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Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Buying a watch through an online store is pretty responsible occupation, because there is a great risk of receiving the goods, not corresponding to the description. Some trading floors are trying impose their services, inflate prices and have no certificates at all quality. Therefore, we decided to make a rating of the best companies, who offer quality products to buy online.

Rating of the best online watch stores

Nomination a place score rating
The best Russian wristwatch online stores 1 Russian-Watch.ru 5.0
2 AllTime.ru 4.9
3 Ankershop.ru 4.8
4 Golden time 4.7
5 Les montres 4.6
The best international wristwatch online stores 1 Amazon.com 5.0
2 Vacheron constantin 4.9
3 Ebay.com 4.8
4 Aliexpress 4.7

The best Russian wristwatch online stores

The first category includes online stores that deliver orders in Russia.


Rating: 5.0


The domestic trading platform, which attracts buyers with fair prices, consistent stocks and big sales. Praise the decent quality of the goods, fast delivery. Consumers trust the store and positively speak about him.

Russian-Watch offers unique special offers, so if the client found the goods at a lower price, he can get a discount for identical products from the store’s catalog. In case of availability defect company will send another model. Pleased with the function “History views. “With the purchase, the buyer receives a warranty ticket.


  • reasonable prices;
  • high quality goods;
  • fast delivery;
  • many approving reviews;
  • There is a guarantee for all watches.


  • not.


Rating: 4.8


AllTime online store has been operating for over 18 years and has won customer recognition, as well as second place in our rating. Firm pleases consumers with a wide range of products, moderate prices, regular promotions and quality customer support. Pleases user-friendly interface of the site. You can search for watches by model type, cost, brand and material of manufacture. Main page offers information on new products and sales.

Prices for products start at 800 rubles. For watches with diamonds will have to pay about 200 thousand rubles. On the birthday and for participation in contests can get a good discount. By cons include delivery delays, packaging problems.


  • large selection of watches;
  • adequate prices;
  • constant advantageous offers;
  • convenient to search for goods;
  • models for every budget.


  • delivery may be delayed;
  • mint boxes come.


Rating: 4.7


Anker shop features a convenient site with a simple design. On the pages of the resource there is all the necessary annotation about the goods. Market praised for the flexible system of discounts, the availability of high-quality goods from popular firms. Prices vary greatly. There is children’s watches for 1000 rubles and luxury models for 200-300 thousand rubles. Catalog Base – Affordable Options for Russian buyers.

The store has the option “Found cheaper?”. Order from 5 thousand rubles will be delivered free of charge. He comes in 3-5 days. Sometimes the boxes are rumpled, and some products are not in stock.


  • concise design;
  • the presence of the option “Found cheaper?”;
  • flexible discount system
  • high quality goods.


  • Not all products are in stock.

Golden time

Rating: 4.6


Golden Time online store began its work in 1999. It has an extensive base of regular customers and has established delivery in all regions of the country. The main advantages of the market include many years of experience, eliminating the risk of fraud, convenient search by site.

Praise the loyalty program, which involves several types of cards with various discounts, depending on the amount of purchase. At ordering from 5000 rubles, the goods will be brought for free. Delivery is 2-14 days. The disadvantages include a long return of goods in case of marriage.


  • many regular customers;
  • good reputation of the company;
  • loyalty program;
  • convenient search;
  • reliability.


  • exchange goods for a long time in case of marriage.

Les montres

Rating: 4.5


Les Montres store is focused on the sale of Swiss watches. All models have documents in the public domain and the necessary certificates. Service Selection of hours allows you to find the right product among a wide selection of models. Under each product there is a brief characteristic. The hotline works.

The advantages of the market include a large assortment of goods, availability bonus program for residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg, regular promotions and discounts. Within the capital, any watch will deliver is free. Judging by the reviews, replacing a defective model may take few weeks.


  • there are all quality certificates;
  • a brief description of the goods;
  • hotline works;
  • big choice;
  • frequent promotions.


  • long replacement of a defective model.


Rating: 4.9


One of the oldest stores is the Tik-Tak market. on the pages of which they offer original models with delivery to any region of the Russian Federation. The catalog has a Casio, Seiko, Jacques Lemans watch, Citizen There are no fakes on this resource, all models have quality certificate, instructions in Russian and warranty company coupon.

The range includes more than 20 thousand products. True about half of them are not available. Have to wait for receipt. Make ordering is very quick and easy. If you wish, you can call sales consultant. Delivery in Moscow and St. Petersburg free of charge the same or next day.


  • a large assortment;
  • all models have certificates;
  • intuitive interface.


  • Many models are not available.

The best international wristwatch online stores

The second category contains online stores that sell around to the world. Residents of different countries order watches here.


Rating: 5.0


One of the most sought after sites in terms of buying watches is the Amazon store. Here consumers are waiting for a huge number of offers. There are simple and budget models, expensive and respectable options. Goods pay by bank the map.

Judging by the reviews, there are no problems with the purchase. Clock come whole and well packaged. Prices are higher than original source, but lower than in Russian stores. Recommended read reviews about the seller, so as not to run into unscrupulous suppliers who will send a fake or marriage.


  • goods for every taste;
  • adequate prices;
  • many good reviews.


  • the risk of buying a fake.

Vacheron constantin

Rating: 4.9

Vacheron Constantin

The next ranking place belongs to the online store Vacheron Constantin. It offers its customers high quality watches. The price for the model may exceed 100 thousand rubles, so the circle Consumers are quite limited. Products on the site are divided by categories. The cost of hours is provided upon request. Range The store is not too big. Each model is unique and passes several stages of verification. There are certificates for all products quality. Delivery and payment terms can be discussed by phone with company manager.


  • high quality goods;
  • unique models;
  • convenient search by category.


  • limited range;
  • high cost (only for wealthy customers).


Rating: 4.8


International ebay auction enjoys large buyers popularity. There are watches for every taste and budget. You can even purchase used models. The ebay marketplace is perfect for collectors. Here you can find vintage items and rare models. Delivery conditions are decided by negotiating with the seller.

We recommend that you review product ratings and reviews. consumers before purchasing a watch. To pluses include a large selection of watches, competitive prices and ease of navigation. It is worth considering that about 40% of sellers do not deliver goods to Russia. There is a risk that the parcel will go very long or not gets to the owner at all. It is already worth making a complaint to Russian post.


  • favorable prices;
  • there are rare items;
  • huge selection.


  • not all sellers send parcels to the Russian Federation.


Rating: 4.7


Almost no rating is complete without international a trading platform that offers the largest selection of watches hours. Almost 100% of the entire catalog are products of Chinese brands. This site is designed for buyers who have a limited budget or for those for whom the brand does not really matter.

Prices here are 4-5 times lower than for identical goods in physical stores. Pleased with the opportunity to receive a cashback, a large selection payment methods, free shipping. It is worth considering that quality hours directly depends on the cost. Do not wait for the model for 10 dollars of Swiss precision and durability. Sorry on the pages fakes of popular brands are often found on the site.


  • the best prices;
  • cashback up to 20%;
  • any payment methods;
  • there is free shipping;
  • a large assortment.


  • counterfeit risk;
  • Mostly Chinese brands.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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