10 best online movie theaters

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Perhaps every modern person sooner or later accepts decision to stop consuming pirated video content. Indeed, after a hard day, you just want to come home and turn on some interesting movie – without long searches for suitable trackers, so much so that in good quality, without annoying advertising another online casino, with normal voice acting.

And online movie theaters can do it all! You pay a little the amount once a month or for each film – and watch a movie in high quality, with excellent resolution and sound, without advertising. AND you don’t need to look for it, and download … And if the online cinema has application for smart TV – then watching a movie becomes more more pleasant.

It remains only to choose a suitable online cinema, which you can and should “bring” your money. Fortunately, there are a lot of them in Russia. And for those who love good films, we made a rating of 10 top online movie theaters.

The rating includes only licensed online cinemas, and it was built according to the general usability – from availability applications for mobile devices and smart TVs to the base movies and subscription fees.

Rating of the best online cinemas

Nomination a place Name of product Minimum Subscription Cost
Rating of the best online cinemas 1 Google Play Movies (plus YouTube)
2 Netflix 560 rub
3 Movie Search HD 250 rub
4 TNT Premier 129 rub
5 TVZavr 99 rub
6 Tvigle 0 rub
7 Amediateka 599 rub
8 Megogo 397 r
9 Ivi 399 rub
10 Okko 399 rub

10th place: Google Play Movies (plus YouTube)

Rating: 4.2

Google Play Movies (plus YouTube)

Google Play Movies is not exactly an online movie theater. Rather it is rental service. There is no monthly subscription, users offered to pay for every available movie. And it can be how to rent – and then the person will have 46 hours on a single view – and fully purchased. And also in this there are no TV shows.

The price of movies on Google Play is not very affordable. If a I want to see some modern blockbuster released in movie theaters a few months ago, then the purchase will cost on average 350 rubles, and rent – 99 rubles. Older and less Popular tapes are cheaper.

But Google Play Movies is quite convenient to use. Him there is a computer version (integrated with YouTube), and mobile applications. Online Cinema Clients Installed on Everything TVs and boxes with Android TV are also available for some third-party platforms.

9th place: Netflix

Rating: 4.3


Netflix is ​​an American online movie theater that has been around for several years ago began to work with varying success in Russia. And this service, frankly, not quite what the average to the user.

Netflix relies on TV shows, and especially actively – on content of own production. Yes, this online cinema releases quite a few TV shows on her own. That’s just almost all of them are focused on the American market, and many Russian-speaking users simply will not appreciate them. Political intrigue, criticism of Trump, LGBT popularization – all these topics anyway otherwise rise in Netflix production content. For example, in the fifth season of “Black Mirror” a whole series was devoted gay romance, and in the third part of “Very Strange Things” one of the most interesting female characters turned out to be a lesbian.

In addition, Netflix has virtually no modern films and extremely little content in Russian. And it’s not just about voice acting. Many films and series even without Russian subtitles go.

Finally, Netflix is ​​very expensive. Minimum monthly subscription – from 8 euros. If you want something more “normal” – you have to put already 10-12 euros, or up to 850 rubles at the time of writing this articles.

Of course, Netflix has some advantages. Firstly, many exclusive films and TV shows are still interesting, despite actively integrating agenda. Secondly, all new titles this online movie theater comes with support for 4K and Dolby 5.1 sound, so that owners of modern TVs will get the present viewing pleasure. Finally, Netflix clients are under any platform – from mobile phones to smart TV.

8th place: Movie Search HD

Rating: 4.4

Movie Search HD

Russian online cinema, which will potentially become one of the largest. But not now. At the time of this writing Kinopoisk HD is in the period of its growth. He buys content – movies and TV shows, invites third-party voice acting studios for duplication (for example, the same “Courage-Bambey” Russified Miracle Workers with Daniel Radcliffe), is trying to collaborate with others online movie theaters and American television channels.

In general, now “Kinopoisk HD” is of some interest for moviegoers, as it offers a very extensive and interesting a collection of material – with a very inexpensive subscription. Of course into her not all content is included, for certain films it is assumed pay. But, on the other hand, an online cinema with a large base content, including exclusive, for 250 rubles per month – this great offer.

Why is he in 8th place? Because Kinopoisk HD customers Hardly ever. It is proposed to watch it through a web browser or on TV via Chromecast or another cast dongle. Second option – only on the phone. In general, this service is inconvenient. But in the future will fix it.

7th place: TNT Premier

Rating: 4.5


TNT Premier is a rather strange Russian online cinema. In fact, it is the TNT television web base with relaying a TV stream, series, films, reality shows, and own content.

If you describe “TNT Premier” as briefly as possible, then – online cinema for those who love the TNT channel. Here you can see all the series from there, most reality shows as well some broadcast movies. Original content not so many, however, some of the titles boast quite high quality.

For example, “Call DiCaprio!” – this is unexpectedly sad a satirical drama that raises issues of life with HIV. A “Sect” – a sobering psychological thriller about occultism and religion. Original TNT Premier Content Shows Russian cinema, despite all the jokes and a mocking attitude, can demonstrate high quality.

Moreover, TNT Premier is one of the cheapest online movie theaters in the ranking. Only 129 rubles per month (or 229, if you want to watch more Disney movies and animations). In addition to the base TNT content, broadcast and video from other channels are also available Gazprom Media – Super!, TV3, Match, and Friday!

The online movie theater has apps for Android and iOS, as well as clients for smart TVs Samsung and LG, consoles Apple TV and Boxes Android TV.

6th place: TVZavr

Rating: 4.6


TVZavr is one of the oldest online movie theaters in Russia. And he Great for smart TV owners! In particular, TVZavr applications are available for almost all platforms, including released before 2015.

