10 highest ferris wheels in Russia

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The very first Ferris wheel in the world appeared by the end of the 19th century, It was presented at the World Columbian Exhibition in Chicago. Engineer George Ferris Jr. invented the design as a kind of response to the Eiffel Tower. Since that time built many such attractions around the world, wheel Ferris wheel, also called the Ferris Wheel, has turned into one from the most popular entertainments of residents and guests of large cities. Few will miss the chance to at least once appreciate the beauty of the surrounding terrain, looking at her from a bird’s eye view. In this We’ll tell you about the ten highest ferris wheels located in Russia.

Rating of the highest ferris wheels in Russia

Nomination a place Ferris wheel Height
The highest ferris wheels in Russia (top 10) 10 Seventh Heaven, Central Park, Ufa 48 meters
9 Five Stars, Rainbow Park, Yekaterinburg 50 meters
8 “Dymkovo joy”, Kirov Park, Kirov 51 meters
7 Ferris wheel in the Gorky park, Krasnodar 52 meters
6 Kirlay, Kazan 55 METERS
5 Ferris wheel in the park “Divo-Ostrov”, St. Petersburg 55 METERS
4 “Iremel” , Кировский округ, Уфа 60 METERS
3 “Around the World”, Kazan 65 METERS
2 Ferris wheel on the embankment of the Miass River, Chelyabinsk 73 METERS
1 Ferris Wheel in Lazarevsky Park, Sochi 83 METERS

10th place: “Seventh Heaven”, Central Park, Ufa

Rating: 4.1

10 highest ferris wheels in Russia

The attraction located in the Central Park of the city of Ufa, has 48 meters high. The ferris wheel is open all year, thanks comfortable cabins with air conditioning and heating adverse weather conditions can not prevent visitors enjoy the views of the city. In total, Seventh Heaven has 24 cabins, each of which accommodates six people. For those wishing to familiarize themselves with a history of city attractions there is an audio guide. There are no age restrictions; the ride is safe for visitors of any age. Full Turn Ferris Wheel takes about 15-20 minutes, depending on the amount people on it. In the evening, “Seventh Heaven” and the area near it is decorated with spectacular illumination. Besides ordinary cabins, on the wheel there are cabins for romantic dinners and for newlyweds, distinguished by solemn decoration. Near there is a stage where concerts are regularly held activity.

9th place: “Five Stars”, Rainbow Park, Yekaterinburg

Rating: 4.2

10 highest ferris wheels in Russia

Five Star Ferris Wheel lets you enjoy the views the surrounding area from a height of 50 meters. Total weight design almost 160 tons are located at the highest point in Yekaterinburg, has 32 cabins, each of which has six comfortable seats, in this way 192 can ride simultaneously person. Cabins are made in the form of fully enclosed gondolas with circular glazing, they are equipped with climate control and a table, VIP cabins for romantic dates are also available. Pass visitors to the ferris wheel using electronic control systems, no age limit, attraction Great for family hanging out. In evening time wheel design is illuminated by LED backlight.

8th place: “Dymkovo joy”, Kirov Park, Kirov

Rating: 4.3

10 highest ferris wheels in Russia

The 51-meter ferris wheel “Dymkovo joy” was opened in 2017 year. It is distinguished by its unusual design, which does not have foundation and stability thanks to a special system jacks. One full revolution lasts approximately eight minutes, in hour wheel can be visited by over a thousand people. Glazed cabins securely closed on the outside for a safe location in them for visitors of any age category. In case of sudden power outage there is an additional generator. The cabins are equipped with a heating system and air conditioning, each accommodates six people. For romantic dinners or special occasions are provided special cabins with beautiful design, gastronomic accompaniment and climate control.

