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A hangover condition refers to that unpleasant, but always quite expected situation provoked by excessive consumption alcohol, which a person wants to get rid of as soon as possible. AND it’s not that a hangover is bad, everyone knows that time heals (by the way, this proverb should be made the motto of treatment hangover syndrome).

Much worse is the situation that usually morning state a hangover coincides with the urgent need to be active, join the work, appear in front of the team, girl or superiors who like it. And as usual, demand gives birth sentence. In modern pharmacies, a very large the number of different drugs to relieve a hangover syndrome. Many of them have quite understandable names, such as Antipohmelin, Alcocline, Drink OFF, Stand Up, Guten Morgen, Morning Care Others have nonspecific names: Zorex, Zinal pro, and others.

However, for centuries people have tried and tested methods reduce unpleasant symptoms during a hangover, and they are also popular and apply to date. Is it worth it to purchase medicines in pharmacies, whether they are medicines, do they relieve hangover symptoms, and if not, what Do you need to use funds? But first of all, that was understandable, it is necessary to briefly explain what is necessary fight.

What is a hangover?

The hangover from wine and beer has been known to mankind for thousands of years, and in recent centuries, the opportunity to use strong alcohol, after the invention of the distillation method by the Arabs wine alcohol.

In the human body, the liver processes ethyl alcohol (more precisely – the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase), oxidizes it to carbon dioxide, which is ultimately secreted by the lungs and water. But, to Unfortunately, this is a multi-stage process, and includes production of an intermediate product of ethanol metabolism – so called acetaldehyde, or acetic aldehyde. it highly toxic poison, it is released with exhaled air, creating an “amber” for a man who had drunk hard on the eve of – all famous fume. Accumulation of under-oxidized ethanol products in blood and causes all the symptoms of a hangover – trembling hands, tachycardia, interruptions in heart function, headache, feeling of “cats in the mouth”, nausea and all the other delights of a hangover syndrome.

In addition to acetic aldehyde, highly atomic are also involved in the hangover. alcohols: butyl, amyl, isoamyl, which are called fusel oils, and in the process of distilling mash from moonshiners called “tails.”

Therefore, the entire treatment of a hangover syndrome comes down to two simple methods: remove the accumulated acetaldehyde from the body as soon as possible and “Sivuha”, enhancing the work of the kidneys, or try to reduce unpleasant symptoms through the use of symptomatic agents. No more ways exist. That is, you can put a sign the equality between the treatment of a hangover and the treatment of acute poisoning acetaldehyde.

At the beginning of the rating we will talk about the use of medicines drugs that have a proven mechanism of action, and help either reduce the hangover period or relieve symptoms this condition. Then will be considered perhaps the most desired methods: methods of influencing a hangover syndrome without the use of drugs. Finally, it will be further described about those methods and medicines, numerous additives, the use of which just help empty your wallet, but, at best, not will give no advantages over the more accessible ones described above ways.

Rating of the best remedies for a hangover

Nomination a place Name of product rating
Best Symptom Relief Medications hangover 1 Vitamin C, ascorbic acid 4.9
2 B vitamins – thiamine (B1) 4.8
3 Sedalgin Plus 4.8
4 Anaprilin, Obzidan (propranolol) 4.8
5 Diuver, Britomar, Lotonel, Trigrim (torasemide) 4.7
The best non-medication for a hangover 1 Liquid 5.0
2 Bath and contrast shower 4.9
3 Exercise stress 4.9
Anti-rating – dubious ways to relieve symptoms hangover 1 Sorbents 2.0
2 Cerucal, Eglonil, metoclopramide, antiemetics 2.0
3 Hangover Nutrition Supplements 2.0

Best Symptom Relief Medications hangover

All medicines listed in this rating group belong to to different groups of drugs, and they have numerous analogues. But it should be warned that refer to the medicinal drugs against a hangover are pretty dangerous. On the background acetaldehyde poisoning there is a high risk of developing atrial fibrillation, in the elderly – an attack of ischemic heart disease and the possibility of developing a heart attack in patients suffering from chronic alcoholism, the development of acute pancreatitis.

