12 best Phuket hotels to stay with children

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Exotic Thai island of Phuket has long been chosen Russian tourists. Here everyone finds rest to their liking. It either quiet family or active entertainment. Phuket different in picturesque nature, pristine beaches, transparent sea ​​water. In addition to landscape charms, there are many historical Sightseeing, which will not be enough for two weeks vacation time. The island is a diving center. Experienced and come here novice divers.

Our compatriots choose Phuket because of comfortable conditions for relaxing with children. And here come with any kids age, including with babies. We included 12 in our rating the best Phuket hotels for families with children based on reviews guests and the opinion of travel agents.

Rating of the best Phuket hotels for families with children

Nomination a place hotel name price per day
The best Phuket 5 hotels for families with children 1 Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort 5 RUB 11,047
2 Renaissance Phuket Resort&Spa 5 7 139 rub.
3 Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort & Spa 5 6 688 rub.
4 Phuket Graceland Resort & Spa 5 6 993 rub.
5 Centara Grand West Sands Resort & Villas Phuket 5 10 341 rub.
6 Maikhao Palm Beach Resort 5 7 252 rub.
The best Phuket 4 hotels for families with children 1 Sunwing Resort Kamala 4 8 300 rub.
2 Naithonburi Beach Resort 4 4 144 rub.
3 Arinara Bangtao Resort 4 5 106 rub.
4 Holiday Inn Phuket 4 8 781 rub.
5 Angsana Laguna Phuket 4 8 855 rub.
6 Nai Yang Beach Resort 4 5 135 rub.

The best Phuket 5 hotels for families with children

Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort 5

Hotel Rating (Phuket): 4.9


Topping our list is a five-star hotel that creates the most comfortable conditions for the rest of parents with children of different ages. For the location, many vacationers call this place fabulous. Everything around is surrounded by greenery. Private beach meets guests with the purest white sand and warm waters of the Indian the ocean. The territory is closed, guarded around the clock, so the children move freely, and parents do not worry about them safety.

The rooms are spacious with TVs, tea facilities, cots. The hotels have several restaurants and cafes. For children up to 3 years food is free. Buffet breakfast offers a variety of dishes, familiar and beloved by Russian toddlers. The menu has cereals, cereals, pancakes, pastries. On the there are fruit bars in the area where children can feast on exotic fruits and berries.

During the day, the kids will not get bored. Organize for them Themed entertainment programs. On the territory there is a game playground and club. The huge pool has a separate area. According to hotel reviews fully meet the needs of families with children. Disadvantages to none of the tourists could not be found, so everyone put him a solid “five”.

Renaissance Phuket Resort&Spa 5

Hotel Rating (Phuket): 4.8


The second place in our rating in this category is an upscale hotel that is very popular with families with children. Guests can choose any type of accommodation, the most comfortable and affordable. Villas are equipped with their own by the pool. Many have panoramic ocean views. In the bathrooms rooms – round bathtubs and shower, provided premium toiletries, including bathrobes for adults and children.

On the territory there is a swimming pool with a children’s area, jogging and bike lanes. The whole family can do Pilates, yoga, water aerobics. The food is varied. Thai and other dishes Cuisines of the world can be tasted in five restaurants or ordered in rooms. Each of the institutions has an original design, and being in them It gives pleasure to everyone without exception. For children there separate menu from which you can choose food even finicky baby. Highchairs are provided everywhere.

On the beach, kids build castles of white sand, splashing in the sea. Adults can go diving or just sunbathe on the sun. The kids club has games and entertainment programs. Tourists with children recommend this hotel as one of the best deals on the island.

Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort & Spa 5

Hotel Rating (Phuket): 4.7


On the third line of the rating is the hotel, which differs in a huge territory with tropical plants and exotic birds and animals, which is especially impressive for children all ages. The rooms are very comfortable. Bath and shower allow you to choose the best option for yourself and your baby. Baby the beds are wide, the walls do not allow noise. Thanks to zero audibility, the child falls asleep calmly during the day and evening.

The hotel has 4 pools, which have a children’s area, a jacuzzi, cascades and waterfalls. In the evening they are highlighted and flicker. A bunch of Secret corners – the best place to play hide and seek. At the club, children They are engaged in modeling, drawing, designing. Family morning starts by charging by the pool. On the court you can play under supervision of the nanny. Parents are offered various leisure options: and active and calm.

For breakfast, you can choose milk porridge, pastries, pancakes, yogurts, fruits. The restaurants serve exotic dishes, a children’s menu is provided. According to the reviews of tourists, impressed the territory where peacocks are walking without fear, as well as high-class service providing the maximum range of services for Have a great holiday for all family members.

Phuket Graceland Resort & Spa 5

Hotel Rating (Phuket): 4.7


The fourth place in the rating is deservedly occupied by the hotel, in which You can spend an unforgettable vacation and please not only yourself, but and their children. From 600 Thai-style rooms, guests choose better. Each offers a magnificent view of the sea and tropical vegetation. Family rooms have their own swimming pool. Spacious children’s rooms are available on request. cots. Full insulation thanks to thick walls gives the ability to even very restless babies fall asleep quickly.

