10 longest stairs on the planet

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Not all of us like to go up the stairs. Even the inhabitants of the second floors sometimes use the elevator, and apartment owners in multi-story houses with horror think that someday the elevator will break and have to walk more than a dozen floors up.

But there are other people for whom to even climb on foot to the 45th floor is not a challenge. It is they who travel to other countries to rise at least one of the stairs, which will be discussed in this article – the longest stairs in the world.

Rating of the longest stairs on the planet

Nomination a place name price
Overview of the longest stairs on the planet 1 Staircase on Mount Niesen, Switzerland 11,674 STEPS
2 Fleurly Staircase, Norway 4,444 STEPS
3 Haiku Staircase, USA 3,992 STEPS
4 Stairway to Heaven’s Gate, China 999 STEPS
5 Jacob’s Staircase in Jamestown, St. Helena 699 STEPS
6 Stairway to Machu Picchu, Peru 600 STEPS
7 Staircase of Milan Cathedral, Italy 500 STEPS
8 Chkalovskaya ladder, Russia 442 (560) STEPS
9 Half Dome Staircase, USA 400 STEPS
10 Soldier Staircase, Belgium 374 STEPS

1st place: Staircase on Mount Niesen, Switzerland – 11674 steps

Rating: 5.0

Staircase on Mount Niesen, Switzerland

The longest staircase in the world is in Switzerland. Here, in In the Bern region, there is Mount Niesen, part of the Alps. And on her on the slopes is a staircase that fell into the Guinness Book of Records for its length. To get to the top, you have to overcome 11674 steps – or 3.4 km of the path. And the height difference – from beginning to end – is 1699 meters.

The stairs were built at the beginning of the last century. In 1910 on the slope the mountains were laid by the Niesenbahn funicular (by the way, it still works then). A ladder was required so that the workers could get to any part of it in case of breakage or other problems.

In the Swiss Alps, in the canton of Bern, there is Mount Niesen. This the mountain fell into the Guinness Book of Records – it is located on it the longest staircase in the world. She has 11674 steps, her length 3.4 kilometers, the lifting height is 1699 meters from the bottom point. Also in In 1910, the Niesenbahn funicular was launched here, which runs until so far. A staircase was built to provide technical cable car service – workers must be able to get there to any section of the road.

Climbing to the top offers a panoramic view of the mountains peaks and ancient cities such as Spitz, Interlaken and Kandersteg. Upstairs is the Berghaus Niesen Kulm Restaurant Hotel. Here you can have lunch at the very top of the mountain and admire the surroundings landscape.

True, tourists can walk along this staircase only once in year. In June, the Niesen Staircase Race is held here at walking speed. It was first held in 1990. The only “but” is that the competition only 500 people are allowed, so participants have to sign up in advance – often several years before the match.

2nd place: Fleurly staircase, Norway – 4444 steps

Rating: 4.9

Fleurly Staircase, Norway - 4444 steps

In the village of Flelle in Norway is the longest wooden staircase in the world. It consists of 4444 steps, length – 1600 meters, elevation difference – 740 meters. The staircase is not fenced. She leads to the power station, built back in 1920, and goes along the pipes, which previously supplied water.

Trees are planted on both sides of the stairs. And where their strip is pumped, a view of the Lucefjord and the cliff opens Prekestulen. It’s best to visit Fleurly in the summer or spring – these seasons green trees form a tunnel along the path. And fresh air and the shadow of the spreading crowns simplifies the ascent.

Those who are not ready to go 4444 steps, and those who have risen and not wants to go this way again, they can use the funicular. It was previously used to deliver equipment for construction. power plants. Construction lasted from 1918 to 1920.

3rd place: Haiku Staircase, USA – 3992 steps

Rating: 4.8

Haiku Stairs

Along the highlands of Oahu in Hawaii is the third The world’s largest staircase. She’s called Haiku and climbs up 859 meters above sea level. Toponym has nothing to do with the genre of Japanese poetry – it comes from the name of the local cahili flower. The trail was built in 1942. Previously she was wooden and used to lay cable for the American military base. In the 50s it was replaced by a metal one.

