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Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Cellular polycarbonate is the best building a material for a covering of greenhouses, balconies, peaks, canopies, arbors. It is lightweight and easy to bend to repeat. arched lines. Hollow structure with air inside slows down heat exchange. Sheets are cut with a jigsaw to the desired size. Through translucent walls light passes well. To pick up this material, we recommend that you read the rating of the best manufacturers of cellular polycarbonate, which we have compiled with taking into account consumer reviews and the characteristics of the manufactured products.

Rating of the best manufacturers of cellular polycarbonate

Nomination a place manufacturer rating
Rating of the best manufacturers of cellular polycarbonate 1 Polygal plastics 5.0
2 Brett Martin 4.9
3 Bayer (TM Makrolon) 4.8
4 Polyu Italiana 4.7
5 Lexan 4.6
6 Kronos 4.5
7 Carboglass 4.4
8 Sellex 4.3
9 Novattro 4.2
10 Ecovice 4.1
11 Berolux 4.0

Polygal plastics

Rating: 5.0


The first place in the ranking is an Israeli manufacturer Polygal. The company has been producing polypropylene for many years, but when the feedstock declined due to the oil crisis, retrained for the production of cellular polycarbonate. FROM 1973 the manufacturer has gained considerable experience and today is world leader in the industry. Brand advantage is application special coating of increased thickness (up to 50 microns) per cell polycarbonate, which prevents destruction from solar attacks. IN at the same time, the light transmission reaches 82%, which practical for greenhouses and greenhouses. The catalog contains five types of cellular polycarbonate with a thickness of 3.2 to 20 mm.

We rated the manufacturer because of high quality products. The company has its own laboratory, where not only can theoretically calculate the strength of a honeycomb or tear resistance, and simulate natural weather conditions (rain, wind, hail, temperature changes). This allows you to see the reaction of the material and make the necessary changes before the mass release on sale.


  • protective layer against UV rays;
  • a large selection of polycarbonate in thickness and color;
  • many official dealers;
  • serves at a temperature of -40 … + 120 degrees;
  • light transmission is 82%.


  • in Russia there are fakes;
  • high price;
  • only two sizes: 2.1×6 and 2.1×12 m.

Brett Martin

Rating: 4.9


In the second position in the ranking, we have a brand from Northern Ireland. The company appeared in 1958 and today has offices in Europe and the UK. Manufacturer offers cell polycarbonate, which is designed for operation at a temperature from -40 to 120 degrees. Official Cell Material Warranty is 10 years, but judging by the reviews, he is able to serve and more. In the company’s catalog, products are divided into three categories: general purpose cellular sheets, construction sheets, facade panels. The thinnest 4 mm sheet weighs 800 g / m². The most 50 mm thick honeycomb panel weighs 4.3 kg / m².

Our experts rated the manufacturer in view of the release of thick honeycomb sheets, the analogues of which are not even among the leader of the TOP-11. This is polycarbonate with a thickness of 35-50 mm, which can be used for finishing more serious metal structures, for example with two floors. At the same time, the Marlon Click Fix plate 50 mm is able to bend in cold with a radius of 3.6 m, which expands the possibilities for creating a complex relief of the facade.


  • product service life up to 10 years (warranty);
  • polycarbonate is environmentally friendly;
  • self-extinguishing plastic is used for production;
  • the bending radius of some types of polycarbonate reaches 0.7 m;
  • water absorption of 20,000 kgf / cm².


  • high price;
  • the mass of some plates is higher than usual, which must be considered when preparing the frame.

Bayer (TM Makrolon)

Rating: 4.8


Third in the ranking is a manufacturer from Germany. TM brand Makrolon belongs to the famous Bayer concern and is very popular in Europe. The production of cellular polycarbonate is in German and Italian factories. By quality, the product belongs to the first class and meets the standards of durability and environmental friendliness. To consumers honeycomb material with a section of 4, 6, 8 and 10 mm is offered, which affects the weight of 1 m², varying from 0.8 to 1.7 kg. By colors there are bronze and transparent options. You can buy panels only in one size 2.1×0.6 m. Consumers in reviews share, that the manufacturer has a flexible discount system that starts when you buy from 20 sheets.

We rated the manufacturer as polycarbonate from of this brand is the most fire-resistant – the figure is 570 degrees. When honeycomb panels start to melt, smoke minimized, which allows the use of material not only in greenhouses, but in residential structures (balconies, terraces).


  • production in Germany and Italy;
  • controlled quality;
  • profitable system of discounts as the volume of the order increases;
  • 10 year warranty;
  • increased strength.


  • only one sheet size 2.1×6 m;
  • two colors – transparent and bronze;
  • no thick plates – maximum cross section 10 mm.

