12 best band-aids

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Adhesive plaster is a consumable that is widely used in medicine and at home. It performs different functions depending on types: fixation, protection of wound surfaces, pain relief, treatment. In pharmacies or special departments of supermarkets you can buy Adhesive plasters for solving a wide variety of problems. The following types are popular with consumers:

  1. Fixing. Designed for fixing various bandages, for fixing measuring instruments, cannulas and other things. Usually a simple adhesive tape with a different base. (non-woven, polymer, fabric, silk). They can answer different requirements depending on indications and skin type.
  2. Bactericidal. Used for treatment and care small wounds to prevent infection. Consist of adhesive base and gauze pad soaked with special antiseptic or disinfectant.
  3. Corns. Positioned as therapeutic agents, used to treat corns. Some of them soften the mechanical effect on the corn, while reducing pain, while others possessing antiseptic and keratolytic action, contributing to dry callus removal.
  4. Pepper. Universal remedy for treatment various diseases (arthritis, neuritis, bruises, sprains). Due to irritating effect on the skin, pepper adhesive plaster enhances blood circulation and weakens pain.
  5. Transdermal healing plasters are used for the introduction of various drugs through the skin (nicotine, hormonal soaked NSAIDs). Most often in a home medicine cabinet consumers have fixative and bactericidal adhesive plasters. IN In this review, we will consider the best of them, as well as high-quality variants of pepper and corn.

Rating of the best band-aid

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best Fixing Adhesives 1 Ecoplast EcoFilm plus 75 rub
2 Hartmann Omniplast fabric-based fixative 79 rub
3 Uniplast patch film 88 rub
The best bactericidal adhesive plasters 1 Silkoplast elastic 96 rub
2 Fixaid Standart Body Polymer 45 rub
3 Cosmos sensitive 63 rub
The best corn plasters 1 Johnson & Johnson Compeed for wet calluses 160 rub
2 Salipod corn patch 78 rub
3 Hydrocolloid Corn Plaster Medifeet 192 rub
The best pepper plasters 1 Pepper plaster Luxplast 69 rub
2 Pepper Warming Silkoplast 96 rub
3 Dr. Pepper 11 rub

Best Fixing Adhesives

Most fixing adhesives are available in rolls. They differ in the materials of which the tape is made.

Fixing polymer Ecoplast EcoFilm plus

Rating: 4.9


Latvian manufacturer NordePlast produces medical Ecoplast EcoFilm plus fixing adhesive patch on polymer basis. Microperforated translucent tape. Thereby all types of dressings are perfectly fixed to the medical device, and also catheters, probes or other small improvised are fixed items. This adhesive patch is made using hypoallergenic glue.

Ecoplast EcoFilm plus manufactured on a reel, packed in a box from quality eco-friendly cardboard. The medical device has high breathability. EcoFilm looks aesthetically pleasing, not “clings” to clothes, holds firmly, is removed comfortably and without exfoliation. It is resistant to x-ray and temperature impacts. And thanks to the zigzag edge, it easily comes off without using scissors.

Consumers speak very well about polymer adhesive plaster Ecoplast EcoFilm plus. They like that this product is partially transparent, smooth to the touch, odorless. When using not causes allergic reactions, skin irritation or other unpleasant side effects. It produces on this basis in two sizes: 2.5 cm x 5 m or 5 cm x 5 m. Great for active people, providing reliable fixing.


  • polymer base;
  • waterproof, hypoallergenic;
  • easily comes off without scissors;
  • odorless;
  • securely fixes.


  • individual intolerance is not excluded.

Hartmann Omniplast fabric-based fixing

Rating: 4.8


German manufacturer Paul Hartmann releases fixing fabric-based patch – Omniplast. It is intended for fixing all kinds of auxiliary medical devices and devices for the skin of allergy sufferers or those suffering from atopic dermatitis. In width, it is of three types: 5 cm, 2.5 cm and 1.25 cm. And along the length of this adhesive plaster can be 5 m or 9.2 m.

Omniplast is a 100% viscose impregnated with glue on synthetic rubber base. The coil is made of polystyrene. is he flesh-colored. Excellent air and steam permeability, and also has water repellent impregnation. It has a zigzag edge therefore comes off without problems. This is a textile adhesive plaster fabric is characterized by high-quality adhesive ability.

