12 best beaches in Samui

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Resorts in Thailand are now very much in demand, since the ratio “price / quality” they are almost the best. And Samui (or Samui), the second largest among the islands of Thailand, attracts Thousands of tourists every season. It has several dozen beaches. AND it’s difficult to choose the one that is really worth devoting limited vacation time. We picked up the 12 best beaches of Samui, so that you know exactly where and when it will be most convenient for you relax.

What to look for when choosing a beach

When choosing a beach, rely on your expectations and desires. we compiled a short list of criteria and features for which recommend to pay attention.

  1. The cleanliness of the beach and shore. Almost the main criterion. Find out how often they clean up on the beach, whether they destroy garbage and whether dirt is removed after a storm. It’s also worth finding out a few clean coast under water – are there rocks or corals. If there is – you it will be difficult to go into the water without shoes.
  2. Sand or pebbles. Think what will be more convenient for you. The sand is more familiar, it is soft and comfortable. But grains of sand stick to body, and they are difficult to wash off. Pebbles are large, not very it’s comfortable to lie barefoot and walk hot in the heat, but it’s good massages the feet and back, and still does not stick to the body. Yes, and water on pebble beaches cleaner.
  3. Infrastructure. This includes various cafes, restaurants, rental entertainment and other little things that make a beach holiday more enjoyable. Find out if you have what you need on the selected beach for you (for example, a restaurant with a sea view or a mother’s room and child).
  4. Depth near the shore. If you are planning a vacation with a child or just don’t know how to swim – you don’t need to go to the beaches where deep water begins three meters from the shore. You more suitable options with a gentle beach, where you need to go enough far to get to the depths. If you want to swim and to dive enough, then look for beaches with steep shores (for example, Coral Cove)
  5. The number of visitors. It’s simple: the more and the more famous the beach, the more tourists on it. If you prefer privacy, look for beaches remote from tourist routes. AND it’s better to choose the wild ones – there are definitely few people on them, but no infrastructure.
  6. The size of the beach. The large beaches of Samui are usually larger all chosen by tourists. There is excellent infrastructure, before them easy to get to, but pay for it is a lot of tourists. But to the eyes nice – wherever you look, sand and water everywhere, and no rocks. And small beaches, as a rule, are little known. But some (like, for example, Silver Beach), can give odds to all major quality.
  7. The presence of shade. If you do not tolerate the bright sun Thailand, we recommend accessing beaches with plenty of vegetation. This will give a natural shadow that will not sunburn and escape from the heat. When there is no natural shadow, good if you can rent a deck chair with an umbrella. Otherwise you will either have to endure the burning rays of the sun of Samui, or bear and dig in your own umbrella.
  8. Based on these criteria, you will choose the most comfortable beach for relaxing, swimming, sunbathing or gatherings with the family. Special convenient to handle it when you know exactly what should be beach – this will cut off unnecessary options.

Rating of the best beaches in Samui

Nomination a place beach rating
Rating of the best beaches in Samui 1 Maenam Beach 5.0
2 Silver Beach 4.9
3 Ban Thai Beach 4.8
4 Choeng Mon Beach 4.7
5 Chaweng Beach 4.6
6 Lamai Beach 4.5
7 Bang Po Beach 4.4
8 Coral Cove Beach 4.3
9 Bang Rak Beach 4.2
10 Lipa Noi Beach 4.1
11 Samrong (Samrong Beach) 4.0
12 Thongson Beach 4.0

Maenam Beach

Beach Rating (Samui): 5.0


This is the most popular “family” beach of Samui, which is in the “high season “is literally packed with people to the eyeballs. The sand here is yellow and surprisingly small, similar in size and flowability to regular sugar. The coast is steep, but at low tide the quality of the beach does not change – under water hiding the same clean and fine sand as on the shore. Remember that even near the coast the water is already quite deep (in six meters – an adult about the shoulders). Therefore not let the children go far away. Maenam is famous for being on it almost next to the water there are many palm trees. And this is a lot of natural a shadow that is very pleasant on hot days. No need to exhibit umbrellas and huddle with the whole family under them.

