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Reading is an amazing process. This is an opportunity to get new information at your own pace; have fun and go to uncharted worlds without getting up from the couch; to wonder other people’s talent; learn to better express your thoughts, talk and write; get centuries-old wisdom and prepare for new life challenges …

GFK International Market Research Institute conducted survey, asking respondents how often they read. And the results, in fact, pleasing. In this article, we made a rating of 10 the most readable countries in the world – that is, 10 countries in which people read often.

Rating of the most reading countries of the world

Nomination a place country rating
10 most read countries of the world 10 Canada 4.1
9 Mexico 4.2
8 Brazil 4.3
7 Argentina 4.4
6 USA 4.5
5 Great Britain 4.6
4 Italy 4.7
3 Spain 4.8
2 Russia 4.9
1 China 5.0


Rating: 4.1


51% of Canadians surveyed admitted to reading books though once a week. And the most popular work was a novel Cherie Dimaline called The Marrow Thieves.

The Marrow Thieves – dystopian novel for teens, telling about a gloomy and not too pleasant future, in which people forgot how to dream. This led to disastrous psychological consequences. As a result, the insidious government went on a “hunt” for those few remaining people who still haven’t lost the gift of dreaming, hoping to make life-saving serum from their bone marrow.

In addition, among the most read books in this country Indian Horse novel by Richard Wagamez, telling about the difficult the life of an Indian boy; and Warlight by Michael Ondaya, telling about the life of London children during the Nazi the bombing of 1945.


Rating: 4.2


52% of Mexicans surveyed said they read books each day or at least 1 time per week. A most read book turned out to be Espejos y Ventanas (Mirrors and Windows) by Mark Luonsa.

Espejos y Ventanas follows Latin American traditions Literature is a novel about ordinary people who lived in the Mexican community at Kenneth Square. He talks about the Mexicans, migrated to the USA for a better life; about their parents remaining in Mexico about their children, who are forced to exist almost in two countries at the same time. “Mirrors and Windows” reveals the struggle immigrants for their social, political and economic rights.

Also among the most read books in this country are the study of prostitution and the persecution of this activity in the 19-20 centuries from Fernanda Nunez Becerra; and illustrated non-fiction publication about the intricacies and traditions of the celebration of the Day of the Dead.


Rating: 4.3


53% of Brazilian respondents reported reading at least books once a week, or even every day. Actually, this makes her one of the most read countries in the world. And the most popular book among Brazilians turned out to be A Sutil Arte de Ligar o Fda-Se, released on Russian language called “The subtle art of indifference”, by Mark Manson.

“The subtle art of indifference” is a nonfiction work, which teaches an unusual way of life. It teaches you to speak and act. directly, eliminates unnecessary and meaningless positive, and is, in fact, a critical reaction to motivating benefits. FROM the point of view of the author, to achieve happiness you need not look positive, but accept your flaws.

Also among the most read books in this country were “451 Fahrenheit “- an anti-utopian novel by a classic American Ray Bradbury literature; and O milagre da manhã (“Wonder of the morning”) Hal Elroda – a nonfiction work that talks about the benefits of the early awakening and suggesting the right morning habits.


Rating: 4.4


53% of Argentines, when asked how often they read, said that every day or at least 1 time per week. Most popular the novel “A meter from each other” became an artistic work for by Rachel Lippincott.

“A meter apart” is a novel for teens, telling about the love of two young people. And it would be nice if not for one “but”. If a guy touches a girl – she will die. So a deadly disease is a little in the way of development feelings and relationships. The book has become a bestseller not only in Argentina, but also in a huge number of other countries, and is based on real events.

However, not only sentimental prose are fond of Argentines. Among the most widely read books in this country are Sapiens. A Brief History of Humanity “by Yuval Noah Harari – popular science work on evolutionary biology in the context of development our kind with you; and a collection of poems by Argentine author Mercedes Romero “Fireflies in the banks.”


Rating: 4.5


55% of Americans reported reading at least 1 time per week, and every day. This put the USA on the 6th line of our rating. the most reading countries in the world. And the most popular book became memoirs of the wife of Barack Obama.

Michelle Obama’s memoirs, dubbed Becoming, tell first of all about the life of the very first lady of the USA, and practically not affect politics. In the book, she recalls how she studied at Princeton and Harvard Law School both worked in law the company as she met her husband. Even the story of the period after The 2008 election focuses more on family life than politics.

