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Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Steering tips are elements of the control system. car designed to transmit traction from the steering wheel (steering rack) on wheels. Since traction changes translationally, and the angles of the mating parts can vary strictly certain limits, the steering tips are made in the form articulated joints.

In modern production conditions, development and production steering tips auto controls more than 100 various companies. The consumer segment has long been established a list of those who are subject to the rank of reliable, and those whose products are not worth the money spent. After another market research auto parts magazine selected for you 10 of the best manufacturers of steering tips for cars that highly rated by users and staff experts.

Rating of the best firms of steering tips

Nomination a place manufacturer rating
Rating of the best firms of steering tips 1 Lemforder 5.0
2 TRW 4.9
3 Moog 4.8
4 DELPHI 4.7
5 ZF PARTS 4.6
6 QSTEN 4.5
7 WEEN 4.4
8 Masuma 4.3
9 Fenox 4.2


Rating: 5.0


Steering tip and traction brand packer for conveyors of the famous German automakers: BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen. The main competitive advantage of the brand over others lies in the low price factor, since the rejection self made from a manufacturing company qualified and eminent intermediary.

In original Lemforder packages for the last 4-5 years, there are parts of South Korean production from CTR, and also German, but from the company Sachs, which manages to work and on yourself, and supply the details of another partner in the corporation – Knecht. And if with the status of “packer” many loyal fans Lemforder still can’t put up with it, but with the quality of new parts in an old box – have already found a compromise. All because they have not lost at all as a relatively former of the original: average mileage of the steering tip before critical backlash even on budget cars can reach 100-150 thousand kilometers, not to mention premium options. As the saying goes, the brand “lost its face”, but still managed to withstand brand.


Rating: 4.9


The second place in the ranking of manufacturers is taken by TRW, Known in Russia under the Lucas brand. Production capacity this giant from Germany (at least for the European segment) are partially located in the homeland and in Spain, which allows you to pin your hopes on good technical condition finished product with a minimum reject rate when exiting from conveyor belt.

According to consumers, the quality of the finished steering tips (and steering rods) from TRW is often inferior to quality original parts standing on the car from the conveyor. This does not apply European cars only: even Japanese and Korean flagships “native” tips, sometimes look much more impressive and go from 100 thousand kilometers. But the products German corporation has one undeniable advantage over originals: it usually costs the buyer a few times cheaper. And given the fact that the average mileage on the replaced details until the first signs of malfunction appear 70-80 thousand kilometers, the benefit is more than obvious.


Rating: 4.8


The third line of the rating goes to MOOG – the most famous American concern, which produces spare parts for systems management and running gear of cars. Until the early 2000s this manufacturer existed remotely from European markets and Asia – his priority has been to support domestic American auto industry. A little later, the situation began to acquire a different appearance: there was a need for fame, because the internal competitors began to fill the market, including from other continents.

Partly due to late access to the world, partly due to location of production facilities in the United States, MOOG continues to be positioned quite expensive company. In connection with this standard steering wheel prices remain significantly higher than the average market. However, the pluses are compliance strict quality standards and low levels of marriage (fakes are not in score). According to hundreds of consumers, the technical condition of the factory consumables allow you to overcome up to 150 thousand kilometers without obvious signs of an imminent breakdown, which even taking into account the high price often worth the investment. And, oddly enough, moog can call the manufacturer of the highest quality steering tips from top three ranking, albeit not high enough overall popularity, coupled with a large price tag does not allow to bring it to first place.


Rating: 4.7


On the fourth line is another representative from the United States – large DELPHI corporation with many subsidiaries and units in all parts of the globe. According to majority reports experts (as well as according to professional users), this manufacturer is preferred whose products diverge, including on conveyor lines set of auto concerns.

The main problem of steering tips from DELPHI is the fact that their price often exceeds the price tags of the original spare parts for certain types of cars. In this case, complaints to no quality: anthers and cuffs are always set to conscience, honestly work out the declared working kilometers and are exposed change of available components. As shown by laboratory tests, average mileage (under normal operating conditions) can reach 150 thousand kilometers, which is excellent result. But in the realities of Russian roads, this figure should be halved, as well as reporting indicators of all other competitors.


Rating: 4.6


Fifth place ZF PARTS due to several aspects. Firstly, this brand belongs to the same corporation into which includes Lemforder, BOGE and Sachs. Secondly, the whole the assortment of its steering tips is the result of work the above collaborating manufacturers (and packers).

