11 best stabilizers for action cameras

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Miniature camcorders are now almost contained in all conceivable and inconceivable models of wearable electronics, but cameras, as separate devices, remain relevant. It concerns how professional equipment used to shoot a movie or serious television shows, and a peculiar new trend of the 21st century – action cameras. Such cameras are, by definition, focused on shooting in extremely dynamic setting: skydiving, windsurfing, rally and the like. To “picture” as a result it turned out more or less even and digestible to the perception of the viewer, such cameras require an additional accessory – stabilizer.

The editors have prepared for you an overview of the best, according to our expert group, stabilizers for action cameras as of beginning of 2020. We’ll clarify right away, we will only consider manual stabilizers for compact action cameras. Overall systems like Steadicam for serious filming, is a separate issue.

How stabilizers for action cameras work and how to choose suitable

In general, it’s worth starting with the fact that there are two types of stabilizers – mechanical and electronic. The latter are also called electrical, and, in principle, to one degree or another, both are correct options. We will call them electronic in view of the actual presence in them of a wide variety of electronics, and not just electric drives.

  1. The mechanical stabilizer for the camera is the easiest and the cheapest option, it is also the least functional. Principle of it the action is based on the use of counterweights, and the camera fastens to a design on hinges. Such models allow some adjustment, say, of the shoulder, where the camera is located, but on this is where their functions end. Therefore a mechanical stabilizer Is suitable only to the most undemanding operator. At the end after all, their selection on sale is very small.
  2. Another thing is electronic stabilizers for action cameras. It is already much more “smart” in every sense and agile devices. Here the market is already replete with a variety of models for any technical requirements and any budget. Working principle here based on a motor system. The camera offset is determined sensors, to which control responds quickly, sending corresponding signals to engines. Those in turn quickly return the camera to the correct position.
  3. Camera manipulations in the electronic stabilizer can occur along two or three axes – it already depends on specific model. Of course, three-axis stabilizers cope with the task is much better than dual-axis, but they also cost at the same time, as a rule, significantly more expensive.
  4. There are also disadvantages of electronic stabilizers – this incomparably higher price than mechanical, limited battery life, the probability of failure. Besides Moreover, not all stabilizers have protection against external impacts (rain, snow, frost), while mechanical everything nothing at all.
  5. In addition, when choosing any stabilizer for action cameras need to make sure that it is truly compatible with camera specifically for your model. There are quite a few stabilizers in a market that focuses only on smartphones. And if in technical characteristics and indicated that a particular model compatible with action cameras, you need to understand that such cameras are very different.
  6. Another important detail is the presence of protection against external factors. Action cameras for that and “action” that can appear in what any conditions – in dust, in mud, in snow, under heavy rain and etc. It is important that the stabilizer is also ready to withstand such load.
  7. Finally, a point that many are interested in when choosing any wearable electronics, and forget when choosing a stabilizer for action cameras. It’s about battery life without recharging. After all, the electronic stabilizer is the same wearable the gadget, like the camera itself, is simply its role – auxiliary. AND you need to focus not so much on the dry capacity figures battery, as claimed by the manufacturer and confirmed independent testers test results. After all power consumption, like optimization, may be the most different.

Rating of the best stabilizers for action cameras

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best mechanical stabilizers for action cameras 1 Steadicam v2 2 590 rub.
2 Fujimi FJSB-S3 1456 2 860 rub.
The best budget electronic stabilizers for action cameras 1 Xiaomi Mi Action Camera Handheld Gimbal 8 899 rub.
2 Hohem iSteady Pro 2 7 000 rub.
The best electronic stabilizers of medium and high class class for action cameras 1 Zhiyun Crane-M2 13 590 rub.
2 Feiyu Tech WG2 9 700 rub.
3 Zhiyun Rider M 11 000 rub.
4 DJI Ronin-SC 21 340 rub.
5 TILTA Gravity G2X 56 900 rub.
The best electronic stabilizers for GoPro action cameras 1 GoPro Karma Grip 23 900 rub.
2 Feiyu Tech G6 9 550 rub.

