10 best digestive enzymes

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

According to advertising, not a single feast should do without digestive enzyme preparations. Without trying to call readers to moderation – still no one is perfect – should notice: the main indication for taking enzymes is failure functions of various sections of the gastrointestinal tract. Digestive enzyme overuse if not indicated can cause the body to stop producing them. We present you the rating of the best enzymes for digestion.

What are enzymes and why are they needed

Through the intestinal wall only relatively small molecules: amino acids, monosaccharides (glucose, fructose), fatty acids. All this is elementary. “bricks” of more complex substances: proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Enzymes break down complex substances into simple “bricks”:

  1. amylases are complex carbohydrates;
  2. lipases are fats;
  3. proteases are proteins.

Digestion, that is, the breakdown of complex substances into simple ones, begins already in the mouth, where saliva amylases are included. IN the stomach, where the environment is acidic, amylase activity is suspended, food is processed by the proteolytic enzyme pepsin, which can work only in an acidic environment. At the exit of the stomach (in the antrum department) the acidic environment of food is neutralized, and the food lump passes in the duodenum – the initial part of the small intestine. Here it is processed by bile, which emulsifies fat – turns it into a suspension of the smallest droplets. So increasing the area of ​​contact of fats with lipases. In addition to lipases, in Amylases and proteases work in the duodenum. This complex enzymes produced by the pancreas, so its analogue, contained in medicines is called pancreatin (lat.pancreas – pancreas).

If for some reason enzymes are not produced enough or they may not be active (for example, with reduced acidity proteins in the stomach do not break down), the process digestion is broken. Incompletely recycled components food begin to irritate the intestinal wall, causing diarrhea, pain, bloating. Half an hour – an hour after eating, sharp urge to the toilet, excreted feces becomes abundant, frothy, It has a sharp unpleasant odor.

Often a similar problem occurs with chronic pancreatitis, when cells producing enzymes. Another common cause is a violation of the normal outflow bile due to biliary dyskinesia or after removal gallbladder. Not enough emulsified fat less contacts with enzymes and is worse broken down.

Ranking the best digestive enzymes

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best enzymes for adults 1 Micrazim 635 rub
2 Mezim 66 rub
3 Festal 123 rub
4 Acidin-Pepsin 80 rub
The best enzymes for children 1 Colif drops for children 1,573 rubles
2 Creon Micro 5000 1 224 rub.
3 Lactazar 413 r
BEST ENZYMES FOR VEGANA 1 Now Foods, Plant Enzymes 1750 rub.
2 Pepfiz
3 Enzyme Vegan 390 rub

Best enzymes for adults

In this rating group we have collected the most popular enzymes for digestion suitable for adults.


Rating: 4.9


Pancreatic enzyme complex – pancreatin – containing amylases, lipases and proteases; placed in microspheres, which, in turn, are packaged in capsules. Capsule dissolves in the stomach, the microspheres mix evenly with the food lump, passing into the intestine and there already dissolve under the action of alkaline environment, releasing enzymes. Thus, the enzymes are evenly mixed with food and act as much as possible effectively.

Clinical recommendations for exocrine therapy pancreatic insufficiency separately stipulate that the only effective form of supply of enzymes to the intestines are microspheres or microtablets, which are activated only in lumen of the small intestine.

Take a capsule three times a day with meals. Given the form release of the medicine, capsules should not be chewed – if the shell microspheres will be damaged, enzymes are inactivated in acidic the environment of the stomach.

If the drug is used occasionally with overeating, a dosage of 10,000 units is sufficient. In other cases, the remedy should appoint a doctor, he will determine the necessary dose.

Possible analogues are Hermitage, Creon.


  • micro granules provide more efficient work enzymes.


  • high price.


Rating: 4.6


Economy option: all the same extract of the pancreas of animals – pancreatin, as in the previous tool, but placed in tablets with enteric coating. Enzymes do not inactivate in stomach, begin to act only once in the intestines, but considering that a tablet needs time to dissolve, talk about the effective interaction of enzymes with food is more difficult (as we remember, the activity of enzymes is higher, the higher their contact area with food suspension).

However, given the fivefold difference in price with the previous medicine from our rating, it is not surprising that the drug has many fans. Yet we would recommend it above all healthy people whose quality of life is not too dependent on the effectiveness of the medication taken.

Possible analogues are Penzital.


  • low price.


  • less effective in comparison with preparations containing enzymes in microspheres.


Rating: 4.5


And again, pancreatin, that is, amylase, lipase and protease. IN in combination with the enzyme hemicellulase, which breaks down fiber (in it is produced by normal intestinal microflora) and components of bile.

It is because of the complex of bile acids that we included the drug in ranking of the best digestive enzymes. They facilitate absorption fats and fat-soluble vitamins and adjust biliary failure – reduced gallbladder activity or complete his absence. Therefore, among the indications for the use of the festival, in addition to traditional enzyme deficiency pancreas and overeating and there are pathologies of the liver and biliary tract:

  1. alcoholic and toxic diffuse liver damage, cirrhosis;
  2. biliary dyskinesia,
  3. cholecystitis,
  4. condition after cholecystectomy.

Hemicellulase, by breaking down fiber, helps reduce bloating and flatulence. characteristic of dysbiotic states.

Possible analogues: Enzistal.


  • contains bile acids that correct biliary failure;
  • affordable price.


  • reduced efficiency of enzymes compared to drugs containing microspheres.


Rating: 4.4


If all the other means of our rating are created in order to support the functioning of the small intestine, this medication contains a complex of enzymes to improve digestion in the stomach.

