, it is still inferior to more expensive competitors created by eminent companies. But 99% active It will definitely suit visitors to AliExpress! By the way, the device will also please with a very quick preparation of the drink – the machine dispenses 4.5 ml of coffee every second.


  • High power;
  • Pressure can reach 20 bar;
  • Water tank holds 1.2 l;
  • There is an off timer;
  • Not only capsules are used;
  • Cappuccino and American coffee are also available.


  • The shape of the buttons and their sizes will not suit everyone;
  • The instruction in English is of poor quality;
  • Chinese plug.

Donlim DL-KF5002

Coffee machine rating with AliExpress: 4.8


If the previous device considered was quite expensive, then for Donlim DL-KF5002 they ask for only 12 thousand rubles. In this case, the seller remembered that buying his goods would not only be in China – he allows you to choose an adapter for the outlet that you will use you.

This representative of our rating has a very large the pallet. It easily fits two cups. And that makes sense! The fact is that the device has two taps, which allows you to fill a drink with two cups at a time. so or significantly speed up the filling of one cup, if no one going to be a company.

For a set of coffee, a large lever handle is used. As soon as the cup is full, you need to turn this handle, after bringing the drink stops. It is very convenient. With such a pen no need to tell the coffee machine how much your cup is.

This device turned out to be quite compact. However it holds about 1 liter of water. So you can count on making five to six cups of coffee, only after that it will take filling the corresponding reservoir. Still have to please the pump used here. With its help, pressure is achieved on level 20 bar. As for power, it is 1000 watts. Water temperature is indicated on a mechanical thermometer, located in the center of the dashboard. Present here three buttons used to control the coffee machine.

With this appliance you can prepare not only espresso. Six types of coffee will be available to the buyer, including revered by many cappuccinos – milk is poured into a cup of separate faucet. Strictly speaking, the type of coffee will just depend from exactly when you are pouring milk, and whether at all.

Perhaps it is not surprising that Donlim DL-KF5002 is in marked demand. What kind of coffee machine will be perfect? to cope with their duties, creating the perfect drink for relatively little money? However, it should be noted that The device is semi-automatic. That is, it will not stop serving the drink until you turn the corresponding knob. Yes and the order of coffee and milk is also regulated not by the device, but by man. And this is not to mention the absence of additional functions – for example, an on timer. In short, this coffee machine can not be called perfect.


  • Easy control with a few keys;
  • Elegant appearance;
  • The water temperature is displayed;
  • Decent water tank capacity;
  • It is possible to simultaneously serve the drink in two cups;
  • There is a compartment for milk;
  • Cost can not be called high.


  • Semi-automatic mode of operation;
  • Due to its light weight, vibration is felt well.

YunlinLi CRM3605

Coffee machine rating with Aliexpress: 4.7

YunlinLi CRM3605

Another representative of our rating, sold for 11-13 thousand rubles. Although in fact, buying a YunlinLi CRM3605 will cost even more expensive, since delivery is estimated at as much as 5,000 rubles. Is worth to pay that much money for this coffee machine? You need to take it seriously. to think.

To begin with, this model is semi-automatic. This means that you yourself need to decide when to pour into the cup coffee, and when supplemented with frothed milk. For a set of coffee quite grasping lever is used – with it you feel some bartender. As for the milk supply, she carried out from a separate crane. Very, it must be said, long. In short, if you get the hang of it, then you will easily pour yourself or someone else has a gorgeous cappuccino. And other types of coffee too!

Most of the body is made of stainless steel. From her a water tank was also created. This means that corrosion is not worth it. to wait a year or two, or five years later. More in the composition The device includes a reasonably good pump. He is with ease pressurizes up to 15 bar. Also, one cannot but note the power a component of 1450 watts. With these parameters, cooking drink does not take much time.

The high cost of the device is due to its water tank. The fact is that its volume is 1.7 liters. It’s almost a record in the world of desktop coffee machines! With so much water you can count on 11-16 cups of coffee. This is good news for lazy people, not loving to regularly pour a new portion of water. Can put device and in the office. Although at work it is better to use automatic model.

The dimensions of this device are 255x290x325 mm. On his the dashboard contains four buttons and a mechanical thermometer, under which is a display showing the current pressure. Another handle is located on the side. Deal with even an elderly person can control the coffee machine! Can not note the presence of two taps for filling the drink. Whether to substitute one cup or two under them – it already depends entirely on situation.


  • Very high power;
  • Large water tank;
  • Pressure can reach 15 bar;
  • The case was made of stainless steel;
  • Elegant control panel;
  • Two taps for the withdrawal of the drink;
  • There is a container for milk.


  • The instruction in English is in digital format only;
  • Very high cost.


Coffee machine rating with Aliexpress: 4.6


Another coffee machine in our rating, having a wide tray and two taps for filling the drink. Present here and another crane – elongated, it is used for pouring milk. In a word, this semi-automatic coffee machine, with which you can get and espresso and cappuccino. Very, it must be said, inexpensive, its cost usually does not exceed 7000 rubles. Shipping is free. therefore, you will pay exactly the above amount.

What does this kitchen appliance already know? As you already understood, with his milk is whipped with help. Otherwise, the device is not skillful would make a cappuccino. It also provides the most convenient way to dispense a drink – this process lasts exactly until the moment until you turn the corresponding knob. Water is here poured into a durable tank, the volume of which is 1.6 l It turns out that you need to fill in a new portion only after 5-10 cups of coffee. It’s good. However, the disadvantage of this solution is long process of making a drink. The fact is that power device is only 850 watts. Get ready for the water boils only after some time – one or two minutes does not get along.

Inside the device is a very solid pump. He boosts pressure up to 15 bar. This is enough to get very tasty drink with perfect consistency. It’s only a pity that device no pressure gauge. Also, the Chinese manufacturer decided save on a thermometer – it is not here either. Dashboard The SONIFER SF3528 consists of only a knob and three buttons. Well one indicator indicating that taps for bottling coffee is blocked. I would like the panel to be supplemented mechanical thermometer, but alas. However, it’s better to watch it absence rather than pay an additional 2-3 thousand rubles.

Perhaps this is an excellent instance that closes our rating just by chance. He definitely has to arrange unassuming buyers. It’s only a pity that this coffee machine is not completely automatic. Also, not everyone will like that this is typical Chinese device, at the end of which there is a corresponding fork. I’ll have to use an adapter for a European outlet, supplied in the kit.


  • There is a separate container for milk;
  • Holds a large amount of water;
  • Possible simultaneous bottling in two cups;
  • Stylish design;
  • High pressure is provided;
  • Not very high cost;
  • Warm cup top.


  • Not very high power;
  • There is no thermometer and manometer;
  • The coffee machine is only semi-automatic.


This is the list of the best coffee makers and coffee machines sold on AliExpress. It seems that you should be satisfied with any of reviewed devices. At the same time, we advise you not to save. Practice shows that the more expensive a coffee maker purchased, the more she makes a delicious drink. Or maybe it’s just that psychological effect?

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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