The best mechanical stabilizers for action cameras

And we will start with a couple of examples of the simplest solution to the issue camera stabilization when shooting in motion. It is completely mechanical models without any electronics. Their advantages are reasonable price, no batteries needed, absolutely indifferent to the nature of the environment.

Steadicam v2

Rating: 4.9


The first to consider is a fun but interesting Chinese product, which doesn’t even have a name, but in Russian and International trading floors are simply referred to as – Steadicam v2. The index means that even this simplest device had predecessor and has undergone a number of improvements, expressed in the second an improved version of Steadicam. Despite such sterile cleanliness in the origin of the “brand” and generally any details production, the model is in good demand.

This is a manual mechanical stabilizer for action cameras, as well as for DSLR cameras – digital single-lens DSLRs. A task the devices are obvious – if possible, compensate for the shaking, swinging, jerking and vibrations during dynamic shooting. Works in three planes, which is commendable.

The materials in this model are unexpectedly high quality, as for such a cheap and straightforward product. Exactly the same can be said about build quality. Steadicam v2 metal parts are made of aluminum (“aviation” according to the manufacturer, but here, certainly there are doubts). Weighs 968g.

The stabilizer works exclusively due to the most basic laws of physics. The design is tied to a biaxial joint, and the compensator is a special counterweight directed downward. Importantly, the “power” of the counterweight can be adjusted by adding or removing special weights that come with the delivery devices.

The stabilizer design itself is folding, which is significantly simplifies transportation. The handle is made of rubberized material, therefore in the hand the stabilizer holds firmly and reliably. Steadicam v2 has even no design – metal parts partly matte polished and partly painted bright red Colour. The handle of the holder is black.

The mount format for the camera is the most common – 3¼, which makes it possible to easily install almost any camera up to before GoPro any version. If you plan to install “SLR”, you need to remember that its weight should be no more kilograms.

Before starting operation, the device must be calibrate – adjust the weight of the load and the length of the shoulder.


  • you can adjust the length of the shoulder and the weight of the counterweight;
  • quite convenient to use;
  • folding design;
  • not afraid of any extreme environmental conditions;
  • quite attractive appearance;
  • affordable price.


  • limited functionality, like any mechanical stabilizer.

Fujimi FJSB-S3 1456

Rating: 4.8

FUJIMI FJSB-S3 1456.jpg

And the second mechanical model in the review of the best stabilizers for action cameras according to version – this is essentially the same product as previous, but already a little more solid due to some additional opportunities, and even if only because Fujimi is quite a famous chinese brand.

In general, the design of the stabilizer is not much different from of the previous version – the same hinges, the same counterweight with weights. But there are still differences. This model uses both aluminum and steel elements painted black or bright red color. Polymer foam black handle material resembling dense fine-grained foam rubber. Dimensions devices – 33x20x3cm, weight – 1kg.

Almost everything is adjustable in the Fujimi FJSB-S3 1456 – weight counterweight (one main weight 270g and two additional 184g each with mirror chrome coating), counterweight tilt angle, horizontal position of the camera itself, etc. is included additional removable accessory for attaching smartphones. Into the casing stabilizer mounted a small bubble level.

Fujimi FJSB-S3 1456 is designed for a maximum load of 1.5 kg. This must be considered if you plan to use it for DSLRs. No one, of course, prohibits installing on a stabilizer and more massive device, but then stabilization efficiency will fall rapidly.

The stabilizer is compatible with action cameras, lightweight camcorders, DSLR DSLRs and smartphones. Manufacturer provides for this Model an official guarantee on a check for a period of 12 months.


  • famous brand;
  • quite effective camera stabilization up to 1.5kg weight;
  • ease of use;
  • advanced adjustment and calibration;
  • built-in bubble level;
  • quite attractive appearance;
  • quality packaging.


  • limited functionality and features in general, as in previous case.

The best budget electronic stabilizers for action cameras

Now we pass to the most widespread and demanded categories of stabilizers, and first consider the most inexpensive models. These are quite working samples, even of very famous trading brands, only due to limitations in functionality they can be bought at more or less affordable price. In any case, in terms of functionality they are not one head taller than any mechanical stabilizer.