According to consumer reviews, Hartmann Omniplast on fabric the base perfectly captures even particularly mobile parts of the body (phalanx fingers) and does not cause discomfort. Does not peel off when first contact with water and dries quickly enough. However they note that this German adhesive plaster is very flimsy coil. And he leaves glue on the skin, and the edges of the tape start to fringe.


  • breathable with water-repellent impregnation;
  • discreet, flesh-colored;
  • perfectly fixes;
  • does not soak and does not come off when in contact with water;
  • Suitable for especially sensitive skin.


  • flimsy coil;
  • leaves glue after removal.

Plaster fixing uniplast film

Rating: 4.7


Russian manufacturer Veropharm produces fixing Adhesive plaster Uniplast film. It is easy to fix with it. dressings on the wound surface, as well as fix tubes, probes, cannulas or other medical items. Produced such a consumable in three versions: 1.25×500, 2.5×500, 5×500.

Uniplast Adhesive Plaster is moisture resistant film. Since it is transparent, it can be viewed well fixation area, if necessary. Tape wound on a transparent reel. The skin breathes due to special embossing. Since this product is resistant to moisture and pollution, with its using it is easy to care for wound surfaces. Material is easy torn without using scissors.

Consumers in reviews say that the transparent film Uniplast perfectly fixes, and subsequently easily and painlessly removed. During movements, stretching of the skin and folds, it folded along with her without peeling off. Continues to hold after water. The skin usually responds well to it, but especially sensitive local allergic reactions may occur.


  • imperceptible on the skin;
  • easily comes off without scissors;
  • perfectly fixes;
  • glues well to skin or dressings;
  • flexible to wear.


  • individual intolerance is possible.

The best bactericidal adhesive plasters

Bactericidal patches can be sold individually or in sets. The latter usually include adhesive plasters of various shapes and size.

Silkoplast elastic

Rating: 4.9


The company Pharmaplast (Egypt) produces Silkoplast adhesive plasters Elastic This flexible consumable is recommended. with abrasions, cuts and other minor skin lesions. For sale it is in sets of 15 pieces in three sizes (mm): 60×100 (you can cut into a large number of small plasters), 45×63 (shape butterflies), 32×72.

Silkoplast Elastic is a perforated polymer a film with an adhesive layer based on hypoallergenic adhesive, and a large percentage of viscose. This medical patch is sterile, bactericidal, breathable, elastic. The absorbent pad contains silver. Beige adhesive itself color and organically combined with skin. Product expiration date – 5 years old.

In reviews, consumers praise Silkoplast Elastic for being perfectly adheres to the surface of the skin even in the most uncomfortable places (heels, elbows, knees). If you stick it on for prevent the appearance of corns, then it does not shift in the process socks with shoes. This adhesive tape is removed painlessly and not leaves traces of glue. Pleasant fabric material rarely causes allergic reactions, but in some they are not excluded.


  • fabric base with silver content;
  • different forms of adhesive tape;
  • are well fixed and do not fly off;
  • peel off painlessly.


  • allergic reactions are possible.

Fixaid Standart Body Polymer

Rating: 4.8


Chinese manufacturer produces bactericidal adhesive plaster Fixaid Standart. It has a solid polymer base. This product indispensable in first aid for various micro damage to the skin. Adhesive plaster reliably protects the wound from bacteria or dirt. This consumable is not afraid of contact with water.

Fixaid Standart Adhesive Plaster consists of a polymer base, made of polyethylene and coated with hypoallergenic hot glue. The viscose absorbent pad is impregnated with rivanol (antiseptic). Such a patch is recommended to be changed every day (at least 2 times a day or when wet pads). The package contains 20 plates of 72×19 mm.

Consumers speak well of Fixaid Standart. They like the way it is firmly fixed to the body. Bactericidal an absorbent pad instantly absorbs wound secretions. Perforated polymer base promotes free air exchange. The patch is easily removed without any adhesive on the skin. integument. In people with hypersensitivity, it can cause irritation.


  • perfectly disinfects;
  • the absorbent pad is impregnated with rivanol;
  • wounds with him heal much faster;
  • securely fixed;
  • due to micro-perforated base air.


