10 best small dog breeds

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Small breed dogs are very special. metabolism. They literally live faster than their larger ones. relatives – and the pulse is higher, and the respiratory rate, and some others processes. As a result, they need a specially balanced food that will increase the tone of the pet, improve its immunity and protects against many diseases, including those characteristic of breeds and age.

We compiled a rating of the top 10 feeds for small dog breeds, in which the owners of such pets will be able to find a suitable one age, budget, or other dietary options.

Rating of the best dog food for small breeds

Nomination a place Name of product rating
Rating of the best dog food for small breeds 1 Barking Heads Grainless 4.9
2 Now Natural Holistic Grainless 4.8
3 Go! Natural Holistic Grainless For Sensitive digestion 4.8
4 Almo Nature For Puppies 4.7
5 Hill’s science plan 4.7
6 Applaws Grainless 4.7
7 Arden grange 4.6
8 Vigor & sage 4.5
9 Purina pro plan 4.5
10 Eukanuba 4.4

Barking Heads Grainless

Rating: 4.9


Why it: Does not contain wheat and similar cereals.

This food does not include badly digested dogs. small breeds of cereals, including wheat and oats. Source instead fiber and carbohydrates needed by the pet are yam. A grain-free diet significantly improves the digestion of a dog, prevents the development of flatulence and more serious diseases gastrointestinal tract.

In addition, free turkey meat is included in the feed. walking, which differs not only in improved taste, but also high content of natural trace elements. Thus, food complements the dog’s diet with everything necessary for her healthy lifestyle substances.

The food has passed the necessary veterinary checks and is recommended specialists of nutritional institutes for feeding small dogs rocks. All-natural, no artificial preservatives and flavorings. Gluten free.


  • It does not contain grain raw materials, gluten, flavorings and preservatives;
  • All-natural composition;
  • Contains free range turkey meat.


  • Relatively high price, which is justified by the natural composition;
  • Not enriched with vitamins, focused on everyday diet
  • Rarely found in offline pet stores.

Now Natural Holistic Grainless

Rating: 4.8


Why is it: Holistic feed from natural ingredients.

Despite the fact that this food is intended for adult dogs of all breeds, small favorites he will also like. Part this diet also does not include wheat and similar cereals offal, so it does not have a negative effect on pet digestion. Instead, a source of fiber and carbohydrates canola oil and coconut oil, they are also optional vitaminize food.

Due to its exceptionally natural composition and high quality food ingredients belongs to the super premium class (so called “holistic”). So, according to the manufacturer, it is made from meat of only slaughtered lamb grown on canadian farms. It enriches the pet’s diet high-quality, easily digestible protein, which is so necessary the body.

The feed is additionally enriched with trace elements, antioxidants and essential acids.


  • It is made from fresh meat;
  • Does not contain cereal and cereal offal;
  • Additionally enriched with trace elements.


  • Comparative high cost, more profitable to buy large packings;
  • Inaccessibility in offline pet stores;
  • Not specialized for small dog breeds, universal.

Go! Natural Holistic Grainless For Sensitive digestion

Rating: 4.8


Why is it: Specially adapted for dogs with sensitive digestion.

This complete feed suitable for small dog breeds balance BZHU does not “load” the sensitive digestive system pet. Its composition differs not only in the absence of grain and cereal by-products, but also a mono-protein formula. Thereby a minimum of “effort” is spent on digestion, and the gastrointestinal microflora maintains its natural balance.

The composition is not dangerous for sensitive digestion offal such as soy and potatoes. Source of nutrients of vegetable origin are coconut and rapeseed oil, and essential fatty acids are added to the feed in a special easily digestible form.

The main ingredient in the composition is cod fillet. It is not only It is quickly acquired, is a source of irreplaceable acids. therefore owners of decorative breeds will especially like this food dogs – the pet’s coat will acquire a healthy, natural shine.


  • Does not contain cereal offal, potato and soy;
  • The basic formula, you can alternate with other feed Go! NaturalHolistic
  • Gluten free.


  • Price (one of the most expensive feeds in the ranking);
  • Inaccessibility – rare in both offline and online pet stores.

Almo Nature For Puppies

Rating: 4.7

Almo Nature For Puppies Dry

Why he is: Holistic food designed specifically for puppies.

The main advantage of this food, ideal for puppies – the fact that he falls into the category of “holistic.” In particular, producers report that the meat offal contained in its composition are classified as suitable in quality to humans. This is confirmed by third-party experts from Italian regulatory bodies.

Unlike previous feeds in the ranking, feed contains cereal offal. However, they are specially prepared for easy digestion and do not “load” the puppy’s digestive system. Vegetable by-products include processed grains of rice, barley and oats.

There are no artificial flavor additives in the feed. IN as a preservative, a natural product is also used – oil rosemary. Food does not cause allergies, uses a basic base (can be alternated with other diets Almo Nature), contains optimal amount of protein.


  • Only natural composition;
  • It does not cause allergies;
  • It can be alternated with other Almo Nature feeds.


  • Quite large granules, some puppies may just be uncomfortable to eat them;
  • Contains cereal offal, not suitable for puppies with sensitive digestion.

Hill’s science plan

Rating: 4.7


Why he: Low price, noticeable positive effect.

Hill’s Science Plan is not just designed to provide the pet with a balanced diet that includes all necessary BZHU, vitamins, minerals and minerals. He is also the dog’s health improves. The special feed composition is positive affects the digestive system of a pet, skin condition and wool, as well as the oral cavity – and therefore helps in getting rid of bad breath from the mouth.