Xiaomi Mi Action Camera Handheld Gimbal

Rating: 4.8


The first to consider the most controversial model of the three budget stabilizers. The ambiguity is that the stabilizer perhaps the best combination of price, quality and features, plus what is produced by one of the most famous Chinese wearable gadget manufacturers. But a huge minus of the model consists in the fact that it is compatible only and exclusively with the “native” Xiaomi Mijia 4K action camera, and another 4K and 4K Lite. No other a device with this stabilizer will not work. So that the potential target audience is rather narrow.

The steadicam case is made of durable plastic. Material really durable so don’t be afraid for it safety during dynamic shooting, and this also adds to its advantages thanks to a very modest weight – only about 200g. Black color, the coating has a matte finish. Unfortunately, the pen has neither nozzles from more “cobby” material, not rubberized coverings. Accordingly, in the heat due to sweat to slip out.

At the bottom of the device is a tripod mount. The platform itself allows you to set up without a tripod stabilizer on a flat surface in an upright position.

The control unit is located in a well-designed place and position, so that it is easy to reach with your finger. Here are device power on / off button, work button calibration and vice versa, start and stop recording on the camera, switching shooting modes, stick to change the position cameras.

The USB-Micro connector is located on the left side of the control unit. IN at the top of the device is a carrier pad with three miniature engines. Metal camera mount, fastening by two screws, and judging by the test results – super reliable.

And now a few words about the operating modes. In total, they are provided three – horizon retention, tracking and selfie. This is the most basic a set of modes that almost all electronic stabilizers for action cameras. With the first mode, everything is obvious. Second involves changing the position of the camera after the movement handles: turning the arm to the right – the camera also goes to the right and vice versa. When you activate the selfie mode, the camera just rotates 180 degrees and looks in the face of the operator.

Claimed battery life – 6-8 hours of continuous use. Actually the battery lasts for 4-6 hours. It is not recommended to work in cold weather.

The kit includes the stabilizer itself, a USB micro cable, standard documentation in different languages. There is no cover in the kit, so for transportation, as well as for return under warranty It is recommended to keep the original packaging. She is extremely reliable and strong, so that the device does not face anything during transportation.


  • effective stabilization on three basic rem;
  • three axis system;
  • convenient management;
  • light weight and compactness;
  • Built-in Bluetooth for synchronization with the camera.


  • not rubberized handle;
  • compatible only with Xiaomi Mijia series of action cameras.

Hohem iSteady Pro 2

Rating: 4.7


And the second number in the mini-selection of the best budget stabilizers for action cameras according to the version we will consider the model rather a common trademark of Hohem. This is the second edition. iSteady Pro Steadicam, which is significantly superior predecessor, but they are at the same time almost the same. And the price By the way, slightly lower than the Xiaomi described above, but in terms of functionality Hohem is “doing” Xiaomi playfully.

So, iSteady Pro 2 is a three-axis electronic stabilizer for action cameras. Unlike the “snobbish” Xiaomi, it already possesses much broader compatibility: almost all versions of GoPro except 8th; SONY RX0; SONY RX0; SJCAM; NOVELEKA and a few more others.

The delivery set includes the main unit with a control module and mount for camera; additional handle-transformer, which can be used as a mini tripod; Micro USB cable, documentation. All this is neatly packed in a hard compact case, which greatly facilitates the transport of the stabilizer.

The control module includes a main power button, mode button, joystick. Power button dual-function – a short press shows the level indication battery charge by 4 divisions, and when clamped, turns on the device itself into working mode. The joystick changes the direction of shooting. Is there some more slider on the left side, with which you can change the angle shooting.

Hohem iSteady Pro 2 has 4 main modes of operation. One click on the mode button blocks movement camera down and up and unlocks movement on the sides. Double pressing fully unlocks the camera movement in all 4 directions. A triple tap locks the camera in the current direction and leaves its motionless during any manipulations by the stabilizer. Four presses completely unlock electromagnetic motors, and the camera begins to follow in all axes all operator movements. FROM on the back there is a “trigger”, pressing on which aligns camera from any position.