In the 40s, on one of the mountain peaks on the island to which she led staircase, was located naval radio station broadcasting long distances – from the Gulf of Tokyo to India – signals low frequency. They were taken by US submarines. After decommissioning the base in 50s here is the Omega navigation system. It worked until the closure of the project in 1997. In 1987 the trail closed for visitors, set prohibition signs, for violators set a fine of $ 1,000. However were daredevils who still climbed it. Now local authorities are thinking about turning the trail into an attraction for tourists. For this, it was repaired in 2003, but so far for Visits have not opened.

The rise here is not only illegal, but also dangerous. However not all it stops – because to those who have risen, beautiful opens view of the Pacific Ocean and green surroundings.

4th place: Staircase to the “Heaven’s Gate”, China – 999 steps

Rating: 4.7

Stairway to

A short distance from Zhangjiajie City in Hunan Province in China, there is Mount Tianmen. There are many tourist attractions: one of the longest on the planet cable cars, trails, including a glass trail, the road of 99 turns, and, finally, the Sky Gate is a large cave, the opening of which looks like a huge doorway in the rock. Width the opening is 30 meters. A staircase leads to the gates of heaven – 999 steps.

Mount Tianmen is well known to tourists. Usually before how to rise to the gates, people prefer to see others Attractions: reach the lower by cable car top of the mountain, walk along the trails, climb the tower on top of the mountain and see the panorama opening from there, drive along the road Tuntian (“heavenly highway”, or the road of 99 turns). After lifting spectacular views do not open up the stairs – more value has a symbol of the Heavenly Gate, to which people still managed to get there.

5th place: Jacob’s Staircase in Jamestown, St. Helena – 699 steps

Rating: 4.6

Jacob's Staircase in Jamestown, St. Helena

Jacob’s ladder in Jamestown is what remains of funicular built at the beginning of the XIX century. After the funicular stopped functioning, the stairs were left in place, and it still connects Jamestown and the Half Three Hollow area, located on top of a hill.

In 1829, the railway company of St. Helena built an inclined path of 282 meters in length, along which two the wagon. The purpose of the journey was to transport cargo from Jamestown to the fortress at the top of the hill and back. Wagons moving along wooden rails covered with iron, which lay on the sleepers, fixed in stone slope. The sleepers were separated by steps for pedestrians, there were 700 of them. The elevation angle varied between 39 and 41 degrees. The wagons moved three donkeys at the top of the hill, who were spinning lifting gate connected to the wagons with an iron chain.

In the last century, sleepers were seriously damaged, because wagons, rails and driving mechanisms removed, leaving only a ladder. IN as a result of road works, she became one step shorter – now it has 699 steps. In 2000, along the ascent path installed lights; in 2006, the steps were repaired. Every year a festival is held on the island where people compete who is faster goes up the path, now called the staircase Jacob. In 2016, a record rise time was 5 minutes 16.78 seconds.

6th place: Stairway to Machu Picchu, Peru – 600 steps

Rating: 4.5

Stairway to Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu is an ancient Inca city located on the territory of Peru, on top of a mountain range at an altitude of 2,400 meters. Down below is the valley of the Urubamba river. Surviving buildings – mostly temples, residences and other public buildings of antiquity. A place attractive for tourists – there was even a need to limit their number is up to 2500 people per day. In the city there are many stairs to which you can walk, they are all made of stone. The longest of them, 600 steps long, leads to the temple The moon.

The staircase to the temple of the moon was built by the Incas about 500 years ago – exact date is unknown. The climb can be difficult and dangerous as the steps are high enough and there are no barriers and handrail. However, those who have risen will be able to touch the unusual antique building, as well as admire the view from foot of the temple.