The infrastructure pleases – many bars, cafes, restaurants, ATMs, equipment rentals and even laundries. The beach is very long but cleanliness is maintained across almost the entire territory. With the exception of wild sites that may be of interest to some tourists – they have fewer people, which is convenient for those who want to be alone. Wild areas are located on the western edge of the beach, on the eastern edge and in the very center, near Buddha Beach. In addition, almost everything at night nearby establishments close, so after dark It becomes crowded.

A drawback is his participation in the Loi Kratong festival. This is the night of the November full moon when the Thais launch at sea small rafts collected from banana leaves and pins, which tend to fall off and stay in the sand. therefore it’s not safe to be on the beach after the holiday.


  • Three wild sites for those who do not like crowded beaches.
  • Clean fine sand even at low tide.
  • A lot of natural shade thanks to palm trees.


  • After the holiday of Loi Kratong, it is better not to come to the beach – he literally studded with pins.

Silver Beach

Beach Rating (Samui): 4.9


Also known as Haad Thong Ta-Khian (“Beach of Trees Ta Khian “translated from Thai) or Crystal Bay (” Crystal bay “). This is a small beach only 250 meters long. He hid in the north near Lamai Beach, right next to Chaweng sharing it the rocks. Despite its size, this beach can be called one of the best. The sand here is very shallow, of a pleasant white color. On the on the outskirts of the beach there are picturesque boulders of different sizes. train pieces and build a castle or do cool photos. Stones are also found in water, so swim be careful!

The area is perfectly clean – the hotel staff around it watching. It’s convenient that along the coast the water depth is different – somewhere finely, just for children, and somewhere deep and you can even Scuba dive or snorkel. The infrastructure is not too convenient – there are several cafes and restaurants with sea views, different beach entertainment, that’s all. But a few kilometers away Lamai public beach, and if you reach it, then you can find shops, and exchangers, and generally anything.

Very expensive hotels are built around, so drive up very complicated. But anyone can walk, not even a client of these hotels. True, you have to go right through the building, but by law Thailand is allowed, and the hotel staff do not have the right to stop. However, many people do not know this, so you can get on the “premium” Samui beach and not suffer from crowding.


  • Very few people because of the large number of expensive hotels around.
  • The purest white sand on Koh Samui.
  • There are sections of different depths for people with different skills. swimming.


  • In addition to hotels, cafes and restaurants in the area there is nothing interesting.

Ban Thai Beach

Beach Rating (Samui): 4.8


An ideal beach for mothers with young children kilometer. Located near the leader of our rating, the beach Maenam. The sand here is shallow, white. A large number of different shells, which will greatly delight young children. Shore slope small. To dive even to the waist, an adult you must walk at least thirty meters from the water’s edge. The infrastructure is not rich – there are small shops in the district, several cafes and restaurants, laundry and vodomat. To large shops will have to go.

There are almost no sunbeds – they are concentrated at its very end. But trees do not grow on this site, so you need a beach umbrella. The cleanliness of the beach is maintained by the restaurant Mimosa and residential complex, which is located nearby. But beyond them you can meet garbage, including construction. Wild areas fit people who want to be alone, despite clogging sand.

About half of the beach is for walks only – in of this part, the bottom and shore are strewn with huge stones and boulders, therefore swimming is difficult there. In this part almost never happens tourists. Ban Tai has a drawback – the bottom is covered with vegetation and small pebbles. So you need to go into the water very carefully. However, there is a place where the sand at the bottom is clean and soft – almost in the very end of the beach, next to the sandy area and sunbeds.


  • Very shallow water – ideal for families with small children.
  • A lot of natural shade.
  • Several wild sites for lovers of solitude.


  • About half of the beach is littered with boulders.
  • You must enter the water carefully because of plants and stones.

Choeng Mon Beach

Beach Rating (Samui): 4.7


Another convenient family beach for people who come with children, about a kilometer long. Despite its size, it’s always very a lot of people – in especially “hot” days you have to literally conquer a place in the sun. The water is a little muddy, and the sand has an unusual grayish tint. It looks more like dust, and when wet turns into a kind of porridge. Shallow shore – for an adult, to swim normally, you have to move thirty meters away water edges. After low tide, everything becomes even sadder – on 30-40 meters from the edge, you can stand waist-high. But for the children will be safe.