The model is characterized by very good autonomy – up to 12 hours of operation from the built-in battery at 3600mAh. There is a useful additional function – using a separate battery cable the stabilizer can power the camera itself, if suddenly its charge will be missed. Of course, this will reduce battery life. Steadicam itself, but given the large margin of autonomy, this may save the whole shoot.


  • effective stabilization;
  • autonomy;
  • the ability to power the camera from the steadicam battery;
  • additional handle tripod;
  • solid appearance;
  • hard case.


  • expressed flaws were not found.

The best electronic stabilizers of medium and high class class for action cameras

Now let’s move on to the category of more functional stabilizers, which conditionally can be attributed to the middle and high class. They more expensive than any of the above models, in some places significantly. But also cope with a much wider range of tasks. Yet again, We remind you that we are not talking about professional equipment for film studios that cost thousands and tens of thousands of dollars. it devices for high-quality, but still amateur or semi-professional shooting.

Zhiyun Crane-M2

Rating: 4.9


The first in this category to consider the 2019 new product from famous Chinese manufacturer Zhiyun Tech. It is a stabilizer Crane-M2, which quickly earned the most positive feedback the target audience due to the primary and secondary functionality.

The main “chip” Crane-M2 – versatility in terms of compatibility with cameras. It doesn’t even make sense to list with what this model is compatible with action cameras, since it is difficult to find a gadget with with which she could not interact. In addition to action cameras, here other devices up to smartphones will also work (through the adapter in kit).

According to the principle of operation, Crane-M2 is a three-axis stabilizer. Made in a convenient and compact form factor of high quality materials. The shoulders are protected by locking locks that protect axles from displacement during transportation. Comfortable grip well thought out placement of controls – all this significantly attracts users because of the special convenience. The current settings and battery level are displayed on compact OLED display. Adds the advantages of this model in terms of Efficiency of installation and installation of a special platform Lite, and a scale with a lock guarantees quick balancing.

In addition to the three basic modes – PF / F / L – which everyone has electronic steadicam, Crane-M2 also boasts additional, very interesting. Here we see the mode Full-Range POV – full-range overview, which means synchronous 360 ° movement on all three axes. Then, Vortex mode is rotation on all three axes is also 360 °. Go mode allows you to shoot action scenes without losing direction.

This model also knows how to control the camera’s zoom. it is easy and convenient via wireless connection via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You don’t need to look for anything in the menu, it’s enough just press the mechanical button on the handle.

Significantly extends the capabilities of steadicam branded application ZY Play. With it, you can control the camera and yourself stabilizer, and also add functionality to special modes – slow motion, panoramic, time lapse.

Works Zhiyun Crane-M2 from a lithium-ion battery, providing autonomy up to 8 hours. CRANE-M2 can use as a power bank to recharge other wearable gadgets.


  • versatility in compatibility with cameras and gadgets;
  • increased usability;
  • OLED display;
  • Simple camera control via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi;
  • additional modes through a proprietary application;
  • good autonomy;


  • there are problems with connecting via Wi-Fi to individual models cameras.

Feiyu Tech WG2

Rating: 4.8


Continues the selection of the best electronic stabilizers of medium and high-end for action cameras according to a famous brand product Feiyu Tech. A distinctive feature of the WG2 model is water resistance, which not everyone can boast electronic steadicam. It is for this feature against the background of the general functionality and a more or less reasonable price model and deserved attention of our experts.

Feiyu Tech’s WG2 is a three-axis stabilizer, enough universal to interact with cameras without problems Xiaomi, GoPro, SJCAM and almost any others that do not have significant differences in size. Pleased with the quality of materials from which stabilizer is made of, as well as build quality. Made in black, the surface is mostly matte invoice. On the side and bottom there are rubber inserts that enhance sustainability. On the bottom and back sides are screw mounts ¼. In the front part there is an LED that glows blue in normal mode and red if it starts to sit down battery. The weight of the stabilizer without a camera is only 265g.

