12 best pan manufacturers

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Not a single hostess can do without a frying pan in the kitchen. It must be in at least one copy to fry or put out foods. There are many models on store shelves. Some of them are universal, while others, such as crepes or woks. suitable for a specific task. Diversity options makes buyers think about what to purchase and which brand to give preference to.

The editors have prepared a rating review of the 12 best manufacturers a frying pan, which was drawn up taking into account the opinions of consumers.

Rating of the best producers of pans

Nomination a place Manufacturer rating
Rating of the best producers of pans 1 Risoli 5.0
2 Gipfel 4.9
3 Bergoff 4.8
5 Swiss diamond 4.6
6 Ballirini 4.5
7 Tefal 4.4
8 Kitchenaid 4.3
9 AMT Gastroguss 4.2
10 Rondell 4.1
11 Kukmara 4.0
12 Nadoba 3.9


Rating: 5.0


The founder of the Italian brand Alfredo Montini made a small revolution when in 1965 he decided to replace the massive kitchen utensils with cast aluminum counterparts ease. The heat inside them was evenly distributed thanks to thick walls and bottom. This ensured proper handling. products, and the dishes acquired a rich aroma and taste. With aluminum dishes have proven to be reliable over time resistant to mechanical damage. Ease of operation and care has conquered users.

Today, the company remains a family business with a strong reputation, and products are still in high demand. All manufacturing steps are carried out exclusively in Italian factories in the same country extracted raw materials – high quality aluminum is imported from plants located in Lumezzane. The brand is one of the largest in Europe and adheres to the accepted decades ago, a concept based on a combination functionality, quality and unique design. All the dishes in number and pans made by casting under high pressure, therefore, has a perfectly smooth surface.

The Granito range of grill pans is especially popular. Models made of cast aluminum six millimeters thick and have three-layer non-stick coating with the addition of microparticles Minerals Hard Stone, which guarantees better operation and maximum protection against burning. You can cook without oil. These pans are easier to clean. Suitable not only for gas stoves, but also ovens, microwaves.


Rating: 4.9


The German brand is familiar to everyone. Cookware brand refers to the middle price category, characterized by wear resistance, simplicity care. The range is extensive and includes: pots, ladles, pans, stewpan, various baking utensils, lids, mechanical juicers, kitchen tool kits, items for cutting and chopping, cookware (colanders, sieves, pushers, skimmers, spatulas, brushes, etc.), accessories, kitchen accessories (gloves, towels, aprons, watches, scales), everything for servings (cutlery and barware, items for serving drinks and dishes), storage containers, containers, thermoses, flasks, thermocups, bread bins.

The range of pans offers a selection of aluminum products, stainless steel, cast iron; there are special crepes, wok, grill pans and sets. Materials for the manufacture do not contain harmful to health and the environment components. Attracts buyers the possibility of cleaning in dishwashers, however, this not valid for all models. Pans are suitable for gas, so for induction cookers. Of particular interest is the Select series. Orange and Diletto – they can not only be cooked in high quality dish, but also serve it on the table.

One of the best is Gipfel Zenit with thick walls in five millimeters, due to which the surface heats up evenly. Cooking faster with new technologies that were applied in the production process. Marble coating reduces the risk of burning food. The model is deep resistant to mechanical damage. Equipped with comfortable non-slip handle, but no cover included. It is cleaned easily and quickly with warm water and a soft sponge. The manufacturer indicates that metal must not be used. objects so as not to damage the inner coating.


Rating: 4.8


The Belgian brand was founded in 1993 by Raf Vanthur. On the At that time, the assortment included only one set of kitchen utensils. Despite the excuses, the head took part in the Moscow exhibition, where he signed the first contract. Thanks to hard work and loyalty of the company, Rough brought the company to the international market, offering innovative products. After a while, BergHOFF became receive awards, for example, in 2006, at home, was won first prize.

Many pans do not have a non-stick coating, but food in they still do not stick, since the bottom of the products is multi-layered. Behind due to this, the heat flows evenly, and the food is tasty and fragrant. All models are easy to clean without requiring user special efforts. The average price segment of goods is goods in the region of 3-7 thousand rubles

Pay attention to the cast iron pan from the Ron collection, suitable for intensive frying of products. Ergonomic the handle is made of ash wood. In addition to versatility the model is made in the same style, despite the combination contrasting materials and colors. Worked on the development full-time designer Peter Ruks. The line offers four different styles. to create a variety of culinary masterpieces.

