10 most unusual animals of planet Earth

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In addition to humanity, our planet is inhabited by the unimaginable many different kinds of creatures. From the northern ice to Antarctica, from the Western Hemisphere to the Eastern – life can be found everywhere in its most diverse manifestation. Amid all this wealth unique fauna which during tens of thousands of years of adaptation to environmental conditions strange, you can even say a fantastic look. In this collection we will introduce you to ten living beings claiming to be the title of the most unusual in the world. Meeting any of them is capable of make a lasting impression even on the most experienced and experienced traveler.

The most unusual animals in the world: photos, top 10 amazing creatures of our planet earth

Nomination a place name rating
Overview of the Most Unusual Animals in the World 1 Angora rabbit 4.1
2 Glass frogs 4.2
3 Platypus 4.3
4 Panda ant 4.4
5 Stargazer 4.5
6 Drop fish 4.6
7 Rag Seahorse 4.7
8 Octopus Dumbo 4.8
9 Madagascar Ai-Ay 4.9
10 Tarsier 5.0

Angora rabbit

Rating: 4.1


Angora rabbit in its natural unshorn appearance resembles white fluffy cloud, from which only ears and edge stick out faces. Hundreds of these spectacular animals began to breed in Turkey. years ago so they are one of the oldest artificially bred rabbit breeds. In the 18th century french sailors, having visited the capital of Turkey, which at that time wore the name of Angora, brought to their homeland several individuals. Soon Angora rabbits became popular among nobles, they were kept in as pets. A century later, rabbits spread throughout Europe. Currently eared handsome men are bred mainly for their valuable fur, from which produce a wide variety of woolen products.

Adult Angora rabbits reach approximately 60 centimeters in length, and their weight is from two to five kilograms. Is worth note that this species is divided into several breeds with its characteristic features. The most “productive” are considered German rabbits, bringing the greatest amount of fluff per year, and for decorative purposes rabbits are best suited English breed. Angora rabbits most often have a white color, but occasionally there are representatives of the species with gray, black or blue coat.

Glass frogs

Rating: 4.2

Glass Frogs

These frogs were nicknamed glass frogs for their clear skin, through which can be seen almost all internal organs animal: heart, liver, digestive system, and in case of females sometimes even spawn. Most representatives of this species only the stomach is transparent, but sometimes there are subspecies with translucent skin of the upper body. First glass frogs were discovered in Ecuador at the end of the 19th century. Besides Ecuador, they are also found in several other parts of South America. Tropical trees are preferred as habitat. or mountain forests.

In total there are more than one and a half hundred varieties of glass frogs. They all have a relatively small size – from three to eight centimeters in length. Like other amphibians, they feed small insects and soft-bodied arthropods. During the period frog breeding move closer to the river or stream, there they are lay eggs, choosing for this trees or bushes growing right above the water. In this way, frogs protect eggs from predatory fish, and at the same time ensure that hatched cubs get into the most comfortable aquatic habitat for them.


Rating: 4.3


Platypuses are extremely unusual and even a little paradoxical. mammals belonging to the order of one-pass. When at the end XVIII century English scientists first saw sent from Australia’s skin of this animal, at first it was taken for a fake, performed by some joker taxidermy. When it turned out that amazing creatures combining the skin of a beaver, duck flattened beak, limbs of reptiles and much more incongruous, actually real, it caused a huge stir in the scientific community. The habitat of the platypus is limited to the eastern part of the Australian continent, they live near rivers or ponds with fresh water.

These animals spend most of their time in water, seeking food. The platypus needs to be eaten per day the amount of food equivalent to a quarter of its own weight. It feeds mainly on small creatures such as larvae and tadpoles, as well as some types of algae. Despite, that platypuses are mammals, their females lay their eggs, like reptiles. After hatching, the females raise the babies and feed milk flowing through special pores. Platypus beak is strong different from duck, it is soft and covered with skin. His appointment far from decorative – the beak is used for electrolocation, allowing to detect prey, as the platypus does not use under water vision and smell. On the hind legs of the platypus there are poisonous spikes released by the toxin can kill a small animal. For human “acquaintance” with such a spike will turn into painful and extensive swelling at the site of injury. Fortunately, platypuses are rare show aggression towards people.

Panda ant

Rating: 4.4


Oddly enough, an insect called a panda ant on the refers to hymenoptera, as a species wingless wasps. These animals were first described in 1938, it is known that in nature there are more than 200 genera and thousands varieties. German wasps are also called velvet ants, since their torso and limbs are similar to ant and densely covered with fluffy hairs. You can see pandas ants on territories of Chile, Argentina, Mexico. They prefer to settle in regions with a dry and hot climate.

Panda ants are distinguished by evenly pronounced sexual dimorphism: females are much larger, have wings and antennae. Also at females there is a stridulatory organ that publishes a special chirping to attract the attention of males. It feeds on an insect like other wasps, flower nectar and plant sap. In a relationship offspring of female panda ants use parasitism – instead building their own nests they lay eggs in the nests other bees or wasps. Hatched predators immediately begin to ruining a new territory by eating other larvae. And since panda ants are armed with a sharp, long and poisonous sting, host wasps are not able to repel impudent invaders. Poison this type of wasp is not dangerous to humans, but capable of several bites to kill even a large animal.


