10 best mini quadrocopters

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Popular and actively conquering the sky in recent years quadrocopters are still quite an expensive pleasure, more if we are talking only about entertainment. With such a task with much cheaper and more affordable younger ones brothers “full drones – mini quadrocopters. Best in the first half of 2020, models are presented in a recent review of the magazine .

Rating of the best mini quadrocopters

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best low-cost mini quadcopters without a camera 1 Hubsan Nano Q4 H111 1 280 rub.
2 CXHOBBY CX-10 1 250 rub.
3 Syma x11 1 570 rub.
4 Syma x51 1 990 rub.
5 Syma x26 1 890 rub.
The best mini quadrocopters with a camera 1 JXD 515V 3 430 rub.
2 Syma x23w 2 850 rub.
3 Xiaomi MiTu Minidrone 720P 3 600 rub.
4 Ryze Tech Tello 10 000 rub.
5 Hubsan X4 FPV Brushless H501S High Edition 18 490 rub.

The best low-cost mini quadcopters without a camera

First of all, consider the selection of the most affordable mini quadrocopters that performed better a combination of other important characteristics, except for the cost itself. The lack of a camera makes such models almost exclusively leisure thing for fun. Alternatively, on a cheap model you can to train copter management skills, after which look at more expensive and functional models.

Hubsan Nano Q4 H111

Rating: 4.9

Hubsan Nano Q4 H111

And we will start with the cheapest copter, and at the same time almost the smallest. Model Nano Q4 H111 Chinese manufacturer Hubsan even belongs to the conditional category. micro quadrocopters.

Indeed, the dimensions of the mini-drone are very tiny – 45x45x23mm with a weight of 12g. The body is mostly plastic, the main color scheme is white; there is also a yellow one in the assortment. The screws are also plastic, to protect them in the scope of delivery The device has a special rim. Its use is not required, at the discretion of the user.

The difficulty level of management in this quadcopter declared like a kid, which hints at the target audience. Dimensions micro-drone allows you to fully run it in a calm weather outside and even on a city apartment scale. Flight time on a full charge of a regular battery with a capacity of only 100mAh is only 5 minutes, but during this time the copter is easy overcomes tens of meters, and in open space it can lose sight of.

Despite the simplicity and reasonable price, the Hubsan Nano Q4 H111 can something that is able to entertain well. So, provided here three operating modes: Normal – piloting only in horizontal directions; Medium – vertical axis available – recommended for more experienced operators; Expert – all functions are unlocked, allowing to make high-speed maneuvers, aerobatics. To drone built-in LEDs for visibility when flying in the dark days.

For wireless communication with the control panel in this model radio channel is used. Approximate Range – About 50 meters, but in open space the real indicator may be and more.

Mentioned battery, although it provides only 5 minutes of flight, but it doesn’t take too much time to charge it – until half an hour. The remote control is powered by conventional batteries.

Hubsan Nano Q4 H111 Mini Quadrocopter includes drone itself, protective rim, screwdriver, spare screws, cable charging, battery.

In general, users and experts highly value maneuverability mini-drone, balancing, ease of control, the presence of different difficulty modes. Somewhat redundant may seem responsiveness of the drone to control commands from the remote control, but it can be to regulate. Screws can fall off impacts, therefore The manufacturer generously added spare parts. Anyway, contact with foreign objects during the flight is better to avoid.


  • strong case;
  • good looks;
  • Ease of controls;
  • instant reaction to commands from the remote control;
  • adjustable sensitivity;
  • effective stabilization;
  • three flight difficulty modes;
  • easy to disassemble;
  • equipment.


  • the screws fall off the impact of the copter on third-party objects;
  • excessive sensitivity.


Rating: 4.8


The second in a selection of the simplest and most inexpensive mini quadrocopters consider another miniature Chinese drone unpronounceable CXHOBBY trademark. In fact, the “brand” is not about anything says, since this same product was previously on the market under the brand name Cheerson. It can only be recognized by appearance and characteristic symbols on the top of the case.

This mini quadrocopter is also a little bigger than a matchbox – 40x40x20mm and the same weight – 12g. Appearance is also very pretty, but with fewer design details, which in a certain degree, even a plus. The body plastic is strong enough inside a metal frame that makes the drone indestructible. Screws also plastic, and in the same way become consumables when starting indoors. Protections for screws in this model, to Unfortunately, it is not provided, but in the kit there are only 4 spare.