The bottom near the coast is dotted with stones and corals. But there is a clean the stretch between the Imperial Boat and Sala Samui Resort hotels is almost in the center of the beach. Very pleased with the number of sunbeds and shade. Can easily rent a deck chair and a table to it anywhere on the beach. And with high with some probability this place will be in the shade – palm trees and trees on Chong Monet is very much. There is a wild site with a jungle – almost no one there it doesn’t happen, therefore it’s quiet and calm.

The infrastructure is rich in various massage parlors, shops, restaurants. There is a rental of kayaks and motorbikes (on which you can even drive along the beach along the tide line, the sand there is strong rammed by waves). A short distance from the beach you can find also laundry facilities and a market.


  • Good and rich infrastructure.
  • A very shallow beach – maximum safety for children.
  • Many sun loungers for rental and shady areas.


  • Turbid water and corals with stones at the bottom – you need to be careful when entering and leaving the water.

Chaweng Beach

Beach Rating (Samui): 4.6


Chaweng is the best beach for those who prefer daytime nightly. It works round the clock, and at any time on it always there is something to entertain yourself. The coastline is approximately two kilometers. The beach is famous for the finest and lightest sand in all Samui island. He is very loose and loose. The sea on the beach has nice azure color: this is exactly what you saw on advertising posters or pictures about a beautiful vacation. The bottom is shallow – on 20 meters from the water’s edge, an adult will stand in the water for chest. It’s perfectly clean – no large stones, corals, seaweed. So for the safety of the feet you can not worry.

Infrastructure deserves the highest praise. Chaweng literally teeming with various restaurants, cafes, clubs, shops, bars etc. There are water camps for children, and for adults – kayaks, boats, mattresses and jet skis. Dozens of places work at night, where You can drink, hang out, relax and chat. That’s why we We recommend Chaweng to everyone who does not like to sleep at night.

The beach is very noisy, and not only because of lovers of fun and relax. Geographically Chaweng is located opposite runway of Samui airport. Therefore you planes You will see often, and they will make noise very loudly. People too a lot – get ready for the crowds in the “high season”.


  • The most beautiful views: white sand and the azure sea.
  • A clean shallow bottom – you can safely enter the water.
  • The best amount of nightlife on Koh Samui.


  • All natural shade is occupied by sun loungers and is far from water edges – there is almost nowhere to get along with your rug.
  • The noise of the aircraft from the airport may not give normal relax.

Lamai Beach

Beach Rating (Samui): 4.5


Another extremely popular Samui beach. He is truly huge – The coastline is approximately five kilometers long. Beach like would be divided into three parts – northern, southern and central. Can say, these are three separate beaches under the same name – they have different infrastructure, convenience and so on. What do the three parts have in common the beach? It can be dangerous in the wind – the waves are big, they can “lick” in the sea.

The central part of Lamai Beach is practically small coastal town on the sand. Over one kilometer dozens of different bars, shops, restaurants and many what else. This is the most crowded and noisy Samui beach, so it’s not a fact so you can find a place for your rug. central part Lamai has a rather steep coast, so watch out for the kids! Depth increases quite sharply – after five meters from the edge water you lose sand under your feet, so it’s worth swimming more accurately. But the entrance to the water is clean – not a single garbage bin or pebble.

North Lamai is more suitable for walking than for swimming. The sea is very shallow, which is convenient for families with children. But many fishing boats and the fishermen themselves. Swimming here is unrealistic – the bottom is very dirty, rocky, a lot of corals. And if you go a little further, you can stumble upon a dangerous undercurrent. Generally, We do not recommend visiting North Lamai.

The southern part of Lamai is half-abandoned – rare tourists get before, so you can even call it a wild beach. It has yellowish sand. This part is not too well-groomed – there are a lot of stones in water is problematic to enter, there is garbage. There are almost no trees merchants and infrastructure (except the hypermarket) too.


  • The largest and longest beach of Koh Samui
  • In the central part – the best infrastructure on Koh Samui.


  • Only central Lamai is suitable for a relaxing holiday.
  • Great depth starts close to the coast – dangerous for not able to swim and young children.

Bang Po Beach

Beach Rating (Samui): 4.4


A fairly long (about three kilometers) beach, located next to Maenam and differs little crowded and not too pleasant appearance. But this does not mean that he is bad – a small number of tourists allows you to relax in peace. It will not suit you if if you want to admire crystal clear water and white sand.

