10 best vitamins for children

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

If the doctor prescribes vitamins for adults, then most often speech it’s either about recovering from a disease, or about vitamin deficiency, or at the onset of a special, critical period in life. So u women such periods will be pregnancy and lactation, the transition to menopause and postmenopausal period. Read more about prescribing vitamins for women can be found in the next article. But in the case of children, the indications for the appointment There are much more vitamins.

The entire period of childhood, and even adolescence, is time of active formation and development of the body. In nursing children mass and growth rapidly increase, metabolism increases, coordination of movements improves, and motor skills appear. Many children have the beginnings of speech activity. For babies there is a great need for food. Often in early childhood various acute childhood infections occur, and if vitamin deficiency babies will carry them harder.

In the next period, which pediatricians call dairy time teeth (from a year to 7 years), the need for vitamins is also great. At children aged 2-3 years, speech and various complex motor skills. At this age, children tend to high activity and curiosity. In the preschool period development, which is conditionally considered at the age of 4 to 7 years, skeletal muscles develop rapidly, and the child’s diet already resembles the diet of adults. By the end of this time teeth change from milk to permanent, and intellectual development by the age of 7 allows children to start school.

On this difficult path of development it is necessary to periodically help the child’s body, and for this there are various vitamin and mineral complexes. Consider the most popular and widely famous vitamins that are shown for different age categories.

Rating of the best vitamins for children

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best vitamins for children 2-3 years old 1 Alphabet – Our baby 460 rub
2 Pikovit syrup 154 rub
3 Kinder Biovital Gel 280 rub
The best vitamins for children 4-5 years old 1 Vitrum baby 498 rub
2 Multi-Tabs Kid Calcium Plus 644 rub
3 Univit Kids 416 r
4 Vitamin Bio Plus Prebiotic 441 rub
The best vitamins for children 6-7 years old 1 Supradin Kids Junior 430 rub
2 Alphabet Kindergarten 272 rub
3 Vitrum kids (Vitrum Kids) 395 rub

The best vitamins for children 2-3 years old

The age of babies in 2-3 years is characterized by relative slowdown of growth energy and maturation of the central and peripheral nervous system. It’s important that all the antibodies that he received from the mother, with her breast milk, or passive immunity, completely disappears. Active immunity is still underdeveloped. well, and therefore this age can be called children’s time infections.

It is to strengthen the children’s body in the process of cognition environment and prevent infectious diseases and serve various vitamins and mineral complexes. Definitely needed remember that they in no way replace mandatory vaccinations, but only help the child to be stronger.

Alphabet – Our baby

Rating: 4.9

Alphabet - Our Baby

This vitamin-mineral complex is for the smallest, therefore It is available in powders. A set of three different sachets, which have inscriptions of different colors. In package number one, with pink inscription contains vitamin D3, pantothenic acid, cyanocobalamin, folic acid and calcium. In bags with the inscription green contains carotene, 5 different vitamins, magnesium, iodine and zinc. Finally, blue labeled bags contain thiamine, ascorbic acid, iron and other ingredients. Such the shape is comfortable because the child is not at risk choke.

Daily use of these powders in the form of drinks allows give the child all the necessary minerals and vitamins, taking into account the daily needs of this age. Take the “Alphabet” should be during food, dissolving the contents of one packet in warm boiled water. IN a day should be given one packet 3 times a day of different colors, the sequence does not matter. Recommended Admission about 1 month.

Produces this vitamin and mineral complex domestic VneshtorgPharma company, and one package, designed for two weeks of admission, can be purchased at a price of 300 to 550 rubles, with the average price of 400 rubles. Thus, the cost of the monthly course amount to an average of 800 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of this complex is its convenient packaging, with dissolving in water the contents of 2 and 3 packets are formed brightly – orange solutions due to the presence of carotene, which cause interest in the baby. Well-balanced balance of vitamins and minerals, the additive is well tolerated, and, according to pediatricians, almost no side effects. Only downside of this vitamin-mineral complex will be a relatively high price, and also still not quite a convenient dosage regimen, since you need to take the powder three times a day and from three different bags, therefore, the risk of error and overdose is not excluded.

Pikovit syrup

Rating: 4.8

Picks Syrup

This imported vitamin complex (KRKA) in the form of syrup, contains few vitamins, but they are all exclusively important. This is vitamin A, indispensable for normal functioning of the skin and organs of vision, cholecalciferol, providing skeletal growth, thiamine, which is needed for proper development of nervous tissue, vitamins B2 and B6, as well as cyanocobalamin, with a deficiency of which a special type of anemia occurs. Also in the composition Pikovita includes ascorbic acid, which helps the child to be more resistant to infections, panthenol and vitamin PP.