In general, against the background of a hangover, side effects are more common. Therefore, it is advisable to use drugs in the most extreme case, and Be sure to consult your doctor first. But let’s start with the most safe ones.

Vitamin C, ascorbic acid

Rating: 4.9

Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid can be used together with glucose, of course, those patients who do not have diabetes, and such pills are sold in pharmacies. Ascorbic acid with glucose is perhaps one of the most cheap and “tasty” products. So, 20 tablets with a dosage of 100 mg can be bought for 36 rubles., and a package of 10 tablets – for only 4 rubles. This product produces a large number of domestic pharmaceutical companies. Take ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, an adult in a state of hangover is desirable for 2-3 tablets, but not more than 10 tablets per day.

Advantages and disadvantages

Ascorbic acid is a treatment aid hangover syndrome, its action is to strengthen and restore the liver. Unlike numerous dietary supplements, which are expensive, and have an unproven mechanism of action, ascorbic acid is involved in the work of cytochrome p450, which is one of the main structures in hepatocytes, or cells liver neutralizing ethanol. Therefore, timely admission ascorbic acid, especially with regular use alcohol, will reduce the severity of a hangover syndrome.

B vitamins – thiamine (B1)

Rating: 4.9

Vitamins of group B

There is a very serious complication of alcoholism, which called Wernicke encephalopathy. In this case, delirium develops, the patient quickly falls into a coma, and dies. Survivors are treated for a long time in intensive care unit. This complication is also called acute. hemorrhagic encephalitis. This affects the structure of the middle and medulla oblongata, point hemorrhages develop due to vascular perforation, and the cause is vitamin deficiency B1, or thiamine. After all, it is thiamine that is consumed in elevated quantities against the background of frequent alcohol consumption. But even a person drinking culturally and in moderation may experience a shortage thiamine.

Vitamin B1 can be purchased either in ampoules or in tablets. IN in principle, it is quite possible to drink the contents of one ampoule, having previously dissolved it in water. Thiamine bromide tablets, or thiamine chloride solution is very inexpensive, available in large number of pharmaceutical companies and are sold in each a pharmacy. It is necessary to take with frequent use of alcohol, after eating, adults for preventive purposes – 5-10 mg per day, but not more than 3 times a day for 3 days.

Advantages and disadvantages

Again, as with ascorbic acid, using the use of thiamine we care about replenishing its amount, since it is intensively consumed against the background of alcohol consumption drinks. No relief, or a change in well-being, associated with the use of thiamine, no waiting. But not less, this is a measure that is necessary to normalize metabolism, undermined by the use of ethanol.

It should be emphasized that thiamine is needed in pure form, or in ampoules, or in the form of dragees and tablets containing one and only vitamin. All multivitamin complexes, including including expensive, which contain, in addition to vitamins of various names also minerals and trace elements will be ineffective. A liver that has been hit by alcohol needs thiamine.

We move on to the group of drugs that really help reduce symptoms of alcohol intoxication, and bring out organism acetic aldehyde. These are various non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, as well as agents to increase diuresis, or diuretics.

Sedalgin Plus

Rating: 4.8


Sedalgin Plus is a combination drug that contain caffeine, metamizole sodium, or analgin, and thiamine. This the drug is good for headaches caused by hangover syndrome, contributes to an overall improvement in well-being. Due to the caffeine contained in it, there is an improvement blood supply to the brain, its cortex, physical and mental performance, reduces drowsiness. Thiamine, or Vitamin B1, considered faces, contribute to improvement tolerance by the nervous tissue of ethyl alcohol, and also take participation in many metabolic processes that help to bring out alcohol and its decay products from the body. Sedalgin is available plus pharmaceutical company Balkanpharma Bulgaria, one a package of 10 tablets can be purchased for 83 rubles.

