10 largest cruise liners in the world

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Sea cruise is perhaps the most pleasant type of vacation. Far away from noise, from the bustle of the city, from any business and urgent issues incredible importance … you just enjoy your vacation while admiring boundless sea stretching from horizon to horizon.

But real comfort can only be felt on really large cruise ship. So that he has a pool and a kitchen with professional chefs, and an entertainment program. This is not just a ship, it’s a real floating resort, filled with an atmosphere of carefree luxury.

And for those who want to plunge into the atmosphere of a carefree and luxury vacation, we rated for the 10 largest cruise liners in the world.

Rating of the largest cruise liners in the world

Nomination a place A cruise ship Length
10 largest cruise liners in the world 10 Norwegian bliss 329 METERS
9 Norwegian joy 334 METERS
8 Freedom of the seas 338 METERS
7 Disney dream 339 METERS
6 Queen mary 2 345 METERS
5 Quantum of the seas 348 METERS
4 Oasis of the seas 360 METERS
3 Allure of the seas 360 METERS
2 Harmony of the seas 362 METERS
1 Symphony of the seas 362 METERS

10th place: Norwegian Bliss (329 meters)

Rating: 4.1

Norwegian Bliss (329 meters) .jpg

In April 2018, the Norwegian Cruise Line (NLC) launched one of the most luxurious liners on the water – Norwegian Bliss. With a length of 329 meters, he was able to accommodate 4,004 passengers – and that’s not considering a huge service team.

But the main feature of Norwegian Bliss are quite non-standard entertainment for cruise ships. So passengers will be able to play with friends on a huge platform for laser tag, and located in the open air, and then – compete in driving skills on go-kart tracks. This, of course, is not entirely what you expect from luxury ships. But on the other hand, when there will still be an opportunity to play laser tag in the middle of the ocean under open sea sky?

Norwegian Bliss and outwardly unlike most ordinary cruise ships. His livery is painted in bright colors, and he It looks very futuristic. This is an example of high technology in shipbuilding, not just a liner.

9th place: Norwegian Joy (334 meters)

Rating: 4.2

Norwegian Joy.jpg

Another brainchild of NLC. Huge cruise ship travels between China and Australia, and tourists who decide cross the Indian Ocean, entertainment on any taste.

The ship was developed specifically taking into account the preferences of tourists from China. Therefore, entertainment is appropriate. There is virtual reality pavilion, two-level karting, attraction with an imitation of the climate and nature of Alaska, as well as many luxury restaurants and recreation areas.

Like other cruise liners from NCL, Norwegian Joy different unusual livery. In the development of her design attended the famous artist Tan Ping. Livery painted in bright red, gold, green and blue shades that look like those commonly used in Chinese works art.

Norwegian Joy Cruise Ship Launched in 2017 year. On a 334-meter ship can accommodate up to 3883 passengers, not counting the team.

8th place: Freedom of the Seas (338 meters)

Rating: 4.3

Freedom of the Seas (338 meters) .jpg

Freedom of the Seas until 2008 was the biggest cruise liner in the world. Then his development company, Royal Caribbean, presented a few more impressive ships in size. But this doesn’t mean that Freedom of the Seas is no longer interesting.

This cruise ship goes to the most interesting for tourists and lovers of marine recreation in the regions – in the Caribbean and Bahamas. On the the board, which can accommodate up to 4370 passengers, has everything for comfortable vacation. So, here you can drive on an ice rink, to box in the ring, try to climb the wall for rock climbing and ride the waves in a specially equipped surf pool. For those who prefer more traditional holiday, Freedom of the Seas is able to offer 120-meter shopping area with boutiques and simply various shops, several bars, restaurants and even a playground automatic machines.

Caribbean and Bahamian cruises on this 338 meter ship take 3-7 days. But sometimes it can be found in no less interesting but more unusual places. Freedom of the Seas also goes on a two-week voyage across the Mediterranean Sea, as well as on an 8-day fjord cruise in Norway.

7th place: Disney Dream (339 meters)

Rating: 4.4

Disney Dream (339 meters) .jpg

Disney Dream is the first of the cruise liners owned by The Walt Disney Company He was lowered on water in 2011 and now works on some of the most popular tourist routes – to the Caribbean and Bahamas. 339-meter ship can accommodate up to 4 thousand passengers.

Disney Dream is known as the world’s first ship to have water park with a water slide. The attraction was called AquaDuck. Water the hill rises to the height of a five-story building, and the descent from it has length 233 meters. In addition, there are many tourists sports simulations, minigolf and universal sports a platform that can be transformed into a basketball, volleyball or tennis.

Disney Dream – not the most expensive cruise ship for tourists. The most budget tour on it will cost only 1.5 thousand dollars. And if you want luxury entertainment and seven days in open sea, you will have to pay already 59.5 thousand dollars. Tours begin in Florida, where this ship is located.

6th place: Queen Mary 2 (345 meters)

Rating: 4.5

Queen Mary 2 (345 meters) .jpg

345-meter Queen Mary 2 – if not the biggest cruise liner in the world, then certainly the most famous. He was launched back in 2004, and for several years he proudly stayed in the Book Guinness World Records. In addition, Queen Mary 2 is known for its chic.

Indeed, there are no karts and laser tags. This the ship literally embodies chic and respectability. There is the world’s largest marine ballroom, the first planetarium on the water, one and a half dozen restaurants and bars, a full-fledged casino, a theater with own and guest troupes, a cinema and five pools. Besides In addition, Queen Mary 2 is one of the few ships where dress code is valid – you can only be in swimwear next to the pool, to enter the rest of the establishment is worth wearing something more decent.

