10 best cities of Russia in terms of living

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

The question “Who should live well in Russia?” excites Russians probably with the very moment of the foundation of the state. And this is not surprising, because everyone wants comfort, safety, convenient city infrastructure and – what is absolutely desirable – a high level income. But it turns out that for all this good it’s not at all necessary move to conditional Canada. There are also many cities in Russia, in who live well, freely and freely.

Especially for those who are already ready to move to the nearest comfortable metropolis, we made a rating of the top 10 cities by standard of living. To determine the leaders used social studies, and parameters such as safety were checked, cleanliness, environmental friendliness, transport infrastructure, cultural and entertainment component, utilities and, of course, profitability.

It is worth noting that the rating included only millionaire cities. Because hardly anyone is willing to relocate to improve quality life in Nizhnevartovsk. But in vain.

Rating of the best cities of Russia in terms of living

Nomination a place town rating
Rating of the best cities of Russia in terms of living 10 Nizhny Novgorod 6.9 / 10
9 Voronezh 7.0 / 10
8 Ufa 7.1 / 10
7 Novosibirsk 7.1 / 10
6 Permian 7.2 / 10
5 Yekaterinburg 7.2 / 10
4 Kazan 7.2 / 10
3 St. Petersburg 7.5 / 10
2 Krasnodar 7.6 / 10
1 Moscow 7.6 / 10
What about small towns?

10th place: Nizhny Novgorod

Rating of the city in terms of living: 6.9 / 10


Nizhny Novgorod is an ancient, cozy and very beautiful city. It is the capital and at the same time the largest settlement of the Volga region. Here are concentrated economics and production, science and culture. In addition, tourists like to travel to Nizhny Novgorod, as the city has a rich history and a huge amount architectural monuments. Even the French philosopher, poet and thinker Theophile Gauthier spoke positively of the city.

But French romantics are one thing and pragmatic ones are another. Russians. Should I move to Nizhny Novgorod? Further are given average indicators:

  1. The purchase price of real estate is 60-70 thousand rubles. per m2. Very dependent on the metro station. The most expensive living space on Moscow, the cheapest – on Komsomolskaya;
  2. The cost of renting an apartment is 15 thousand rubles. per month. The cheapest live on Kirovskaya, more expensive on Gorkovskaya;
  3. Salary – 33.6 thousand rubles. per month. Most get builders, less teachers.
  4. Novgorodians note a low level of cleanliness in the streets (however, this is a problem in almost any city in Russia), but they report a large number of cultural and entertainment centers.

9th place: Voronezh

Rating of the city in terms of living: 7.0 / 10


Voronezh is an amazing millionaire city. It is comfortable, cozy and green. It is calm, quiet and pleasant. In the city you can and should walking, the benefit of beautiful views of the architecture from where whatever. In addition, Voronezh will appeal to lovers of green cities – where else in the metropolis can you find the main streets on which just do not see the sky because of the dense tree crowns? And what is there a park…

With the standard of living, everything is also pretty good. Below – average financial indicators that will prompt is it worth it to pack your bags and go to this amazing town:

  1. Buying an apartment – 50 thousand rubles. per m2. Subway in this for some reason there is no regional capital, so the prices depend on remoteness from the center;
  2. Rental housing – 15 thousand rubles. per month. Similarly the closer apartment to the center and the newer the house – the more expensive it will cost accommodation;
  3. Salary – 38 thousand rubles. per month. Most specialists get in the field of transport, construction and real estate. And here is for IT specialists no luck, they better choose some other populated paragraph.
  4. Voronezh residents speak negatively about security and criminal situation in their hometown, but are satisfied with their income – on Patches can live, and sometimes even not bad.

8th place: Ufa

Rating of the city in terms of living: 7.1 / 10


Ufa is the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan, one of the largest economic, scientific and cultural centers of the country. In this city many upscale universities where will cost much cheaper than in any Moscow. Therefore, it is not surprising that many adequate students (especially IT specialties) are moving to Ufa.