The territory is very large, everything is thought out to the smallest details. Pools 2, there is a children’s area with slides and waterfalls. For adults have a lot of fun while children play in the room under the watchful eye of a nanny. This is a bowling alley, spa, water views sports. Guests can rent a car and visit national parks and other local attractions islands.

The buffet system offers a plentiful or dietary breakfast. Here you can taste quite exotic food, or you can Do not experiment, but eat the usual cereals, pancakes, pastries. Thai and international cuisines are open all day. All Drinks are served at the lobby bar and poolside.

Centara Grand West Sands Resort & Villas Phuket 5

Hotel Rating (Phuket): 4.6


The hotel, located on the fifth line of the rating, is very relevant among tourists who vacation families with children. Here they will offer and calm and active pastime. No one gets bored: neither parents, not kids. Being in the reserve Mai Khao Beach attracts more and more guests annually. The rooms are bright spacious with great views of the surroundings. The television includes 2 Russian channels where favorite ones are constantly broadcast cartoons.

The beach has clean sand, clear water. It is located there adult swimming pool, where diving students are trained. In the territory There is a free water park with many slides and waterfalls. it A true paradise for children of all ages. A special delight is artificial river with a course that brings them directly to the mouth fairy monster. Parents noted that if the kids were burnt on sun, then you can take aloe vera leaves from the administrator, which previously collected in the reserve.

Breakfast pleases with an abundance of delicious dishes. Here, not only porridge, but also sausages, pasta, pancakes, potatoes, pancakes. For lunch and dinner You can order food on a special children’s menu, or you can again choose dishes from the buffet. If the kids are hungry in water park, then they will offer a hot dog “Little Monkey” and milkshake. All vacationers were satisfied with the visit. this hotel and I advise it to families with children of any age.

Maikhao Palm Beach Resort 5

Hotel Rating (Phuket): 4.5


Sixth ranking among the best five-star hotels occupies a complex that began to work recently, but already became popular among tourists vacationing with children. IN four-story buildings, you can choose the number of your choice. IN Each of them has a TV, fridge, bathtub and shower, crib, toiletries, bathrobes, home and beach slippers, umbrella, high speed internet. Daily one bottle of drinking water is brought for each living.

Tropical greenery pleases the eye. Exotic fragrant flowers cheer up. There are several mini lakes on the territory, large pool. Meals are served in the restaurant or dining room. It can only be breakfast, half board or three meals a day. Children and adults in the morning can choose their favorite dishes: dairy cereals, eggs, cereal, pancakes, fruits. For lunch and dinner served as spicy food as well as dietary.

Children’s entertainment is diverse. In the pool with a slide – warm water at a comfortable temperature. On the street there is a large playground with rides. In the club they draw, sculpt, play. Parents can go away on business, as they look after the children professional babysitting. Minus considered that animated no programs provided. The rest of the hotel is fully Meets expectations and gives first-class relaxation.

The best Phuket 4 hotels for families with children

Sunwing Resort Kamala 4

Hotel Rating (Phuket): 4.9

Sunwing Resort Kamala

The leader in this rating category is a family hotel in which rests comfortably for adults, adolescents and toddlers. It is located on the first coastline and literally drowns in fragrant vegetation. The choice of rooms is varied. Guests with infants provide rooms that are on the first floors and have a fenced terrace. The rooms are equipped TV, air conditioning, kitchenette, bath and toilet accessories.

On the territory of 7 pools. For children there are separate zones, and also playgrounds. The club has entertaining activity. At this time, children can be left in the care of a nanny. Parents do yoga, fitness, relax under the influence Spa treatments in the open air. The hotels have a big store, selling clothes, toys, souvenirs.

Breakfast is served in one of the restaurants. Dishes presented tourists with different taste preferences will like it, including including children. In another institution you can enjoy the delights international cuisine. The cocktail bar offers cold drinks. Tourists noted that the hotel is large attention is paid to children’s entertainment, so adults feel comfortable throughout the vacation.

Naithonburi Beach Resort 4

Hotel Rating (Phuket): 4.8


Silver rating goes to the hotel, which stands out luxurious design and the most thoughtful conditions for settlement with children. The territory is large, clean and beautiful. Evening light up lanterns and highlight ponds and exotic shrubs. On the a wide beach with white sand you can sunbathe, but you can play volleyball. Towels are provided at the entrance. Water in the sea transparent, gentle descent. On the beach there are coolers, showers.

During strong waves, guests are located by the pools with water at a comfortable temperature. Sunbeds enough for everyone. Children’s area equipped with slides and cascades. Around the pools – sea sand. The food is varied. For breakfast you can eat cereals, sausages, casseroles, crepes, cereals, fruits. Restaurants offer multinational cuisine. Guests can enjoy something exotic. or traditional with a familiar taste. Children’s menu completely satisfies the needs of a small organism.