Polyu Italiana

Rating: 4.7


The fourth in the ranking is the Daulux brand, which owned by the manufacturer Polyu Italiana, located in Switzerland. Cellular polycarbonate has a reduced thermal conductivity and reduces the cost of heating the greenhouse by 50%. Each sheet is coated with UV absorbers, which prevents the destruction of the structure of polycarbonate from sunlight. To buyers reviews like the ease of defining the side of defense, marked with markings or blue film. The company gives a guarantee 10 years on their products. The company offers a transparent, dairy, Blue, green and bronze polycarbonate.

We put the manufacturer in the rating due to the stability of the cellular polycarbonate to higher temperatures +125 degrees. it allows the use of building material in warm regions for construction of greenhouses and gazebos located in open areas. At a temperature of 145-150 degrees, the sheets only reduce hardness, but keep their shape.


  • 6 color options for different designs;
  • bending radius from 0.75 m;
  • thermal conductivity 0.21 W deg. C;
  • impact strength 700 J / m.


  • 30-35 mm sheets are prohibited to bend;
  • the weight of some honeycomb panels is 3.8 kg / m²;
  • high price;
  • increased thermal expansion of 6.7×10 1 / deg. C.


Rating: 4.6


The fifth place in the rating belongs to the Austrian company Sabic. The manufacturer produces cellular polycarbonate under the Lexan brand. The company has existed for more than 50 years and its products are used in glazing of facades of stations, stadiums, airports and shopping centers around the world. Buyers are offered two lines of cellular building material: Oscar and Boprex. Builders in reviews report that panels from this manufacturer withstand well snow load, and the greenhouse can not be disassembled for the winter. it due to the complex structure of cells consisting of several jumpers inside.

The manufacturer got into the rating due to a fundamentally different technologies for integrating UV protective coating. Unlike Other extrusion brands Lexan uses laminating (Thermoclear varnishing). This contributes to reliable protection and prevents clouding and reduced light transmission in 5 times, in comparison with cellular polycarbonate of other firms.


  • there is an HP-connecting profile for easy installation;
  • high light transmission of 85%;
  • density 1.3 kg / m²;
  • increased impact strength.


  • only two sizes available;
  • high price;
  • only one color.


Rating: 4.5


Sixth in the ranking is a domestic manufacturer whose the plant has been operating in Omsk since 2016. Despite its youth, the company already managed to confidently enter the construction market, offering mobile polycarbonate at an affordable price. At first, the company produced only “Standard” polycarbonate with a density of 0.7 kg / m², which provided high strength walls of metal structures. And only recently manufacturer opened a light series with a reduced volume of raw materials Solaris (0.52 kg / m²). For structures subjected to increased loads, the company produces a special line of cellular polycarbonate Premium with a density of 0.8 kg / m², what customers like about reviews.

In our opinion, the manufacturer deserves a place in the ranking due to the release of highly durable polycarbonate withstanding gusts of wind up to 20 m / s. Another line of “Suite” is provided with a guarantee of 20 years, which not all competitors from the rating can allow.


  • warranty for 10-20 years;
  • low thermal conductivity 3.6 W / mK;
  • affordable cost;
  • thickness 4-16 mm.


  • operating temperature up to + 90º loses to others firms;
  • each meter is extended by 0.3% of thermal expansion;
  • two color options;
  • implements only thin sheets.


Rating: 4.4


The seventh step of the rating is represented by domestic Carboglass manufacturers, which began operations in 2006 Now the production of cellular polycarbonate is carried out at four factories in Krasnoyarsk and Golitsyno. For the manufacture of products The extrusion line of the Italian company Omipa is used. As Pellets from Kafrit, Styrol, Covestro are purchased from raw materials. For reliable and hermetic installation of polycarbonate, the company provides corner, wall and ridge profiles that allows you to buy everything in one place and consumers like it in reviews.

The company is rated by our experts because of the release high light transmittance modular polycarbonate 86%, which is only slightly inferior to glass. This is beneficial on the growth of plants in greenhouses. There is also a manufacturer’s catalog reinforced ruler, which in addition to a square honeycomb contains diagonal jumper to increase structural strength.


  • 3-7 layers of flexible film on top of plastic;
  • service life up to 20 years;
  • acceptable price;
  • large selection of colors;
  • good flexibility.


  • the mass density does not match the declared;
  • there is no marking on the sheets;
  • there is no labeling on honeycomb panels, so it’s difficult check originality.