It is advisable to use the drug after meals, one tablet, not more than 3 times, but at the same time you need to try to take pills before lunch, because the drug contains a small dose of caffeine. IN in any case, an adult should take no more than 6 tablets.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of Sedalgin is the combined effect, “built-in” in the composition of vitamin B1, a significant reduction in pain, and increased overall performance. It should be used in volume and only if it is impossible with a hangover lie down and sleep, and alas, you need to be included in the active rhythm of life. In the event that it is possible to rest on that day, then you do not need to take this remedy, because caffeine will contribute to the activation of the body.

Anaprilin, Obzidan (propranolol)

Rating: 4.8


Anaprilin refers to heart drugs, and its role is reduce the excitability of the heart muscle, reduce its contractility, and save oxygen. Anaprilin lowers blood pressure, and one of its most important effects is frequency reduction heart rate. Anaprilin produces a lot of different domestic pharmaceutical companies, it is widespread and inexpensive drug. So, a pack of 50 tablets a dosage of 10 mg costs only 12 rubles.

Indications for taking Anaprilin in a state of hangover is a frantic and often pounding heart, a feeling of heat and flushing facial skin, crimson cheeks, a condition when you want to breathe fresh air, as well as a rise in blood pressure amid a hangover. Anaprilin will help lower blood pressure, lower heart rate, and eliminates the unpleasant symptoms of hot flashes. Take remedy one tablet of 10 mg once is enough. In case if there is an increase in blood pressure, then you can dosage double, and take 20 mg of anaprilin.

Advantages and disadvantages

This drug has been rated as the cheapest of all. beta-blockers, but by no means the safest. Exist safer drugs from the same group, for example, Concor. what Regarding contraindications, even with the above complaints with a hangover, it can not be taken in patients with cardiac pathology, – sinus bradycardia, with hypotension, patients with bronchial asthma, and prone to bronchospasm, persons suffering diabetes mellitus.

Diuver, Britomar, Lotonel, Trigrim (torasemide)

Rating: 4.7


Diuretics are a powerful way to quickly reduce the syndrome. a hangover, accelerating the elimination of acetaldehyde from the body. One of A modern diuretic is torasemide, or diuver. When Diuver is prescribed, the maximum diuretic effect develops, after 2.5 hours on average. Compared to furosemide, it is less helps to remove potassium from the body, but acts more longer and stronger. Produces Diuver Croatian Pliva pharmaceutical company, and 20 tablets with a dosage of 5 mg It costs 260 rubles.

The diuretic effect of taking one Diuver tablet may persist even up to 18 hours, so you need to plan your hangover day, taking into account the duration of the action of the diuretic facilities. To treat a hangover, it is enough to take one tablet in 5 mg in the morning.

Advantages and disadvantages

In skilled hands, diuretics that activate kidney function, are a powerful way to speed up the resolution of a hangover syndrome, literally in a matter of hours. But you must take into account the side effects of diuretics, the possibility of removing beneficial potassium ions from the body and the risk of developing muscle cramps and cardiac arrhythmias, the need to be able to and compensate for the removal of these substances from the body, as well as provide the patient with increased fluid intake, so as not to cause dehydration. Then, taking into account all indications and contraindications can be used short-term treatment of a hangover diuretic syndrome.

After taking it, it is advisable to relax and not overload. You You’ll often run to the toilet, but we must remember that against the background of the reception diuretics with a tendency to low blood pressure can faint. In order to prevent cramps calf muscles, together with a tablet of torasemide, you can take two Panangin tablets, or Asparkam. But in case age over 40 years old, have problems with blood pressure, or with heart rhythm disturbances, it’s better not to risk it, and do without the use of diuretics, without a doctor’s prescription.

The best non-medication for a hangover

All drugs for the treatment of a hangover syndrome, even such innocents like ascorbic acid can have side effects and contraindications. The methods of non-drug effects on a hangover also may not be recommended to everyone. But at the same time, what no matter what they are old, they do not additionally load the liver processing of various chemicals, and practically do not require no financial costs. Consider the most popular folk methods included in the rating.


