11 best perfume online stores

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Online Trading in the last decade has occupied a huge niche and today many consumers all over the world make the bulk of their Shopping exclusively online. The same can be said of perfume online stores. It’s great when looking you don’t have to rush about your favorite fragrance around the city: just do a couple of clicks and the product is almost home, and without any overpayment. What online stores are more pleasing than others buyers? We will find out about this in our ranking of the best.

Rating of the best perfume online stores

Nomination a place Name of product rating
Rating of the best perfume online stores 1 Rive Gauche 5.0
3 La parfumerie 4.8
4 Wildberries.ru 4.7
5 L’etoile 4.6
6 Rendezvous 4.5
7 Fragraxex 4.4
8 Feelunique 4.3
9 Exparfum.ru 4.2
10 Beautydepot 4.1

Rive Gauche

Rating: 5.0


Russian online store, which has been successfully for several years now realizing perfumery products at affordable prices. Company leads quite active “life”, delighting with a variety of perfume brands, starting from the mass market and ending with very rare niche goods. The catalog also presents a lot of cosmetic products (both decorative and makeup products, including organic). Rive Gauche site pleases not only with a stylish design, but and excellent navigation: everything is at a glance – from current promotions to beauty salons of the company, in any of which you can sign up and even get some treatments as a gift.

Speaking of gifts: impressive rich discount program, including with the possibility of receiving discounts in partner stores Rive Gauche. The site has a 24-hour hotline which you can contact on any issues related not only to order, but also with products indicated on the site. Concerning delivery, then both pickup and free delivery are available the entire territory of the Russian Federation when ordering from 1000 rubles (for the Far East – from 3000 rubles).


  • wide range of products;
  • the presence in the catalog of cosmetics, including organic;
  • profitable discount program;
  • large selection of gift sets;
  • free shipping;
  • convenient site.


  • not detected.


Rating: 4.9


Another domestic marketplace that implements high-quality perfumes and cosmetics at competitive prices prices. The website of the online store is quite non-standard interface. It is worth noting that the catalog is very impressive: in the eye a variety of not only budget categories, but also elite perfumes, cosmetics, including niche and even those available only in ILE DE BOTE.

The online store offers several delivery methods, including which pickup from PickPoint and state post offices, as well as courier delivery. To implement the latter option, the order amount should not exceed 70,000 rubles. The online store also took care of pleasant discounts for regular customers. customers: when making regular purchases on the site, you can become holder of a favorable discount card (amount of permanent discounts reaches 25%). IL DE BEAUTE is proud of its developed retail distribution network – the company’s stores are represented in most major cities of Russia.


  • variety of brands;
  • the presence in the catalog of cosmetic products;
  • regular discounts;
  • profitable discount program;
  • prompt delivery.


  • errors in the collection of goods;
  • Problems with delivery.

La parfumerie

Rating: 4.8


Domestic online perfume store with a good selection positive consumer reviews earned a place in our rating of the best. The company sells quality perfumes, and also offers a good cosmetic line. Important moment: all products presented on the website are original, which confirmed by relevant quality certificates.

La Parfumerie promotes moderate pricing, therefore prices presented by the trading floor can be safely called democratic. The main advantage of the online store is the implementation of free delivery throughout Russia (!) ordering products with a total value of more than 1000 rubles. Concerning cons, then everything is not so scary, fortunately: separate consumers celebrate their personal account and, perhaps, site navigation is hardly successful.


  • low prices;
  • confirmed quality of perfumery products;
  • free shipping.


  • inconvenient site interface.


Rating: 4.7


Russian online store offering consumers a wide range of home goods, food, clothing, accessories, children’s goods and many other items, including perfumery. It’s worth saying right away that Wildberries is oriented mainly on the mass market: the maximum price of perfume product does not exceed the middle segment (about 13000-14000 rubles). Although the choice of brands is pretty good, and their quality is confirmed relevant certificates.

About delivery: a day – in Moscow and the region, 2-3 days – Peter and region, up to 7 days – other large cities and about 10 days – to remote points of the country. A very good indicator, while there are no particular complaints about the speed and quality of delivery among consumers arises. Pickup of goods is also possible. For regular customers there is a constant discount, which, however, can only be found out through calculations – not very convenient.


  • a large selection of inexpensive quality perfumes;
  • delivery speed;
  • quality certificates for products.


  • complaints about the “loss” of some goods from the order in the process its delivery;
  • crashes in the site;
  • problems with returns.


Rating: 4.6


This e-commerce online store assortment of perfumes and cosmetics, it is not in vain considered one of the best in Russia. One of the main reasons for the mass popularity of this companies – the presence in the proposed product line of large variety of famous brands (about 10 are presented on the site 000 commodity items for every taste and budget). Individual the peculiarity of the online store is the presence of very rare perfumes products little known to the general public – L’Etoile is their official distributor in Russia.

By the way, the site is a virtual addition to the retail network stores of the company, represented in many regions of the country. Himself the site deserves special attention: colorful design and convenient navigation cannot be overlooked. A considerable plus is the availability of round-the-clock lines for customers, as well as regular and very profitable promotions, hitting one of which you can save on your favorite cosmetics or fragrance up to 70%.


  • wide product line;
  • the presence of “scarce” goods;
  • convenient navigation on the site;
  • profitable stocks.


  • non-observance of delivery dates;
  • feedback problems.