  • in sensitive individuals may cause irritation.

Cosmos sensitive

Rating: 4.7


German manufacturer Paul Hartmann produces a patch for particularly sensitive leather made from soft non-woven Cosmos Sensitive He delicately and efficiently cares for small damage to the skin. This product skips perfectly air, does not stick to the wound, does not cause allergic reactions. IN the package may contain 20 round adhesives (diameter 9/22 mm) or 5 plates of 6×10 cm.

Cosmos Sensitive is an elastic film with adhesive a layer and a non-woven pad impregnated with an alcohol solution antiseptics. The material adheres tightly to the skin, but at the same time due to perforated base allows the skin to breathe. He’s great for use by both children and adults. Large plates easily cut to size.

According to reviews, Hartmann Cosmos Sensitive Band-Aid is very it holds well and does not peel off on its own. He is very comfortable in use. Perfectly helps protect damaged skin. from pollution and moisture. The patch is very soft, not bent peels off and stretches a little. Usually does not cause on skin irritation or allergic reactions.


  • very soft;
  • does not stick to wounds;
  • breathable;
  • does not hold well on the skin;
  • no irritation.


  • not detected.

The best corn plasters

Adhesive plasters are divided into those that help fight wet or dry calluses. They have a different mechanism of action and substance impregnation.

Johnson & Johnson Compeed for wet calluses

Rating: 4.9


French producer Johnson & Johnson releases Adhesive plaster from Compeed wet corns. It is often called “second skin” as it quickly removes the pain in the place of damage, and also creates a shell from external pressure. FROM this product helps protect the corn from penetration dirt, pathogens or moisture.

The composition of this product includes: artificial elastomer, adhesive resin, plasticizer, hydrocolloid particles, polyurethane coating. The Compeed Adhesive Plaster looks like oval uniform silicone piece. It is barely noticeable on the skin. When properly applied, it wears well for more than 24 hours. Вtheir packaging can be 1-5 pieces. They are placed in a plastic box with a latch.

Consumers are very good at Compeed. They note that the patch holds tight and does not peel off. is he reduces friction on the corn, and also contributes to its healing. FROM with such a band-aid you can not worry that they’ll get into the wound bacteria. He himself is very comfortable to use and instantly reduces pain from wet calluses. But for some it’s enough expensive pleasure.


  • replaces damaged skin;
  • maintaining moisture at the proper level;
  • promotes rapid healing of wounds;
  • does not cause irritation or allergies;
  • reduces pain.


  • high price.

Salipod corn patch

Rating: 4.8


Russian manufacturer Veropharm launches corn patch Salipod. It contains salicylic acid, sulfur, rubber, lanolin and rosin. It acts as an antiseptic and keratolytic. It is indicated for dry calluses and all kinds of corns. Available in sizes: 2×10 cm and 6×10 cm, as well as in set – 11 strips of 0.95 × 3.8 cm.

Salipod is a brown patch with a specific smell (a combination of sulfur and wood tar). Before use the adhesive patch manufacturer recommends making a warm bath and wipe your feet dry. If necessary, cut a smaller plate patch, separate it from the protective base and fix it on the corns on 48 hours. The procedure is repeated 3-4 times until the corn is completely will separate after softening.

In the reviews, consumers note that Salipod is effective and fast copes with calluses. During use, does not cause pain sensations. However, they note that the solution with which it is impregnated Adhesive plaster, quite aggressive, so it can slightly injure healthy skin near a pathological focus. From the callus manages to get rid with salipod for 6 days.


  • 1 patch is enough for several applications;
  • relieves of corns in a short time;
  • easy to use;
  • the procedures are painless.


  • slight damage to healthy skin;
  • specific smell.

Hydrocolloid Corn Plaster Medifeet

Rating: 4.7

Medifeet hydrocolloid corn patch .jpg

Chinese manufacturer admits corn hydrocolloid Medifeet patch. Suitable for dry and wet corns. At using such a band-aid, the victim can count to relieve pain, heal quickly and prevent new rubbing. Medifeet perfectly adheres to the skin up to 24 hours. It fits snugly, protecting the corn from the penetration of dirt, pathogens or water.

