10 best sandy beaches of Montenegro

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In the summer season, the Adriatic coast is especially attractive for tourists. People come here from all over Europe. Montenegrin beaches are famous for their gorgeous landscapes, developed infrastructure and high service. Consider the most popular coastal zones, covered with sand. To do this, we turn to the rating compiled on Based on reviews from vacationers.

Rating of the best sandy beaches of Montenegro

Nomination a place beach rating
The best sandy beaches of Montenegro for families with children 1 Horizonti Float 5.0
2 Lucice 4.9
3 Great Plaza 4.8
4 Trsteno 4.7
The best sandy beaches of Montenegro for youth recreation 1 Mogren 5.0
2 Ploce 4.9
3 Ada Boyana 4.8
4 Jaz 4.7

The best sandy beaches of Montenegro for families with children

Participants in the first nomination are beaches that they prefer choose parents with children.

Horizonti Float

Rating: 5.0


Beautiful beach located in the Tivat Riviera, surrounded by pine forest and olive thickets. They give a shadow. Length coast about 300 m. It is chosen for light and soft sand, shallow bottom. Pleased with the availability of cozy walkways.

There are always a lot of people, but there are usually enough places. Beach conditionally divided into several zones. In one of them you can rent plank beds and umbrellas. The bar sells drinks and ice cream. There is a tent with sandwiches and pizza. There are garbage cans, a toilet and showers. The cost of the road is 5 euros.


  • there are shadow areas;
  • shallow bottom;
  • cozy alleys;
  • competent improvement.


  • There are no serious minuses.


Rating: 4.9


Continues the rating of Lucice beach. It is located in Budva Riviera and surrounded by cliffs with forest. The main advantages of this place – crystal clear water, comfortable atmosphere. There is a game here playground for children. She is successfully hidden in the shade.

Tourists consider the beach Lucice a great place to relax throughout family. They describe quiet waves from the bay, many conifers plants. There are cafes and eateries on the beach. Frustrated by what going to the toilet you need to pay 2 euros. In season, the beach is huge number of people.


  • pure water;
  • cozy atmosphere;
  • the presence of a playground;
  • a lot of vegetation.


  • many people;
  • paid toilets.

Great Plaza

Rating: 4.8


Further in the ranking is the Great Beach of the Ulcinj Riviera. Its width is 60 m and its length is about 13 km. Coast strewn with gray basalt sand. The descent into the sea is gentle and long. There are no drops in the depths. The water near the shore is muddy due to fine sand, further it is more transparent. The territory includes equipped sports platforms, seafood restaurants and cafes. On the beach rescue towers.

In total there are about 10 zones of varying degrees of improvement. In some areas, stations for skiting were built. This the area attracts tourists due to the dark volcanic sand breed. The minuses include frequent winds. If the street is not very hot, after bathing you can freeze. About 1.5 to go from Budva hours.


  • availability of sports grounds;
  • delicious dishes in restaurants;
  • There are stations for skiting.


  • take a long time;
  • strong wind.


Rating: 4.7


The beach is a landscaped plot located in 8 km from the center of Budva. Nearby are Jaz and Ploce. Families with children choose this place for a shallow depth, a safe bottom and good infrastructure. There are a lot of people here on weekends. Soft light shades of sand are brought here during the season. The beach is protected from the winds by hills, so there are no strong waves here. Sea it warms up perfectly. Already in early June, small ones bathe here. children. In clean and clear water, they dive with masks to enjoy the fish.

Beach infrastructure includes everything you need – from shower to water rides. Tents with massage couches work, Volleyball courts, a bar and a restaurant are open. Places are very end quickly, so you need to occupy them early. By cons attribute the presence of garbage to the beach.


  • clean soft sand;
  • no waves;
  • warm water;
  • various entertainments.


  • few places;
  • it’s dirty.

The best sandy beaches of Montenegro for youth recreation

In the second nomination, we included beaches that we like fun companies.


Rating: 5.0


The nomination is the beach with coarse sand. Rare places small pebbles are found. The entrance to the sea here is pretty steep, but on stones lie at the bottom. Vacationers are delighted with the magnificent views, picturesque cliffs and clear water. This is a comfortable place where There is everything for a comfortable time.

It’s worth considering that there are a lot of people on Mogren Beach, especially in peak season. Have to choose a place in the early morning. Decorates the beach dancer statue. Guests of Montenegro love to take pictures with her. You can get here by road from the Old Town of Budva. Total length of only 340 meters. Mogren is private territory. Entrance costs about $ 2 per person.


  • gorgeous landscapes;
  • complete improvement;
  • comfortable atmosphere.


  • a lot of people in high season.


Rating: 4.9


Ploce Beach is 8 km from Budva. This place is full entertainment, restaurants and clubs. Tourists like sandy the beach and the magnificent pool, which is flooded daily with clean water. This is a great option for young people.

In the cafe you can buy alcoholic beverages, in tents – inflatable circles, balls and other beach paraphernalia. There is a tower for jumping in sea. Car parking is available. Water entry quality equipped. There are stairs with handrails. Is worth Please note that showers and toilets are paid.


  • a lot of entertainment;
  • the presence of a chic pool with clean water;
  • safe descents into the water;
  • tower for jumping.


  • paid showers and toilets.

Ada Boyana

Rating: 4.8


Ulcinj Riviera is home to Ada Bojana Beach. It’s perfect place for outdoor activities. The coastline is 3.8 km. It strewn with sand with shells. The beach is famous for its healing properties due to the inclusion of mineral substances in its composition.

Thanks to the shallow water, the water is always warm and the swimming season long. Nudists come here to take a break from the noisy parties and parties by the water. To get here, you must go to hotel grounds and pay at the entrance. Price – 5 euros per car.


  • healing sand;
  • warm water;
  • purity;
  • long season.


  • only for nudists;
  • a little expensive if you visit every day.


Rating: 4.7


The coast of Jaz is 3 km from Budva. Sand is not found on the whole extent. In places it is mixed with pebbles. We could not but include this area in the rating. After all, it’s here crowds of vacationers to enjoy gorgeous views, swim in sea ​​with a gentle entrance. The water here has the color of sky blue due to stones at the very bottom.

Entrance to the beach is free. You can rent a deck chair if you wish. and an umbrella. There are showers, changing cabins. In the sea buoys are pulled. Stalls sell soda and chips. Tourists ride kayaks, catamarans and jet skis. Work in season restaurants with delicious dishes, regularly held musical events and fun contests. Better take a seat before 11am otherwise there is no site near the water.


  • beautiful nature;
  • well equipped;
  • developed infrastructure;
  • music concerts.


  • a lot of people.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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