TVZavr uses standard payment mechanics. That is part content is available by subscription (mostly old and not very popular movies and TV shows), but for everything else it’s supposed to pay. However, for those who want to save money, TVZavr also will do. It has a whole section with completely free films, cartoons and series. Not that they were interesting, but to brighten up the evening or turn on the child, will do. Free content comes with ads.

Subscription price – from 99 rubles per month. Subscription Content not very much, but it is regularly updated by adding outdated films. For example, at the end of 2019, it included such blockbusters like Avengers: Age of Ultron, Doctor Strange, and The Green Book.

In addition to smart TV applications, TVZavr has clients for media consoles and mobile operating systems (Android and iOS).

5th place: Tvigle

Rating: 4.7


Tvigle is an online movie theater with the strangest pay model in rating. In fact, it is free. The vast majority of films, cartoons and series presented here watch without spending a single ruble.

Of course, free content is shown with ads. Subscription disconnecting it costs 99 rubles a month – which, in principle, is not so too much. That’s just the expediency of this is quite small, as there are very few really popular movies. For example, in October 2019, Tvigle offers see “You have never been here”, “Interview with God”, Beaver and Acid. These are not exactly the pictures that everyone had by ear.

In addition, many famous paintings from among those represented in the database of this online cinema – for example, “Power” with Christian Bale and Amy Adams – Available for a fee.

On the other hand – no one forbids watching movies is free. The benefit of advertising in them is very small, and it is unobtrusive. In addition, Tvigle has applications for smart TVs, consoles, consoles and mobile devices.

4th place: Amediateka

Rating: 4.8


Amediateka is an online cinema that specializes in TV shows. Especially a lot of content here from the American TV channel HBO It was at Amediateka that the first episodes came out – and come out – Games of Thrones, Chernobyl, American Horror Story, Peace Wild West “and many others who have already become truly cult.

However, “Amediateka” also has series from other channels in its database – Fox, BBC, Starz and a few more. So the probability that it is your favorite American TV show that will be in this The online movie theater is very great.

True, “Amediateku” is difficult to perceive as the only an online cinema by subscription that a modern person needs. The fact is that there are almost no films here, and those that are presented, filmed specifically for television and therefore high quality, to Unfortunately, no different.

In particular, for 599 rubles a month – namely, how much it costs subscription in this online cinema – the user gets access to 165 TV shows and 200 TV movies. Fortunately, the base is constantly replenished with new titles, but it was not so, as we would like. But “Amediateka” is the way to watch HBO and other TV shows American channels first, in high quality and with an official dubbing.

“MediaDate” applications are available on most modern smart TVs, as well as on mobile devices and Apple TV. Viewing online from a computer through a browser may not be complicated always stable website work. “Amediateka” can be used and through other online movie theaters, including Kinopoisk HD, Okko and “Megaphone TV”.

3rd place: Megogo

Rating: 4.9


Megogo is one of the largest online movie theaters in Russia, which offers an advanced payment model. There are:

Free movies and TV shows before watching which commercials are shown;

A subscription that covers almost all series (except presented on the platform “Amediateka”, for them you need to pay extra separately) and most obsolete or not too popular movies

A purchase that applies to seasons of individual TV shows and modern films.

Megogo is preinstalled on most smart phones sold in Russia TVs, so bothering with its settings is not required. In addition, the content presented in this online cinema comes in high resolution.

In addition, Megogo relays a large number of TV channels. And many of them are available for free. And this also adds a plus sign to a collection of this online movie theater. Actually, for a big the amount of free content and takes third place in our rating.

2nd place: IVI

Rating: 5.0


Ivi – an online movie theater with one of the largest free databases content. Here are films, cartoons and series for viewing which you only need to endure one or two advertising video in front of the video itself. At the same time, free and even more or less modern and good paintings – unlike the same Twigle.

The second half of Ivi content is available by subscription. She will manage 399 rubles a month and opens access to more than 80 thousand TV shows and movies. Content is available in high resolution, including 4K, and with 5.1 sound. Several films even HDR support that owners of modern TVs will especially appreciate.

And in Ivi you can pay with “Thank you” bonuses. At last You will find where to apply them.

The disadvantage is a slow update of the database – and how free movies and subscription content. Also often in the number of new products comes across boring, low-quality paintings.

In addition, films can be bought. Then they will be available in the database. even after the subscription ends. And one more plus – many movies support multiple audio tracks. So you can look in the original, and, for example, in Ukrainian.

Like all major online movie theaters, Ivi has customers for most smart TVs (including Samsung, Sony, LG and Philips), mobile devices and consoles Apple TV.

1st place: Okko


Okko is one of the largest online movie theaters in Russia. the main thing its dignity – almost all the content presented is available by subscription. And films, including quite popular and famous, and serials.

Okko has several subscriptions. But there are two convenient packages – “Optimum” (399 rubles per month), including 20 thousand films and TV shows and “Premium” (799 rubles per month), which already has 30 thousand titles. Premium also includes content subscription from “Media”, so it’s even a little life hack – why pay for “Amediateku” and 400 titles, when for the same money you can get 40,000 titles?

In addition, Okko has a separate category of films in resolution UHD 4K. And this is a great reason to test the new TV and finally enjoy the highest detail. Moreover, all these films are broadcast only through the smart TV application.

Okko can be run on smart TVs (supported Samsung, Sony, LG, Philips and Loewe), mobile devices, PlayStation 4, Apple TV, NVIDIA Shield, and watch online at computer through a browser. Cloud management is supported. You can start viewing on one device, and continue on friend.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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