12 most interesting films about teenagers

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At first glance, not much happens in adolescent life interesting. School, friends, trying to give up soup for dinner and computer games. But this is only an appearance. Remember yourself in adolescence – how many passions did you experience then, oh which you won’t even tell the diary, not to mention the parents?

And in fact, in the lives of adolescents much more interesting than just tasks in algebra. First love and jealousy betrayal and passion, friendship and quarrels … Cinema is not shy show all these feelings and events. And for those who want to survive once again, as well as for girls and guys who are looking for support and understanding, we have compiled a rating of 12 most interesting films about teenagers.

User ratings were used to rank on the movie rating service KinoPoisk. The list includes both foreign so are Russian paintings.

Rating of the most interesting films about teenagers

Nomination a place Film rating
Rating of the most interesting films about teenagers 12 “Everyone will die, but I will stay.” 5.7 / 10
11 Disco Pigs (Disco Pigs, 2001) 6.7 / 10
10 “Aquarium” (Fish Tank, 2009) 6.7 / 10
9 Correction Class 6.8 / 10
8 “Tender age” 6.9 / 10
7 “American Pie” (American Pie, 1999) 7.2 / 10
6 “Geographer drank the globe” (2012) 7.3 / 10
5 “Loafer” (Slacker, 1990) 7.3 / 10
4 “Submarine” (Submarine, 2010) 7.4 / 10
3 “The perks of Being a Wallflower” (The Perks of Being a Wallflower,2012) 7.5 / 10
2 Class (Klass, 2007) 7.8 / 10
1 American Beauty (American Beauty, 1999) 7.9 / 10

12 место: “Everyone will die, but I will stay.” (2008)

Rating: 5.7 / 10

Everyone will die, but I will stay.

In modern cinema, there are extremely few figures who able to show the lives of teenagers from sleeping areas or provinces. Usually movies about teenagers show completely “sleek” young people who, although they are worried different life dramas, but to get rude to a teacher, get drunk some strange bourdos on the action from Pyaterochka or smoke for school – no, no.

Valeria Gai Germanicus is one of the directors who do not Feel free to show the unpleasant side of growing up. When you you rebel, but your desire to change the world ends with a purchase cheap beer. When you dislike your parents, but you can only steal money from your mother’s purse. When every hike to school – almost torture, because there you need to stay on the hierarchical ladder of classmates. In general, a sight unpleasant, but upsetting life.

In the film “Everyone will die, but I will stay” Valery Gai Germanicus does not gets off his favorite skate. There are drinking teens discussing sex teens dancing at discos teens burping after alcohol teens, fighting teens, swearing teens … and everything – with the special prize of the Cannes Film Festival. “Все умрут, а яI’m staying “may seem too dirty and unrealistic, but you just drop by the school in South Butovo after class.

11 место: Disco Pigs (Disco Pigs, 2001)

Rating: 6.7 / 10


If Valeria Guy Germanicus did not seek to show the whole truth marginal life, and a little aspired to art, she would have it turned out “Disco Pigs.” This Irish drama is just as cruel and piercing, looking harder, leaves a lot of question and unpleasant sediment, but it does not cause a desire to check you look at the TV or the window.

Disco Pigs tells of two neighbors, a guy and a girl. They born on the same day, friends from the very tender age and even falling asleep holding hands – for this they made a hole in the wall. That’s just the romance here and does not smell. The main characters are cruel and disgusting people. They steal alcohol and at the same time they will mock the seller. Girl seduces young people at discos, and the guy beat them hard. And all this cruelty is happening with a touching smile on their faces.

But maybe it’s not only the desire to inflict pain? All of a sudden is there more to this desire? Disco Pigs is a story about “difficult teens” who have their own picture of the world and system values. This is a film that answers the question why parents sometimes do not understand children. And he definitely will not like it.

10 место: “Aquarium” (Fish Tank, 2009)

Rating: 6.7 / 10

AND квариум

A girl named Mia is 15 years old, and her life is infinitely far from in order to be considered normal. Someone might call her “difficult teenager, “but that’s not entirely correct. Not Mia chose the path disobedience, just the circumstances around it.

Mia lives in a poor family in a poor area. Her single mother and an alcoholic who doesn’t give a damn about her daughters. Mia could to be a good dancer, but these parents are indifferent Hobbies – yes, and daughter in principle. Not getting enough love the girl breaks down in the outside world, because of which she flies out of school and quarrels with a friend. Well, this life is cruel.

But one day, Mia’s mother brings a man home. He is completely not such as everyone else. He is calm, balanced, gets along with children and, it seems, even understands something in education. That’s just he is unlikely to become the father Mia lacked so much.

Aquarium is a cold British drama filmed in the best traditions of arthouse. This is not a movie for cinemas in which ultimately, all the good will be rewarded, and all the bad – punished. Because there is no black and white, reigns here an atmosphere of hopelessness and betrayal, and even the closest people can become strangers. “Aquarium” – the story of those who locked themselves in their small worlds, his little life lives, and she will be short and joyless. But he is not riddled with depression … more precisely, who is it to blame that our surrounding reality is depressing?

