12 best auto manufacturers circuit breakers

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

The circuit breaker is installed after input electricity to the apartment or house. It may be general or separate, to protect the drawn lines in different rooms to consumer appliances. The automatic device on shutdown in two ways: with thermal overload and short short circuits. In the first case, from the passage of increased current inside the machine heats the plate, breaking the contact. it prevents wiring from melting the winding. In the second case, when two phases are closed, the electromagnetic unit responds instantly sliding towards the shutdown, which protects the cable from fire, and electrical equipment from damage.

Unlike fuse plugs, reusable and after fixing the problem, they can be turned on again to restoration of the electrical circuit. These devices are equipped with residential premises, hospitals, schools, workshops and workshops. To facilitate choice we prepared a rating of the best manufacturers of automatic circuit breakers based on customer reviews and specifications manufactured products.

How to choose a circuit breaker

Before considering the manufacturers rating, we recall the main circuit breaker selection criteria so that subsequent the data in the TOP were understandable. Circuit breakers choose, paying attention to:

  1. Maximum rated current. The indicator varies from 1 up to 6300 A, and depends on the cross-section of the wiring. For example, if in a house laid wires with a cross section of 1.5 mm2, then an automaton from 15 to 20 will do A. You can find out the wiring parameters from the data on the winding or by measuring diameter of the exposed core.
  2. Number of poles. Varies from 1 to 4. Allows feed several lines from one machine at once. It saves place in the shield and speeds up the connection, but when one of the all directions are de-energized immediately. It also affects the connection to single-phase or three-phase network. Practical for the last option choose modular designs with three or four poles to completely disconnect the circuit with one device.
  3. Estimated load. This parameter is closely related to wire cross section, but also depends on the power of the connected devices to the line (electric kettle, electric stove, microwave, slow cooker and etc.). For example, if the total load on the machine is 5 kW, you need an indicator of 25 A.
  4. Response characteristic. This is the response time to increase in passing power. In an apartment where there are no high launchers currents, it is worth buying circuit breakers with a value of B, implying an instant response. In a private house having powerful electric boiler, characteristic C, suitable for passing primary increased current, and reacting only if it does not drop in the first seconds. For the workshop with machine tools choose electrical goods with category D.

Rating of the best circuit breakers

Nomination a place manufacturer rating
The best foreign manufacturers of automatic circuit breakers 1 ABB 4.9
2 Legrand 4.8
3 Schneider electric 4.8
4 General electric 4.7
5 Siemens 4.7
6 Moeller 4.6
The best Russian manufacturers of automatic circuit breakers 1 Contactor 4.8
2 KEAZ 4.7
3 Dekraft 4.6
4 IEK 4.5
Top China circuit breaker manufacturers 1 Ekf 4.8
2 Chint 4.6

The best foreign manufacturers of automatic circuit breakers

When choosing circuit breakers, most give preference for foreign brands, as they are better and durable. Here is a ranking of manufacturers from Europe and the USA who have the most reliable reputation.


Rating: 4.9


This manufacturer in the ranking refers to the Swedish brand and known to many professionals for its bright red logo with abbreviation. The company has the widest range circuit breakers, including the latest TruOne models and others. Nominal current range from 0.5 to 100 A covers needs in any building. In addition to the release of electrical goods the manufacturer is engaged in training, having organized in Russia ABB University. At the Learning Center, customers and craftsmen can Get complete information about the technologies used to better understand the benefits of the product.

Our experts rated the manufacturer as the best reliable. Swedish brand circuit breakers have many positive reviews both among ordinary users and in professional circles. Protective devices made in durable plastic case and equipped with sturdy handles that do not break off even with frequent use. This is the best option for equipment. switchboard in an apartment or private house to forget about replacing damaged machines.


  • compact housing dimensions of single-pole models, easy fit into the shield;
  • products with a high level of safety;
  • most circuit breakers are convenient to mount;
  • neat assembly without burrs or unevenly spilled faces;
  • there are even four-pole circuit breakers.


  • high price;
  • some switches have grooves for fixing to the din rail disposable – if you need to remove the device and reinstall repeatedly, it may not work out;
  • few variants of type D.