This syrup is indicated for prevention, in the absence of appetite, and also during recovery from infections. Pikovit is taken children under the age of three years, 1 teaspoon 2 times a day. Syrup can be given not only in pure form, but also mixed with different drinks, the main thing is that they are not hot. The standard course of use of the drug is 1 month, more long-term possible only on the recommendation of a pediatrician. Releases this syrup company KRKA (Slovenia), and one bottle, with a volume of 150 ml can be purchased at the pharmacy at a price of 190 to 325 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

An absolute plus of Pikovit is ease of use and dosages, good taste, it can be successfully given even to children, which have no appetite. Against the background of taking the baby, a bright yellow urine color, it is caused by the presence of riboflavin among vitamins, and you should not be afraid of this.

A fairly significant disadvantage of this complex is the full lack of minerals, because it contains only vitamins. Therefore, in the event that the baby has a physical delay development, then he needs other complexes, which would include, for example, calcium and magnesium, zinc and selenium would come in. Also at the reception of this complex in rare cases, there may be an allergic reaction, but it usually occurs when it is accidentally exceeded recommended daily dose, or the baby himself gets to the bottle with delicious content. The cost of Pikovit in one bottle is pretty democratic, but at the same time the bottle is only enough for 15 days, and the average monthly rate will cost about 600 rubles, which is already not so few.

Kinder Biovital Gel

Rating: 4.7

Kinder Biovital gel

Kinder Biovital gel contains not only vitamins, but also minerals. These are molybdenum, phosphorus and molybdenum. From vitamins it cholecalciferol, thiamine, alpha-tocopherol, riboflavin, and 5 more vitamins, including B12 and ascorbic acid. The gel contains also lecithin, which is produced from soybeans and contains essential phospholipids that strengthen cell membranes.

The gel is a light yellow viscous mass with a pleasant the smell of fruit and sweet and sour taste. Kinder Biovital Gel It is indicated, like other vitamin preparations, for prevention vitamin deficiencies, with an unbalanced diet, with a delay physical and mental development, during convalescence during various infectious diseases, as well as for the prevention of rickets. Babies aged 2 to 3 are given half a teaspoon thrice a day. The duration of prophylactic use is in for two to three weeks, for diseases – on recommendation pediatrician.

Advantages and disadvantages

A big plus will be the universal gel form, which children they are very fond of, and there is no danger of choking when using, or inhale as in the case of tablets. The drug is balanced, and in it, in addition to vitamins, contains trace elements, as well as mineral substances in the form of calcium and phosphorus, with this an additional plus is the presence of lecithin. It is very important that this tool has indications for local treatment. If the baby has an infection after for example, chickenpox, the mucous membrane of the oral cavity is affected, then this gel can be applied locally to sores.

Biovital Gel has contraindications. In case if the baby’s blood calcium level is high, then this drug should not be used because it contains calcium. Of course, with individual intolerance can be allergic reactions, but usually, subject to recommended dosages do not occur. Also a very significant drawback temporary absence of registration number is considered, therefore the drug is not yet available in pharmacies of the Russian Federation. But, after the customs issues are settled, then the price of the drug will be known. However, parents should know that there is a good vitamin and mineral complex in the form of gel, despite the temporary difficulties with its supply.

The best vitamins for children 4-5 years old

The age of 4-5 years in children is considered by pediatricians as a special period, which strengthens its own, still shaky immunity. In his the occurrence of a large role is played by previously given vaccinations, and also the fact of transmission of infectious diseases. Experts believe that respiratory viral infections that children often carry in this age even have some benefit by stimulating cellular and humoral immunity.

In the event that the baby is sick once or even twice a year SARS, but without all sorts of complications in the form of bronchitis and tonsillitis, then You can not worry, and do not stuff the baby with an excessive amount vitamins. But if diseases have become more frequent, then pediatricians board, apply as planned for prevention various vitamin and mineral complexes.

In the case when it was a younger age group of 2-3 years, were in demand powders, syrups, and gels, which are more safe for babies. For children 4-5 years old is already quite soft chewable tablets may be used. Consider the most vitamin and minerals that are often used and approved by pediatricians complexes for children of this age.

