11 best induction hobs and stoves customer reviews

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Induction cookers and hobs are a special type of kitchen household appliances for cooking. And this feature lies in the principle of operation of such devices. Its essence lies in heating metal containers by induced eddy currents, created by a high-frequency magnetic field. Benefits induction cookers consist in the highest efficiency (about 90% against 60-70% in ordinary electric stoves), the rapid achievement of the necessary dishes temperature, precise temperature retention, safety and more. Specialists have prepared for you a list of the best induction cookers and hob from different manufacturers in terms of price and quality.

Which company is better to choose an induction hob

For starters, recall what manufacturers of stoves are included in the rating, their origin and place of production products.

  1. Hansa is a Russian trademark stylized as German. Produces a pretty good quality and functional household technique. Hansa induction panels are manufactured in Poland in factories Amica Wronki S.A.

  2. Zanussi – an Italian old-timer in the home appliance market for centuries history. It is famous for its decent quality and service. Products produced in many countries, and those two models that appear in the ranking, collected in Romania.

  3. LG is a well-known South Korean brand to everyone electronics and household appliances. Merger product Lucky and Goldstar, the first letters of which formed the abbreviation LG. The induction cooker, included in the rating, is produced in Turkey.

  4. Bosch is a German brand that needs no introduction. We will only specify that Bosch’s own factories operate in a number of countries. Induction hobs are assembled for the most part in Of Spain.

  5. Vestfrost is a Danish brand in the early 2000s fully redeemed by the Turkish company Vestel. All rulers The goods are manufactured by the Vestel factory in Manisa, Turkey.

  6. Siemens is another well-known German brand with the deepest history of a successful market presence. Induction the plates are made at Siemens own factory in Spain.

  7. Zigmund & Shtain is a young company incorporated in Desseldorf, Germany. This is a typical OEM using on a contract basis the capacities of other companies for manufacturing their products. Accordingly, the Zigmund & technique Shtain is collected anywhere – in Italy, France, China and others. countries. The real origin of the brand is not for certain known, but product quality in most respects worthy.

  8. Gorenje – a famous brand of the same name Slovenian engineering company. Small and large household appliances Gorenje is produced in different countries, including on its own factories in Slovenia itself.

  9. MAUNFELD is an “encrypted” brand with British registration and Russian roots. The brand holder in the Russian Federation is a certain LLC “VADAN Ltd.” The equipment is manufactured under OEM contracts in a number of countries, but mostly in China.

Rating of the best induction hobs and stoves

nomination a place Name of product price
The best inexpensive induction panels 1 Hansa bhi68300 14130 RUB.
2 Zanussi ZEI 5680 FB 17880 RUB.
3 MAUNFELD EVI 594-BK 17900 RUB.
The best induction panels in terms of price and quality 1 LG KVN6403AF 20500 RUB.
2 Hansa bhi68608 20150 RUB.
3 Bosch PIN675N27E 56000 RUB.
4 Vestfrost VFIND60HH 26100 RUB.
5 Siemens EH675MV17E
6 Zigmund & Shtain CIS 189.60 WX 35200 RUB.
The best induction cookers 1 Hansa fciw53800 33300 RUB.
2 Gorenje EI 637 E21XK2 41 580 rub.

The best inexpensive induction panels

First of all, consider the most affordable options from the number of the most workable. According to our experts, in this acceptable categories are Hansa bhi68300 , Zanussi ZEI 5680 FB and MAUNFELD EVI 594-BK. They are all united by the following common specifications:

  1. independent installation;

  2. glass-ceramic surface;

  3. 4 induction hobs;

  4. panel location – in front;

  5. touch control;

  6. type of control – push-button, slider;

  7. panel lock button;

  8. residual heat indicator;

  9. protective shutdown;

  10. recognition of the presence of dishes;

  11. black color of the panel.

Hansa BHI68300

Rating: 4.7

Hansa BHI68300

Independent induction hob of the Russian trade Hansa BHI68300 brand is made in Poland. Its dimensions are 4.8 x 57.6 x 51.8 cm and weight – 10.5 kg. Unframed edges.

The maximum power consumption of the stove is 7 kW. IN This range has 9 power levels. 1st to 5th power heating occurs at intervals, and from 6th to 9th – smoothly. The timer can be set separately for each burner. Diameters burners: left front and right rear – 16 cm each, right the front is 18 cm and the left rear is 21 cm.

There is a negative reaction to the wave-like heating of the first five power modes and loudly clicking relay at the same time. Observant users noticed that this problem only occurs when the use of cheap thin-walled dishes.