Rating: 4.8


This is a French manufacturer ranking second in ranking of the best and distinguished by a wide range of products. Today in the catalog there are four lines: DRX – for industry, and DX, RX, TX for domestic and small workshops. The manufacturer produces machines with poles from the 1st to 4. The developer applies dustproof enclosures and simplified access to terminals. The highlight of the company is the allocation empty space on the front panel (above the toggle switch) to an electrician during installation could apply auxiliary marking.

We added the manufacturer to the rating, as it has models designed for the highest voltage and amperage. The company produces circuit breakers with a rating of 6 to 630 A, including 125, 260, 320 and 400 A. This allows you to use them not only in everyday life or hotel complexes, but also in industries, where powerful machines are operated. Users like to reviews that in addition to the B and C series, the manufacturer has devices with fixed settings, where the owner can choose the speed tripping depending on the connected equipment.


  • products with poles 1-4;
  • models with rated current from 6 to 630 A;
  • individual response settings;
  • high protection against fakes with laser barcode and logo on the case.


  • sometimes marriage comes across;
  • the handle of the toggle switch is not the most accurate;
  • high price.

Schneider electric

Rating: 4.8


This French manufacturer confidently entered the TOP-3 and is recognizable in its green icon on a white background. The company is a global an expert in energy management and exists on The market is already 170 years old. Among the circuit breakers, three are available. Series: Acti9, Easy9 and Brownie. According to the rating of the device are calculated on an indicator from 0.5 to 63 A. The manufacturer pays great safety attention, therefore all terminals are recessed deep inside the case, and the inlets are cast with stiffeners, to prevent breakage from crushing thick wire.

We included the manufacturer in the rating, because he has a lot models in modular design. Release of several single-phase automatic machines in one case simplifies the arrangement of the switchboard, saves location and speeds up connection. Owners and electricians in reviews like the convenient toggle knobs containing recesses on crossbar – due to this, the machine is conveniently put into operation after triggering.


  • products for any number of poles from 1 to 4;
  • the handle of the switch is convenient and easy to hook with a finger;
  • three series of circuit breakers for various needs;
  • strong openings before plugs.


  • rated current is limited to 63 A, which makes them few applicable in the workplace;
  • curve code is available only in options B and C;
  • relatively high cost;
  • Only suitable for combination tires.

General electric

Rating: 4.7


This is an American manufacturer whose machines can be found on bright orange toggle switches. Company specializes exclusively on the household series, developing automatic circuit breakers with ratings from 0.5 to 63 A. Breaking capacity provided for all models at a single level of 6 kA. On the market there are up to 30 types of protective devices that interact with single and three phase network. The manufacturer offers products for networks of 230-400 V of alternating current. Buyers in reviews share that Of the famous brands, the electrical products of this company are slightly cheaper.

According to our experts, the manufacturer has earned a place in ranking for high wear resistance. The cheapest a circuit breaker from this brand can transfer up to 10000 operations on the electrical part (electromagnetic coil cutting contact during short circuit) and 20000 mechanical disconnections (open circuit with static heating). Therefore, the devices of the American brand are take a closer look, if the machine is often triggered even despite correctly selected values.


  • high build quality;
  • endurance with frequent trips;
  • Embossed toggle switch for better finger and light contact clicks;
  • compact dimensions for tight installation inside the switchboard.


  • high price;
  • a small selection of varieties;
  • rated current limit 63 A;
  • trip characteristic – only one type C.


Rating: 4.7


The German brand in the ranking, known throughout the world. Releases three series circuit breakers of which SY make directly in Germany, and SJ and SX in the Czech Republic and Romania. But the quality of all goods is good. Breaking capacity trips at 6 kA. The machines have holes for cable institutions with a cross section from 0.5 to 35 mm2. Fixing screws terminal tightening, have caps under the slots Pozidriv. It provides strong fixation and preservation of the shape of the hat, even with repeated reconnecting.

We included the manufacturer in the rating, because its products differs in softness of the drive. If circuit breaker worked, it’s very easy to restore the circuit lever with minimal resistance. User feedback like their special design, shifted to the bottom (rather than in the middle, like other manufacturers), which simplifies access fingers in a narrow junction box.