7th place: Staircase of the Cathedral of Milan, Italy – 500 steps

Rating: 4.4

Staircase of the Cathedral of Milan, Italy

Milan Cathedral is a cathedral that is located in Italian city of Milan. It was founded in 1386, built from marble in an atypical gothic style for the country. Building It lasted six centuries and was completed only in 1965. The cathedral It is an architectural monument, a striking example of late Gothic. It contains many sculptures, columns and turrets, spiers, soaring supports. Milan Cathedral – one of the largest in Europe, it holds 40 thousands of people.

A staircase with a length of 500 steps leads to the roof of the cathedral. Located it is on the north side of the cathedral, begins on the street. Opening in in some places it’s narrow, and the roof above is sloping, therefore in rainy time when it can be slippery, the passage is closed. Except the stairs There is also an elevator that takes visitors to the roof. Roof height 108.5 meters. It has a lot of space, there are transitions, squares, hidden corners. On the roof are several viewing platforms, with which overlook the city.

8th place: Chkalovskaya ladder, Russia – 442 (560) steps

Rating: 4.3

Chkalov staircase, Russia

The Chkalov staircase is the longest staircase in Russia. Located in Nizhny Novgorod, connects Verkhne-Volzhskaya and Lower Volga embankments. It starts at the monument to Valery Chkalov, forms an eight at the top, followed by a direct descent to the river. To go down it, passing on the right side eights, you need to go through 442 steps. The total number of steps, s taking into account circular spans to the right and left – 560.

In 1940, two years after the death of a native of Nizhny Novgorod Valery Chkalov, the famous Soviet pilot, on Upper Volga embankment was a monument to him. Soon after This led to the idea of ​​connecting the embankments with a grand staircase. Despite the war, the idea was embodied. Building It began in 1944 and lasted until 1949. Since the construction stairs connected with the victory in the Battle of Stalingrad, the first the official name was Stalingrad. Then they began to call her Volzhskaya, but more widely received the popular name – Chkalovskaya.

Now the Chkalov Stairs is a place for festivities, competitions, romantic walks. Victory Parade is held here and an air show is being arranged over the monument. Stairs attract tourists visiting Nizhny Novgorod.

9th place: Half Dome Staircase, USA – 400 steps

Rating: 4.2

Half Dome Staircase, USA

A 400-meter-long staircase cut down in California’s Half Dome Rock steps. The climb here is almost sheer, instead of the railing two metal rope. It was built back in 1919 by members tourist club “Sierra”. However, they climbed the rock to this – the first thing George Anderson did in 1875.

Half Dome Rock is one of the highest stone mountains on US territory. Its peak is at 2694 meters above sea ​​level! True, the height of the rock itself – from the foot to the top points – is 1450 meters. This rock is located in the center Sierra Nevada, and at the foot of the valley is Yosemite, which is part of the national park of the same name.

Half Dome Rock popular with tourists – how simple Travelers and professional climbers. Paved the path from the foot to the top is 12 km long. A 400-speed a staircase occupies the last 150 meters of this route.

10th place: Soldier’s ladder, Belgium – 374 steps

Rating: 4.1

The Soldier's Ladder, Belgium

One of the attractions of the Belgian city of Liege – a staircase 374 steps long. It leads from the Or Chateau quarter to the top of the hill where the fortress was once located. Built stairs in 1875 to provide quick access from the castle to town. The name “soldier” she received later. It appeared due to the fact that in the territory of this quarter Or Chateau was many drinking establishments. The stairs descended the soldiers from fortresses to have fun in the city.

The official name of the stairs is Mount de Buren (Montagne de Bueren). She received it in honor of Vincent de Buren, who defended Liege from the Duke of Burgundy Karl the Bold in the XV century. Stairs built in memory of 600 soldiers who died here in battle.

Now there is no more fortress, and tourists are walking up the stairs. Climbing it is not difficult – there are benches between the spans, on which you can relax. Also, if you do not rush, you can admire the old buildings on the sides of the stairs. On the spot the fortress is a citadel park where parts of the walls are preserved fortresses. The hill overlooks the river Meuse and the whole city. Liege.

The best time to come is the first Saturday of October. Then here a festival is being held and thousands of burning candles.

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