Rating: 4.5


The stargazer stands out with its unusual star-shaped nose, consisting of 22 leather growths. This unsightly body is the most sensitive touch system in the world, it contains about a hundred thousand nerve fibers. Spiderweed shoots move with incredible speed, which only modern can camcorder. In just one second, the animal can feel and analyze up to thirteen small items for edibility. Representatives of the species inhabit the eastern part of the North American continent, in areas with moist soil.

If you take into account the prominent face, in everything else the structure of the starfish is almost similar to other moles. The only major difference is the long tail, serving for the accumulation of fat in the winter. Starfish build branched systems of underground passages, which allows them easily get food in the form of worms and insect larvae. In addition, they swim perfectly and often hunt small fish.

Drop fish

Rating: 4.6

Drop Fish

The drop fish has an extremely unusual shape of the front of the head, because of her “sad” eyes and drooping nose, she quickly became famous as one of the most bizarre creatures in the world. This deep-sea fish lives mainly near Australia and Tasmania at a depth of approximately 800-1000 meters. Her body is soft and gelatinous, which allows the fish to survive under tremendous pressure and move around without spending much energy. For the first time this species was discovered only at the beginning of the XX century, and studied by scientists – half a century later.

The droplet fish have very poorly developed muscles, therefore it eats she is passive – she simply swims, opening her mouth and swallowing any shallow inhabitants of the water depths. From fish other than the body, her distinguished by the absence of a swimming bladder, which is simply not would perform its functions in the deep sea where it dwells. Interestingly, the animal is an exemplary parent: not only hatches eggs, but also takes care of fry after hatching. Thanks to the fantastic look, the drop fish is fast became an Internet meme and even appeared in the movie “Men in Black” as one of the alien creatures.

Rag Seahorse

Rating: 4.7


These bright representatives of the underwater world can be found in Indian Ocean, usually off the coast of Australia, coral reef. They feel most comfortable in the warm water, therefore they live at a depth of up to 20 meters. Unique exterior numerous flat processes give the appearance of a rag-horse algae-like. Thus the fish is masked by numerous predators swimming in shallow water. Although the processes continuously swaying at a speed of 10 times per second, in movement they do not participate. In order to swim, the skate uses dorsal and pectoral fins.

The horse-rag belongs to the species of ray-finned fish from the family needle. Plankton serves as a power source, algae and small crustaceans. Like other marine species skates, fertilized eggs are hatched by males, and hatched the cubs take care of themselves on their own.

Octopus Dumbo

Rating: 4.8

Octopus Dumbo

Octopus Dumbo or scientifically made grimpotheutis is one of the most incredible cephalopods. Such a name the animal received due to the resemblance to the popular Disney hero, baby elephant Dumbo. Its upper fins are really strong reminiscent of elephant ears, moreover, with their help he can also soar, of course, not in the air, but above the seabed. Dwell Grimpotevtis at great depths, approximately three to four thousand meters. In size, these octopuses, as a rule, do not exceed 20 centimeters in length, although once a six-kilogram was found an individual with a body length of 180 centimeters.

Being a predator, the octopus Dumbo actively hunts, swimming in searching for prey, and upon discovering, swallows it whole. He eats a variety of worms and shellfish. To move the octopus uses not only its “ears”, but also connected by membranes tentacles and small funnels in the body through which he abruptly releases water, creating jet propulsion.

Madagascar Ai-Ay

Rating: 4.9

Madagascar hand-crank Ai-ai

Madagascar rainforest dweller Ai-Ay Has a creepy and at the same time funny appearance. Strange protruding hair, bald head, awkward limbs and “crazy” yellow eyes – this species of primates is difficult to confuse with to other animals. When scientists first became aware of its existence in 1780, they initially classified the creature as a rodent, but subsequently concluded that the arm is a special group lemurs.

Madagascar handgun prefers a nocturnal lifestyle. In the afternoon she sprinkles herself on a tree in her own built nest, and after sunset, looking for food. As such more often all serve the larvae living under the tree bark. In their catch the long and thin middle finger, which she taps the bark and extracts the prey. Also animals eat fruits, nuts, mushrooms.


Rating: 5.0


These cute and a little fantastic animals belong to primates, live in Southeast Asia. They differ disproportionately large head, which can also rotate almost 360 degrees and of course with huge eyes. For comparison, with the parameters of the body equal to the human eye tarsiers would be the size of an apple. They also have long tenacious fingers, allowing effortless movement on the trees.

Animals live in tropical rainforests, they can also be meet in bamboo thickets. Only active at night in the afternoon try to hide in the hollows of trees or other secluded places. Tarsiers feed on lizards, insects and arthropods, thanks to their large keen eyes and keen hearing they are excellent hunters. Most often, individuals live separately, sometimes in pairs, while occupying their own area, which is not allowed to other representatives of their species. Between themselves they communicate at ultrasonic frequencies. Due to unusual external species local residents have long considered tarsiers supernatural creatures, forest spirits.

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