  • fully protected case from accidental contact;
  • strong fixing to a lath in a guard;
  • especially convenient toggle switches;
  • easy installation and installation of wires.


  • highest price in the category;
  • On sale you can find mainly household models with value up to 63 A;
  • focus on manufacturing a response class only one species (C);
  • need a special screwdriver to tighten the screws (PZ).


Rating: 4.6


Products manufactured in Serbia. Manufacturer offers in catalog of the series of circuit breakers PL4, PL6, PL7 and FAZ. At rated current is limited to 63 A and allowed cable connection with a cross section of 25 mm2. The line number indicates machine power, where PL4 is the weakest (up to 4.5 kW). Exist another separate PLHT industrial series that is designed for voltage pass through cables with a cross section of 32 mm2 and a current strength of 125 A. FAZ models include advanced functionality where the customer can choose breaking capacity according to the standard 6 or 10 kA.

Our experts ranked the manufacturer in the ranking of the best for high safety circuit breakers. Unlike others each vending machine has a window for products from the rating a toggle switch that changes color when triggered. Red window indicates open circuit, while green and on position. The masters in the reviews like the versatility of the connection, where you can choose the mount to the pin or fork tires.


  • increased contact security;
  • color designation of the actual position of the contacts;
  • universality for mounting on the bus;
  • a wide selection of protective devices from five series.


  • electrical response resource below other brands and is 4000;
  • the price of Serbian goods is higher than French;
  • it’s hard for some to find the original, because on the product written by Eaton (second combined company name) rather than Moeller

The best Russian manufacturers of automatic circuit breakers

Domestic automatic manufacturing companies disconnecting devices have recently stepped far forward. New technologies have been applied for casting buildings, creating contact group and design development. Here is the rating of Russian manufacturers whose products will help to save a little regarding European brands.


Rating: 4.8


The first place in the ranking of domestic manufacturers is Contactor factory. First, the company produced classic models circuit breakers, but then retrained and became focus on industrial series. Company produces switching devices for mounting on tires in the shield, as well as in separate buildings designed for individual place and closure shrouded. The household series is designated “Kpro” and supports current up to 100 A, all other machines exclusively industrial.

As our experts installed circuit breakers of this manufacturers have no analogues in the rating for maximum power protective devices. In addition to the “youngest” VAZ series, calculated for currents up to 250 A, Proton installations are able to interact with voltage up to 1600 A, and the line “Electron” up to 6300 A. As can be seen from specifications and reviews is the best option for large enterprises and enterprises with a lot of electrical equipment, in need of protection.


  • there are models with adjustable short circuit protection and overload;
  • operating current range from 16 to 6000 A;
  • laser engraving on the case;
  • all equipment is certified by the Customs Union TR CU 004/2011.


  • plain design of switches;
  • few household models;
  • high cost for a domestic product;
  • the contacts are flush with the body parts (not recessed deeper), therefore, with careless handling, the master can hit electric current.


Rating: 4.7


Domestic manufacturer of the rating, which began its activity since 1945. Today, production facilities occupy 60,000 m2 with up to 1900 machines. Products the company is divided into two lines and is produced under the brands of “KEAZ” (classic time-tested machines) and KEAZ Optima (embodying all the latest developments and know-how). Distinctive manufacturer’s feature is the manufacture of circuit breakers automatic type for both constant and variable current.

According to our experts, the manufacturer deserves to be in the ranking, because it is constantly evolving and trying to keep up with European technology. For example, he has a series in the catalog OptiDin BM circuit breakers that are slim design and snaps on the case. The novelty allows you to hook on yourself shunt trip or auxiliary contact modules. All actions take place in one touch, which the masters like in reviews.


  • there are devices for direct and alternating current;
  • the company manufactures many additional accessories for switches (handle locks, signal contact modules, trip units);
  • reasonable price for classic models;
  • slim compact design of electrical goods.


  • all new items are expensive;
  • classic models have a service life of 1-2 years;
  • simple design.


Rating: 4.6


Domestic company with the name Delixi Electric, producing circuit breakers under the DEKraft brand. Separate line It was launched in Moscow in 2007 and is now known in Russia, the CIS and abroad. It comes to Europe under the second brand name. Himel. Production facilities are located in China in three cities, which contributes to the production of large volumes of products and affordable cost.