Range parameters are approximately the same as previous model. Speed ​​- up to 8m / s, maximum flight duration – about 4min. Radio control with declared by the manufacturer with a range of up to 30 meters.

The mini copter is equipped with exactly the same battery as the above model – with a capacity of 100mAh, only here it already gives “officially” up to 4 minutes of flight at full charge. True, this is only indicative estimate, and in fact, the device can fly longer – up to 7 minutes, depending on modes and style “piloting”.

As for the modes, there are also three of them, adapted under the operator’s experience to cope with high speeds and aerobatic figures. It’s nice that this elementary model can do flips automatically, providing a “headless mode” – you do not you need to constantly keep in mind the relative position of the drone in relation to the remote control and remember where it has “right” and “left” in each moment of time. Automatic U-flips in the air the copter is always in an “understandable” position.

In general, a very good model, but here is a little worse than that of previous quadrocopter implemented propeller safety when copter hits the wall. In the previous one there were at least rims in complete, and there are only four spare screws, which, certainly not enough.


  • minimum dimensions and weight;
  • increased strength housing;
  • metal frame;
  • three flight modes;
  • automatic functions;
  • “headless” mode;
  • effective stabilization;
  • knows how to make flips.


  • no protection for screws;
  • few spare screws included.

Syma x11

Rating: 4.7

Syma X11

The rest of the collection will be dedicated to Syma mini-drones, which in the first half of 2020 broke into first positions “user likes” in this segment. The first to consider Syma X11 model with four screws, elegant design and protective the rim. Differences between neighboring Syma X11 and X11C models only configuration and “body kit” – the C-version contains an integrated camera, slot for memory cards, the memory card itself in the kit and a little more capacious battery.

This is the most elementary model of this series, but is used in great demand for a particularly elegant design and solid quality at an affordable price. The dimensions of the copter are already slightly larger than the previous ones two very tiny models – 152x152x37mm with a weight of 35g. The design is stylish, sophisticated, the screws are protected stationary plastic rim. The most popular color option is white, but there is also black and red.

It is worth noting immediately the significant functional difference this model from the previous one – the absence of a “headless” mode. it many regard it as a disadvantage, while others, on the contrary, consider advantage, since a novice user is initially learning navigate around the world. However, since it is this category of drones is used almost exclusively for entertainment, and often by children, the “headless” mode is still here really would not hurt. Also, there is no automatic return of the drone to the operator, but in this price category it’s already not a minus.

The maximum declared duration of the flight Syma X11 is 8 minutes, but in practice it is less – up to 6 minutes, even though it’s installed twice as capacious the battery is a lithium-polymer, with a capacity of 200 mAh. Remote the console is made in the form of a gamepad, so that for children and gamers the format will be very familiar. The remote control is powered by two AA batteries, which you will need to buy specifically.

Four spare rotors for replacement broken. The entire X-series of mini-quadcopters Syma uses engines with a gear principle of torque transmission. it imposes some restrictions on the operating environment: ideal Wednesday – indoor, and in open spaces mini-copter can be safely run only in full calm.


  • quality of materials and assembly;
  • elegant design;
  • six-axis gyroscope;
  • reliable protection of screws;
  • convenient remote control.


  • there is no “headless” mode.

Syma x51

Rating: 4.6


Another Syma mini quadrocopter, this time not even quite quadrocopter, since there are not four screws, but three. But considering the well-established general meaning of the term, we will not be too meticulous in definitions. Fundamentally, this model is very similar to the previous one, but radically different in form precisely because of the number of screws, and in this even wins. To be precise, there are still four screws here, but this is only formal, since one pair of screws is used on one seat.

This mini-drone is already significantly larger than the first two – 170x145x74mm with a weight of 45g. The rotors are completely identical in size, shape and lift, but the placement and arrangement of seats is not fully symmetrical, which gives the aircraft a certain orientation in conventional head and tail parts. Mentioned Double Screw located just in the head with protective elements corps. The design style is similar to the previous model, but here interesting spectacular design elements appeared.

The claimed flight time for the Syma X51 is 6 minutes. Principle remote control – standard frequency radio channel 2.4 GHz The receiver is included in the package, as well as the remote remote control – you will need to buy 4 ordinary AA batteries to the remote control. The signal reception range is calculated for open spaces and up to 50 meters.