As already mentioned, this is where the first stage takes place protein digestion. But for gastric proteases to work, acidic environment needed. With atrophic gastritis due to prolonged inflammation, glands that produce both enzymes and gastric juice. Digestive insufficiency appears in the stomach severity after eating, fast satiety, burping air. Frequent and manifestations of dumping syndrome caused by ingestion a large amount of insufficiently processed food in the intestines:

  1. sudden weakness after eating, up to fainting;
  2. drowsiness,
  3. pallor,
  4. sweating
  5. hiccups.

In such a situation, the doctor may prescribe Acidin-Pepsin.

Contains a complex of gastric enzymes (pepsin) and betaine hydrochloride. Pepsin – extract from the porcine mucosa the stomach. Betaine hydrochloride, getting into water, is hydrolyzed (decomposes) with the release of hydrochloric acid, providing optimal medium for the action of pepsin.

Two tablets should be dissolved in half a glass of water and drink while eating.


  • low price.


  • inconvenient method of application.

The best enzymes for children

Medicines for children have their own characteristics. Firstly pills it is forbidden to give to children under 3 years old, and capsules – up to 5 years, it is believed that only at this age the child is able to swallow the medicine is not choking. Children do not like to drink pills. And if, say, for you can use the “grandmother” method, stirring the crushed medicine into jam, with enzymes for such a way of handling is unacceptable – because if the shell Pancreatic enzyme tablets break down in the stomach active substance will lose its activity.

In addition, for children, pancreatic problems are not more relevant. iron, and failure of a single enzyme – lactase – without which the baby is unable to properly digest contained in milk, disaccharide – lactose.

This is manifested by abdominal distention, turbulence, colic, frequent, plentiful stools. And if an adult who can’t tolerate milk, maybe you just can’t drink it, then the baby, especially breastfeeding, without milk will not do. Of course, there are lactose-free mixtures, but they still not breast milk, and not cheap. That is why we are starting ranking of the best enzymes for children with a drug containing lactase.

Colif drops for children

Rating: 4.8


This is a dietary supplement recommended for children. suffering from lactase deficiency. Available in bottle with dropper. 1 dose of the drug – 4 drops. Before feeding baby, you need to express 2 – 3 teaspoons of milk, stir in them medicine, give the baby with a spoon and continue to give the breast as usual. The baby who is on artificial feeding, 4 drops the drug is diluted for the entire volume of the mixture, intended for one feeding.

The medicine and milk diluted with it can neither be frozen nor heat above 37 degrees.

As a rule, by six months in children suffering from lactase insufficiency, the development of its own enzyme is improving. therefore, by this age, you can smoothly reduce the number facilities. But sometimes the problem remains for life.

Possible analogues: Baby – Doc.


  • convenient to use.


  • high price.

Creon Micro 5000

Rating: 4.7


And this medicine is necessary for children with impaired function. pancreas. If in adults this is usually the result chronic inflammation, then in babies usually a manifestation of congenital pathology – cystic fibrosis.

Contains pancreatin (amylase, lipase, protease) in minimized microspheres, which are not placed in capsules, but simply filled in a bottle with a measuring spoon. In this form, they can be added to any acidic food. chew-free: yoghurts, applesauce, for infants – into expressed breast milk. Granules in the stomach remain intact, mixing with the entire volume of food lump, and once in the intestine, they begin to work, as they intended.

The drug should never be chewed.


  • convenient form of release for children;
  • higher enzyme activity.


  • high price.


Rating: 4.3


This is another lactase-containing dietary supplement, this time in capsules. Therefore, you can give the drug only to children older than 5 years at the rate of 1 capsule per 100 ml of milk.


  • easy to dose.


  • only from 5 years old.

Best Enzyme Enzymes

As readers probably noticed, most enzymes for digestion, these are extracts of the pancreas or stomach animals. And people who for ethical reasons refuse animal products are left with a choice: abandon principles or health. Especially for vegetarians and vegans there are drugs based on which enzymes of plant origin.

It should be noted that these funds are not included in clinical recommendations, therefore, wishing to replace the animals prescribed by the doctor plant enzymes come at your own risk.

Now Foods, Plant Enzymes

Rating: 4.2.


A complex of enzymes of plant origin. Interesting in that besides traditional proteases, lipases and amylases contains acid resistant proteolytic digestive enzymes in the stomach, lactase, cellulase, fiber-splitting, and plant complexes papain and bromelain. The last two attributed anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating effect (recall: papain is the basis of the well-known medicine “Wobenzym”), but the medical community did not come to an unequivocal opinion.

Take 1 capsule with each meal.


  • good value for money.


  • no clinical evidence of disease efficacy Gastrointestinal tract.


Rating: 4.1


Coated tablets. Contain proteolytic enzyme papain, simethicone (reduces gas formation in the intestines), fungal diastase (a mixture of amylases). That is, it breaks down the protein and carbohydrates, does not affect fats. Therefore, we would not recommend it people suffering from chronic pancreatic pathology, in which the violation of digestion comes to the fore fats. But the remedy can work well when overeating and for the prevention of bloating due to excess fiber food.

1 – 2 tablets should be dissolved in half a glass of water and eat with food.


  • contains simethicone warning flatulence.


  • no lipases
  • need to be dissolved before meals.

Enzyme Vegan

Rating: 3.9


Dietary supplement of the Russian production. Contains bromelain, papain, amylase and gingerol – contained in ginger root compound that promotes more active secretion gastric juice and improves peristalsis. Also gingerolu attributed anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effect.

Despite the fact that the instructions for the tool indicate lipolytic effect of bromelain and papain, it should be noted that it is much lower than protease activity. Therefore, again, contributing to the digestion of proteins and carbohydrates, the drug leaves “without attention” fats.

Another drawback is the relatively high price: three days use (10 tablets) cost more than 200 rubles.


  • possibly anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effect.


  • expensive.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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