Hydrocolloid particles present in the patch Medifeet, completely absorb the entire pathological secret, secreted from the corns, and form a gel pad. Also they maintain moisture in the wound at the proper level and protect it, reducing the risk of secondary infection. The patch is not visible on the skin. Medifeet size is large and medium. The shelf life of the product is 3 years.

In the reviews, consumers note that Medifeet Adhesive Plaster is very quickly helps. A thin oval strip is glued, which eventually turns into a plump pillow that has absorbed all unhealthy discharge from the corn. This product multifunctional. It can be used to treat dry and wet corns on hands and feet.


  • convenient to use;
  • imperceptible on the skin;
  • completely restores the skin in a few days;
  • perfectly packaged.


  • not identified.

The best pepper plasters

With the help of pepper plasters it is possible quite gently, but deeply and intensively warm the body.

Pepper plaster Luxplast

Rating: 4.9


Korean manufacturer Bolear produces pepper adhesive plaster Luxplast. It refers to active medications. Capsicum and also contains methyl salicylate and camphor. This product improves local blood circulation, pain is eliminated, locally dilate blood vessels. Due perforations of the skin under the patch continue to breathe.

Luxplast pepper is a sticky plate with perforation (94×124 mm or 130×180 mm). It is located on it protective layer of paper. Before using this product it is recommended to wipe the painful area with alcohol-containing liquid. If there is no strong burning sensation, then this remedy can Do not remove for 48 hours. It can be used for adults and children from 12 years old.

Consumers in reviews say that Luxplast perfectly eliminates from pain with arthritis, radiculitis, sprains. He is also good recommended in the complex treatment of colds. Glue the coating provides him with a secure fit. But the band-aid has rather specific smell. And also not everyone can stand it burning. But this remedy practically does not cause allergic reactions.


  • perfectly warms up pathological areas;
  • securely fixed;
  • can be worn for 48 hours;
  • suitable for children from 12 years old;
  • thanks to perforation, the skin breathes.


  • specific smell;
  • not everyone can withstand his burning sensation.

Silkoplast Pepper Warm Plaster

Rating: 4.8


In Egypt, the company Pharmaplast produces pepper warming Silkoplast adhesive plaster. With radiculitis, muscle inflammation, joint or neurological pain this product is excellent warms up and has a local irritant effect. Also he It has proven itself in colds. In his composition contains extract of capsicum, lanolin, rubber natural and pine rosin.

Silkoplast Pepper Adhesive Plaster Made on Cotton fabric based using hypoallergenic zinc oxide glue. It looks like a violet plate with large perforations. His size may be: 6×10 or 10×18 cm. This product may remain effective for 24-48 hours. If strong begins burning, then the adhesive tape is removed, and the affected area is lubricated cream.

Reviews about Silkoplast Pepper Warming Meet mostly positive. Consumers note that warms he is rather delicate. But if you put it at night, then in the morning Cold symptoms almost go away. Also he is excellent anesthetizes in diseases of muscles and joints. It is glued easily, but here it is removed quite painfully. It’s better to do it jerkily. The product does not cause allergic reactions.


  • gently warms and anesthetizes;
  • good quality of the patch itself;
  • does not cause severe burning;
  • easily glued.


  • removed quite painfully.

Dr. Pepper

Rating: 4.7


Russian manufacturer Veropharm produces adhesive plaster Doctor Pepper. It consists of 2 natural extracts: pepper and belladonna. The first has a warming, locally irritating and distracting effect, and the second relieves spasms and anesthetizes. This product distracts from pain in the focus of inflammation. He is having point muscle relaxant effect.

Dr. Pepper is a cotton fabric with burned extracts applied to it. Adhesive plaster with pretty large perforation (holes on the fabric). The bottom layer is yellow glued to protective paper. On the skin a fixed tape allowed to hold 1-2 days. Stick a new patch on one and the same place is allowed 2-3 days after the previous procedures.

According to reviews, Dr. Peretz copes with colds and a choked back. Warms such a band-aid much stronger than mustard plasters. But he often leaves burns on the skin, if not observe the interval between subsequent application of such a product. If you use Dr. Pepper on the chest in men, then with tearing off the tissue strip will result in an unwanted “depilation”.


  • natural composition and fabric base;
  • it warms perfectly;
  • treats colds and sore backs;
  • attractive price.


  • may leave burns.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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