Flight capabilities of the copter are comparable to similar inexpensive models. The orientation of the device in space is based on data built-in six-axis gyroscope. Different flight modes available, including “automatic funnel”. Mini drone can do 360 degree automatic flips.

Relatively low flight time due to massiveness drone, a significant share in which the battery itself is quite large capacity – 380mAh. Full charge time – 60 minutes. At a drone will give a signal.

Mini quadrocopter Syma X51 as a whole in terms of capabilities is not much less differs from the previous model, here the main “chip” in the form, dictated by three lead screws and fuselage design. Some complaints are caused by the lack of a “headless” regime, but in at the same time, many users consider this point insignificant. A little more complaints collect a short flight time with relatively capacious battery.


  • quality materials and assembly;
  • successful asymmetric form;
  • spectacular design;
  • reliable protection of screws;
  • different flight modes.


  • relatively low runtime for such a tank battery;
  • there is no “headless” mode.

Syma x26

Rating: 4.6

Syma X26

One more mini-quadrocopter Syma, model will complete the first selection X26. It is notable for advanced piloting capabilities and some additional useful features.

This is again a fully symmetrical four-screw mini-drone dimensions of 131x131x44.5mm and a weight of 51g. Outwardly different from previous two models of the same series, but only due to massive protective rims with stiffening ribs and light green screws. The overall style is quite guessed.

A distinctive feature of this model is a significant emphasis on protection. mini-drone from damage in all available ways. So each the screw is surrounded by a wide plastic rim reinforced with “spokes”, protecting blades additionally above and below. But even yourself collisions with the same walls here for the most part may not occur thanks to built-in sensors that distinguish obstacles and instructing the drone to fly over. Enhanced protection slightly affects the appearance of the drone, making it a little overweight, but durability increases at times, if not by orders of magnitude.

Syma X26 is equipped with a 380mAh battery, full charge which should be enough for 6 minutes of flight. Interface Charging USB Management is carried out through a standard remote control, working on a radio channel with a radius of signal reception range – up to 70 meters, maximum up to 100 under favorable conditions. The remote control works from 4 AA batteries (need to be purchased separately).

This mini quadrocopter is also equipped with a gyroscope, altitude sensor and an optical sensor. Auto flips are supported in acrobatic mode. There is a “headless mode” function “homecoming” and retention of height.

The delivery kit includes spare screws, as in other models of the series. Some customers are satisfied that they are not I had to use a single such “spare” – so well in this model protection is implemented. Model really Long-lasting, but official warranty is as short as for most other budget mini quadrocopters – 1 month.


  • quality of materials and assembly;
  • good design;
  • body illumination;
  • enhanced protection of the blades and the body from collisions;
  • signal reception range;
  • maneuverability;
  • “headless mode”;
  • function “return home”;
  • built-in obstacle sensors.


  • expensive batteries.

The best mini quadrocopters with a camera

The second selection of a review of the best mini quadrocopters according to version magazine is dedicated to models that remind functionally full drones – at least they are equipped with cameras. Quality shooting can vary greatly, and a mini drone, respectively, can be used simply as a fascinating toy, or maybe as a useful tool.

JXD 515V

Rating: 4.9

JXD 515V

Will open the nomination Chinese mini quadrocopter, good quality, with good features and a simple camera on board. The model is twice as expensive as almost any previous one, but in this categories – the most inexpensive.

The dimensions of the device are 138x138x50mm, weight – 84g. The housing is made of good plastic design in the style of space fiction – on some trading floors call this copter JXD SpaceShip 515V. The screws are protected by thick plastic rims. IN Housing integrated LED backlight elements.

Mini drone control is carried out according to standard 2.4 GHz radio channel with a signal reception range of up to 60, maximum 70 meters. Thanks to barometric altimeter and gyroscope the device easily determines its own position in space in every moment. Automatic flight modes are available, such as automatic turns, return to base with one click, “headless mode”.

A mini drone can record what is happening on the built-in camera Resolution 0.3MP Maximum frame rate video – 25kad / s with a resolution of 480p. Footage is recorded on flash memory card. The cards are replaceable, there is a separate slot.

Autonomous power supply of the drone is provided by the built-in battery 350mAh capacity. Charging time from zero – up to 130 minutes. Maximum flight time on a full charge – 5 minutes. Maximum speed – 6km / h USB charging, charger included set.