Regrets about the general timer are also noted. Actually a timer in this model, separate, but in other cases it was simply discovered inability to configure it correctly.


  • separate timer;

  • affordable price.


  • annoying and loud clicks of the relay.

Zanussi ZEI 5680 FB

Rating: 4.6

Zanussi ZEI 5680 FB

Induction hob of the Italian brand Zanussi ZEI 5680 FB is made in Romania. Its dimensions are 59×52 cm, with a niche should be built in with dimensions of 56×49 cm. Maximum power consumption – 6.6 kW, number of steps power adjustment – 9.

This model in terms of functionality is a little more interesting than the previous account for the presence of a double-circuit burner. This refers to the left front ring with a diameter of 21 cm and a power of 2.3 / 2.8 kW. Parameters the remaining three burners: left rear and right front 14.5 cm in diameter, right rear – 18 cm.

There are some difficulties and inconveniences with this model. It Comes without a power cord plug, and for its proper Connections require the services of a qualified electrician. Exactly qualified, since the hob can work from single-phase or three-phase network.

When connecting an electrician, it is strongly recommended that you first study instructions, since the plate has only two power supplies, and if connected incorrectly, simultaneous use is longer two burners will either be impossible or they will work incorrectly.

The burner timer is not provided in this model.


  • there is a double-circuit burner;


  • only 2 power supplies;

  • no burner timer;

  • modal interface;

  • Do not connect without an electrician;


Rating: 4.5


Induction hobs MAUNFELD models EVI 594-BK are made in china. Surface dimensions – 59×52 cm. Maximum power consumption – 7 kW.

This model has 9 power adjustment modes, cooking timer, minute timer, dish diameter detector, blocking of all elements in case of wet surface, automatic shutdown.

Of the four burners, two support Booster technology, which involves the inclusion of increased power. That is, two burners 2 kW each (2.6 kW in booster mode) and two – each 1.5 kW each.

The model has all the typical advantages of induction hobs: quick heating of containers, easy maintenance, energy-saving properties in comparison with TEN-stoves and so on. Also, users highly appreciate the ability to set a timer separately for each burner.

But amid these advantages, there is a noticeable percentage of complaints about the exit malfunctioning plates and repeated failures after warranty repair.


  • 2 burners Booster;

  • timer for each burner.


  • there are complaints of a quick failure.

The best induction panels in terms of price and quality

Now we describe a number of models of induction hobs, which Our experts considered the best value for money functionality, quality and reliability. It was decided to single out one models from the assortment of each popular brand. For all of them General characteristics are as follows:

  1. hob material – glass ceramics;

  2. four induction hobs;

  3. frontal arrangement of the panel;

  4. touch switches;

  5. protective shutdown;

  6. residual heat indicator;

  7. panel lock button;

  8. burner timer (except Zanussi ZEI 5680 FB);

  9. black color (except Zigmund & Shtain CIS 189.60 WX).


Rating: 4.9


LG KVN6403AF induction hob – Korean product trademark and Turkish assembly. Surface dimensions – 53x590x520 mm, cut-out dimensions for embedding – 53x560x490 mm. The device weighs 11 kg

The total power consumption of the hob is 7 kW. There are 9 heating modes, exactly the same as in the three budget models described above. And here is the same problem with discrete heating at lower powers. Even eat relatively many reviews that at capacities from 1 to 6 panel generally does not heat well, but really “working” capacities – from 7 to 9.

All four burners support fast warm-up Power Boost. The hotplate configuration is as follows: 2×160 mm – 1.4 kW (Power Boost – 1.8 kW) / 2×200 mm – 2.1 kW (Power Boost – 2.5 kW).

This model contains two built-in cooling fans, which automatically turn on when necessary and work, according to reviews, quite quiet.

Some frustration is caused by users “bare” edge edges of the glass-ceramic surface. The reason is potential risk of cracking.

From the positive aspects – many like the simple but useful функция кратковременной паузы STOP&GO.


  • интеллектуальная пауза STOP&GO;

  • affordable price;

  • cooling fans;


  • no metal frame;

  • easy to scratch.

Hansa bhi68608

Rating: 4.8

Hansa BHI68608

Hansa Built-in induction hob BHI68608 produced in Poland. Trademark – Russian. Linear dimensions – 50x576x518 mm, dimensions of the niche for embedding – 560×490 mm The device weighs 10.5 kg.

The total power consumption is 7.4 kW. As in the previous model, in Hansa BHI68608 all four rings support Power Boost. The burner pairs are in two induction zones – 16 cm and 21 cm. Thanks to the “bridge” function, two burners in the left induction zone can be combined for cooking in large utensils.