The food is additionally enriched with antioxidants, which maintain immunity and slow down aging. Also crispy granules help in cleaning teeth and improve oral health cavities. The food itself is digested easily and quickly, does not lead to flatulence or similar digestive problems.

Food can very well be the basis for a daily diet – it contains a sufficient amount of nutrients.


  • Improves the condition of the oral cavity;
  • Crispy, easy-to-crack granules;
  • Balanced composition.


  • Not all dogs eat with pleasure;
  • Poor for dogs with sensitive digestion;
  • Contains cereal offal.

Applaws Grainless

Rating: 4.7


Why is it: Low-Grain Budget Feed offal.

Nutritionists from British institutes. This ensures a balanced diet, Suitable for everyday use. In this case, the feed does not includes cereal offal, which can be difficult for digestive system of dogs of small breeds.

Instead, the source of vitamins and fiber is specifically selected mix of vegetables. These plant by-products have gone dehydration procedure, due to which they retained useful substances, but at the same time they can be stored for a very long time without loss of food and taste qualities.

The combination of chicken and the lamb. They are also specially treated to preserve useful qualities. Thus, this dog food for small breeds It is fully rational and does not need additives of any kind.


  • Low price (the cheapest full grain cereal in rating);
  • Suitable for dogs with sensitive digestion;
  • The composition does not contain artificial ingredients origin.


  • May not be suitable for some dogs;
  • Sometimes parties from France come across, with lower quality than British made.

Arden grange

Rating: 4.6


Why it: Convenient granules, high natural content meat, low price.

The main advantage of this food is its relatively high natural meat content for rations of the “middle” class. IN in particular, it contains about 35% of the lamb. And as in the form offal after dehydration, and in fresh form – this provides a high protein content in easily digestible form.

The feed also includes rice and corn. These cereals, in contrast from wheat and oats, offer sufficient fiber, however, do not cause stress on the digestive system of the dog and because they do not lead to flatulence, a change in the smell of discharge, constipation and similar unpleasant diseases.

The feed is also enriched with nutrients, probiotics, vitamins and minerals. All this makes him full-fledged, suitable for daily use. Also its composition will include yucca extract – a beneficial substance that reduces odor natural discharge of a pet without suppressing the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract.


  • Contains yucca extract that will appeal exclusively to owners pet dogs;
  • Polnoratsionny, compact granules;
  • High meat content.


  • Not all dogs eat it with pleasure;
  • Not very pleasant smell of the feed itself and from the mouth after ingestion food;
  • It is rare in both online and offline pet stores.

Vigor & sage

Rating: 4.5


Why is it: Bezzernova, a great combination of price and content meat.

This premium food is very rich in healthy substances and ingredients composition. So, it includes 45% chicken meat, more than half of which is added in fresh, raw form, and refers to the muscular (i.e. level quality is close to suitable for a person). And despite lack of indication of “grainless”, this feed does not contain the composition of offal based on wheat, oats and similar cereals, able to somehow alter the digestion of the dog.

The source of vitamins, fiber and other beneficial substances are yam, potatoes, peas, beets and other vegetables. Thanks to them feed It is full-rational, but at the same time easy to digest. Of course, it is also good for health and appearance. pet.

In addition, the feed contains ginseng root – natural an antioxidant that slows down the aging process and strengthens immunity for a long, healthy dog ​​life.


  • High chicken meat (one of the highest in rating);
  • Contains ginseng, flax seeds and other beneficial substances;
  • Hypoallergenic.


  • Uneven granule size;
  • A clear control of consumption is required;
  • It is very rare in stores.

Purina pro plan

Rating: 4.5


Why it: Contains a complex of substances that improve health dogs.

This high class food contains a portable complex OptiHealth, which is specifically designed to improve health. dogs of small and dwarf breeds. It has a positive effect on everything. organs and systems of the body. So, thanks to the dried chicory root supports heart health and has a positive effect on the condition gastrointestinal tract (this plant is also a source probiotics).

Other plant products in the composition improve the condition of the gums and teeth, joints, intestines, are a source of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Also, the feed contains quite a lot of natural chicken meat in composition – 14%. It is supplemented with dried bird protein, so the dog get enough protein for normal development organism, its muscular structure and musculoskeletal apparatus.


  • Enriched with minerals;
  • It contains a lot of chicken;
  • Approved by veterinarians MBA named after K.I. Scriabin.


  • Non-obvious, “opaque” composition;
  • Contains flavoring additives;
  • A lot of processed products in the composition.


Rating: 4.4


Why is it: Low price and optimal balance of BJU for small dogs rocks.

The balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in this feed is specially prepared for small dog breeds. It takes into account the features gastrointestinal tract and accelerated metabolism. So feed 20% more fat than average dogs rations, and 8% more protein. Thanks to this, the pet will to please with activity, health, good mood and longevity.

Also, the food has a special form of granules. They run in reduced size, making it easier for the dog chew and digest.

The food is high in chicken dehydrated form – about 33%. In addition, it includes whole dry egg, whose beneficial substances improve the condition skin and coat. The food is additionally enriched with a complex of vitamins and fructo-oligo saccharides.


  • High content of meat products;
  • A specially balanced BJU formula for small dogs breeds;
  • Low price (one of the lowest in the ranking).


  • A lot of processed products;
  • Contains wheat flour;
  • Often, batches made in Russia with a different high quality, as in foreign ones.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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