The 2.3-liter Eclipse model is valued for practicality because Suitable for daily use. Non-stick coating allows you to fry without oil and fat, which makes food more healthy. Ideal for cooking meat, scrambled eggs, omelettes and more of another. Cadmium and lead free. Handles do not heat up that provides safety and comfort.


Rating: 4.7


The name of the French brand is inextricably linked to development culinary traditions of central Europe. The company is one of the first stated that cooking should turn from hard work into a fun activity. There is a trademark in back in 1925. Since then, the company’s tableware has held the leading position, winning competition from younger brands. The connoisseurs of products are not only culinary enthusiasts, but also top chefs celebrating a high level of craftsmanship manufacturing, compliance with quality standards and excellent design.

Cast iron and cast aluminum product range updated regularly since 1990. The foundation was laid when such novelties like Asian woks, Indian kahari, Spanish pueblo. Company President Paul van Zuidman believes this is important for development brand. Thanks to this approach, in 2014 the brand presented unique range of ergonomic chrome nickel pots become.

The brand’s pans are versatile and can be used daily. A large selection of shapes and sizes allows you to choose the right model. The series includes enameled cast iron products, the same steel, three-layer stainless steel, as well as heat-resistant non-stick coating. Enamelled cast iron pans allow not only frying, stewing, but also pickling, storing raw foods because food acids do not penetrate and enter reaction with the material.

Swiss diamond

Rating: 4.6

Swiss Diamond

Premium level Swiss dishes since 2001 deservedly has the status of one of the most popular among chefs, true professionals of restaurant cuisine. Safety, convenience and comfort – these are the three main advantages of products that allow the company for two decades to attract attention consumers. On the account of the company more than ten patented technology. The range includes classic and grilled pans, crepe makers, as well as stewpan, pots, trays, roasters, sets and accessories.

The basis of leadership is know-how. The brand produces products that differ not only in their beautiful design, wear resistance, but also unique materials of increased strength. No wonder the diamond is brand logo, because it is diamond spraying Present on all products. Thanks to this, it goes to heating less time. Products are made from environmentally friendly pure alloy of silicon and aluminum, which increases resistance to mechanical damage. Super Hard Coating mineral particles does not allow food to burn, erecting dishes brand to the best. In 2010, the company improved strength 30% coverage.


Rating: 4.5


The Italian brand appeared in 1889 when Paolo Ballarini founded the company. Owning a little metal workshop, he often came across requests to repair or make kitchen utensils. The experience gained allowed us to withdraw the company in 1931 the leaders. Even then, the brand offered more than two thousand names of goods. In the sixties, the brand was one of the first to understand the need to introduce new technology in the form of non-stick coatings that were not then distributed as they are now.

Continuous improvement and use of innovation has allowed produce the highest quality non-stick cookware. To international the market since the early nineties regularly introduced new lines products, for example, the collections of MasterChef, Rialto, Fenice, Titanio, Il Rame, Gli Speciali. Today the company is already managed fifth generation of the family. Owners, as before, support the concept of using advanced technology.

Pans have a variety of coatings from Teflon to ceramics and granite chips, while the Titanio series, as the name implies, titanium coating. All materials used in the manufacture safe for both humans and the environment. Products differ in reliability and wear resistance. The reviews note that over time, the coating wears out, so the product has to replace.


Rating: 4.4


The famous brand was founded in 1956 in France. Now it international concern for the production of not only kitchen utensils, but and household appliances. It was under this brand that the first non-stick coated stewpan. The company to this day adheres to the motto: “pan, which does not burn.” It is believed that the company has some of the best crepe makers. Dishes repeatedly won the “Test purchase”. All the products have certificates, and the materials used are safe.

The range includes a variety of stainless steel cast pans aluminum. Besides teflon coating, it is also used ceramic. The presence of a thermal spot allows you to see when the surface is heated to the optimum temperature. Thanks a large price range, the consumer has the opportunity buy a product affordable, choosing from budget or premium collections.

It is worth paying attention to the Titanium-Pro model, because this the best option for use at home. Titanium oxide non-stick coating lasts longer ordinary. In such dishes, you can both fry and stew, but for food storage, it does not fit. Ideal not only for gas, but also for induction cookers. The product is easily washed with a regular cleaner. with a soft sponge.


Rating: 4.3


The brand name is the standard of reliability. Since 1919 became the first who released the mixer for the house. According to some, it is he gave the name of the company, because at that time the mixer produced a real a sensation, becoming the best kitchen assistant, and this is what is translated and means company name. For more than a hundred years, it’s home appliance manufacturing was the hallmark of the American brand. The products have a recognizable classic design, which reminiscent of the fifties.