In general, the JXD 515V collects mostly only positive feedback, only in this price category users are already they begin to complain that the flight time could have been longer.


  • good materials and assembly;
  • reliable protection of the blades;
  • nice backlight;
  • automatic modes;
  • spectacular design in the style of Sci-Fi.


  • flight time.

Syma x23w

Rating: 4.8

Syma X23W

The review of the brand that we completed the previous one will continue. nomination – Syma, and its “moderate” mini quadrocopter X23W. A successful series of Chinese mini quadrocopters is complemented by a model with significantly better camera than the above.

Dimensions of the drone – 210x210x50mm, weight – 80g. Housing made of durable ABS plastic. The design is the same futuristic, subtle and elegant, like the above group of models of the same brand. Screws have protection from horizontal collisions, but not solid rims, but plastic “bumpers” in the form of a circle segment of about 90 degrees. There is a backlight corps.

You can control the mini quadrocopter over the air from a standard remote control or Wi-Fi using a wearable gadget, the same smartphone. Radius of reception of a radio signal – to 70 meters. Gesture management supported. Different modes are supported, in including headless, automatic return, acrobatic, Waypoints flyby, automatic take-off and landing, 3D piloting.

Syma X23W integrated wide-angle camera capable of shooting photos in quality up to 1280×720 pixels and video in quality up to 480p. First-person Live Streaming (FPV) is supported, but only via wifi.

The mini-drone is powered by a built-in 500mAh battery. A full charge should be enough for 7 minutes of flight. In the context of more expensive models is a rather weak result. USB Charging to 130 minutes, usually an hour is enough to charge. Battery a very common format – 1S.

The Syma X23W includes the copter itself, four main and four spare screws, protective bumpers for screws, holder for smartphone, charger, screwdriver, documentation. Blades with they look the same, but when replacing, you need to pay attention to marking to which seat which screw fits. IN the lineup has a modification of Syma X23W with an RTF index, which means “Ready-to-Fly” – for this version you do not need to buy any additional accessories.

Despite the fact that the mini-drone is relatively massive in Compared to the previous ones in the review, this is an illusion. The model is exactly the same only suitable for home or outdoor launches in the complete absence of wind.


  • strong case;
  • elegant design;
  • camera with good resolution;
  • Wi-Fi
  • gesture management;
  • overflights route Waypoints.


  • short flight time on one charge.

Xiaomi MiTu Minidrone 720P

Rating: 4.8


Could not do without the ubiquitous company in this bottom of the market Xiaomi The company decided to release its own quadrocopter in response to striking success of the relatively inexpensive Ryze Tello series. Attempt proved successful, and MiTu mini-drones are in high demand for this day. The functionality of the mini-drone itself is quite wide, and some functions act disarmingly on the public.

The dimensions of the drone are miniature – 91x91x38mm, tangible weight – 88g. Xiaomi branded design, unique in its elegant and sophisticated minimalism. To the quality of materials and assembly too There are no complaints, the manufacturer is on top here, as always. The most popular color is white, there is another option with golden case, but on sale it is less common.

The model differs sharply from all of the above in increased flight time. Here this figure reaches 10 minutes. The declared maximum height is 25 meters. Work time provided in the most obvious way – a capacious 920mAh battery. Wherein full charge time is only 60 minutes – unlike many budget models. The battery is removable, and in which case lends itself replacement.

Another important difference between Xiaomi MiTu Minidrone 720P – ways management. Here, piloting is carried out through a wearable gadget. – smartphone or tablet – via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Declared control range – up to 50 meters. If you plan to pilot Wi-Fi drone, you need a Wi-Fi module in the smartphone supported a range of 5.8 GHz.

An extended range of Wi-Fi will also be necessary for direct Broadcast video from the camera. The camera itself is built into the body, removes photos with a resolution of 1200×1600 pixels, and video in 720p quality. If a There’s no need to immediately broadcast the video, it will be simple recorded in the internal memory capacity of 4GB.

Xiaomi MiTu Minidrone 720P shows itself in flight the most in a dynamic and fun way. Wide range of sensors: ultrasound, accelerometer, optical for visual positioning, barometer, infrared. All this is needed for a flyby obstacles, precise control, performing automatic figs and modes. A mini-drone can make flips, hold altitude, make automatic take-off and landing. Interesting additional and exceptionally spectacular features – launch hand-held and simulated aerial combat with other MiTu drones. Even provides the ability to control via a Bluetooth gamepad, which adds drive.