Vitrum baby

Rating: 4.9

Vitrum baby

Vitrum Baby comes in the form of fascinating animal figures, it’s chewable tablets. They have a fruity and vanilla flavor and smell, and their color – in the form of various shades of gray with small speckled. They seem very interesting and attractive to children. it a very broad complex, which contains 11 different minerals and trace elements, as well as 13 vitamins. List vitamins do not make sense, these are well-known substances from A (alpha – tocopherol) and up to vitamin K, but minerals and trace elements can transfer. These are calcium and magnesium, iron and phosphorus, copper and zinc, manganese, iodine, molybdenum, selenium and chromium. List more than impressive. As a result of the work, the specialists received a complete complex, which was created taking into account precisely these age needs.

As usual, the indication for taking this complex will be a delay physical and mental development, treatment of identified hypovitaminosis, as well as an increase in the body’s resistance to case of frequent respiratory diseases. Also the indication is malnutrition, poor appetite and others known to parents signs. Take Vitrum baby for babies at this age necessary once a day, chewing a tasty pill in any time. Vitrum Baby American Chewable Tablets Available Unipharm company, and one package, designed for a monthly rate application, costs in pharmacies retail from 440 and up to 720 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The great advantage of the Vitrum Baby complex is its rich and full composition. By the number of included trace elements, minerals and vitamins, this complex will be one of the best for children. Very captivating form, as soft, tasty and fragrant animal figurines children never forget to accept, and if parents forget, the child will surely remind himself.

As usual, a flaw is a continuation of the dignity of any good medicine, and in this case vitamin-mineral complex. Parents need to hide away these delicious figurines, and never go on about your child’s case if he asks for more. After all, the child often considers this an ordinary sweetness, not suspecting that he has a risk of overdose. TO the positive qualities of this drug include it affordability and the average price range, because the monthly rate may make up for the price of only 450 rubles, which with import quality of substances is quite inexpensive.

Multi-Tabs Kid Calcium Plus

Rating: 4.8

Multi-tabs baby calcium plus

The next vitamin and mineral complex, which is intended especially for this age, there will be multi-tabs baby calcium a plus. These are also chewable tablets, they are available with different flavors, including banana, orange and vanilla, lemon and raspberry-strawberry. Manufacturer did not leave in side of the trend of civilization, therefore, tablets have a taste Coca-Cola, which is not entirely correct.

It is a balanced complex that contains 13 vitamins and 9 minerals, in its characteristics and dosage, it is very reminiscent of previous. The vitamin-mineral complex Multi-Tabs baby calcium plus also properly selected vitamins, minerals and trace elements, they contribute to the physiological development of the child, increase his immunity and resistance to fight various infectious agents.

It makes no sense to list the functions of various vitamins and trace elements, it is necessary only before the appointment of the complex make sure that the baby is not taking drugs separately, containing vitamin D to prevent overdose, such as anise drops Aqua-detrim. Apply this food supplement one at a time a chewable tablet per day, and a course of prophylactic administration is on average one month. Releases this drug well-known pharmaceutical company Pfizer, and 60 chewable pills, designed for the whole two months of admission, are, in an average of 630 rubles. Strawberry Flavored Chewable Tablets 30 pieces can be purchased for 460 rubles, just for a month prophylactic administration.

Advantages and disadvantages

If you compare two vitamin-mineral complexes, such as Vitrum Baby and Multi-tabs baby calcium plus, you can see that they are very similar, only in the first case to 2 components more, and Vitrum Baby also contains lecithin. All other characteristics are similar, Multi-Tabs also available in the form of chewable tablets, but at the same time they have there is a choice of different tastes, but there is no lecithin. Vitamins Multi-tabs is still a bit lower. If Vitrum Baby the minimum price is 440 rubles. per month course then here the average price ranges from 460 rubles. Indications and contraindications are the same, compliance, or the number of receptions in day is one and the same as the dosage form. Therefore, for need to choose one of the best balanced drugs, you can safely dwell on either of these two funds, and you will not lose, because they take on the ratio prices, quality and efficiency are the leading positions in the ranking.

Univit Kids

Rating: 4.7

Univit Kids.jpg

Univit Kids is also a vitamin complex for children in ages 4 to 5 years, which contains only vitamins, in number of 7 items. These are vitamin A, vitamins of group B, ascorbic acid, cholecalciferol and vitamin E. Available Univit for children in the form of lozenges that have the form of funny dinosaurs, and the taste is citrus and raspberry. Vitamins Included in its composition, help in the development of the skin and mucous membranes, in stimulation hematopoiesis, in the normalization of nutrient metabolism and are needed for proper formation of the immune and nervous system.