But if you can tolerate during the training, all the more so with tasty, satisfying and inexpensive local cuisine – what to do after university? Is it worth it to move to Ufa and how it lives here – language of dry average indicators:

  1. If you want to get your own real estate, it’s worth cook about 72.6 tr per m2. There is no metro in the city, so that prices vary depending on the quality of the house and the distance from center;
  2. Renting an apartment will cost about 20 tr. Depends on rooms and location of the house;
  3. Salary – 42 thousand rubles. Most get employees in the field of construction and technical (engineering) specialties. But top managers here will not be so freely.
  4. Ufa residents are dissatisfied with children’s infrastructure, so this is not the best place for young parents. But they like security and sports and entertainment centers. Also worth note that Ufa residents do not consider their salaries high and suitable for a carefree life.

7th place: Novosibirsk

Rating of the city in terms of living: 7.1 / 10


The real capital of Siberia, an economic and industrial center of the region, the city of Novosibirsk is the third largest metropolis in Russia. He owes much of his “popularity” to the fact that through him pass the main transport routes connecting the west of the country with east, including the Trans-Siberian Railway. Therefore, Novosibirsk – not a suitable city for those who seek peace and privacy.

More recently, Novosibirsk became famous even in America. Photographer Chris Herwig from the United States has released a book on Soviet and Russian metro. And he called the Novosibirsk station the most creative.

However, in this city it’s good not only to ride the metro. Let’s look at the average economic indicators:

  1. Own living space will cost 4 million rubles. It is approximately 72.5 tr per sq.m. The most expensive – in the center, at the metro station Lenin Square. More budget options are located on the outskirts – Studentskaya and Zolotaya Niva stations;
  2. Rental housing will cost 20 tr Most expensive to live on Lenin Square, but it’s worth saving the apartment on Marx Square and Golden Field;
  3. The average salary is 37 thousand rubles. In the city they love and appreciate IT specialists and leading specialists, but advertisers and builders are better off looking at some other region.
  4. Novosibirsk does not consider its city safe enough. But they speak well of street cleanliness and quantity sports and entertainment centers.

6th place: Perm

Rating of the city in terms of living: 7.2 / 10


Perm is primarily an industrial city. One of the largest production centers of the Urals! The city, however, is not very attractive to tourists, although it has a rich history. is he almost all the time of its existence was industrial and production, so that special attractions in it not.

But we choose cities for life, and not for romantic walks from one monument to another. Therefore, let’s see that Perm can offer immigrants, taking advantage of economic statistics:

  1. Residential real estate is one of the cheapest in Russia. If a If you want to buy an apartment, you will have to cook 3.2 million on average rubles. Per square meter – 57 thousand. Prices vary by region. (more precisely, from the coast – on the left the real estate is a bit more expensive than on the right);
  2. But the rent is quite standard. City average – 17 thousand rubles a month. For odnushka they ask about 13 thousand, for kopeck piece – already 19 thousand;
  3. The average salary in Perm is 35 thousand rubles a month. Most production specialists are in demand. They get more Total. But IT professionals and marketers are better off looking at another locality.
  4. Permyakov is clearly not happy with the quality of street cleaning. But they happy with the silence in the city (which is rather strange for industrial center) and security. They consider their salaries to be good.

5th place: Ekaterinburg

Rating of the city in terms of living: 7.2 / 10


Yekaterinburg is the cultural capital of the Urals. If Perm – industrial center, then in this millionaire city you can enjoy unique music, painting, sculpture, theater and others areas of art. Of course, they may seem somewhat severe (and how else, not really rejoice in life when temperature in -30 in winter), but they have their own amazing Ural beauty.

  1. Yekaterinburg can be called a youth city. It is people in under the age of 35 will be able to fully appreciate the whole cultural and entertainment infrastructure. However, can you name Yekaterinburg is a city for life – or is it better to go to the next one Chelyabinsk? Let’s look at the statistics:
  2. Residential real estate is expensive. It costs more than others settlements rating. Per m2 offered to pay about 75,000 rubles, and for an apartment on average – 4.3 million rubles .. The most expensive real estate in the center is metro station Ploschad 1905 and Geological, cheaper – at Uralmash and Prospect stations Cosmonauts (in the industrial zone, in general);
  3. Rent also can not be called cheap. Average cost – 26,000 rub. monthly (or about 18,000 rubles for odnushka). As with sale, wishing to live in the center – Station Square 1905 and Dynamo – have to fork out. And if you want to save – good welcome to the industrial zone;
  4. The average salary is 45,000 rubles. Most receive specialists in the field of insurance and real estate, but for IT specialists and marketers will have to move from bread to Ivan tea. Good ones patches also from teachers and scientists – here they should try to live in Yekaterinburg, if Moscow for some reason does not appeal.
  5. Ekaterinburg citizens are satisfied with the environmental situation and cleanliness cities, as well as children’s infrastructure and neighbors. And here safety is far from ideal. They consider their salaries average.