  • high-quality materials and flawless assembly;
  • good camera;
  • powerful processor;
  • flight time;
  • 4GB of internal memory;
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi;
  • hand launch;
  • simulation of air combat with other MiTu drones;
  • Xiaomi’s elegant design style.


  • instruction in Chinese only;
  • not the most successful blade protection.

Ryze Tech Tello

Rating: 4.7

Ryze Tech Tello

Now consider the advanced model of the Ryze Tello series, which involuntarily inspired Xiaomi management to create mini quadrocopters MiTu. This is Ryze Tech Tello – Multifunctional miniature drone with a good range and duration of flight, and with A number of interesting additional features. Copter in more than two times more expensive than the previous one.

Dimensions of the mini-drone – 98×92.5x41mm, weight – 80g. Body plastic, screws are relatively large – 76.2mm in diameter, equipped with plastic bumpers to protect against horizontal collisions. The design is modest but stylish. Two color schemes – dark gray and white.

An even more capacious battery is installed here – 1100mAh, which gives up to 13 minutes of flight. The maximum speed is 8 m / s. Drone contains set of sensors: barometer, optical for visual positioning, ultrasonic. When piloting available automatic take-off and landing, automatic coups, 5 software-established flight modes.

Wi-Fi control of a mini-drone is carried out from a wearable gadget. To do this, you must first download the proprietary Tello app (available for Android and iOS). Program is good translated into Russian, extremely simple and understandable in mastering.

The claimed control range is up to 100 meters. Upon loss Communication drone will automatically land.

Management is also possible with some gamepads, which supports this model – Apple MFi and Gamesir remote controller. You can connect the controller via the Bluetooth channel, but in this case control range dramatically falls – to standard for Bluetooth 10 meters.

Ryze Tech Tello has a relatively powerful camera 5MP resolution. The maximum viewing angle is 82.6 degrees. Photo resolution – up to 1936×2592 pixels, video – up to 720p. Model supports connection of VR devices with subsequent broadcasting from drone cameras.

Separately, it is worth emphasizing the successful implementation in this model built-in automatic piloting programs. Total programs five, the drone behaves in them clearly, accurately and predictably. Itself the behavior is well thought out, to the smallest detail. Quality implementation expressed not only in the aerobatics themselves, but also in character shooting during their execution.


  • strong case;
  • large screws;
  • nice design;
  • powerful camera;
  • support for VR devices;
  • useful and competent automatic piloting modes;
  • backlight.


  • requires good lighting for correct positioning by optical sensor;
  • collector engines (in cheaper drones this does not count problem).

Hubsan X4 FPV Brushless H501S High Edition

Rating: 4.7


And completes the review of the best mini quadrocopters of the first half 2020 according to the version of the most expensive model. She’s almost three times more expensive than the previous one, but “full stuffing” brings mini-drone to full quadrocopters. And this is a racing drone high class, so the price, although high, but quite fair.

The dimensions of the copter – 220x220x70mm, weight – 410g. We see a significant margin from any of the above models in terms of massiveness. Many factors played here – overall dimensions a mini-drone, the presence of a metal frame, but the hardest part is battery. Its record in this context capacity of 2700mAh necessary to provide 20 declared flight minutes. Appearance The device is elegant and sporty, without any frills. Two colors cases – white and black.

This is the first and only mini quadrocopter in our review, which is equipped with brushless motors. Positioning orientation in space is carried out according to the testimony of a set sensors, as well as the built-in GPS module. Automatic available modes – following, circular flight, panorama, “headless” mode, return to base. An analog FPV kit is available. Foreseen Failsave option, in which, in case of loss of connection, a mini-drone will automatically return to the pilot.

During the piloting, you can shoot on the course camera with FHD quality. The camera is very good, but do not have too high expectations about the quality of the shoot itself. The mini drone fits well for dynamic amateur photography, and for serious subjects, he fits the least.

Despite the tangible cost, the described model was so good for the consumer that they even start Chinese accessories are produced. All kinds of invented suspensions for installing an action camera – engine thrust has this significant margin that a small additional camera will raise no problem.


  • high-level racing mini-drone;
  • flight duration;
  • positioning accuracy;
  • powerful camera;
  • brushless motors;
  • automatic modes;
  • attractive design.


  • fair but high price.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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