Here the sea is slightly muddy, and the bottom is not sandy, but a little muddy, there are corals and sharp stones – without slippers we don’t go into the water recommend. It is gently sloping – to plunge into the chest, you must move 10-15 meters. The sand is large, yellow. Ideal time for swimming – in winter or until low tide, until the sea has left the sandy beach on muddy. But this beach is perfect if you like rocky ridges or free-standing boulders – you can take a lot of photos if get to the left side of the beach.

There are a lot of different hotels and resorts around, so you can rent a house literally by the water. Also full of cafes and restaurants. You can book a massage or rent a kayak. And here are the sun loungers few, but you can get your own rug under one of numerous trees. But no beach activities like there are no jet skis or bananas – you have to do without them.


  • There are really few people on the beach – you can safely come for solitude.
  • Until low tide, the beach is ideal for swimming for young children.


  • Not very good infrastructure – there are almost no beach activities not.
  • Inconvenient and dirty entry into the sea, shoes are needed.

Coral Cove Beach

Beach Rating (Samui): 4.3


Coral Cove is located between the two most popular beaches of the island. – Chaweng and Lamai. But getting there is not so easy – this wild the beach lies between the rocks. But that doesn’t stop the crowds from coming here. every time because he is really good and deserves wasted effort. The coastline is short – only 176 meters. IN at one end there is a ridge of boulders that hides a small section of the beach from prying eyes – there you can really be in loneliness. The beach is strewn with red sand. Walking on it is not very nice – he is quite large and pricks his feet.

The water is clean, there is no silt and algae. The shore leaves very quickly down – literally two meters from the edge you will already lose sand under legs. This makes the beach ideal for diving or snorkeling. (unless, of course, you bring equipment with you). On windy days high waves can rise, making the beach even more dangerous. Therefore, we warn: do not let the children go away from you and go deep if you know how to swim well.

Due to the size and inaccessibility of the beach, there’s nothing to talk about infrastructure – almost none. No cafes, entertainment, rentals. Even there is no one to rent a sunbed. But here come people who crave wild vacations without ordinary tourists. Therefore, the territory is very clean and well-groomed – no one crap here. Someone even installed a volleyball net on several sticks dug in the sand. Also nearby you can find one small restaurant. Main benefits civilization is no closer than the beaches of Chaweng and Lamai.


  • Wild little beach without an excess of tourists.
  • Deep water is ideal for those who don’t like splashing around shallow water.


  • On windy days, the beach becomes frankly dangerous.
  • There is no infrastructure other than a restaurant and volleyball the grid.

Bang Rak Beach

Beach Rating (Samui): 4.2


Pretty narrow (about 15 meters) and long (up to three kilometers) beach. On the islet nearby is a Big statue Buddha. The beach is not perfect – it is as if divided into three parts, and each – with some flaws. Infrastructure abounds in all but hypermarkets, so you can relax, drink and to relax.

For recreation, only the eastern part of Bang Rak is well suited. But and it’s not perfect – the shore is silty under water, the water is a little muddy. You can stumble upon small and large stones, so enter the sea need very carefully. But even here after the holiday of Loi Kratong it’s better not to go out on the sand without shoes for at least a couple of days – Thousands of pins will await tourists. Worth the wait until their all will find and carry away.

The central part of Bang Rak is occupied by fishing piers and a market. There is a good sand beach and a steep slope, but because of the fishermen You can’t always rest. The western part can be called wild – there fine yellow sand, few tourists and almost no infrastructure. It’s understandable – just a few meters there is a ring road, so being there is not very pleasant. Although if you do not have special requirements – you can try, shore and the water there is the same as in eastern Bang Rake.


  • Excellent infrastructure – there is everything you need for a comfortable rest and stay.


  • After the holiday of Loi Kratong, it is better not to come to the beach – he literally studded with pins.

Lipa Noi Beach

Beach Rating (Samui): 4.1


Another wild and deserted beach for those who are willing to neglect the amenities of ordinary beaches like Maenam, Lamai or Chaweng. IN Unlike the miniature Coral Cove, Lipa Noah stretches for almost six kilometers along the bay and beyond. Another name for this beach is Tong Young by the name of the bay. This place is the backyard of Koh Samui, so the infrastructure here is not very good – restaurants, several convenience stores, entertainment, and that’s all.