Rating: 4.5


One of the best in our rating and the largest online store perfumes in Russia. The website of the company is incredibly represented many product lines – about 180,000 – are 5,000 brands. Here You can find the right product for yourself as an amateur of inexpensive high-quality perfumes, and a connoisseur of rare, vintage aromas. In addition to perfumes, the company sells high-quality cosmetic products and stylish accessories.

The user-friendly interface of the site pleases: at the first open page you can easily find all the information you need – from sections of the catalog to the terms of delivery of the selected product. The online store Rendezvous loves to please regular customers – on the trading platform has an accumulative system of discounts – nice and profitable bonus. Delivery of ordered goods carried out anywhere in the Russian Federation, and you can choose the best for your region a transport company. Duration of waiting, in on average, no longer than 10 days.


  • a huge variety of goods;
  • the presence of the category “accessories”;
  • wide price range;
  • the presence of rare aromas;
  • cumulative discounts;
  • convenient site;
  • shipping all over the country.


  • not detected.


Rating: 4.4


One of the largest American discounters in Russia. What for fly to the States if you can buy your favorite fragrance without leaving at home? The website of the online store features more than 9500 names of perfumery products. Pleased with the availability of exclusive fragrances that can be purchased at below market prices. it due to the fact that FRAGRANCEX is a direct distributor many famous brands.

Particularly pleased with the company’s loyalty system, which makes it possible save on purchases if you are a frequent buyer of the site. The online store likes to pamper regular customers periodically, adding nice little gifts to the packages, though far from they are always of good quality. Separately, it is worth noting the timing delivery: it will take a couple of weeks to wait for your favorite fragrance, or maybe and a couple of months, which is quite justified by a great price and originality of the product.


  • loyalty system;
  • wide range of exclusive fragrances;
  • Great prices.


  • long delivery;
  • sometimes the price reduction is due to the end of the term shelf life of the product (according to customer reviews).


Rating: 4.3


The British online perfume store is widely known a variety of flavors in the mass market category and the presence of a large the number of exclusive products, for which it falls into our rating. Importantly, the price of goods presented on the trading floor very, very happy. The company spends almost daily profitable promotions for their customers, while the “newcomers” will enjoy a pleasant bonus is a 10 pound discount.

FeelUnique online store provides free shipping on to the whole world, which is a definite plus, however, speaking about Russia, the cost of the order should exceed 5500 rubles. Duration Delivery is quite long – from 2 weeks. Still the wait is worth it addition: original, including a niche perfume for a democratic the price is very good. Of the shortcomings – the lack of Russian-speaking versions on the site, which complicates the navigation and, accordingly, the formation of a basket of goods.


  • the presence of exclusive aromas;
  • free parcel delivery;
  • frequent discounts and promotions;
  • nice bonuses in the form of free samplers of beauty products, added to the package.


  • long waiting time for an order;
  • English site.


Rating: 4.2


This online store is definitely a real find for connoisseurs of rare, elite aromas from world famous brands. IN The catalog contains mainly selective perfumes, including very rare fragrances known to a narrow circle that are not available in most perfume online points. The company carries out loyal pricing policy, guaranteeing the best prices for the current products, as it positions itself as an exclusive distributor of many perfume brands.

As for the discounts, it’s unlikely to save on this, in principle, is explained by the status of products – niche (original) perfumes are not participants in shares. On the site provided a lot of useful information for perfume gourmets: latest news from the world of perfumery, tips for choosing the right one aroma, etc. Purchase can be made at any time of the day. The online store provides fast delivery in Moscow and the region (during the day), and when ordering more than 2000 rubles – is free. Parcel arrival time to other regions of the Russian Federation calculated strictly individually.


  • a variety of niche, very rare flavors;
  • loyal prices;
  • Convenient delivery within the suburbs.


  • not detected.


Rating: 4.1


The company has been included in our rating of the best online stores. perfumes thanks to a sound pricing policy – trade the platform offers fragrant “accessories” at a perfectly acceptable prices. Even for 100-200 rubles you can pick up a good perfume: in This price category includes many samplers of quality perfumes, including from famous brands.

The interface of the site is rather unusual and at the same time quite convenient: It is clear, informative. By the way, besides perfumes, the online store also offers consumers a large variety of cosmetic products, children’s products, products hygiene and accessories. The section deserves special attention. gift sets: here you can not only choose the original present, but also good to save on a purchase. The company carries out delivery both within the territory of the Russian Federation and to a number of other countries – Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Belarus.


  • wide price range of goods sold;
  • convenient site interface;
  • the presence in the catalog of accessories, baby products and hygiene funds;
  • insurance of all parcels.


  • errors in the collection of goods (rare cases);
  • delivery time exceeded.


Rating: 4.0


The online store has performed quite well since the “opening” in 2009 and since then has always been surprising a great variety perfumery, often – “scarce” goods, which quite difficult to find on other trading platforms. Generally, The store can be safely called multi-brand. Happy enough loyal and diverse price range. The online store provides exclusively retail sale of perfumes and cosmetics products.

Unfortunately, free delivery is not provided, but available option of self-delivery of the ordered goods. It is worth noting that the site there are no documents that confirm the authenticity products sold, although online consultants assure of this. IN some consumer reviews met complaints of low quality of perfume packaging, which may not correspond to the original (however, this is a subjective moment). A separate moment and he negative – inconvenient and completely not catchy site – minus to its developers.


  • the presence of “scarce” products;
  • loyal prices;
  • the possibility of pickup.


  • no confirmation of the originality of the goods;
  • inconvenient site.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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