The number of rooms is comfortable. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail, everything you need is provided, including quite spacious cots. There is an outdoor play area on site. IN the club children can play, draw, amaze. Tourists who visited this hotel, left only positive reviews. Nature, service, entertainment – everything meets the quality level service.

Arinara Bangtao Resort 4

Hotel Rating (Phuket): 4.7


In third place in the ranking is a family hotel designed for upscale relaxation and relaxation. The rooms are spacious, clean. Eat with access to the pool, with balconies. In bathroom Toiletries and bathrobes are provided. On TV You can watch Russian channels where cartoons are broadcast for kids and movies for teens. Audibility is minimal and through walls, and from the street, so nothing will interfere with the child’s sleep.

All pools have children’s areas with slides and sun awnings. There is no shortage of sunbeds. The hotel is located on the first coastal lines. The sandy beach is very clean and well maintained. Free breakfast – “Buffet”. It offers a variety of dishes for people with different eating habits. Meals can be ordered in the room. IN There are goodies for every kid in the restaurant. Children up to 3 years eat all day for free.

In the playroom with the kids, a professional nanny and animators. They are always looked after while parents calmly sunbathe on the beach or go in for sports. The hotel has a shop where you can buy not only gifts and souvenirs, but also items for the needs of children, including infants. “Quiet, clean, fun, hearty, tasty “- this is how tourists briefly rated their holidays in Arinara Bangtao Resort 4.

Holiday Inn Phuket 4

Hotel Rating (Phuket): 4.7


On the fourth line of the rating is a four-star hotel, which divided into two wings. In one, adults without children rest, in friend – families with kids. It gives every tourist an opportunity. comfortable to spend your vacation. Large green, well-groomed the territory is conducive to children’s games and leisurely walks with wheelchairs. The rooms are cozy, everything is thought out to be safe in them. finding. They are equipped with LCD TV, DVD player, in the bathroom the room has a rain shower.

The fine sand beach is a great place to relax for the whole family. 6pools are divided into zones where you can dive, lie down on mattress, experience the pressure of cascading waterfalls. Children frolic in the water and on land, where various slides are provided. The platform is equipped rides. Breakfast options include a variety of dishes. For children there is where to roam. Who does not like porridge, he will definitely stop its focus on sausages and pastries. 4 restaurants specialize in Thai, Italian, international cuisines.

The hotel has a fitness room, a wellness center, a mini market where You can purchase everything you need for kids. Vacationers allocated excellent varied food, free Wi-Fi throughout territory, location in close proximity to national parks and shopping centers.

Angsana Laguna Phuket 4

Hotel Rating (Phuket): 4.6


The hotel, which is part of the Laguna complex, is in fifth place rating. It is located on an island in the middle of the water. Total territory – more than 240 hectares. Guests enjoy not only services provided by Angsana Laguna Phuket 4, but also by all privileges of guests of the complex. Wide beach stretches for three kilometers. Cleanliness is provided by the hotel staff. Huge The 323-meter sea-sand pool is equipped with slides and waterfalls. A large number of beds fully meets the demand on them. The rooms are very spacious with comfortable beds and plenty of pillows. A cot is available upon request.

Guests will not be able to feel hungry. Served in the morning buffet breakfast. There is a restaurant on the beach where You can taste only caught and immediately cooked seafood and fish. The Mediterranean restaurant will delight you with an extensive menu. The bars offer refreshing drinks. For kids a separate menu is presented. All establishments have high chairs.

Kids can have fun in the club, play, draw. If a I wanted new experiences, then you can visit the amusement park, located a few kilometers from the hotel. Negative reviews did not have. All vacationers were satisfied, many are planning come back here again.

Nai Yang Beach Resort 4

Hotel Rating (Phuket): 4.5


We conclude our rating with a resort hotel that resembles tropical fairy tale. Exotic plants cool even in the most intense heat. Everything around is fragrant. Jumping on the trees squirrels, turtles live in enclosures. The rooms are spacious. They maximally equipped for both adults and kids. Balconies overlook the garden or pools. Cots are available at request. Daily cleaning. There is a laundry service. Audibility minimal, so even lunchtime sleep will not disturb the noise from the street or from the corridor.

Pools 3: adult, children and shared with Jacuzzi and cascades. Water is comfortable for the body. Free sunbeds can always be found. Sea close. The sand is always clean. The entrance to the water is gentle, convenient for toddlers. The food is very tasty and satisfying. Every day for breakfast cereals, granola, cheese and meat slices, fruits, eggs are served different preparations, pancakes, potatoes. You can have lunch and dinner on site or outside the hotel many cafes and restaurants. There is an institution with Russian cuisine.

Children can do water aerobics with adults or Pilates, or they can play specially under the supervision of employees equipped room. Tourists praised the hotel as an ideal location in terms of price – quality.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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