4th place: Kazan

Rating of the city in terms of living: 7.2 / 10


Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, one of the largest tourist centers of Russia. People come to this city to see the oldest monuments of architecture and history, see one of the largest mosques and taste the echpochmak. it tasty! Kazan even registered a travel brand for itself and now in the guidebooks it is called “The Third Capital of Russia”.

If the first two capitals of Russia are not seduced, then maybe it’s worth try to live in the third? Let’s see how economically it is justified, and, as usual, we use dry statistics:

  1. Real estate prices are truly metropolitan. To buy an apartment in Kazan, it is worth procuring about 4.6 million rubles – well, or just come from the weighted average cost per square meter in 83 thousand rubles. The most expensive is the “real estate” near the metro station Kremlin – there is a six-figure price tag per unit area. AND cheaper – at the Aircraft Building;
  2. Renting is also not cheap. On average, you have to pay the owner 23,000 rub. monthly. As with the acquisition, the most expensive live on the Kremlin, and cheaper – on the aircraft;
  3. The average salary is 42,000 rubles. Most in demand production specialists – however, they get average. The most high salaries of Kazan – with top managers (capital after all) and people working in real estate. The lowest are specialists in the beauty and advertising industries. In general, for “nails at home” is better to find some other populated paragraph.
  4. Kazan citizens themselves call their salaries average. That is money enough for food, water, some of the household appliances. But on large purchases or everyday entertainment have to be saved. Residents cities are satisfied with transport infrastructure and safety at streets, but environmental friendliness and quality of roads do not please them.

3rd place: St. Petersburg

Rating of the city in terms of living: 7.5 / 10

St. Petersburg

The city of St. Petersburg is the real cultural capital of Russia. And here you can meet both contemporary art and modern. That is why the city attracts romantic personalities from all over the country, offering them fascinating walks around to numerous bars along no less numerous channels under almost uninterrupted rain.

Petersburg is a tourist and cultural center. But is it suitable is he for life? Especially when you consider that some walks and you won’t be fed up with brooding in Brodsky’s mood. Get your favorite statistics and see:

  1. Those who are going to buy an apartment in St. Petersburg will have to shake all your piggy banks. Average property price – 9.2 million rub. (134 thousand rubles per m2). Most expensive – at metro stations Chkalovskaya and Krestovsky Island, cheaper – on Dybenko Street and Civil Avenue;
  2. Renting a real estate is also not cheap. Every month part with 37 thousand rubles on average. It’s easier to take a mortgage – the payment will be approximately the same. Highest rent – at Admiralteyskaya and Chkalovskaya stations, that is, in the historical and business city center. But for those who are ready to spend for the sake of saving hours to get to work, fit Devyatkino station and Academic. There the average monthly payment is 19 thousand rubles, which quite comfortable for Peter;
  3. Now is the time for a heavy sigh. Average salary in St. Petersburg – 49 thousand rubles. Well, that’s enough for rent real estate and bakery products “Red price”. Most demanded areas – production and trade. Most IT specialists and real estate specialists get it, least of all – Masters in the field of beauty and sports. Who needs to be impressive if the sun still comes out once in never, and on every street – a dozen bars?
  4. As a result, St. Petersburg is a comfortable city for a lowly of life. Here you have to be content with spiritual food, which unmeasured. And for the sake of the material – to ride in Metro, Auchan and others shops with low prices.
  5. Most Petersburgers are satisfied with cultural and entertainment infrastructure (still!) and silence. But their city is not clean consider, and housing and communal services are definitely not satisfied. Salaries at St. Petersburg, in their opinion, average.