7th place: Ferris Wheel in the Gorky Park, Krasnodar

Rating: 4.4

Ferris Wheel in the Gorky Park, Krasnodar

Ferris wheel, located in the capital of the Kuban, has a height of 52 meter, it offers excellent panoramic views of the park and urban landscape. It is very popular among residents. cities and guests come here for both romantic dates and on a family vacation with children. The attraction has closed cabins with plastic glazing, which is comfortable, regardless of time of the year. Automatic locks make it completely inside safe, eliminating the risk of falling from a height. Most spectacularly ferris wheel looks after sunset when it turns on multi-colored illumination.

6th place: “Kirlay”, Kazan

Rating: 4.5

10 highest ferris wheels in Russia

The attraction 55 meters high is located in the Kirlay park. is he has 40 cozy booths, each of which is designed for six visitors. In total, the Ferris wheel can simultaneously there are 240 people. The opportunity to ride and enjoy The surroundings are provided for both adults and children. Cabins protected from the wind through partial glazing, and the presence of open apertures allows you to take beautiful pictures of urban panoramas. The wheel makes a complete revolution in about 8 minutes.

5th place: Ferris Wheel in the park “Divo-Ostrov” St. Petersburg

Rating: 4.6

Ferris wheel in the park

In the cultural capital of Russia, St. Petersburg, you can see one of the most beautiful ferris wheels in the country. 55 meter the construction is located in the central part of the Divo Ostrov park, with its top point offers breathtaking views of the gardens of Krestovsky islands and coast of the Gulf of Finland. Wheel cabs are designed as glazed capsules, when the doors move, they are automatically blocked, providing security. Attraction is one of my favorite places. Petersburgers for romantic dates.

4 место: “Iremel” , Кировский округ, Уфа

Rating: 4.7


An attraction 60 meters high allows you to see the whole city, as if in the palm of your hand, it offers a view of all the main city Ufa attractions, including the Friendship Monument and the House Republic. The structure weighing 170 tons has 24 cabins, which can use a maximum of 144 people. Throughput reaches 800 people per hour. Cabins are equipped with everything you need. for a comfortable stay, including air conditioning and heated. Thanks to weather protection can work all year round.

3rd place: “Around the World”, Kazan

Rating: 4.8

10 highest ferris wheels in Russia

The Ferris Wheel “Around the World” surprises not only with its 65 meters high, but also unique in design booths. Each of the 36 cabs of an ultramodern attraction corresponds to the theme of one of the largest and most famous cities in the world, such as London, Paris, Athens, Rome and so on. For complete immersion in the atmosphere from the speakers sounds popular music the country in the style of which the design is made. Thanks to the availability glazing, as well as heating and air conditioning You can enjoy the views of the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan at any season, at a temperature of from -20 to + 40 degrees. Each of cabins can accommodate four people. A full wheel revolution takes from 8 to 20 minutes, depending on the degree of workload. Near the attraction there is a stage for concerts and a children’s playground.

2nd place: Ferris wheel on the embankment of the Miass River, Chelyabinsk

Rating: 4.9

Ferris Wheel on the Miass River Embankment

A 73-meter-high ferris wheel is famous for its unique, constantly changing illumination creating a unique atmosphere in evening time. The attraction is equipped with 18 enclosed cabins, accommodating six people. The presence of soft seats, music and climate control provides a high level of comfort. Wheel works all year round, regardless of weather conditions. On the very high point the viewing range is five kilometers in all four directions. Some of the booths are designed for solemn occasions and have a special decoration.

1st place: Ferris Wheel in Lazarevsky Park, Sochi

Rating: 5.0

Ferris Wheel in Lazarevsky Park, Sochi

The highest ferris wheel in Russia is located in the resort the city of Sochi. From its top, amazing views open up. on the landscapes of the Caucasus Mountains, the Black Sea and other local sights. Giant design 83 meters high visible from almost any outskirts of the city. Wheel operates with 2012 and is very popular among tourists and residents of Sochi. In total there are 28 booths, of which 14 are made closed, they have six seats and another 14 open booths, four places on each. The latter are able to give sharp sensations and a little acrophobia even to daredevils. Full turn wheel Performs ferries on average in 10-15 minutes.

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