We added the manufacturer to the rating as the best in price and the service life of the goods. When opening contacts from short the circuit will withstand 6000 cycles, but if the wiring is bask gradually from increased load, the device will be able to disconnect the circuit and recover after the jumper has cooled to 25,000 times. This ability is not even possessed by European analogues.


  • all plants comply with international certificates ISO9001;
  • circuit breakers pass independent tests in international centers TUV (Germany);
  • for wholesale deliveries, warehouses in Yekaterinburg and Moscow;
  • signatures on the state of the switch in Russian language.


  • because of the release under several brands it is difficult to understand whose it is products;
  • current limit 63 A;
  • inlet openings are intended for cables with a section no more 25 mm2.


Rating: 4.5


This manufacturer is ranked with a registered office in Russia, but the production of electrical goods was established in China to reduce the cost of the process. The catalog of the company totals about 4000 positions, among which 200 types of circuit breakers. Brand every year tries to develop new models, for which he acts own laboratory, and tests, for solidity, are ordered in independent European centers. Among modular automatic machines produce models with 18 options of rated current from 0.5 to 64 A and characteristics B, C and D.

We added the manufacturer to the rating because it makes the best products for the price, and he has automatic devices not of the lowest quality. For example, models have deep set contacts, narrow case made of thick plastic and active indicator window with two colors (red and green). Wherein they cost half the price of imported ones, which is liked by absolutely everyone users in the reviews.


  • simple connection with a curly screwdriver;
  • informative window of contact status;
  • very affordable price;
  • clear operation on both systems (mechanical and electromagnetic).


  • marriage often comes across;
  • difficult to predict life;
  • with a short circuit in the wiring or the appliance inside machines burn a little.

Top China circuit breaker manufacturers

We included in the rating and Chinese companies that actively supply its products to Russia and the CIS. For the price of goods are similar Russian and even lower, so the devices are perfect for wiring protection in places with light loads and minimum technicians.


Rating: 4.8


This is a Chinese manufacturer in the ranking, which is direct competitor to the Russian IEK. It produces similarly priced goods and about the same quality. Since 2001, the manufacturer was called Flavir, but in 2007 rebranded the brand and expanded assortment, going international. Today, companies have 40 production sites and more than 3,500 items of goods. By automatic machines have single, double and triple-pole devices, rated for alternating current 240/400 V. Minimum value rated current starts at 6 A.

We noted the manufacturer in the ranking due to the presence in assortment of circuit breakers with insulation withstanding 690 V against 660 V competitors. If a high power surge occurs, then they better survive it. This affordable product wins the number of electrical shutdown cycles: 10,000 versus 6,000.


  • automatic devices comply with GOST R �51,327.1-2010;
  • there are modular and differential machines;
  • protect against overcurrents;
  • The manufacturer promises a warranty of up to 5 years.


  • small selection at face value among small values;
  • may periodically turn off spontaneously;
  • sometimes difficult to start after shutdown (toggle switch returns off).


Rating: 4.6


Chint’s products are “pure China” not trying disguise as other countries. But the manufacturer is releasing products at the factory and provides a wide selection of automatic circuit breakers, which would have been impossible with “artisanal” production. Modular devices are divided into the NB1, DZ47, DZ158, NBH8 series. TO The NB1 line is also available with accessories. All devices rated for alternating current up to 400 V. Automatic machines are executed in a narrow IP20 enclosure.

Our experts rated and added the manufacturer to the rating as producing the cheapest electrical products. All masters and ordinary users in the reviews agree that this is the most affordable option. At the same time, Chint is “industrial China”, and not self-made products, and the goods are accompanied by certificates quality.


  • all kinds of response characteristics (B, C, D);
  • options for modular models with poles 1-4;
  • rated current in increments of 1 A in the range of 1-6 A;
  • the ability to install emergency contacts.


  • low wear resistance of the electromagnetic part – 4000 cycles;
  • operating temperature range from -20 to +40 (for others up to + 50º FROM);
  • for wires with a cross-section of not more than 25 mm2;
  • uncomfortable toggle switch lever (slippery and narrow).

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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