Rating: 5.0


The above drug from the group of highly effective diuretics will work well only if “into the pipe” from one the end is fed a lot of water. If fluid does not enter the body will be, then taking diuretics will lead to dehydration, blood clotting, and with too frequent use may occur risk of thrombosis. Therefore, before prescribing diuretics to yourself with a hangover syndrome, you need to properly take care of the drinking regimen and drink as much as possible liquids.

Usually a healthy, adult person experiencing symptoms hangover, you need to consume about one liter, or 5 glasses of liquid for every hour. It’s moderate enough fluid loading, which will ultimately exceed diuresis, and the result of correctly done work will be through one and a half to two hours desire to go to the toilet for little need. In if the patient has healthy kidneys and a hangover expressed slightly, then such a water load is completely safe, and may well dispense with the appointment of diuretics funds.

What drink?

What exactly to use? In this regard, there are a lot opinions. But if you think about it, then, most likely, you can recommend plain water, dried fruit compote and rosehip with vitamin C, a large amount of weak warm chicken broth, the intake of which can be alternated with two or three glasses of cucumber or cabbage brine.

Some consume large amounts of green tea with lemon, kefir, ayran, various milk and egg shakes, spicy red pepper cocktails and so on. Why can it do harm? It should be noted that green tea contains a lot of caffeine, and excessive toning in a state of hangover can turn into a significant increase in blood pressure. Lactic acid products may contain 1% alcohol, so individuals consuming kefir can be considered very mild sober. In this case, the load on the digestive tract in a few liters kefir can cause intestinal upset even in healthy person.

Chicken broth for those who have it well Tolerate is very useful. Firstly, he is in the background an existing lack of appetite for a hangover is a substitute food, and gives satiety. And secondly, the advice is good to eat well with a hangover, no one canceled. Therefore chicken stock has always been, is and will be in good demand, especially salted in measure.

As for the brine, this ancient folk method based on filling the deficiency of electrolytes in blood plasma. It is known that electrolytes include sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, chlorine and other simple elements. Reception of a large number alcohol causes a significant imbalance in electrolytes, the shift of acid-base balance to the acid side, therefore drinking brine with a hangover is not only beneficial, but also pleasant. The only exception is that in no case should you drink marinade. Firstly, it will only aggravate the acidification of the body, while when it needs to be alkalized, and secondly, it can cause a severe attack of biliary colic and acute pancreatitis.

Advantages and disadvantages

It is not recommended to load yourself with excess fluid in patients with edema, with impaired renal function, with heart failure, with increased pressure in the pulmonary artery (with pulmonary heart). Also included in this group are hypertensive patients, pregnant women, faces, suffering from epilepsy. That pregnant and epilepsy we should never drink alcohol at all, we modestly keep silent. Another drawback is the elementary tediousness of this lesson, drinking by force, attachment to the toilet for many hours.

But this is an effective and good way, almost inexpensive, especially when using hot water diluted with jam, and in some cases, a substitute meal (broth). At all, forcing the water load can be considered the main way treating not only a hangover but also acute alcohol intoxication in in a hospital, the only difference is that there are a large number fluids are administered intravenously, and in the case of alcoholic coma additionally boost diuresis and apply technology peritoneal dialysis.

Bath and contrast shower

Rating: 4.9

cold and hot shower

The Russian bath, as well as the Finnish sauna, is the third a whale, on which is the correct treatment for a hangover syndrome, but only in a healthy person. In order to bath procedures brought benefits, it is necessary to combine them with the intake of mineral water, weak tea, compotes, herbal infusions, fruit drinks, but in no way case of no beer, otherwise the treatment of a hangover syndrome will turn into long drinking bout.