Lipa Noah is very changing throughout its length. In central parts of the beach are many different hotels and restaurants, and the sand here clean, no debris. In the north there is no one to take care of the territory, therefore it’s a little dirtier there. Everything is much worse in the south of the beach, closer to the naval base of the island. The closer to her, the more marine and human debris will meet you. Yes, and who will agree rest under the supervision of a machine gunner on the tower? The beach continues beyond Naval base, but there is even more dirty and garbage. However, in Raja Ferry pier area you can relax if you do not mind situation. But there certainly will not be many people.

In general, Lipa Noi is a shallow beach. There is serious depth only in the central, more well-groomed part. In other places you need will walk at least 50 meters to at least tear legs off bottom. The sand on the beach itself is very shallow, almost like flour. He is strong sticks to the body, especially wet. It contains many shells and pebbles. And under water there are bigger stones, so it’s worth being more accurately. There are a lot of shadows – the beach is literally overgrown with palm trees and by the trees.


  • Long beach – you can easily find a place with a minimum of people and trash.
  • There are both shallow and deep areas – you can choose suitable.


  • About half of the beach is abandoned and is suitable only for “savages” or careless tourists.
  • The infrastructure is poor, some stores will have to be searched in other areas of Samui.

Samrong (Samrong Beach)

Beach Rating (Samui): 4.0


A small and especially unremarkable little beach hidden on north of Koh Samui and enclosed between two cliffs. Its length is only 230 meters. Samrong is owned by The Bay Samui, which Maintains it in perfect cleanliness and order. Because of this it is always crowded here – the territory of the beach is visited mainly hotel guests and rare visitors who know that the staff must let them into the water.

The sand has different sizes – small light mixed with large golden. He is very loose, so you need to walk carefully. Along sand is well compacted, which allows you not to be afraid fall into the water when trying to enter it. Under water you will meet muddy bottom interspersed with corals and large boulders. Depth small, for a complete dive you will have to go about 50-70 meters, which is problematic due to the abundance of corals.

Infrastructure is limited to the hotel, which manages the beach, jet ski and kayak rental, volleyball net and shop in five hundred meters from the beach. Everything else you need to go to more busy areas of Koh Samui. On the territory there are sun loungers and umbrellas to them, but only hotel guests can use them. There is almost no natural shadow.


  • There are very few people on the beach – you can relax in the silence.
  • Perfect cleanliness – hotel staff look after the beauty territory.


  • A muddy bottom with corals – without shoes it can be unpleasant to walk.

Thongson Beach

Beach Rating (Samui): 4.0


And closes our rating of the best beaches of Samui is small (only 500 meters) a little beach near the bay. It is as if divided in half – 250 meters covered with stones and boulders: there you can relax, if you choose place and get settled. The next 250 meters – classic sand the beach, where the bulk of vacationers is located. Tong Territory Sona is well-groomed and clean – nearby employees do this. hotels. Garbage appears only closer to the western edge, where almost no one is resting. The infrastructure is poor – stores are in few kilometers away, massage parlor, kayak rental and small a restaurant. The only plus – the beach is closest to the others from Airport, can be reached for inexpensive.

The sand on Tong Son beach resembles flour in size. He is easy sticks to the body, and it is difficult to shake it off. It’s easier to go wash will be faster. Closer to the water’s edge, the size of the grains of sand increases, shells and small pebbles appear. Interesting in the shade of the big tree on the beach there is a natural paddling pool for young children. It is small and has no access to the sea, easily accessible for the child, therefore, you can not worry about the safety of the baby. He is relevant only at high tide – after low tide there is only a shallow puddle with rocks.

The beach is not too shallow before low tide – you need to move 30 meters away, to swim without touching the bottom of the feet. But after low tide you need will go 150-200 meters to swim. If this works out – the farther into the sea, the more the bottom is strewn with stones and corals. Behind stone block to the right of the beach you can find a secret place – several tens of meters of sand in a secluded place. But be ready – nudists often come there.


  • There is a beach area hidden from prying eyes – ideal for nudists and loners.
  • Clean area and well-kept beach.


  • Lack of entertainment and infrastructure.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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