This model implements touch control through buttons and slider. There are two levels of timer – separate for burners and a minute timer.

In general, this model collects the most favorable reviews, but I come across complaints about noisy work – a buzz and loud clicks of the relay. There are few such marks, but they are noticeable.


  • function “bridge”;

  • durable and scratch resistant coating;

  • two timers;


  • complaints of noise;

  • no boiling automatics.

Bosch PIN675N27E

Rating: 4.8

Bosch PIN675N27E

German induction hob Bosch PIN675N27E produced in Spain. Its dimensions are 51x606x527 mm and its weight – 13 kg. Total power consumption – 7.2 kW.

The hotplate configuration is as follows: front left – 194 mm 3.3 kW, rear left – 234 mm 3.3 kW, rear right – 145 mm 1.4 kW, front right – 210 mm 2.2 kW. All four burners support Boost mode.

What else is interesting about the Bosch PIN675N27E is the FlexInduction zone – the allocated space on the panel can adapt to any dishes shape and size and heats it exactly where it is installed. The marking of the zone creates the illusion, as if there are 4 rings, but on in fact, there are two of them.

As many as 17 steps of heating power were realized, while 4 modes are highlighted in a separate frying category controlled by the sensor FryingSensor Plus. Many users praise this feature.

This model is the most expensive in this group, but judging by the reviews real buyers, the functionality of the panel and the overall “weight” of positive qualities are definitely worth the money.

Oddly enough, with all the advantages of the model, the lion’s share users complain about the seeming trifle – the placement of rings, say the smallest and largest should be changed in places.


  • timer with shutdown for each burner;
  • adaptive FlexInduction function;
  • 17 modes, including special 4 cooking modes.


  • inconvenient location of burners;

  • high price;

Vestfrost VFIND60HH

Rating: 4.7

Vestfrost VFIND60HH

Danish-Turkish built-in induction hob Vestfrost VFIND60HH trademark is produced at the company’s factory Vestel in Turkey. Dimensions without packaging – 5.3x59x52 cm, weight – 10.89. The total power consumption is 7.4 kW.

Four burners are located on two induction zones: left 160 mm wide and 1.4 kW, right 210 mm wide and power 2.1 kW. One burner from each zone is supported Boost-mode power of 1.8 and 2.5 kW, respectively.

Many positive reviews get “responsive”, from the words user management. This refers to the reaction rate of the system. on touch.

The most noticeable advantage of the Vestfrost VFIND60HH is its availability four automatic cooking programs:

  1. Frying – for frying, maintains a temperature of 160 ° C;

  2. Boiling – for boiling, maintains a temperature of 100 ° C;

  3. Keep Warm – heat preservation, holds 50 ° C;

  4. Chocolate Melting – maintains 40 ° C and is nominally designed for melting chocolate.

Of the minuses – many note the inoperability of the detector boiling and inconvenience of discrete heating at lower powers.


  • convenient management;

  • functional auto cooking programs;

  • scratch resistant surface;


  • discrete heating;

  • boiling detector does not work normally.

Siemens EH675MV17E

Rating: 4.7

Siemens EH675MV17E

Induction hob German brand Siemens EH675MV17E is produced at Siemens own factory in Spain. Dimensions – 60.2x52x5.1 cm, weight – 13 kg. Niche dimensions for built-in – 56×49 cm. Total power consumption – 7.2 kW

This model implements 17 degrees of heating, recognition the presence of dishes and a cleaning pause (short-term blocking of the cooking panels) up to 30 seconds. Short lock function users mark it as very convenient. All induction zones Support Boost High Power Function.

The main advantage of the Siemens EH675MV17E is its adaptive zone induction with Bridge functions (combining two burners into one extended zone) and FlexInduction, similar to how it is done in Bosch PIN675N27E. That is, the dishes can be put in almost any panel space, and the system itself adjusts to the location capacities.

Some users are unhappy that the edge of the hob panels without metal edging.


  • many heating modes;

  • adaptive induction zone;

  • cleaning pause;


  • no metal edging.

Zigmund & Shtain CIS 189.60 WX

Rating: 4.6

Zigmund & Shtain CIS 189.60 WX

Induction hob Zigmund & Shtain CIS 189.60 WX produced in France. Surface dimensions are 58 x 51 cm. The total power consumption is 7.8 kW. This is the only one in our rating panel made in white.

The glass surface on all sides is 5 mm chamfers that protect the user’s hands from cuts.

Burner configuration: three 1.4 kW each, one 2.3 kW each. Two different ones support the Boost function – at 2 and 3 kW, respectively. The burners are divided into two zones of induction – the right and left. Left supports the “bridge” function, allowing you to combine burners into one for large or oval dishes.