This vitamin complex is shown as a food supplement as prevention, and for the treatment of vitamin deficiency. Apply it one at a time chewing lozenges once a day and duration preventive course, as well as the rest of the vitamin funds is 1 month. Purchase a package of 30 lozenges, calculated on a monthly intake, you can from 300 to 400 rubles per packaging, and the German company Amafarm produces this complex.

Advantages and disadvantages

According to the list of shortcomings, this complex is the same as that of Pikovita syrup for babies. It contains only vitamins, and it has no trace elements or minerals. also in the instructions stipulate that the drug should not be used in children with the first type of diabetes, since sugar is introduced into the composition an additional component of lozenges. But it should be noted that separate statements of manufacturers about contraindications are always possible expand because if you have any vitamin drug along the way, containing any one vitamin, means will be contraindicated. So, complexes containing phosphorus and calcium will be contraindicated in excess of these compounds in the blood, and so further, for each component. Therefore, contraindications will be too much to scare buyers away. Therefore separate contraindications that certain manufacturers declare vitamins can be considered selective. In this case, Univit is good is transferred, and its cost is no different from the average range of the above drugs.

Vitamin Bio Plus Prebiotic

Rating: 4.7

Vitamins bio plus prebiotic

A drug such as Vitamins and a prebiotic can be considered innovative among vitamin and mineral complexes. It contains not only vitamins, but also prebiotics in the form of inulin and fruit oligosaccharides, as well as choline, as a vitamin-like substance. Such enrichment with vegetable and fruit extracts helps restore normal intestinal microflora after antibiotic treatment, and improves appetite and optimizes the function of the gastrointestinal tract, normalizing stool. This the complex is indicated for babies of a specified age, not only for all the above cases of the prevention and treatment of vitamin deficiency, but also with disorders in the intestines.

Children need to take two lozenges daily, with meals. The drug is produced by the German pharmaceutical company Trolli, and the cost of one package of 60 lozenges, calculated per month rate ranges from 500 to 740 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of this complex include the connection prebiotic with a vitamin base. The tool is available in the form of cute bears made from marmalade. In additional the ingredients of the drug base are no artificial ingredients. These vitamins are very popular with children. As for the shortcomings, then the amount of vitamins is small, and trace elements and minerals are absent in this complex. With another parties, it is not necessary to pursue the maximum possible amount of ingredients as it can always turn around a lot of side effects and allergic reactions. Also, the disadvantage may be a slightly higher price. range, but keep in mind that the amount is daily accepted lozenges is not one, but two pieces.

The best vitamins for children 6-7 years old

This age period in a child’s life is also special. At the age of six, the child not only overcame the nursery age, but already behind the kindergarten. He is in preparatory group, and in some cases at 6 years small the person is already going to school. He must have both physical and mental indicators match this age group so that he can overcome physical, and most importantly, age-related mental the load that he faces at school for the first time. Of course in there are no vitamin-mineral complexes for this age group no special vitamins that would not occur before in rating. It’s just that the highlight is that the composition of the drugs is selected in such a way as to satisfy the need for individual substances in children of this age, taking into account the average metabolism substances and the average weight of the child. Inoda there are additions to non-vitamin substances that improve the functioning of the nervous tissue, visual function and will be in demand specifically for this group children.

Supradin Kids Junior

Rating: 4.9

Supradin Kids Junior

This vitamin-mineral complex is additionally enriched choline, which is absorbed by the brain of the child, and used in its tissues as a component of structural membranes. His the action is to improve the trophism of brain tissue and improving memory mechanisms, which is especially important during the beginning of school work. These chewable tablets also contain 12 different vitamins, magnesium and calcium, iron and copper, iodine, zinc, selenium, chromium and manganese. The objective of this complex is Replenishment of the deficiency of trace elements and vitamins, as well as minerals. Reception of one chewable tablet per day is shown, which is very conveniently. The duration of the preventive course, which specialists recommend starting in the summer, to prepare for school, about one months. The company produces this vitamin-mineral complex Bayer, Germany. A monthly pack of this drug is on average worth in pharmacies about 590 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The undoubted advantage of this well-balanced the complex is considered an addition of choline, which allows you to position Supradin Kids Junior as a vitamin complex, optional acting on brain tissue and enhancing tolerance mental stress. As for contraindications, then to them individual intolerance refers. In chewable tablets contains sugar, which should be considered if taken children with diabetes. Special contraindications in this case not, but keep in mind that one chewable tablet corresponds to 0.056 bread unit. It is necessary to calculate dosage of insulin.

