11 highest points in Belarus

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The Republic of Belarus is a hospitable Eastern European country, famous for its natural landscapes, consisting for the most part from immense meadows, majestic forests and clean, beautiful lakes. There are on the expanses of a flat state and small mountains that, although not comparable with European or Caucasian peaks, but still among the popular local sights. Below we introduce you to eleven the highest points in Belarus.

The highest points in Belarus

Nomination a place name Height
The highest points in Belarus 11 Saligorsk heaps 120 M.
10 Mount Flyers 296 M.
9 Mount Gorsheva 296 M.
8 Mount Tour 301 M.
7 Mount Narekova 302.5 M.
6 Mount Milidovskaya 320 M.
5 Castle Hill 324 M.
4 Mount Lighthouse 334.6 M.
3 Mount Dubova 340 M.
2 Mount Lysa 342 M.
1 Mount Dzerzhinskaya 345 m.

Saligorsk heaps

Rating: 4.0


Unlike all other nominees in our rating, this elevation is the result of human activity. Heaps then there are artificial mounds that were formed from depleted rocks during potash salt production time. Deposit deemed one of the richest on the planet, began to develop since 1958, and work is still ongoing. Recoverable Useful Raw Materials exported to more than 50 countries of the world. Its share in the total mass rock is about 24 percent and waste mounds mainly composed of sand, clay and rock salt. Soligorsk heaps occupy an area of ​​several hectares, and the height of some of them reaches 120 meters, while they constantly increasing in the course of further work. Four mountain ridges consisting of reddish-gray embankments with white saline interspersed look like a real extraterrestrial landscape and enjoy very popular with tourists. Located between them desert landscape with cracked earth as well artificial reservoirs with bright blue technical water complement the overall “alien” picture.

Mount Flyers

Rating: 4.1

Mountain Flyers

Mount Letuny is located in the Molodechno district of Minsk region, at a distance of just over half a kilometer west of the village of Klochkovo. At the top there is a height mark, which makes it easy detect a hill among hilly terrain. Rises Mount Letuny at 296 meters. Near it spread meadows and arable land a field that is part of the Zaslav Upland.

Mount Gorsheva

Rating: 4.2

Mountain Gorsheva

The mountain has a height of 296 meters above sea level, it is located near the village of Gorshevo in the Vitebsk region at a distance of 15 kilometers from the district center. Devoid of peak elevation has the shape of a long convex oval. Its formation took place yet during the last ice age, it consists mainly of red-brown deposits. Most of the mountain slopes are plowed into result of agricultural activity on the rest mixed forest grows. Gorshevo village today is completely abandoned.

Mount Tour

Rating: 4.3

Mountain Tour

Another Belarusian peak, formed during the period the last icing is in the area of ​​the village of Mikhalevschina, Minsk region. A mountain 301 meters high is visible from a long distance, since it rises significantly against the background of the plain natural landscape. On one side the hill has a steep climb, a slope on the other hand, quite long and gentle. According to historical information, in the XIX century there was a merchant manor, but to this day this ancient building has not preserved.

Mount Narekova

Rating: 4.4

Mount Narekova

Mount Narekova is also located in the Minsk region, in picturesque tract Chably, west of the village of Deniski. Vertex reaches a height of 302.5 meters above sea level, and she herself and the slopes the mountains are densely overgrown with forest. Only gently sloping south remains flat slope, on which people who usually climb the mountain admire the views. Any geodesic there are no marks indicating the vertex because it is easy defined visually among the surrounding area.

Mount Milidovskaya

Rating: 4.5

Mount MilidovskoyRating: 4.

Milidov Mountain not only has the status of one of the highest points of the country, but also considered a natural monument of the republican values. It stands near the village of Milidovshchina, Grodno region. The mountain rising to 320 meters, there are already about 130-150 thousand years since the Sozh glaciation. The top is covered with forest, and gentle slopes are used for agriculture. Also she popular among tourists who during the warmer months here walks, and in winter use the steep northwest slopes for skiing.

Castle Hill

Rating: 4.6

Castle Hill

The highest point of the Grodno region has a height of 324 meters above sea ​​level. This hill is located near the village Putsevichi, three kilometers west of the city Novogrudok. The geological formation consists of sandy and loamy soils. Castle Mountain is often confused with the same name the elevation of the city of Grodno, where archaeologists discovered ruins of Novogrudok ancient settlement and castle dating back to XIII centenary of our era.

Mount Lighthouse

Rating: 4.7

Mount Lighthouse

Previously, this mountain was called the mountain of Shapoval, as it located near the village of Shapoval, in the Volozhinsky district of the Minsk region. It is a hill 334.6 meters high with an oval top, where a small observation deck is equipped. Open with her beautiful views of the nature of the surroundings of the Zaslav Upland and neighboring village. On a clear day, the field of view extends all the way to Belarusian border with Latvia. The mountain consists of red-brown clays, its slopes are covered with a mixed forest, and rivers flow at the foot Svisloch and Usha.

Mount Dubova

Rating: 4.8

Mountain Dubova

The third highest Belarusian peak is located 50 meters from the main highway of the Stolbtsovsky district, Minsk region. High mountain 340 meters stands at the edge of the forest, some of its slopes were significantly blurred as a result of sand mining for ongoing road repairs. Its highest point is easy detect because there is a geodesic on it triangulation sign.

Mount Lysa

Rating: 4.9

Mount Lysa

The hills called Bald Mountain are found in almost every district of Belarus, but of course they are significantly inferior in height this mountain, rising above sea level by 342 meters. It located in the center of the Logoisk Upland, at about twenty kilometers north of the Belarusian capital. The top is inferior Dzerzhinsky mountain is only three meters, but at the same time it opens from it much more interesting view. Formed Bald Mountain of madder loams, its slopes are overgrown with forests, shrubs and meadows. At at the foot, closer to the village of Shershuny, five streams merge, giving rise to the Udra River. At the top there is a concrete signpost, performing the functions of a geodetic mark.

Mount Dzerzhinskaya

Rating: 5.0

Mountain Dzerzhinskaya

The highest point in Belarus can be found 30 kilometers from Minsk, on the northern edge of the village of Skirmuntovo. 345 high hill meters can be distinguished primarily by a fenced embankment, in in the center of which lies a large granite slab with the name and geodetic information. The approach to the pointer is laid out in the form stone stairs. From the time of Ancient Rus to 1958 this place was called Holy Mountain and only subsequently was renamed in honor of the famous Russian revolutionary and politics of Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky. At the foot of the hill three rivers originate: the Usa, Volma and the Bird.

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