All control directly from the device is carried out single button. Press and hold on or off stabilizer. One click – switch between panning mode and lock mode. Double tap – Panning and tilting mode. Triple – selfie mode. Four clicks activate the auto-rotate mode. Five taps initiate device initialization.

About the modes a little more. In panning mode, the steadicam is just exactly holds the camera, repeating the movements of the operator, while fixing horizon. In lock mode, the stabilizer fixes the camera in the current position and in any movement holds this position in all axes. Tilting mode – repeating the movements of an operator or an object, on which has a stabilizer with a camera. Selfie Mode – U-Turn 180 degree cameras. Initialization mode is used to stabilizer calibration. Autorotation Mode allows the device to work automatically by shooting smooth time lapses.

The main feature of WG2 – waterproof – has features and limitations. So, the technical characteristics it is stipulated that steadicam may be under water at a depth no more than 1 meter and for no more than 10 minutes. And it’s all only applies to fresh water. In salt water, operation is not recommended, but if you still had to, you need at the first rinse the device under fresh running water to remove salt.

This model has a proprietary application for wearable gadgets, with whose help the steadicam can be controlled remotely. True, it is “damp” and requires correction of defects.

The main, albeit to some extent, forced flaw in this models – not too capacious lithium-ion battery at 1500mAh, which, besides, also fixed. It can provide only no more than 2.5 hours of battery life. A full charge will take two hours time.

The delivery package of this model includes, in addition to devices, neoprene case, USB recharge cable, kit brackets and bolts for mounting cameras of various sizes, documentation.


  • effective stabilization;
  • wide support for different camera models;
  • water tightness;
  • Bluetooth to interact with the application;
  • more or less affordable price;
  • case included.


  • not everyone is happy with autonomy;
  • unfinished application.

Zhiyun Rider M

Rating: 4.8


The third number in this collection, we will consider another Zhiyun brand stabilizer. It has become famous yet about five years ago Rider M. The model still has not lost relevance due to some features that sharply highlight her against the background of the general mainstream in this area.

First, just about the main feature. Zhiyun and earlier experimented with steadicam form factors, but this time a new (at that time) the Rider M model didn’t get any handle at all control unit. All that is on the case is the power button. This was done for many reasons, and not least in order to minimize the weight of the device. Weight really minimized to a negligible 180g and this is a record for electronic three-axis stabilizers for action cameras. But the question remains – but how then to manage it? The answer is simple – through a special application for smartphone. Or, as an option, through the company remote control, but then you have to buy it separately.

Obviously, such a form factor does not imply a convenient manual use of steadicam. But the Rider M can be attached to what anything – a car, a motorcycle, a bicycle, a helmet, and even a dog or a cat (many video bloggers do that).

The second important feature of the Rider M, which is present in a vanishingly small part of electronic steadicams – this is the presence full video output. Thus completely solved the problem minimum two-second delay and low fps when viewing content in real time.

In terms of compatibility, the Rider M is primarily focused on GoPro – supports all versions, including those with BacPac extensions, and even with Hero 4 Session, if purchased separately holder. But compatibility doesn’t end there – Rider M without problems will interact with any camera similar to GoPro form factor: Xiaomi Yi, SJ Cam and others.

Another advantage of this model is increased power. drives, which makes the stabilizer much faster than the nearest competitors. The model is able to instantly and effectively respond to the most unexpected jerks with a big overload. It also gives the ability to rotate the camera simultaneously along the tilt axis by 320 degrees and clockwise also 320 degrees. Is provided Turn Back mode – at any time with one touch the stabilizer will rotate the camera 180 degrees.

Autonomous operation of the device provides removable lithium-ion battery, the capacity of which is enough for 12 hours of operation. Supports “refueling” the camera from the Steadicam itself.


  • record low weight;
  • wide compatibility with action camera models;
  • high power drives (instant response to jerking);
  • video output;
  • autonomy;
  • support for use as a power bank.


  • rather narrow specialization with noticeable and useful the benefits.

DJI Ronin-SC

Rating: 4.7


Found in the review of the best stabilizers for action cameras according to version a place for the products of the well-known brand DJI. This is new 2019 – Ronin-SC semi-professional stabilizer. He is tangible more expensive than any of the above models, but their money definitely worth it.