9 место: Correction Class (2014)

Rating: 6.8 / 10


Lena Chekhova was born with a serious illness, because of which she did not can walk, and spent her whole life in a wheelchair. About the world for she knew practically nothing by the window – well, or rather, it was him, Of course, I saw, and even repeatedly got out there, but exclusively accompanied by loving parents. And she even studied at home.

But at some point, the parents translate it into normal comprehensive school. Not in the general group, but in the so-called correction class, which brought together the most difficult teenagers. Innocent and naive Lena Chekhova was hardly ready to be in such a society, but fate itself turned that way.

And the problem is not only in difficult teenagers, although, of course, they also quite capable of spoiling the life of a poor girl. Teachers to students in the correction class are not too friendly, row everyone under one comb. And a girl at the most tender age faced with incredible cruelty from those around him. So she will have to get out somehow.

The “correction class” is often compared to “Everyone will die, but I will stay.” – as well as other films showing cruelty teenagers. But he is not really about marginalized youth. Movie soon about what kind of people are evil – and no matter how old they are.

8 место: “Tender age” (1983)

Rating: 6.9 / 10

Tender age

After movies about teen brutality, we finally move on to those that show generally accepted moral guidelines.

Cyrus and Lesha are childhood friends, who at the time of the picture just finished school. Outside the window – 1944, so guys without hesitation, they enter the artillery school and are ready already go to the front, defend the homeland. But in a few hours “tender age” that they remained before the visit, they need to do a lot – say goodbye to friends, with classmates, with relatives. Cyrus is looking for his girlfriend, just to find out that everything is fine with her, and hoping that she can survive the war.

“Tender Age” is a surprisingly kind and bright film, even despite the fact that he shows the realities of wartime. is he demonstrates consciousness and understanding. The main characters from the very early years begin to defend their country – first by labor, then by front. But at the same time they try not to forget about relatives. “Нежныйage “does not focus on adolescent difficulties. Yes, of course, they are – but the heroes also have a goal, more more important than dull reflection, resulting in manifestation cruelty.

7 место: “American Pie” (American Pie, 1999)

Rating: 7.2 / 10

Американский пирог

There are three ways to talk about the puberty. The first – most unsightly to demonstrate all the features beginning of sexual attraction, as films from 12 to 9 places in our rating. The second is to pretend that no puberty doesn’t exist, it’s all fake, fabricated in Poland, go learn lessons. And the third is to relate to him frivolously, as the American Pie does.

“American Pie” is a famous youth comedy with humor just below the waist. The main characters are four school graduates, who are very affected by the fact that by the age of 16-17 they are still virgins. And they firmly decide to sleep until the end of the school year with girls. True, in seduction skills they are not too much advanced, communicate with the representatives of the opposite sex not very good, and almost no love for attraction distinguish. In general, ordinary average teens.

American Pie now looks very nostalgic the picture. It preserves the atmosphere of the times when that same magazine or videotape was the greatest value and taught adult life almost better than the stories of parents. He does not concentrate on vulgarity, on the contrary, all jokes about sex become the background for others features and problems of growing up – will it be possible to maintain friendship after college? What about the fun? Do I have fun when will you finally find a job?

American Pie can also be seen for the atmosphere. it – a typical summer film. He is light, carefree and joyful.

6 место: “Geographer drank the globe” (2012)

Rating: 7.3 / 10

Географ глобус пропил

“The geographer drank the globe” is not quite a movie about teenagers. Yes, schoolchildren are present in it, but they are far from at the forefront. And in the focus of the plot is the simple life of an extra person.

“Extra People” have not become heroes of stories for a long time. They are not fit into the realities of our world, they seem to be knocked out of time. And such is Viktor Sluzhkin, played by Konstantin Khabensky. He wanted to be a scientist, but there is no money, and so you have to get a job the teacher. To teach at the Perm school with not really schoolchildren interested in learning. Yes, and Victor himself is not very interested in teaching. He is depressed by the very Russian spleen, which is peculiar to all “superfluous people”, and longing for alcoholism and constant conflicts with everyone – with a wife, with a daughter, with students, with school management.

The story told by the “Geographer drank the globe” is supplemented by one juicy detail – a student falls in love with Viktor Sluzhkin, 10th grader. And the teacher, in turn, is also not a model family fidelity. And he has to do everything so as not to break the fate of the student, struggling with her habits and addictions.

“Geographer cut the globe” shows growing up from a position already experienced person, mentor. And this is what makes him interesting.

5 место: “Loafer” (Slacker, 1990)

Rating: 7.3 / 10


An American informal film in which there is no plot, no stories are just a panopticon of people, for one reason or another not fit into the system. And, of course, most of them – teenagers. Because it’s easy not to fit into the system when you only 15 years old and no monthly payments are yet required for mortgage.

The film is the manifesto of the generation, and its characters are people who so far follow a dream not yet crushed by a routine. Each of them tells his story, but three minutes pass – and the camera moves to the next character, with his own goals and aspirations. Heroes change quickly, no one has time to get bored, but there’s no one to empathize with, it remains only to lean back in armchair and watch how colorful personalities piece by piece make up the image of a whole generation – generations of loafers, not yet ready for brutal reality and therefore able to keep a dream.