Based on the above reasons, spare parts from ZF Parts have uneven quality resulting in mixed reviews users and controversial conclusions from experts. In particular, many confirm the fact that on mixed resource routes tips can be enough for only 20-25 thousand kilometers at actually claimed 50-70. However, individual samples really show basic results. Here are just them the percentage on the market is approximately 70:30 not in favor the latter. The factor of low price saves the situation: by analogy with Lemforder ZF PARTS keeps prices below the TRW level and (let alone more) MOOG, so that the product is stably sold out in retail.


Rating: 4.5


The premium analogue of spare parts from 555, which has earned popularity domestic users performance in poor urban roads and cross country. Average mileage in the city-off-road mode is 47-52 thousand kilometers, and all malfunctions are associated exclusively with the appearance of backlash in the hinge (a kink along the cross section of the rod does not occur, since all tips have a massive construction).

A neutral indicator for QSTEN is the level product prices: something is being sold cheaper, and something is more expensive than the market. AND here the main drawback lies in the shortage of tips even in online stores. It is not uncommon for users to access purchase of parts for installation only on the left or right side of the car – the second has to either wait a long time or search for urban warehouses. Moreover, the situation does not change over time. Due to such search difficulties, we will award QSTEN sixth place rating, despite the nominally good quality product.


Rating: 4.4


Seventh line of the rating and Belgian quality, complemented by correspondingly high price and good performance. WEEN- premium and unpopular brand in Russia that produces steering tips for the European and Japanese segment car manufacturers. Average mileage according to laboratory to tests, can vary from 80 to 120 thousand kilometers, with a large proportion of dependence on operating conditions. Naturally, that show the maximum on European autobahns will be much easier than on domestic roads, so do not be surprised if purchased the detail passes on your car no more than 60 thousand kilometers.

The main aspect that does not allow WEEN to break into the leading lines of the TOP of the best, is the impossibility of direct competition with more popular brands Lemforder, TRW or MOOG. Maybe in for the foreseeable future, the company will revise its pricing policy, which will increase the popularity of the product in Russia. In the meantime, we we have a very good workmanship with a price tag significantly above the market average … and as a result, low popularity brand with consumers.


Rating: 4.3


Japanese manufacturer of the middle price segment, gaining popularity and become for domestic users an alternative to the South Korean company CTR. Main enterprise Masuma is located in China, from where the spare parts (including steering tips), including those coming to the Russian market.

In general, it’s impossible to say anything negative about these details – cast metal, of course, is a little rough, but it affects the quality a little. An exception may be some airtime that has crept in casting, which will provoke the destruction of the rod in the transverse section. Of the reviews, only one such case was identified, and all the rest belonged to anther breakthrough or backlash. Notably that to increase reliability, the Chinese used a very effective method with setting 2 o-rings in the joint. This a constructive nuance has become the hallmark of a series of tips from Masuma, and allowed to extend their life to an average of 50-60 thousand kilometers.


Rating: 4.2


Controversial, but very cheap and geographic close to Russian manufacturer Fenox breaks into the top ten of our rating. According to preliminary estimates based on user reviews, the brand showed itself much better “losing” in the quality of CTR and less popular Sidem. What to say: Belarusians understand a lot about fine-tuning the construction of a part in order to increase reliability and working life. At the mount anther with an interference fit was provided ring recess, which eliminates the breakdown of this anther in the process operation. What is characteristic, such an element is present on almost all Fenox tips.

A small nuance of buying spare parts from this manufacturer is the need for pre-service before installation. So, every second user recommends replacement of factory grease, which tends to take gel-like form at a temperature below +5 degrees Celsius. Together with it, the average mileage of the tip is 30 thousand kilometers, in while the resource of serviced units tends to 50 thousand.


Rating: 4.1


Hans Pires (until recently the Topran brand) is a typical packer whose warehouse is located in Germany. It stands out from the competition with two things:

  1. it is relatively easy to get components for this trade brand even in Russia (another thing is that it does not very popular – this is not Lemforder);
  2. spare parts prices are often below market prices.

Mediation to promote your brand, of course, very profitable move. But at the same time, Hans Pires is often associated with big risks that depend on different qualities (in in this case) steering tips in the package. Trade owners brands take the opportunity to buy parts from little-known Japanese, Korean, European and even Chinese enterprises. Naturally, against this background, there are incidents like 4-5 thousand kilometers to the tip failure. Cases of such a little, but they are still there. But the price is affordable.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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