The company also produces dishes whose quality is highly appreciated professional chefs and bartenders. It is universal, conquers timeless design, multilayer designs and excellent thermal distribution properties. Suitable for gas and induction cookers. Frying pans are easy to clean and do not require an application special efforts. Many models are dishwasher safe. cars. Handles of products are made of stainless steel, which allows cook in an oven at temperatures up to 260 degrees, whereas traditional bakelite can withstand only 170 degrees.

Consumers fell in love with thirty model KC2T12NKST centimeters. It is made of steel with multilayer processing. Equipped with non-stick teflon coating. Suitable for cooking in the oven. It doesn’t have a handle, so frying on the stove is not very convenient, if you do not buy removable.

AMT Gastroguss

Rating: 4.2

AMT Gastroguss

European buyers, unlike Russian, are already good familiar with the German aluminum cookware brand. Company originally manufactured products exclusively for large wholesale customers, and entered the retail market not so long ago. Rich assortment equally suitable for both professional and home application.

The branded range of frying pans has a thick bottom of 8-10 millimeters, which provides high thermal conductivity and uniform temperature distribution. Thoughtful to the smallest detail design is not only pleasing to the eye, but also brings practical functional benefit, allowing you to cook faster and better. The brand offers products made by different casting methods: with using sand or bar forms, under pressure or without it, gravitational method. It is important to note that all products are made manually.

Pans, depending on the model, can have one of two Patented Non-Stick Coatings: Platinum Standard differs in the increased durability, long service life and is absolutely safe for health and the environment; ultra-resistant Plasma not afraid of mechanical and chemical effects and more often used in products intended for professional use.

Customers especially like the cast pan AMT526FIX titanium coated aluminum with fixed grip. The bottom surface, whose thickness is ten millimeters carefully sanded and requires no special care. After cooking will be enough to remove food debris with a dry cloth and wash with warm water with a sponge and liquid detergent. Lever Ergonomic with finger holes. She doesn’t heat up therefore there is no risk of getting burned.


Rating: 4.1


The brand was founded in 1988 in Germany. Company originally engaged in the production of dishes and accessories made of steel, but in the improvement process, it was decided to expand the range, including utensils made of cast iron and aluminum. Despite the factories transferred to China, the quality of goods remained at the same height. Products appreciated by chefs of leading restaurants in the world and are widely used there for cooking.

The latest developments of the company combine functionality, practicality and modern style. Pans are made from high-tech materials that provide in the process use resistance to mechanical damage, and also not pose a health hazard. Brand products have everything necessary certificates of conformity.

A model made of stainless steel Stern is very popular among consumers RDS-092 with non-stick coating on a steel base. Of features worth highlighting triple fused bottom, increasing thermal conductivity and allowing in the shortest time evenly heat the surface, so that the products remain juicy.


Rating: 4.0


The factory began work in the fiftieth year. Today at the factory cast aluminum utensils, bread molds, pans with non-stick coating and more. Products enjoy popular with buyers from Russia and the CIS countries. Products are produced according to the requirements of GOST.

Of the advantages of frying pans, it is worth highlighting safe for health materials, thickened walls and bottom, quality coatings, variety of shapes and sizes. Especially popular with buyers uses the “Tradition” model with a diameter of twenty-four centimeters with ceramic spraying. The reviews write that in the process of cooking food does not stick to the surface and does not burn. Users also note that the glazed ceramic coating is devoid of pores and not accumulates odors, and thanks to a raised bottom with grooves, the product heats up quickly and retains for a long time temperature. True, there are complaints of restrictions, for example, the pan cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher, subject to sharp temperature differences and use metal devices.


Rating: 3.9


The company is a division of a multidisciplinary German a concern developing and selling plumbing and accessories for a bathtub. Deciding to expand production, the company in 2010 opened a new division in Eastern Europe and began development a new market for professional kitchen equipment. Brand unique in that it combines high quality and reasonable prices.

Goods are produced in factories equipped with modern technique. Constant strict quality control is carried out. Innovative technologies and safe materials are used, which, in contact with food, do not emit harmful substances. Professionals and chefs have already fallen in love with brand name cookware.

Ordinary consumers, especially in Russia, are still not good enough familiar with brand products, but have an idea about it and even emit some pans. For example, a SILVA model with non-stick coating and a diameter of twenty eight centimeters. It is made of forged aluminum with a durable five-layer Elegant coating. Equipped with a solid stainless steel handle that allows you to put the pan in the oven. Suitable for all types plates. Use of non-sharp metal appliances is permitted.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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