In fact, the Ronin-SC is a more compact version of the older model Ronin-s. But this fact does not detract from its merits. TO there are no questions about the quality of materials and assembly, DJI is here, how always on the top. As for the functionality, Ronin-SC, as well as The Ronin-S is ideal for all types of shooting, including shooting dynamic action scenes.

The device is really almost half as lighter than the older model – 1.1kg. The materials are dominated by steel, quality composite plastic, alloys based on magnesium and aluminum. Unit easy and quick to disassemble for transportation. Maximum the mass load that the drives withstand is 2 kg. This allows use by steadicam not only with light action cameras, but even with not too massive DSLRs.

As with most previous models, the suspension in the Ronin-SC provides stabilization on three axes. The device supports all basic operating modes, for which, in fact, steadicams are needed, as well as some additional ones.

Just additional modes are the striking difference of this models. In themselves, as well as in a proprietary mobile application a significant component of artificial intelligence. This is most noticeable in the new version of ActiveTrack 3.0 It involves identification and automatic follow-up. a specific object.

Force Mobile special mode designed to synchronize with movements of the smartphone, which gives a special effect of immersion in the process shooting. There is also a whole range of other interesting modes: panorama; Motion Control with creation of motion paths on the base from 2 to 10 points; interval shooting, virtual joystick, etc.

The Ronin-SC has a Bluetooth 5.0 wireless module installed which enables remote control up to 25 meters. Autonomous operation provides a battery of 17W · h. Without Ronin-SC can work up to 11 hours.


  • effective stabilization;
  • powerful drives;
  • relative compactness;
  • useful additional features;
  • Intelligent ActiveTrack – follow selected an object;
  • autonomy up to 11 hours;
  • spectacular appearance;
  • impeccable quality of materials.


  • obvious flaws and systematic complaints of users are not revealed.

TILTA Gravity G2X

Rating: 4.7


Completes this part of our review of the stabilizer for real premium Gravity G2X manufactured by TILTA – one of the leaders market in this segment. This is already a technique, which in level technical performance and capabilities are closely approaching professional, and many sites, and the manufacturer himself, namely so this model is positioned.

Here you can start not even with a description of the model, but a complete set it will immediately become clear what a high level we are dealing with. IN modifications GR-V02A the whole kit comes in pretty overall shockproof and waterproof case. In modification GR-V02 case is not provided. Scope of delivery includes basic Steadicam base, Manfrotto standard site, charging port, four battery, additional podium to the site, set of cords, screwdriver with interchangeable tip, retainer for lens, retainer for increase structural strength and installation of additional elements.

The stabilizer assembly weighs 1.9kg. Used screw mount, and the camera can be mounted as desired with respect to motors – Conditionally, the rear engine can be in front, exactly the same side maybe even on the right, even on the left. Maximum load by mass for this model significantly exceeds the capabilities of any of of the above – up to 3.6kg.

The Gravity G2X has no restrictions on panoramic rotation. The maximum angle of inclination is 60 degrees. The device assumes four stabilization modes: tilt lock, full tracking, locking of all axes and special tracking mode with valid lateral tilt. LED indicator will inform about current mode in red, green, blue or flashing blue.

Of course, for such a powerful model, the manufacturing company does not could not release a branded application for a smartphone. It is and called TiLta Asistant. Of course, this application does not serve only to provide specifically for this model, but also others in lineup. With it, you can calibrate the steadicam, set start and end positions of the camera position when shooting in time lapse, carry out remote control.

Four batteries can be immediately turned on and even for such a “monster” as TILTA Gravity G2X they provide up to 10 hours work without recharging. The device has a mini-USB output and a separate 14.8V output for powering external accessories.


  • premium class;
  • high stabilization efficiency;
  • wide functionality;
  • 4 batteries included;
  • autonomy;
  • rich equipment in general.


  • no obvious flaws were identified.

The best electronic stabilizers for GoPro action cameras

The final selection in the review of the best stabilizers for action cameras according to the version is special, since it includes models, the most tightly integrated with GoPro cameras. Such special attention GoPro solutions were given due to some “standard” of these cameras and their legendary status.