Rating: 4.3


The eighth in our rating is the company Polialt, which produces Sellex polycarbonate. The buyer is offered several lines Honeycomb Material: Premium, Inside, Solaris, Standart, Matador with section 3.3-16 mm, which is optimal for domestic needs and small building structures. Sun protection It is applied to all products and the layer thickness is at least 30 microns. Polycarbonate is produced in two sizes 2.1×6 and 2.1×12 m, which allows you to immediately close the area from 12 to 25 m². Masters and ordinary consumer reviews like polycarbonate bends easily, and the shape of the greenhouse or visor can be made almost semicircular. Despite the thin walls of the honeycomb, the panels give a sound insulation of 17-20 dBA, which is practical for cladding balconies or porches.

We believe that the manufacturer should be rated in view of the release of cellular material in 12 colors. In addition to standard, there is red, turquoise, silver, yellow, cherry. It expands Possibility of decorating a porch, balcony or canopy to the design was combined with the overall design of the facade.


  • 200 times stronger than glass;
  • suitable for the temperature range of -40 … + 120 degrees;
  • obligatory protective layer against UV rays;
  • light transmission 85%;
  • resistance to short-term exposure to chemicals.


  • sharp edges from the factory;
  • a guarantee in practice implies a discount on a new sheet if the old one has gone bad;
  • changes in linear dimensions up to 2.5%.


Rating: 4.2


The ninth ranking position was awarded to the domestic manufacturer SoftPlast, a brand producing cellular polycarbonate Novattro. The company has existed since 2007 and is constantly trying improve the quality of their products. By cell structure polycarbonate provides three types: classic (square honeycomb), reinforced (with two jumpers), and heavy-duty (in large the cell has 12 additional partitions). In the CIS 150 dealers operate, which allows you to buy goods with a minimum extra charge. Users in reviews praise products for reduction condensation inside the honeycomb, helping to maintain transparency. By thickness, the company offers options from 4 to 32 mm.

The manufacturer is added to the ranking of the best due to release polycarbonate Actual with a bio-layer. This is a personal development. innovation department. Bio coating is activated when hit on sunlight and provides the transmission of light 18% more flow than products without it. It promotes increase the content of vitamin C in green mass by 15% and vitamin A 66% (proven by research).


  • padlocked panels for easy sheet joining between by yourself;
  • The goods are certified by the Russian Agricultural Academy;
  • service life up to 20 years;
  • condensation protection;
  • 14 year warranty.


  • only two sheet sizes;
  • linear resizing when heated to 2.3%.


Rating: 4.1


The top ten included another domestic manufacturer, offering three lines of cellular polycarbonate. In the company catalog You can find the series: Gross-PC, Ecovice and EuroTek. Last view Specially designed for greenhouses and greenhouses. By section of panels There are four options for 4, 6, 8 and 10 mm. Water absorption polycarbonate by weight is not more than 0.4%. Despite simple structure, sheet elasticity not less than 2000 MPa. Even the most a thin plate from this manufacturer is able to withstand the load on bend 8.5 kg. Tensile strength is 35 MPa. Numerous reviews indicate that this is the best polycarbonate in terms of price and quality, which users choose for installation of greenhouses and peaks.

Our experts liked the manufacturer by the presence of black cellular polycarbonate, which is almost not found in other companies. This material is less dirty, it does not show traces of dried condensate, and it is suitable for designing a visor or space under the railing with an interesting design.


  • There are 11 color options;
  • affordable price;
  • does not emit a smell of chemistry;
  • when cutting there is no crumbling;
  • resistant to degrees.


  • thickness 4-10 mm;
  • only a classic square-cell structure;
  • light transmission lags behind competitors and accounts for 70%;
  • it is calculated on operating temperature to -20 degrees;
  • resizing with thermal expansion up to 5%.


Rating: 4.0


The Yug-Oil-Plast plant completes the rating of the best manufacturers, located in Cherkessk. The company produces cellular polycarbonate under the brand name Berolux and supplies it to Russia and other CIS countries. By density, most types of products have a mass of 1.4 kg per square meter, which is slightly inferior to the reference brands with their 1.7 kg / m². But the masters in the reviews share that the sheets are 10 mm thick quite rigid and can withstand the weight of a person during installation of the roof. They do not break and do not slip, leaving cavities on the roof. All boards have a protective coating against sunlight at 40 microns. The producer uses pure granulate as raw material without polymer recycling that affects transparency the walls.

Our experts included the manufacturer in the rating because of the optimal prices and product quality. It is a good alternative to expensive European brands. Another feature of the company are bright saturated colors. For example, green polycarbonate looks like emerald that looks advantageous compared to pale competitor options.


  • various color scale;
  • 10 years warranty, and the actual service life of 10-20 years;
  • withstands frosts down to -40 degrees;
  • self-extinguishing properties;
  • affordable price.


  • in batches a different tone comes across;
  • there is no strict conformity in size;
  • uneven cell structure.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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