Americans are basically interested in politics. Among the most popular books in this country also include monumental work Michael Wolfe “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” telling about the first months of the reign of the 45th president of the United States. AND another bestseller is Girl, Wash Your Face. from Rachel Hollis – a mixture of memoirs, motivational advice and common sense talk for teenage girls.

Great Britain

Rating: 4.6

Great Britain

56% of UK respondents told researchers that read at least 1 time per week. And so this country came to 5th place in the ranking. And the most popular work has become book Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine (“Eleanor Oliphant feeling great “) from Gail Haniman.

“Eleanor Olyphant …” is a life-affirming novel that tells the story of the heroine of the same name. Eleanor is strange sarcastic, open and honest woman, with a difficult past and hereby. As a child, she lived with a mother who suffered from mental illness. a disease. And having matured – she became a patronage sister who didn’t treats patients very well. The book is a huge number of emotions – from anger to sadness, from loneliness to hope for the future.

In addition, the number of best sellers in this country included work “It Will Hurt: The Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor” British comedian Adam Kay, a collection of medical notes service; and the children’s book “Ice Monster” about the girl, intent on find a mammoth.


Rating: 4.7


56% of Italians participating in the study also reported that they read 1 time per week or more often. And the most popular book became L’altro capo del filo (“The Other End of the Thread”) by local author Andrea Camilleri.

Andrea Camilleri is known primarily as the author of the book “The form of water”, but in the homeland the series brought him popularity detectives. “The Other End of the Thread” also applies to this genre. A detective talks about the brutal murder of a young and respected by everyone. seamstresses. And the commissioner of police Montalbano is connected to the investigation – the hero of several dozen novels by Andrea Camilleri.

Also among the most popular works in this country are “My brilliant friend” by Elena Ferrante – a novel about two women, living in a poor Neapolitan area; and “7-7-2007” Antonio Mancini, another police detective known in Italy series.


Rating: 4.8


Spain opens the top three most readable countries in the world – 57% respondents admitted that they spend at least one book with evenings a week. And the most popular work was Berta Isla from Javier Marias.

Berta Isla – a practically spy novel about touching love British intelligence officer Thomas and the mysterious woman Berta. But not rely on action and other exciting pursuits with firefights. Berta Isla is gradually plunging into the darkest and most the dark corners of the human soul telling the story of the gap touching relationship.

In addition, the novel Un andar solitario was among the best-sellers. entre la gente (“Lonely walk among people”) by Antonio Munoz Molina about the creators and people of art in search of understanding; and El día que se perdió el amor (Lost Day of Love) Javier Castillo – an exciting thriller full of action, intrigue and romance.


Rating: 4.9


Contrary to popular belief, Russia is on the honorable second place of the most reading countries in the world – 59% of respondents admitted that they open the book at least 1 time per week. And the most a popular work was the novel of Victor Pelevin “Art light touch. ”

In The Art of Light Touch, Victor Pelevin returns to favorite genre of transcendental prose, constantly mixing genres, styles and plots. It’s hard to say what this book is about. “Art of the lungs touches “- not a novel, but a metaphorical journey through modernity and antiquity, full of precise formulations and witty allegories.

In addition, the “Mint Tale” was among the best sellers in Russia. Alexander Polyarny – an incredibly controversial work in the genre sentimental prose, which some readers compare with a cup cappuccino under a warm blanket, and others – called steamed graphomania; and George Orwell’s 1984, an anti-utopia that once again gained relevance in the context of modern political realities.


Rating: 5.0


And China has become the most reading country in the world. And not only because that he is the most populous state. 79% of surveyed Chinese reported that they read at least once a week. And the most popular the work was the novel “Live” by the famous local author Yu Hua.

“Living” is far from a new work. His first edition held in 1993. The novel tells the story of the Chinese revolution, its consequences and action on ordinary people. The plot focuses on Fugui, son of a wealthy landowner. Before the revolution, he was selfish nobleman, after – became persecuted by the state.

In addition, the list of bestsellers in this country includes all three books by Liu Qixin (“The task of three bodies”, “Dark Forest”, “Eternal Life Death “) – a series of” hard “science fiction novels that extremely interesting describes the probable contact with alien civilizations and offers a very peculiar solution to the paradox Fermi.

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