345-meter cruise liner is used for a variety of cruises. The shortest takes two days – from Southampton to Hamburg And those who have personal time and significant the sum of funds, a round-the-world sea cruise is offered, which last almost 4 months.

5th place: Quantum of the Seas (348 meters)

Rating: 4.6

Quantum of the Seas (348 meters) .jpg

Quantum of the Seas – another Royal development Caribbean (which – the spoiler – will take up all remaining seats in our rating. This cruise liner operates on flights from United States to Australia and some Asian country. However, if you want exotic, you can reserve a place on an 11 day trip around Alaska.

Quantum of the Seas is set unique to the ship transport attraction, which is called North Star. It – remote viewing platform made in the form of a huge ball of glass. It rises above the sea to a height of 91 meters – it’s like admire the horizon from the roof of a 30-story building.

However, if admiring the sea horizon from edge to edge in during the whole trip does not seem fascinating, then this liner can offer a lot of entertainment. For example, an attraction with a wind tunnel in which you can feel free fall – or flight. And here there is a full-fledged casino, a theater in which Broadway troupes perform, climbing wall, playground for roller skating, as well as restaurants and bars – where would you go without them ship something.

Each of the 4905 passengers will be able to enjoy the sea directly from their cabins – even if he does not have a window. In the interior rooms large screens are installed, on which the real image of the sea with cameras on board.

The 348-meter Quantum of the Seas was launched in 2014 year.

4th place: Oasis of the Seas (360 meters)

Rating: 4.7

Oasis of the Seas (360 meters) .png

Oasis of the Seas – 360 meter cruise ship launched on water in 2008. The company-developer in its design mentioned that “We are building the incredible.” After arriving at the port seven godmothers appeared at the ship’s registry at once, among which are American athletes, models and actresses.

Such a number of godmothers was not chosen by chance. “Oasis seas “is divided into seven thematic zones in which entertainment for every taste. Like many other class ships Freedom and Voyager, there is an ice rink and a casino. Moreover, Casino Royal (that’s what it’s called) is the largest of waterborne.

There is also a park of tropical plants, including more than 50 real living trees, and a huge theater with daily performances, and a night club, and just a disco. In the pools Jacuzzi available. About boutiques, restaurants and bars, you probably can not mention. But the main feature is a water amphitheater with fountains, designed for 750 seats!

The Oasis of the Seas itself is capable of carrying up to 6880 passengers. So that even with a full load, he will be able to offer entertainment for everyone.

3rd place: Allure of the Seas (360 meters)

Rating: 4.8

Allure of the Seas.jpg

Allure of the Seas is the twin brother of the previous ship in rating. They belong to the same Oasis class, are developed by one and the same company Royal Caribbean, and were even launched almost at the same time. Construction of the “Charm of the Seas” ended in 2009, and already in 2010 the ship went to your first cruise.

The main feature of the “Charm of the Seas” – a huge amount sports grounds. Therefore passengers who love active rest, definitely not get bored during a long cruise. There are climbing walls, volleyball and basketball courts, and golf, and bowling. In addition, there is a fitness center and spa. Of course, the ice rink also could not have done, and on it shows and figure skating are shown. The ship is also installed wave pools for fans of surfing.

There is also a theater in which cultural and entertainment events, including circus performances. And take a break from these variegated and diverse activities possible in the tropical garden with by thousands of living exotic plants.

2nd place: Harmony of the Seas (362 meters)

Rating: 4.9

Harmony of the Seas (362 meters) .jpg

Harmony of the Seas 362-meter cruise ship – one of three Oasis class ships, and the newest of them. Launching a ship took place in June 2015, and after 10 months he went to first commercial trip from Florida home port.

“Harmony of the Seas” can accommodate 6,000 passengers. Almost all of them will be able to enjoy views of the oceanic horizon – even those who settled in the inner cabins. Work for them large screens on the entire wall where the video stream from the cameras is broadcast aboard a ship. On the liner there are also special upscale cabins – “Crown Apartments” and “Heavenly Apartments”, located on the upper floors of the ship.

The range of entertainment at Harmony of the Seas is about the same. like other Oasis class ships. Only here there is a huge water park in which there are several water slides, as well as a number unique attractions – for example, the Ultimate Abyss slide, offering ultra-fast descent from ten decks in just 14 seconds In addition, the “Harmony of the Seas” acts ultra-modern Bionic Bar with robotic bartenders.

1st place: Symphony of the Seas (362 meters)

Rating: 5.0

Symphony of the Seas (362 meters) 1.jpg

Symphony of the Seas from the famed Royal Caribbean currently the largest cruise ship in the world. The 362-meter ship is the epitome of luxury, modern technology and entertainment for even the most demanding tastes.

It is hardly worth mentioning that the ship has many restaurants and bars, there is a theater and cinema. In the end, this is already somewhat commonplace – all previous liners in the ranking have all this too. “Symphony of the seas” boasts tropical parks with lively plants and animals where you can hide from the hustle and bustle the amazing beauty of nature; two-level cabins for those who I’m used to not denying myself anything; romantic ice rink skating and just fun; sports grounds for physical activity carousel for children and bowling for teens. Generally, you won’t get bored here.

“Symphony of the seas” accommodates 6,680 passengers. She works for the most different cruises, but the most popular among tourists are trips to the Bahamas and the Caribbean (3 and 7 days respectively), as well as two-week from Florida to Barcelona.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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