Heating elements can maintain constant temperature at around 70 ° C and work in 9 modes. There is typical problem of the vast majority of induction hobs panels – discrete heating at low power.

The kit comes with a special scraper for cleaning the hob from solid pollution.


  • adaptation of power to the size of the dishes;

  • European assembly;

  • separate timer for each burner;


  • discrete heating mode less than 8.

The best induction cookers

And at the end of the ranking, consider the combined options induction hobs, which are available as part of monoblock: hob + oven. According to our experts, optimal in price and quality are Hansa models FCIW53800 and Gorenje EI 637 E21XK2. General characteristics for them the following:

  1. electric oven;

  2. clock;

  3. double glazed hinged door;

  4. electric grill in the oven;

  5. oven lighting;

  6. convection;

  7. vitroceramic surface of the hob;

  8. 4 induction hobs;

  9. residual heat indicators;

  10. protective shutdown;

  11. drawer for dishes.

Features such as automatic boiling and hob lock in these two models is not are provided.

Hansa fciw53800

Rating: 4.8

Hansa FCIW53800

Hansa FCIW53800 electric stove is made in Poland. Dimensions of the device 50x60x85 cm, made in white with black glass doors and black glass cooking ceramics surface.

The total power consumption is 10 kW. Maximum oven temperature 270 ° C. The device belongs to the class energy efficiency A ++ and this is what users note as advantage.

Separate stove control: touch for the hob and mechanical rotary switches for the oven.

The 67 liter oven is equipped with a ring heater 2 kW and an electric grill of the same power. The oven with its reliability and predictability collects the most positive, even rave reviews. A small minus – traditional manual cleaning, but special coating of the walls is essential facilitates the task.

Separate Big Plus Hansa FCIW53800 – Separate multifunction timers for oven and hobs. Can set up a simple alert, delayed start or delayed shutdown. The shutdown can be set on each burner separately. in the interval up to 10 hours.


  • high-quality oven;

  • energy efficient;

  • multifunctional split timers;


  • noisy;

  • the hob surface is sensitive to dirt;

  • no power cord included;

Gorenje EI 637 E21XK2

Rating: 4.7

Gorenje EI 637 E21XK2

Electric range with induction hob Gorenje EI 637 E21XK2 manufactured in Slovenia at its own Gorenje factory Group Its dimensions are 60x60x85 cm, weight without packaging – 47 kg It is made in a metallic silver shade (stainless steel), door glass and glass ceramic hob – black.

The total power consumption of this model is slightly larger than that of previous – 10.4 kW. Energy efficiency class “A” – substantially lower than the Hansa FCIW53800, but still it’s high class.

The hob hob configuration is as follows: front left – 1.4 kW, right front – 1.2 kW, right rear – 2 kW, left back – 1.2 kW. All four burners support function Boost power boost to 2, 1.4, 2.3 and 1.4 kW each burner, respectively. Hob control sensory.

The oven volume in this model is similar to the previous one – 67 liters. Equipped with infrared grill and supports 11 cooking functions. Efficient convection cools the door to a safe quality temperature. The walls are coated with eco-clean easy-clean enamel. The oven is controlled mechanically by rotary switches. Modes and timers are displayed. Maximum temperature ovens 275 ° C.


  • many oven modes;

  • attractive appearance;

  • Boost on each burner;

  • large cooking area;


  • high price.

What induction hob to buy

  1. From inexpensive models MAUNFELD EVI is not bad 594-BK. The Zanussi ZEI 5680 FB does not have a timer, and the Hansa BHI68300 does not has a boost mode. For the price, all three models are approximately equivalent.

  2. In the middle price category, the situation with the choice is already much more bright. A clear favorite in terms of functionality – Bosch PIN675N27E, but its price scare away many. The closest analogue in capabilities and quality is Siemens EH675MV17E and Zigmund & Shtain CIS 189.60 WX. At least least, they implement the adaptive function of the induction zone, as in Bosch Vestfrost VFIND60HH deserves respect for its overall reliability and automatic programs. And if the budget is limited, it’s quite possible to take LG KVN6403AF – it’s generally not bad, supports high power modes, but you need to carefully handle delicate surfaces.

  3. Of the two 2-in-1 slabs, much more convincing in terms of functionality looks Hansa FCIW53800, despite the fact that Gorenje EI 637 E21XK2 is to some extent “prestigious” and certainly more expensive. But if it is important for you to have a boost mode for cooking hobs panels, then only Gorenje remains, since Hansa has this function not implemented.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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