2nd place: Krasnodar

Rating of the city in terms of living: 7.6 / 10


The largest southern Russian city, the capital of the Kuban, Krasnodar – A good place for a leisurely and measured life. It’s quiet here calm and comfortable. No one is in a hurry, in the summer the city is flooded the scorching sun, and the heart asks for a siesta. Krasnodar – a city for those who wants to relax, but is not ready to part with the infrastructure of megacities.

However, the metro is still not here. But another infrastructure – at a good level. Economic statistics only confirm that Krasnodar is a pretty good city to live in:

  1. The new apartment will cost 3.4 million rubles. on average – that is, about 61 thousand rubles. per square meter. Krasnodar stores features provincial urban housing pricing is the most expensive real estate in the center and newly built LCD. The cheapest is on outskirts (if there is no construction of a new area);
  2. The average rent is 17.9 thousand rubles. A odnushka will cost 14.4 thousand, kopeck piece – at 21 thousand. Cost also varies depending from the district – in the center is more expensive, cheaper on the outskirts;
  3. The average salary is 47 thousand. That is not only enough to pay rent, but also for tasty things – even if you buy them every day. The most popular areas are production and trade. More builders and art experts get everything (Krasnodar people like to have fun!), and IT specialists and beauty masters it’s better to move somewhere closer to the capital of Russia.
  4. Krasnodar residents are unhappy with Russian troubles. They are not welcome neighbors (calling them “cubanoids”, making fun of the South Russian image thinking, then alcoholics) and are not satisfied with the quality of the roads (which, in principle, it’s clear: a trip to Krasnodar is not for the faint of heart). But they are satisfied with their salaries and security. Still, the capital of the Don Cossacks!

1st place: Moscow

Rating of the city in terms of living: 7.6 / 10


Moscow is exactly the city where people come for the sake of improvement level and quality of life. It attracts people from all over the world. Russia, as well as near and far abroad. And nothing there is nothing surprising in it – skyscrapers, excellent city infrastructure, a huge number of business centers and shops with winter jackets of 250 thousand rubles, architectural monuments and annually changing tiles on the sidewalks, gastronomic festivals and Zaryadye park with more frequent cases of sex right on the benches – all this promises prosperity.

But Moscow is known for its cruelty. Those who could not “stay afloat” find themselves in a deplorable situation with a bunch loans and debts. Those who could pay a mortgage for odnushka only 6 km from MKAD and will finish somewhere in 2036.

About how things are in Moscow, better than any words will tell economic statistics. Go:

  1. Buying an apartment in Moscow without a mortgage is unlikely to succeed. At the average price per square meter of 216 thousand rubles all living space will cost 15 million rubles. However, if you agree to live in closet – recently began to build a wonderful property: 12 m2, 3 million rubles .. But in Moscow. The most expensive property is within the Garden Ring and in the skyscrapers of Moscow City. On the Outskirts, of course, cheaper. And you can even live outside the Moscow Ring Road;
  2. The average rent is 68 thousand rubles per month. However, this for those who value comfort. If you agree to something simpler – then you can find options for 36 thousand rubles a month. Near metro Belorusskaya has residential garages, but they are also not cheap. Especially it’s impossible to show off renting an apartment in the center of Moscow – real estate there is almost not for rent. In principle, almost everything apartments are dispersed in sleeping areas;
  3. The average salary in Moscow is 55 thousand rubles. Yes it’s not really something worth traveling through all of Russia. Most sought after directions – transport and trade. Most get top managers, marketers and IT specialists, least of all – builders and insurers.
  4. Muscovites are unhappy with neighbors and roads. And really – the city is almost always in traffic jams. Satisfied with the nursery and entertainment infrastructure, public transport and security on the streets. But not in Butovo. Just not in Butovo.

What about small towns?

Small towns are also a good place. According to sociological surveys, the best settlements with the highest standard of living and with a population of up to 1 million people are:

  1. Armavir (Krasnodar Territory);
  2. Sochi (Krasnodar Territory);
  3. Tyumen (Tyumen region);
  4. Nizhnevartovsk (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug);
  5. Nalchik (Kabardino-Balkarian Republic);
  6. Surgut (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug);
  7. Domodedovo (Moscow region);
  8. Grozny (Chechen Republic);
  9. Gelendzhik (Krasnodar Territory);
  10. Anapa (Krasnodar Territory).

In general, if there is paradise in the world, it is the Krasnodar Territory.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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