GoPro Karma Grip

Rating: 4.9


And we will begin, of course, with the “native” Karma Grip stabilizer from GoPro itself. This model was the most anticipated among fans of the same name. action cameras precisely because of the origin from the same “family” that the cameras themselves. I must say, the GoPro team here is really I tried.

To the quality of materials and assembly, as well as ergonomics, no no questions. High-quality plastic, silent drives, stylish design comfortable handle with rubberized surface – all this sets the owner of the GoPro in the most positive way. Weigh a device without a 245g camera, which is also significantly lower than the “norm”. Dimensions also do not create inconvenience – 20.5×4.3×4.3cm. Steadicam is comfortable to hold in your hand, or you can just as easily attach it to a GoPro branded backpack Seeker. The delivery kit includes a special mounting ring for placing a stabilizer with a camera on the chest.

The control panel is represented by four buttons, of which two multifunctional. Clicking on the first shows the charge level batteries. The second – turns the device on and off, switches operating modes. The red button is the start and stop of the video, and also taking a photo. The button in the form of a flag when pressed marks specific places in the captured video – possibly frames that especially liked the user.

At GoPro, Karma Grip is extremely obedient and predictable. After turning on, the device needs from 3 to 5 seconds to find horizon stabilization and calibration. By default, the camera remains motionless at any turns and tilts of the stabilizer. If you need to fix a certain angle, different from the set horizon, you need to press the button with the image of the castle. In such mode, if, let’s raise the stabilizer, the camera will rise with him. You can return the default mode back double pressing the lock button.

The device works from a non-removable lithium-ion battery, and here there is just one weak point. Claimed time continuous stabilizer operation without recharging – only 1 hour 45 minutes. Charging – via a USB connector. If the camera is connected at the time of charging installed on the stabilizer, they will be charged simultaneously and stabilizer and camera. If you buy a Supercharger adapter, then with full charge time will be 2 hours. If charging occurs from the computer – 6 hours.


  • a “native” device for GoPro cameras of the same manufacturer;
  • impeccable quality of materials and assembly;
  • compact size, light weight;
  • reliability and durability;
  • ease of use.


  • autonomy.

Feiyu Tech G6

Rating: 4.8


The second number in the final selection of our review is very interesting model, which is often called the “direct a competitor to the aforementioned GoPro Karma Grip. I must say that this positioning this model deserved in full. Basic version designed only for action cameras, and the advanced G6 Plus allows installation of larger devices. We will consider the first option.

Feiyu Tech G6 is the same compact three-axis stabilizer, like the above GoPro Karma Grip. Housing details for the most part metal parts, the handle is covered with rubberized material, and the shape assumes a comfortable grip. The camera mounts the most in a common way – using metal screws, which need to be twisted manually. The manufacturer also declares waterproof, and it really is – class IP67, but applies only fresh water.

The stabilizer controls are located on the handle. There the compact, but very informative screen with indication is placed charge level, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity and indicating the current operating mode.

It is turned on by the stabilizer by a long press on the power button. There is a separate button that starts or stops itself recording on camera. During shooting, the camera position can be changed manually using the joystick. On the back of the handle there is button blocking the direction of shooting and another miniature lever tilt control.

Stabilizer modes include horizon tracking, direction fixation, tracking in all directions and mode selfie. All of them are switched by one button with a different number. clicks.

For more thoughtful work and more flexible settings serves branded mobile application. It was created specifically for this model – FeiyuTech G6. Allows fine-tuning sensitivity reactions to joystick movements, rotation intensity and potential drive power and more.

The battery pleases with its 5000mAh capacity and corresponding battery life – up to 12 hours. In that Regarding the model leaves the branded GoPro Karma Grip far behind. Yes, and the stabilizer can be used as a power bank.


  • quality stabilization;
  • impeccable quality of materials and assembly;
  • quite compact and light;
  • ease of use;
  • moisture protection;
  • extremely capacious battery;
  • can be used as a power bank.


  • user complaints about the software;
  • There are flaws in the function of shooting time laps.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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