Alphabet Kindergarten

Rating: 4.8

Alphabet Kindergarten

Despite the fact that children aged 6-7 years have already left kindergarten, and preparing for school, vitamin and mineral complex The kindergarten alphabet is a complete source of vitamins, trace elements and minerals. These are chewable tablets with different tastes and colors. The green pill has an apple taste, orange is orange and pink is strawberry. In each of them contains a certain set of vitamins and minerals that repeated a little, so that in the aggregate, with daily taking three tablets per day, the child received the full necessary dose vital substances that would satisfy daily need.

Such separate use of vitamins and minerals, according to manufacturers, eliminates incompatible substances in one taken dose, which means that the effectiveness of exposure The vitamin complex will be higher. Chew tablets of this complex are needed with meals, daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner – only 3 colored tablets. This complex is produced by the domestic company Vneshtorgfarm, and one pack of 60 tablets, designed for 20 days of admission, you can buy at retail in pharmacies from 213 to 320 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of this complex include separate use various substances in three different tablets, an interesting form of administration, which children always like very much, good balance of applied components and high efficiency. According to experts, the child becomes more active, his appetite normalizes, improving memory and school performance.

The disadvantage is again the continuation of the merits. Sure, it’s much more convenient to take just one pill than three tablets in a day. Therefore, in the event that parents cannot provide the child is given proper attention all day and most of the day conducts in school, it is best to consider other options. But at the same time a small drawback, this vitamin-mineral complex is quite affordable.

Vitrum kids (Vitrum Kids)

Rating: 4.8

Vitrum kids

Vitrum Kids Chewable Tablets are Balanced vitamin-mineral complex, and contain 12 vitamins, minerals, and trace elements in the usual composition, from copper to chromium. In total, these tablets contain 22 active ingredients. Kids love to take these chewable tablets that have pink color with dots and made in the form of funny figures animals. As in other vitamin complexes, Vitrum Kids the balance is chosen just to take into account the daily requirements the child’s body and prepare it for the physical and mental loads. Indications is vitamin deficiency, prevention, condition after infections, and poor appetite. Take Vitrum Kids, one tablet once a day, regardless of intake food, the tablet must be chewed carefully. Produced by Vitrum Kids American company Unifarm, and purchase packaging, calculated on a monthly course of admission, it is possible at a price from 450 to 680 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of this drug, like any of the above funds in the rating will have a good balance of vitamins and micronutrients, but it should not be otherwise, so this relative dignity, the same as everyone else. Disadvantage is perhaps a high price, but still for import a vitamin complex containing a large number of ingredients, That’s not a lot. The plus is taking one chewable tablet one once a day, as well as a slight risk of developing allergic reactions. The manufacturer indicated the excess intake vitamins A and D, if the child takes them separately.

Conclusion: the need for admission and indications

The concept of “effective” or “not so” is not applicable to vitamins, since this is not about drugs. Mechanism of action vitamins have long been known, and when compared, for example, ascorbic acids, but of two manufacturers, talk about the effectiveness of one of them and the inefficiency of the second is possible only if the drug will be of poor quality.

It should be remembered that there is no second such pharmaceutical market, which would be as focused on a healthy consumer as the market vitamins, and whose producers would have so few responsibility because almost never an overdose vitamin does not give such a danger as an overdose of cardiac or sleeping pill.

Parents need to know that self-selection of vitamins without taking into account many factors can be quite dangerous, but even more improper supervision of the baby will be dangerous if vitamins like it, and he can eat them himself, how much wants to.

Usually indications for the appointment of vitamin complexes is certain critical conditions. These include the disadvantage fruits and vegetables, fish and lactic acid products, meat products and cereals from various cereals, adverse environmental conditions, weak immunity and frequent infectious diseases that last long do not pass. Be sure to consider the growth rate and development of the child, his well-being, take into account his activity during the day and sleep quality at night. The most important thing to remember is that the fact that vitamins are essential only if officially proven vitamin deficiency, or clinically, or in the laboratory. Only this diagnosis is considered by experts to be absolute. and a mandatory indication for the appointment of a vitamin.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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