Bath procedures are connected to detoxification the largest and most massive organ of man – his skin, its ability to sweating. After being in a steam room in a person, physiologically body temperature rises, hyperthermia occurs, the number increases heart rate, and heavy sweat is released, containing large amount of toxins. After a person sweats, it is necessary rinse immediately, or swim in the pool. Categorically it is forbidden to leave sweat, and to dry, as there are Numerous evidence that it is absorbed back, along with toxins.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the bath are a pleasant pastime, alternating temperature loads with dousing with cold water (vascular gymnastics), as well as the rate of elimination of toxins. IN combined with forced fluid intake, 3-4 hours bath procedures can do a miracle, and completely bring a person to order after a stormy evening.

But be sure to remember that physical activity in the bath absolutely not needed. Treatment for a hangover syndrome is not at all involves waving a broom, calm enough, but repeated sweating with periodic rinsing and drinking liquids. In the same case, if there is arterial hypertension, heart rhythm disturbance, angina pectoris or a history of heart attack, shortness of breath and overweight – it is better not to use this method.

If there is no way to go to the bath, you can limit yourself contrast shower. Baths, especially hot, with a hangover contraindicated because they can cause heart complications. You must first use a warm shower, then cool, after make it hot for a few seconds and then make it even colder. Such periodic narrowing, then vasodilation skin will cause a significant flow of blood to it from internal organs, including from the liver, from the place of deposition, and expansion of the capillary vessels of the skin.

At this point, you need to get out of the shower, intensively grind a shaggy and stiff towel to further call redness of the skin and blood flow to its depth. It will make it work sweat glands, and if after such a shower you wrap up in warm bathrobe, and drink hot rose hip infusion, it will also be be a good, physiological way to remove acetic aldehyde from the body.

Exercise stress

Rating: 4.9

Exercise stress

This method is the most paradoxical, but together with the bath – the most effective. Cycling, jogging, process harvesting firewood in a state of deep hangover is perhaps the most unbearable that exists in nature. It is with fear and the inability to perform physical activity is associated with most truancy in people who are far from drunken drunkards. They are simply in a state of hangover can not do anything. But in that in case you overpower yourself and find within two to three hours forces on physical labor combined with water load, then the head will become clear, eyes will no longer be red, and in the afternoon time, most people already feel more or less tolerable, Of course, if you do not repeat yesterday’s “exploits.”

Anti-rating – dubious ways to relieve symptoms hangover

The ranking lists unconditionally reliable and proven methods of treating a hangover syndrome. They all come down to acceleration removal of harmful substances from the body, or to symptomatic treatment. The withdrawal methods are different, but they are all based on elementary physics and chemistry. It:

  1. water load, which increases diuresis;
  2. forcing diuresis using diuretics;
  3. removal of harmful substances through the skin;
  4. this is intense physical work that speeds up the core exchange;
  5. medication that relieves unpleasant symptoms, nothing accelerating and not outputting.

But on the Internet there is a huge amount of “extreme effective “drugs that, according to manufacturers, are not only completely relieve a person from a hangover, but also supposedly, taken the day before the planned party, allow absolutely do not get drunk, drive in the morning, and so on. We will not talk about all the absurdities, and even the inadmissibility of these statements. We list only those decent means that are not it makes sense to apply with a hangover syndrome. Also briefly talk about those supplements that, alas, do not deserve the price for which they are for sale.


Rating: 2.0


There are a large number of sorbents, ranging from activated carbon and ending with Polysorb-MP and Enterosgel. On the many sites about the treatment of alcohol intoxication and hangover can read that sorbents must be applied first queue. This is nothing but a half-truth.

In the case of alcohol intoxication, alcohol poisoning, about intoxication, then it is necessary from gastrointestinal tract remove all residual ethyl alcohol. AND then shown in emergency cases when the patient is without consciousness, repeated washing of the stomach, and if he is conscious, and realizes his intoxication, it is recommended to give sorbents.

But a hangover and intoxication are different conditions, with a hangover in there’s no alcohol left in the intestines, it’s been absorbed into the blood for a long time, and processed in the liver – partially completely, and partially not. Sorbents have nothing to do with blood purification, and therefore they completely useless with a hangover syndrome.