4 место: “Submarine” (Submarine, 2010)

Rating: 7.4 / 10


A leisurely British movie that talks about English a teenager with a very interesting character.

British youth – these are either opposed to the system and everything the rest is almost punks, or hipsters, or stiff and arrogant children who keep the traditions of the Kingdom with a capital “K”. Main the hero of “Submarine” balances between all these gradations. is he quite romantic and dreamy, but at the same time developed beyond the years, and also has a completely adult approach to resolving various questions. True, now he has two goals – to save marriage parents and have sex with your girlfriend. And he will solve them too … unusual.

“Submarine” could be a comedy if there were more jokes in it. Аcould slide into a drama if there were more emotions in it. Instead he detached, he’s like a story of a fifteen-year-old guy about himself – egocentric, a little defiant and highly embellished. It’s even visually manifested. The camera constantly keeps the protagonist exactly in the center of the frame – and if you put the film at any time to pause, then “picture” can be sent either to Instagram or to the passport table.

And in many ways this is the merit of the director, Richard Ayoadi. He was talented british actor until he became no less talented British director, but retained a visionary approach. And in in the end, “Submarine” is a movie about a teenager that he could shoot himself teenager talking directly about his life.

3 место: “The perks of Being a Wallflower” (The Perks of Being aWallflower, 2012)

Rating: 7.5 / 10

It's Good to Be Quiet

In 1999, Stephen Chbosky wrote the novel “It’s Good to Be Quiet,” and it became perhaps the most scandalous book of the end of the last century. He was quickly banned in schools, seized from most libraries and set the most stringent age limit. The novel just has it all what could corrupt young people – drugs, alcohol, sex, violence, again sex, and more … In general, the book is absolutely not matches its name.

And 13 years later, the same Stephen Chbosky filmed his novel. The picture was a little less “toothy”, so she was given age qualification “13+”. And Stephen Chbosky managed to drag in cast of “Hermione Granger of All Hollywood” Emma Watson.

The plot revolves around a typical “nerd” – a guy, not over the years of well-read and educated, while absolutely not popular among classmates. He also has a trauma that further reduces the position in the social hierarchy of the school. AND he lives not very calmly for himself, until he makes friends who and help him cope with all the problems.

“It’s good to be quiet” could be a story about the importance of friendship. But actually it’s just a slice of the life of an ordinary guy, not very popular, but made great friends. And that’s it. Yes, Of course, there are all these elements from the book, for which it is so They do not like, but they do not appear for long.

2 место: Class (Klass, 2007)

Rating: 7.8 / 10


And again a film about the brutality of adolescents. But if he limited himself to simply demonstrating how some students in the school make fun of others, then he would hardly climb into second place ranking, right?

In the center of the plot is a guy named Josep, who is forced to endure violence in general everywhere. He is beaten at home, at school and on the street. Аhe physically cannot do anything, for he is weak – and in that number and moral. And he would continue to suffer bullying and abuse if not Caspar.

Casper also once mocked Josep, but a bully unexpectedly sided with the “squelch”. He just woke up conscience. It’s just not worth it to do this, and Caspar also It appears among the humiliated and omitted. But at some point both guys overflowed with a cup of patience.

The “class” is often compared with the works of Valeria Gai Germanicus, but on practice this Estonian film many times harder. It is no longer stories about the life of marginalized teenagers. This is the manifesto after which becomes disgusting, sickening and painful. And I want to ask for forgiveness from everyone who was offended at school, by accident or purposefully.

1 место: American Beauty (American Beauty, 1999)

Rating: 7.9 / 10

Красота по-американски

American Beauty is again not quite a movie about teenagers. In the center of the story is quite an adult, settled down and having found his place in life, a man. He has everything that described by ideas about the American dream – and his own a house (with an indispensable lawn, because how could it be without it), and beautiful wife, and smart daughter, and the work is good, and in general, live yes rejoice. But something does not like a man, does not bring him happiness being.

But then a man meets his daughter’s flirty classmate – and falls in love with her. The plot of the film is just starting to flirt with Nabokov’s Lolita, as it immediately turns over and changes into root. No, a man does not suffer because of a love for a minor to the girl.

He suffers from the fact that he never lived. All this american the dream that makes up his being is not his. This is a dollhouse wife, she wanted to cut roses and build a career, dreamed about daughter and lawn. What did he want? And it is not clear. And here is falling in love to a 17-year-old nymphe causes an acute midlife crisis in men, he quits work, buys an ancient car, begins swing and smoke marijuana. And then he dies, literally through a week. In fact, he lived his life only seven days.

American Beauty skillfully deconstructs the same the American dream, destroying it at the most primitive levels. And so roses from the wife’s garden already fall with petals on the body of a young girl, and once sincere love is drowning in a web of lies and intrigue. In the plot there seems to be nothing real but death as a symbol of purification. American Beauty is filled with symbols, metaphors and allusions, and each frame means much more than it shows, and each character has too many skeletons in the closet.

And let the adolescents themselves are few here. But the question is much more important – and is it hypocritical for ephemeral happiness?

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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