Cerucal, Eglonil, metoclopramide, antiemetics

Rating: 2.0


Alas, nausea and even vomiting sometimes accompanies a hangover syndrome. This is rare, but if it does, then, as a rule, the case ends with a single vomiting and minor episodes nausea In the same case, if vomiting is severe and frequent, vomiting multiple, then this does not speak of a hangover syndrome, but of poisoning with alcohol substitutes, about an attack of acute alcohol pancreatitis, cholecystitis, and other pathologies when required emergency medical care. But even if during a hangover you feel sick and vomits, is it necessary to take anti-nausea, and anti-emetic facilities?

There are a number of drugs that suppress nausea, improving quality of life, and vomiting. They are used when nausea is an inevitable consequence of taking toxic drugs, for example, with chemotherapy in oncology. In this case, their reception really indicated because nausea is unproductive, and nothing can help the body. But in the case of a hangover nausea and vomiting syndrome will help clear both the stomach and intestines remnants of a feast soaked in alcohol. Therefore, in the case when a person hangs up and vomits, it’s not worth it to impede, but it is necessary to encourage it. Therefore, such means Not needed.

An inquisitive reader may ask a question: if you need to delete stagnant stomach contents soaked in alcohol, then why is the use of sorbents contraindicated and useless? Namely, because the next morning there is little alcohol in the stomach and intestines, and there is a lot of food. IN as a result, a significant amount of sorbents will be neutralized this mass, and will not be able to absorb the remnants of alcohol.

Hangover Nutrition Supplements

Rating: 2.0

Anti-aircraft gun Zinal pro

He runs to the catcher and the beast, and demand creates supply. Here are just a small list of such drugs that relate to Supplements: Alecol, DrinkOFF, Zorex (Zorex), Antipohmelin, Morning Care, Alcocline, Zenalk Zinal pro.

For example, the domestic Zorex remedy contains unitiol, and calcium pantothenate. As is known from military chemistry and toxicology, unitiol effectively fights a special group of poisons to which include heavy metal compounds. These poisons block special sulfur-containing groups called sulfhydryl groups, or thiol (SH). As a result, the activity of some groups of enzymes. But acetic aldehyde that provides everything symptoms of a hangover, in no way related to thiol connections. If one atom is added to acetic aldehyde oxygen, then it will turn into acetic acid. His formula extremely simple, like this: CH3-SON. This is ethanal, ethane, or acetic aldehyde.

And for its successful disposal, you need an enzyme called acetaldehyde dehydrogenase. But, unfortunately, this enzyme is impossible. make it work when taken in a pill. There are no such pills. But there are a number of drugs for alcoholism, which are able to block this enzyme, due to which syndromes hangovers become mandatory, and replace intoxication. it a drug for the treatment of alcoholism, which discourages patients to the green serpent. These include drugs such as Teturam, Antabus, disulfiram, Lidevin, Esperal and all other means, which make drinking alcohol unpleasant and very dangerous.

Therefore, zorax will be ineffective in alcohol intoxication. with a hangover, since there is no point of application of unitiol. Same applies to most dietary supplements, which contain various imported medicinal plants, often exotic, which also does not contribute to the breeding breakdown products of alcohol from the body. Also not worth the condition hangover drink an aphrodisiac that increases work hearts, you should give up coffee, and even more so from various Riga balms that activate, but contains alcohol. Otherwise, the treatment of a hangover syndrome turns into repeated alcohol intoxication. It’s much healthier to drink an effervescent aspirin, which in this case will show no antipyretic, analgesic effect, and also helps to thin the blood, as alcohol draws water from the blood into tissues and it worsens its rheological qualities become more dense.

Finally, in conclusion, it must be said that it is in a state hangover quite often in men over 40 years of age there are various severe cardiovascular disasters. If you feel that there were interruptions in the region of the heart, severe chest pain, with radiating to the left hand, under the left shoulder blade, then it’s necessary not to waste time on self-treatment of a hangover, even using old tried and tested methods, but call an ambulance help.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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